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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    The longer Rodgers waits, the bigger the price tag. Meanwhile, he'll have to be very underpaid (no sarcasm here- when Garoppolo gets a bigger contract for winning five games) at approximately $20 million/year this year, and $21 million next year. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/green-bay-packers/aaron-rodgers-3745/ But, if Rodgers waits until some of these rookie contract QB's are finalized, he would have more ammunition. Or, the Packers could simply stand firm, refuse to offer an unprecedented contract (such as one based on a percentage of the salary cap), franchise tag him twice, and hope that they have a viable backup to replace him in four years, when AR would be 38. But that kind of treatment for a player of his caliber and character would be a terrible way to end his career as a Packer. Hopefully, the team has learned something from the Favre debacle, because the last thing I want to see is Rodgers in purple, or, a real nightmare, donning a Bears uniform.
  2. Not exactly a player, but Pettine. If he can come up with some new schemes, make the players more responsible for their actions, and hold them accountable for mistakes on the field, and, most importantly, improve the communication on the defense so everyone knows their role and does their job, this could return the defense to the upper echelons of the league.
  3. Packers sign OL Byron Bell

    Actually, he was brought in last year at the same time as Christine Michael. So, there was previous interest in him by the Packers. This signing is another indication that Gutekunst is willing to sign players he thinks might help the Packers. Besides, with Bulaga's injury history, having a veteran backup just seems prudent. And yes, he could play tackle or guard. So, potentially, if Taylor's recovery from surgery is longer than expected, he could be inserted there. Does this mean he'll make the team? No, but it means the Packers aren't relying on last year's players to "make a leap". If they do, great. Cut him. If not, they have him ready to plug in.
  4. Lane Taylor

    He'll miss OTA's. Is this significant? Not really. At this point in the lead up to the season, the team will be very cautious about rushing anyone onto the field, or pushing them to perform. Taylor seems confident he'll be ready for training camp. https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/22/packers-g-lane-taylor-recovering-from-ankle-surgery-likely-to-miss-otas/
  5. Lynn Dickey

    The Packers agreed. They wistfully said that if they could graft Dickey's arm onto David Whitehurst's body, they'd have a really solid QB.
  6. Lynn Dickey

    Dickey was a terrific QB- when healthy. That was his problem. I seem to recall that he got a broken leg that kept him out for almost two seasons on the last play of the last game of the year against Washington. Could he have been better on a better team? Sure, probably. As long as he could stay healthy.
  7. The Giants didn't take a QB. Afraid of ruffling Eli's feathers? And even though Barkley is being touted as the greatest thing since- well, forever, he's a running back. The QB is the engine of the offense. The RB is complementary, at best. Well, they'll probably be picking in the top ten next year again, so perhaps they'll be more likely to pick Eli's successor.
  8. Ha Ha graduated

    He got a Criminal Justice degree. Maybe he could investigate Capers for fraud with his outdated defensive schemes. Harsh? Tramon Williams said this on the radio: http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=23404882
  9. I'm already working on my 2019 mock draft. Should be ready in a few days. Stay tuned! On paper, the Packers did very well. Edge rusher? Look at some of the guys they got last year, such as Biegel, who now will have the chance to show what he can do when healthy. Pettine's defense should be an improvement over the overcomplicated schemes of Capers. New concepts on both sides of the ball, with MM hopefully moving away from having his receivers beat coverage, rather than finding ways to get the receivers some space. Wilkerson is playing for a big contract, and hopefully Adams can at least be a rotational player. Meanwhile, Cobb should be worried, with all those big, physical WR's coming into camp, and everyone thinking he's overpaid. If Alexander and Jackson can contribute right away, in the slot and on the edge, respectively as a nickel, great. And then there are the UDFA's, at least one or two are likely to stick with the team if history is any indication. I thought the draft was solid, and think the picks have potential. How many will contribute? Who will surprise in camp? As with my (never gonna happen) mock, stay tuned. Because Gutekunst is going to shake up this team like we haven't seen since TT first became GM.
  10. Lucky’s Final Mock Draft

    Thursday can't get here soon enough. Then we'll have something to talk about. Real choices that are now Packers, not projected possibles. And, as always, expect the unexpected. The Giants in particular are a real question mark, as are the Jets. Both could well move in a direction we don't foresee. Would the Giants actually choose Barkley? Would the Jets go for Allen? Not to mention there will be the inevitable "eleventh hour scandals", those rumors that suddenly pop up, or a video showing a player in a less than optimal situation. There will be "reaches" and players falling unexpectedly. It'll be an interesting night, and a lot of fun to analyze reality rather than try vainly to predict the future.
  11. So Many Picks.....What Positions ??

    Depending on how the draft develops, it seems likely the Packers could well look to double-dip in the first round. With 12 picks, it would seem they have the ammo do so. But, as always, the right guy has to be there, and another team has to be willing to move back so the Packers can move up. Its all very fluid, but once the draft begins, all bets are off. The only thing that is sure is that something really weird will happen early on. Like Cleveland not drafting a QB at #1. Or, and this could well happen, no QBs taken with the first three picks. And then again, Buffalo is desperate to move up. So, stay tuned, because its going to be a bumpy ride!
  12. Trevor Davis arrested for bomb joke at airport

    Exactly. Getting arrested for a dumb joke is better than being busted for doing drugs, DUI or domestic battery/sexual assault. Considering all the reasons he could have been arrested, and the amount of criminal activity that exists in the NFL, this is actually a large non-issue. I'm sure his teammates will have a lot of pranks and jokes at his expense. So, does this mean that Davis is potentially "Da Bomb" at WR?
  13. It seems that the market for FA safeties is pretty soft, and Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger) signing with Houston on a one year, $7 million deal really sets a low bar for the market. This article explores the issue, and makes a good point- does anyone want to pay a lot more for a player with less potential impact? https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/packers-free-agency-2018/2018/3/19/17138702/nfl-free-agency-2018-why-is-the-market-for-morgan-burnett-safeties-so-quiet
  14. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    This shocks me. You were really upset about losing Randall. Were over the top upset about losing Nelson. Andnow, you are suggesting that if AR doesn't "play nice" with the Packers, they should just trade him. Rodgers is the franchise, and the only reason they've been so successful since the departure of Favre. So cavalierly suggest trading AR makes sense only if you believe a decent (no equal- no realistic chance of that) replacement is available. But, the Cousins contract throws a huge monkey wrench into talk about negotiations with Rodgers. If Cousins can get his contract fully guaranteed, why should Rodgers settle for anything but guaranteed money? Because if the Packers aren't willing to give him what he wants, there are a lot of teams who would jump at the chance. Rodgers is not just some guy. He is one of the best QBs to ever play the game. Injured? Sure. Will that affect his play? This will be determined by the team's medical staff and outside experts. But for me, you don't treat a literally once in a lifetime opportunity with such a cavalier attitude.