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  1. Week 11 Games

    Yeah, where did this come from all of a sudden! That is a couple of major beat downs in as many weeks.
  2. Week 11 Games

    I think Cousins squashed that taking a terrible sack right there though.
  3. Week 11 Games

    So the Vikings were about to get screwed on a bad penalty, but the officials used a scoreboard replay to correct it. They are not supposed to do that. 20-0 All worked out great though as Minny fumbles ensuing kick-off and Denver get it! LOL! Do we hear 27-0 at halftime for Denver? Giddy up!
  4. Week 11 Games

    Broncos v. Vikings about to get ugly if the refs don't get a hold of things. Rhodes and Sutton are about to go at it.
  5. Week 11 Games

    Holding on John Jones on a punt! They meant Josh, the former Packer, so at least he's in the books today!
  6. Week 11 Games

    Hope this stays for 4 quarters and not one. Love to have that extra breathing room in the division.
  7. Week 11 Games

    Tampa Bay! No discipline!
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Worked for us so good for Aaron!
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Does it matter what the word is? The man has backed up whatever that word is/was. You have to wonder if Aaron goes first what it turns out for him. San Francisco was a bad team and an organization in serious decline. Smith had a decent career given where he started.
  10. Week 11 Games

    I hate most of the R's too! Just to clarify that! But I follow that stuff very closely and aside from this not being the place to discuss it, you'd be out of your league if you wanted too. Not a dig, but it's apparent you are at best a casual observer of actually happens regarding the R's and the D's. They are wings of the same bird. BTW, pretty ironic you can dish out the sarcasm but aren't fond of being on the receiving end!
  11. NFL News & Notes

    First of all I don't hate him, but I'll answer. There is so much corruption in our society it's hard to tell what is right and what is wrong. Look at the circus on TV in Washington. Look at Google, Facebook, Twitter monitoring free speech and making themselves the soul arbiter of what is acceptable and what is not. Look at the drug companies who will sell people harmful medication because they are making a profit. Look at how we allow drugs to pour into our society poisoning our citizens. Society is screwed up and the NFL is corrupt, to THE CORE. But you are conflating issues. Colin Kaepernick decided to make this about police brutality and paint all of them as such which is reprehensible. The numbers of police shootings rose dramatically during his 'efforts' shall we say. That does not make him a social justice warrior. That makes him an *******! You want an example of how a true social justice warror works, see Dr. Martin Luther King! That man deserves every statue put up in his honor! Colin Kaepernick opted out of a contract where it was his choice. Allegedly turned down a few offers because the numbers weren't high enough. Then made it about collusion. Given the NFL paid him rather than releasing the communications clearly paints them as conspiring, even though there is no admission of that. So you pay a guy off in a lawsuit and now are clamoring that the NFL should allow the guy that sued them back into the league? I find that laughable. Now let's look at the facts regarding Kaepernick the player. He's a below 60% completion guy his entire career. The read option, which made him good, that has been figured out and basically shut down by teams. Please don't tell me about Lamar Jackson, he's not that guy or close to it any longer. This guy put on a publicity stunt do get another commercial done with Nike (you want to talk about a corrupt company, they are a good place to start) which will probably trash the organization he says he wants to play for. Hard to take the guy serious because he's a clown!
  12. Week 11 Games

    You have no life! Therefore you'll be watching. I"m trying to talk myself out of sitting down for 3 hours and taking any of it in. Trying to find things around the house I've been putting off!
  13. Week 11 Games

    Here is the balance of the schedules for every team who may have a chance at a 1st round bye. Bottom line, we could lose one more game as it is likely San Fran loses 2 and MN loses 1. So if we go 13-3, even if our loss is to MN we'd likely be the #1 seed because we'd have the tie breaker over NOLA and SF. Unless the additional NOLA loss was to an AFC team then we go deeper into the tie breakers. Bottom line, we go 5-1 in the last six we're getting a week off for sure. WEEK San Fran Seattle NOLA MN GB 11 Arizona BYE TB - a Den BYE 12 GB PH - a Carolina BYE SF - a 13 Balt - a MN ATL SEA - a NYG a 14 NO - a LAR - a 49ers Det Wash 15 ATL Car - a INDY LAC - a Chi 16 LAR ARI TENN - a GB MN - a 17 SEA - a SF CAR - a CHI DET - a OPP recds 38 - 20 32 - 23 30 - 26 22 24 25 - 30
  14. NFL News & Notes

    It certainly isn't Rhodes any longer. He's gotten too big and lost speed and quickness. A healthy Davante will feast on that dude!
  15. Week 11 Games

    Then we get the 49ers on a two game skid, pissed as hell! Just kidding, but I think if we don't take care of business next week it doesn't matter. If we do we have the upper hand as we only have 1 tough game left and that is the Vikings game there. SO if we beat the 49ers next week and lose to MN, we'd still be the #1 seed if NO and SF each lose another game to an NFC team, which is highly likely too!