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  1. Jimmy Graham

    It shows that this means something to him. That alone is impressive and I give him kudos.
  2. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    I think we'd be crazy to pay this kid anywhere close to that, but stranger things have happened.
  3. I don't see this ending well for the Packers. We're injured and a poorly coached team. 4-6-1 is what it looks like to me.
  4. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    Pretty typical response from you. First of all, is the relationship with Hoody and Brady broken? I've not seen or heard it. If it is, it is Hoody's doing knowing Brady is at the END. You see any difference there? Your justification for McCarthy's ****ty game management is, well so is most everybody else. That is the excuse of a loser. Soft: Can't put teams away when they have them down. Can't grind out a first down running when the other team knows you are running. A defense that would seldom stop the other team when that situation was reversed. Keeps a defensive coordinator whose defense was awful, just awful for almost a decade. That's for starters!
  5. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    When the relationship between the head coach and HOF QB is broken, you get rid of the coach. You trade away a HOF QB and you wind up with 60 years of bad luck and counting. See the Detroit Lions. Not a McCarthy fan. Never have been a McCarthy fan. His teams never finish. He might be the worst game manager of all time. He is completely clueless in critical situations. Has no go for the throat instincts. His teams have largely been soft. I could go on, but there is no need. We'll never see eye to eye on this.
  6. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    We never win another Super Bowl with McCarthy. There is no reasonable argument to the contrary. The man is so stubborn and his offense is so outdated it's ridiculous.
  7. Optimism? WHAT?!

    Given how we've played over the past ten games what gives some of you the idea suddenly the coach's playbook suddenly becomes imaginative and not so stale? What makes you think we are suddenly a different offense or a different team? I love the one posters argument that if we get rid of McCarthy after the season it is two more years before we could get back as a new coach adjusts. On the other hand, if we keep McCarthy it will be one more wasted year in the career of the best QB the planet has ever seen.
  8. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    He's 27 and not that good. This reminds me of that defensive lineman we had back in the Holmgren era, Williams. I don't remember his first name. He had 8 sacks as a DT in his contract year. Most were coverage sacks with the QB stepping up in the pocket. He got paid big time for the era. Sackrell could just as easily go back to 1 or ZERO sacks next year. You have to figure we are going to get some EDGE players next year.
  9. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    I think you have to see what happens in this upcoming off season before making a decision. Do we go and get an EDGE in free agency and one in the draft? Is Sackrell willing to take a 'reasonable' deal? What have they seen from Donnerson on the practice squad? If he puts up 10 this year and say, 8 next year he's going to get overpaid in a big way. 3 for 12 is not unreasonable if there isn't much guaranteed money, even 3 for 15. Even if he flops you can get rid of him without too much of a cap hit or dead money.
  10. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    Yeah, you don't pay situational players 10 million a year. He's not an every down guy. He has played pretty well when we've moved him inside a few snaps.
  11. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    How about if we trade him to Cleveland?
  12. Week 11 Post-Game: Packers 24 Seahawks 27

    What's that thing called where they take a group of talented people and make them better when they work as a team? We sure could use a new one of those.
  13. The Kyler Fackrell Aplogy Thread

    This would be a mistake in my opinion. Now if we get a decent one in free agency prior to draft, then maybe only need 1.
  14. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    Trade him to Cleveland for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.