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  1. Tyler Dunne's bio on Twitter: "Founder of Go Long, a newsletter dedicated to enterprising pro football journalism. Past: B/R, Buffalo News, Journal Sentinel"
  2. Tyler Dunne - Those who know Jordan Love best... "I liked him better than Tua and Herbert." “You’ll see flashes of a young Aaron Rodgers.” "He can throw the ball better than most people on the planet.” “The things Patrick Mahomes is doing, he can do as well."
  3. LOL BB be like: Just about to get back to it.....I've got to deal with AR?!?!!?
  4. Keyboard problems. Typing a full response is....troublesome. Requires spell-check.
  5. Peter Bukowski - An underplayed story in all of this: Moving on from Aaron Rodgers would likely cost the Packers Davante Adams as well. Hard to imagine he's sticking around to play with Jordan Love when he could sign with Rodgers in a year. Andy Herman - If they trade Rodgers they should trade Adams but we’re not ready to have that discussion yet. Adams is almost 30, on the last year of his deal and could likely get a very large return. When you trade Rodgers you kick off a rebuild. The window will take time to re-open and will likely pass Adams’ prime. Trading Adams for a premium
  6. Pre-Love AR wast going to win a SB. Didn't play well enough.
  7. Andy Herman - We need to know if Lenzy Pipkins thinks Rodgers will return.
  8. Dan Graziano - Team wins, 2011-20 (including postseason): New England 134 Seattle 114 Green Bay 112 Kansas City 107 New Orleans 106 The only standard against which the Packers can be judged a disappointment is the ridiculous, unattainable one the Patriots have set.
  9. Speaking of Favre........... Should AR force his way off the Packers - what are the odds there will be a huge get together to honor his entry to GB's HOF? Like there was with Favre?
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