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  1. Camp Battles

    McCray is going to surprise a whole lot of people this year. I think he's going to make a major leap in year two and become entrenched at RG. His improvement over last year was one of the bright spots IMO.
  2. I agree with this regarding Allison and MonTgomery. Biegel would have to totally flop in TC to be in jeopardy. Dix is probably going to get paid and King isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  3. It would be great for the pads to go on and the speculation end. I think we're going to be pleasantly surprised with our receiving corp this year. Not certain any of the rookies HAVE to play significant roles either. It would be great if one of them stepped up, but I do not think it is mandatory for us to have a really good group. Also, at this point maybe we should just group one thread together and call it 'rookie receivers'.
  4. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick

    More telling was the loss of arm strength towards the end of the season. He was brutal and throwing marshmallows out there. There was a throw in the Vikings playoff game which was telling. I agree he's not going to carry the load like he has in the past, but if he's not elite, they aren't a playoff team. The throw I was speaking about was at about the :35 second mark. The ball barely went 40 yards and he stepped into it with three strides. Brutal. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2018011401/2017/POST19/saints@vikings#menu=gameinfo|contentId%3A0ap3000000906746&tab=analyze&analyze=boxscore
  5. This is a laughable statement. I mean completely laughable. The reality is not a whole lot of rookies come in and are anywhere close to a finished product. It takes time. Often when a rookie who is not ready has to play the results are poor at best. You can do better than this, but when you admit to being 5 years old when arguing in favor of a guy, because you look at a stat line, you sort of lose all respect on the topic.
  6. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick

    As much as I want a top pick, it is real hard to wish for an injury. Clearly, you could speculate about what if. The reality is this is a QB league. Losing Ingram for 4 games is a nuisance. Losing Kamara would be the same, but it's still all about Brees. By the way, I still think they could tank without any of those three going down. The margin for error is so small. I saw someone predict Tampa Bay could be this year's Philly. Now, I doubt that but they will be improved. The Saints also have Atlanta and Carolina in their division. They are far from a playoff lock, much less a Super Bowl run. They went all in with this trade. It's boom or bust for them and I think it's going to be bust. An 8-8 record is not out of the question. BTW, neither is 5-11 or 11-5 based on their division and schedule.
  7. Camp Battles

    I haven't given up on Spriggs and hope he wins the RT job outright. I don't see the similarity you seem to, but would be thrilled if he had a third year comparable to Adams third year. Although, that surely would become an issue with the contract a RT at that level would cause. That would be a good problem to have, I'll leave it at that.
  8. Lynn Dickey

    Those Packer teams were not very good, but darned exciting with him at QB and the WR's, TE we had. Plus, Eddie Lee Ivory and Gerry Ellis at RB. Plenty of talent on offense, minus a pretty poor line and the defense only had the two DE's and Mike Douglass who were NFL worthy. I guess John Anderson was a pretty good player too.
  9. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    This is the way I see it. Hindsight, I think Ward was our target in a trade up. When Cleveland grabbed him at#4 a trade down was always the plan. Put another way, we were going to get a CB in round 1 and felt we could trade down, then back up and get Alexander. While adding some additional perceived value along the way. I say perceived because a pick in the bottom of the 1st next year isn't what we're hoping for. I'm still trying to fall in love with the idea of Gilbert, Biegel, Donnerson and Fackrell as back up OLB. I put Gilbert first as I think he's going to be the first off the bench.
  10. Camp Battles

    Truth! I am on the record here stating Josh Jones makes a major jump in year two. So that being the basis of my response, that would mean Brice is going to have to jump to pro-bowl level to beat him out. In my book, not a bad thing or problem to have.
  11. Camp Battles

    Why? It could mean Brice has turned into a stud safety. That could move Jones down into the ILB situation on passing downs. It would also improve our overall depth if Brice became a stud.
  12. Camp Battles

    Serious question Joe! What has Rollins done, other than being a second round pick, to give you any confidence he can play at the NFL level? BTW, this isn't a Randall type situation where we tried to move a safety to CB either. He's only played CB, and not very well, so a move to safety will require a learning curve a 4th year player on the last year of his rookie contract doesn't maybe deserve. I'll just say, I'll be shocked if he makes the team.
  13. Mike Pettine Defense

    Why would he resign? I have a feeling he likes playing and likes getting paid. I would assume if he has a decent year he will, however; be RE-SIGNED to a long-term contract.
  14. Why do people keep putting Dean Lowry in this type of conversation? He made a nice second year leap and will continue to ascend IMO. He's going to be a really good 4th or 5th option depending on how much Adams improves.
  15. DeShone Kizer

    He's still a free agent and I'm guessing one that won't play for the vet minimum. Which is his value, IMO, so I personally don't see it.