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  1. Packerraymond 2019 Mock Offseason V2

    Guys who suddenly blossom when they're entering a FA year always worry me. A recent example was Nick Perry, who was great during his contract year, got paid big, and now looks like he's going to be cut. Would Smith be a similar story? It would be very expensive to find out.
  2. Playoffs? What playoffs...

    Remember, the Patriots had less than a 5% chance of winning the SB against Atlanta. And what were the odds of Seattle beating GB in the final minutes in 2014? Time for some good karma.
  3. So, you're saying this guy could be a "Pleasant surprise"?
  4. Are you serious? So, a WR who has virtually no playing time with Rodgers is suddenly going to turn this team around? The defense is going to make more third down stops? McCarthy is suddenly going to allow Aaron Jones more touches? McCarthy is suddenly going to use the whole field instead of concentrating on iso route sideline patterns? My gosh, this is the kind of stuff that was said about Jeff Janis. When he did get into the game against the Cards, he was targetted twice and caught one pass for 11 yards. Hardly game changing, much less season altering. But, if it makes you feel better, more power to you.
  5. Agreed that MM deserved better, But at the same time, it was time to go. That the Packers didn't bother waiting for the end of the season sent a message to this entire team: no more "Mr. Nice Guy". No coddling. As far as retaining Philblin, no way, no how, not gonna happen. They saw what happened in Miami. What will be more to the point is whether this offense starts to run more smoothly, or whether they're going to continue to play in fits and starts. Will Aaron Jones be used more extensively? Will Rodgers be throwing more short passes? Will the middle of the field be exploited? There are a lot of questions that will be answered in the next four games. If this team can show a pulse, that alone would be an improvement.
  6. Not really. Murphy has the power to fire and hire a coach, not Gutekunst. This was part of the reorganization of the team. Anyone else want to see Landon Collins in G&G?
  7. No, he's gone. But, this seeming hatred for McCarthy is unseemly. The guy was an important part of developing Rodgers as a QB. They worked together very well for years, and MM had a lot of success as a coach. Was he perfect? Nope. But he was very, very good. The thing is, sometimes things get stale. And that happened with McCarthy and Rodgers and the offense and the lack of talent drafted by TT, and not going into FA enough to fill holes (the Packers didn't even make an offer to Danny Trevathan when he was a FA when it was obvious they were sorely in need of an upgrade at LBer- sound familiar?). There is a lot of blame to go around, but lets not forget that MM also took this team to the championship game three times, putting them over the top once. Now, the Packers realistically have one chance to get the right coach for this team. Oh, and lets all hope that Cole Madison reports for camp and shows he can handle the RT position, so Bulaga can be moved inside (maybe this is a good idea, maybe its stupid). But get ready for a rocking off-season
  8. Week 13 Arizona @ Green Bay GDT "I"

    Probably. But it'll be another in a series of unimpressive, unimportant wins. So, sure, a win, the team ends up going 9-7 or 8-8, and misses the playoffs. And we spend the off-season speculating on how to fix the problems with this team, from "blow it all up" to "a couple of quality FA's and a good draft and this team is ready to rock and roll". But the key is still Rodgers. Will he be willing to change and become a "system QB", like Brady? Or will he continue to be that guy who, like Favre before him, was always looking for that big play? That's the key, IMO. Whether the new HC (if MM is back... well, some things are best not thought about) can rein in Rodgers, get him to refocus, get re-energized and simply play within what the defense is giving him will be of paramount importance.
  9. Clowney? This guy is injury prone, and has the all the signs of being the second coming of Albert Haynesworth(less). Get a big contract and stop caring. Also, Honey Badger? Another overhyped injury prone guy who will be overpaid by someone. Rather, go after Landon Collins. Get rid of Bulaga and plug in a rookie? Are you that sure the new guy will be ready? Or do you have Spriggs as a backup if the rookie doesn't pan out? Bring back Byron Bell? Why? The guy is not a starting quality guard. So, where are the edge rushers the Packers need so badly? Or is that the job that Clowney will fill? In the draft, you go heavily into receivers and DB's. No LBers or edge rushers? So, no, this scenario of FA's and prospective draft picks doesn't seem to be a formula for rebuilding/reloading. More rookie WR's that Rodgers doesn't trust? Getting rid of a very good (but injury prone) RT for an unknown quantity? Bringing in FA's who may or may not fit the new offensive system? And shouldn't PEttine have some input as to who they should target in FA/draft so they fit his system? So, I appreciatiate the enthusiasm, but overall this scenario leaves me cold.
  10. Good idea, excellent questions, but it can't be done during the game. This is something to fix in the coming week after watching the tape to see what is going on.
  11. Never give up. Always believe until the final whistle blows and the scoring is done.
  12. Roughing the passer

    Well, it looks like the NFL heard the huge chorus of criticism about the RTP, and decided to dial back the "emphasis" of the old rule, which had been working fine. Yes, Rodgers got hurt on what I truly believe was an unnecessary hit. But, no flag was thrown, and the league didn't fine Barr for the hit. So, was that a mistake? Should they have fined Barr or suspended him a game or two so for his excessive hit? Whatever, because they didn't. Instead, they overreaacted, and cost the Packers a win instead of a tie. We could chase this threory down the rabbit hole as deep as you want, but the initial lack of QB/player protection last season had unexpected consequences. Hopefully, since even Matthews got a sack without a flag being thrown (a first this year), maybe there is a return to sanity..
  13. Roughing the passer

    Yes, I do understand the power structure in the NFL. I also understand that the owners do not like this new emphasis on "roughing the passer". And that emphasis was added by Goodell. As the helmet being used in tackling. Both were emphasized during the exhibition season. Yet the helmet contact flags have been almost nonexistent. The roughing penalties have more than doubled as compared to the first three games last season. And, yes, I also realize ratings matter. And the owners are definitely paying attention to all the negative comments they are getting- even from their paid broadcasters. Therefore, the emphasis is going to be tweaked a bit. Probably. The real question is, will the NFL learn that sometimes if its not broken, don't try to fix it? The new emphasis/awareness of concussions was long overdue, and welcome. But football is, at its core, a violent collision sport. And no matter what you do, sometimes stuff happens. Teddy Bridgewater tears up his ACL and MCL dropping back to pass during a practice session. We'll see what happens Sunday, because Buffalo puts pressure on the opposing QB 34% of the time. So AR is going to get sacked. And if Matthews sacks someone, will it automatically be flagged? Stay tuned.
  14. Roughing the passer

    Well, there was no body weight put on the QB, so obviously there was no foul. And as long as he didn't pick him up and drive hlm into the ground (if you remember Charles Martin picking up and planting Jim McMahon head first into the turf) then apparently there is no foul. Though my guess would be if Matthews had done what Donald did, there would have been a flag. Seriously, CMIII has been targetted.