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  1. Good idea, excellent questions, but it can't be done during the game. This is something to fix in the coming week after watching the tape to see what is going on.
  2. Never give up. Always believe until the final whistle blows and the scoring is done.
  3. Roughing the passer

    Well, it looks like the NFL heard the huge chorus of criticism about the RTP, and decided to dial back the "emphasis" of the old rule, which had been working fine. Yes, Rodgers got hurt on what I truly believe was an unnecessary hit. But, no flag was thrown, and the league didn't fine Barr for the hit. So, was that a mistake? Should they have fined Barr or suspended him a game or two so for his excessive hit? Whatever, because they didn't. Instead, they overreaacted, and cost the Packers a win instead of a tie. We could chase this threory down the rabbit hole as deep as you want, but the initial lack of QB/player protection last season had unexpected consequences. Hopefully, since even Matthews got a sack without a flag being thrown (a first this year), maybe there is a return to sanity..
  4. Roughing the passer

    Yes, I do understand the power structure in the NFL. I also understand that the owners do not like this new emphasis on "roughing the passer". And that emphasis was added by Goodell. As the helmet being used in tackling. Both were emphasized during the exhibition season. Yet the helmet contact flags have been almost nonexistent. The roughing penalties have more than doubled as compared to the first three games last season. And, yes, I also realize ratings matter. And the owners are definitely paying attention to all the negative comments they are getting- even from their paid broadcasters. Therefore, the emphasis is going to be tweaked a bit. Probably. The real question is, will the NFL learn that sometimes if its not broken, don't try to fix it? The new emphasis/awareness of concussions was long overdue, and welcome. But football is, at its core, a violent collision sport. And no matter what you do, sometimes stuff happens. Teddy Bridgewater tears up his ACL and MCL dropping back to pass during a practice session. We'll see what happens Sunday, because Buffalo puts pressure on the opposing QB 34% of the time. So AR is going to get sacked. And if Matthews sacks someone, will it automatically be flagged? Stay tuned.
  5. Roughing the passer

    Well, there was no body weight put on the QB, so obviously there was no foul. And as long as he didn't pick him up and drive hlm into the ground (if you remember Charles Martin picking up and planting Jim McMahon head first into the turf) then apparently there is no foul. Though my guess would be if Matthews had done what Donald did, there would have been a flag. Seriously, CMIII has been targetted.
  6. Roughing the passer

    Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Troy Vincent says that although the roughing the passer emphasis will continue, the refs will be re-educated as to what actually constitutes roughing the passr. In shohrt, it seems the league has tacitly admitted that the new emphasis (under Goodell, which has caused huge problems) of the old rule (pre-Goodell, and not a problem until he meddled with it) will be enforced in the original interpretation: that unless the tackle is obviously a foul, and meant to hurt a QB, then you don't throw a flag. That, indeed, QB's are also football players. We'll see. The game tonight should be interesting to see how the "roughing the passer" rule is enforced. Lets all hope for a return to common sense. Which, unfortunately, is usually an oxymoron. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/27/competition-committee-conference-call-specifically-called-to-discuss-roughing/
  7. Roughing the passer

    He is the commissioner. He is in charge of everyone in the league. He is getting paid over $40 million a year to make and enforce the rules. But he is not responsible for this new rule? Why not?
  8. Roughing the passer

    The NFL will not change the rule during the season. What they can do is simply make it more common sense. In short, don't call roughing unless the tackler is obviously trying to cause severe bodily harm to the QB. Like Matthews did in the Chicago game, when he hit Trubisky well after the ball was out of his hands. That call was legit. The other two were nonsense. Because the calls are getting more and more ridiculous. The roughing the passer calls have more than DOUBLED from last year. We can only hope the NFL will finally come its senses, and dial back the enforcement to a sensible level.
  9. Roughing the passer

    They don't have to change the rule, just tweak the way its enforced. Remember this year's exhibition season saw a lot of flags for guys using their helmets while tackling. Yet, there is basically zero talk about this issue, because the refs are using common sense to apply the rule. That is all it will take- letting the refs know that unless it is an obvious and flagrant attempt to hurt a QB, they keep their flags in their pockets. But then again, the last few years, particularly under Goodell, and especially since the Ray Rice debacle, the NFL has been in a react, retract, then overreact, then try to find a way out of their self-imposed problem making. What to do about abusers? We'll be lax, then tough, then it depends on which team signs the abuser. What is a catch? That seems to be somewhat settled at this point- though why something that was understood for decades suddenly was controversial is a testament to the incompetence of Goodell and his overpaid cohorts. Brady out for the year with a knee injury? Can't tackle a QB below a certain point. After decades of covering up head trauma, suddenly embrace it and create new rules that are inconsistently enforced. Rodgers out for the year after what should have been a flagged hit? Create a new rule where, effectively, tackling the QB is not allowed. Now, when people complain, first double/triple down, but ultimately, they'll quietly "change the emphasis". Unless someone, somewhere wants to see the SB decided on a "roughing the passer" call. Mark Cuban was right. The NFL is becoming a worse product every year, and the overpaid hacks in charge are like the valet on the Titanic, who, when asked what was wrong, said "Its OK, we're just getting more ice."
  10. Packers sign CB Breeland

    Good move by Gutekunst. Now, to solve that gaping problem at safety, how about signing Reid? An instant starter and very big upgrade. But, no, that won't happen for obvious reasons.
  11. This is a really scary game. The last time the AR led Packers played Denver was 2015, and the Broncos defense totally stifled the Packers offense, and made Rodgers look totally inept. That was a tough Broncos defense, but nowhere near the caliber of the Rams defense this year. The Rams are going all in to win it all this year, because Goff will be in the fourth year with the team next year, and although they try to pay him his rookie contract money, and then use the fifth year option to keep him around and reward him that year, the Donald contract and all the money they've thrown at FA's makes it more likely he'll want to get paid sooner rather than later. So, they have this year before their salary cap situation gets seriously impacted. They are going to be the first NFL team with two $100 million plus contracts. Though probably not the last.
  12. Aaron Rodgers' Knee Thread

    This just in from PFT. Apparently no surgury will be needed, just rest. Which means Rodgers will be hobbled the rest of the season. Then again, he took the Packers to the brink of the SB in 2014 on one leg. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/16/making-sense-of-the-aaron-rodgers-knee-injury/
  13. C'mon, he'd fit right in on the "Love Boat".
  14. I know there is at least one poster who would love to have Gordon on the Packers. I also was on that ship. And when he came back and seemed to take some extra time to get himself together during the off-season, I was happy. For him personally, that perhaps he had finally conquered his demons; and professionally, since he is extremely talented. But enough is enough. Everything out of Cleveland points toward another relapse: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/15/report-browns-thought-josh-gordon-was-not-himself-on-saturday/ What would I give for Gordon? Nothing.He can't stop his bad behavior and poor choices. Although he is still a young man, and has had plenty of support, and millions of reasons to stay on the straight and narrow. But for whatever reason, his drug use is too powerful for him to control. I don't see this ending well. He has chosen, and will probablly be broke and dead in a few years. This is not written with gladness or glee, but extreme sadness. At this point, he is literally fighting for his life. I wish him the best, but fear the worst.
  15. Whose offense?

    Not to mention pad level. And by the way, "We're going to address that" will be the answer when asked about poor play in a particular area. Did I mention that MM is a highly successful NFL coach? And that "we're going to emphasize the running game a lot more this game/season". If these messages are getting stale to me, how do the players feel?