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  1. Liked the player - but it was right to let him go. If/when Linsley's back goes south on him again - it will confirm it was right to let him go as well.
  2. You've gotta be kidding.... (:05) D.Hopkins 48 yard field goal is No Good, Wide Right, Center-C.Cheeseman, Holder-T.Way. PENALTY on NYG-D.Lawrence, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at NYG 30 - No Play. Dustin Hopkins Made 43 Yrd Field Goal WFT 30 NYG 29 Two weeks in a row with walk-off FG's.
  3. BOOM Gutsy kick.... (4:54) G.Gano 55 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-C.Kreiter, Holder-R.Dixon. 26-20 NYG
  4. 23-20 NYG's Got a decent game going.
  5. Well....I dont know that's the case....but if it is....that needs to change. MLF is the HC. *IF* AR's going rogue - if thats happening - he's the only one that rein him in - and - he can rein him in. He's the HC.
  6. Agree - but this is a MLF thing. If he see's that AR's (once again) too focused in on Davante - to the detriment of the overall rhythm and success of the offense - he needs to step in.
  7. Peter Bukowski - My cousin in Trinidad won’t watch WFT-NYG cuz his friend watched it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen.
  8. Paul Bretl - The Lions top pass catchers vs. SF: TJ Hockenson: 8/11, 97 yds, TD D’Andre Swift: 8/11, 65 yds, TD Jamaal Williams: 8/9, 56 yds
  9. (7:39) (No Huddle, Shotgun) D.Jones up the middle for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN. G.Gano extra point is GOOD, Center-C.Kreiter, Holder-R.Dixon. 7 zip NYG 👍
  10. Justis Mosqueda - "Daniel Jones is 4-0 against Washington" sure sounds a lot better than "Daniel Jones is 4-19 not against Washington"
  11. Misuse of the word "too".....too much
  12. Tom Silverstein - Packers WR Davante Adams said he has talked with Aaron Rodgers about the double teams he's facing and that maybe they need to just push the envelope on those and see what Adams can do. Like Rodgers, he said two-deep coverage is just a fact of life that good offenses must face. Ken Ingalls - Packers Cap - OK, hear me out Instead of forcing the ball to Adams - if defenses want dedicate significant resources towards Adams, it should open up the offense and allow for more: -Opposite field routes -Middle field routes -Backfield routes -Any rush attempt -Delay
  13. Matt Schneidman - Aaron Rodgers on why he's bounced back so well after losses in recent years: "I'd say percentages. I've been pretty damn good for a while, so you have a ****ty game like that, you usually bounce back to average things out."
  14. Your point was he was signed for 8M. Not the case. Void years "advance forward" - so the 22-25 bill comes due next year - I strongly suspect, in the form of dead cap in so much as I dont think we'll be redoing his contract. This year's salary / cap hit is 1.929,412M Salary - 1M Signing bonus - 750K Roster bonus - 129,412M Workout bonus - 50K
  15. Field Yates - The Browns are currently 12.5-point favorites over the Texans for their game on Sunday. If that line holds, it'll be the largest amount the Browns have been favored by in a game since the franchise returned to the NFL in 1999.
  16. Per Spotrac: 2022-25 years automatically void 23 days before the 22 league year ($3M dead cap)
  17. You'll need to get clarification from Bukowski who can be reached on Twitter.
  18. I'm not gonna defend Wentz play other than to say that prior to the serious injuries he had, he was playing at an MVP level - and after the serious injuries he had, the Philly OL disintegrated. He didnt like getting hit - few QBs returning from knee surgery do - his play suffered and Philly pulled a "pre-Love" and drafted Hurts. Wentz responded similar to somebody else we know only he didnt have the team around him to chase another MVP.
  19. He may be a stiff - but you'd be hard pressed to find a CB2 for less than 2M per year. It was a "devil you know" type decision. The entire contract was subject to (either) getting scrapped after this year (and we pay the dead cap) - or - if he revives his career, perhaps redoing the contract - cause you'd be hard pressed to find a CB2 thats gonna play for 750K.
  20. Bukowski recommends moving JRJ into LG - or roll with it (meaning leave him there if healthy....) Fennell and Uglem both think he should be replaced outright.
  21. Hit cap hit this year is 1.9M - with 3M spread out over the remaining four years at 750K per. He has a dead cap of 3M if cut before the 2022 league year begins.
  22. Peter Bukowski - This leaves the Packers with two likely options: Put Jon Runyan Jr. at LG and roll with it or Billy Turner slides back to RG and Dennis Kelly plays RT. Ben Fennell - ...I'd consider Runyan even if Patrick was 100%. He was terrible vs NOR. Ross Uglem - Yep. /// JRJ seems to be the consensus......
  23. Paul Bretl - Savage will get the week to see if he can go Monday night, said LaFleur. Deguara is still going through concussion protocol. Lucas Patrick in concussion protocol as well.
  24. I dont know if there's a limit - but suspect not - as comments online indicate (as you have....) that this trio or players will be protected continually.
  25. Matt Schneidman - Packers practice squad protections this week: QB Kurt Benkert, K J.J. Molson and LS Steven Wirtel.
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