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  1. You did not read his statement did you? If so, show me where he came off of his position on protesting during the National Anthem? As packfanfb noted, this was a PR move. He has not come off of his stance one iota. The 'mistake' he made was speaking his opinion in a nation of 'cancel culture'!
  2. Because it wasn't a question.
  3. So what you are saying is there can be no other thought to knelling during the National Anthem? Speaking ones mind and giving an opinion cannot be allowed. Whatever happened to being able to agree to disagree?
  4. Brilliant move! I've got very strong feelings on this subject, but going to walk away from it! I'd love to have an honest conversation about the base cause of systematic racism, which does exist. I'd also like to have a conversation of how to begin to change it, but the conversation would go off the rails quickly! I hope all my fellow Packer fans are well! If you are a spiritual type, pray for your country.
  5. Kaepernick actually didn't kneel first. His first action was the week he was benched when he sat on the bench and sulked. He then turned it into a 'branding' opportunity with the knelling. Kaepernick is a fraud IMO. He cried about wanting another chance and then sabotaged his opportunity so he could cry victim again. Let's not forget he opted out of his contract to seek a bigger deal and a starting opportunity. He is the least oppressed person of color on the planet. His statements regarding the criminal activity going on (no longer a protest when you burn, loot and destroy) are despicable. Th
  6. Peaceful protests are a pillar of our country. When you burn down buildings and loot, that is where you cross a line.
  7. Never said that Leader, you implied it! Have a great day brother!
  8. I'm out boys! Have a great day! It's about to degrade into a back and forth and nobody will change their mind or opinion one bit! What happened to George Floyd was murder, plain and simple! Peaceful protests are part of America and I applaud that. When you start burning buildings, looting and destroying places of business you are a thug and need to be arrested. The police now need to stop this in a very forceful way!
  9. Funny Leader, but there are reports out there that thugs are descending on Minneapolis. Just like Ferguson and Baltimore.
  10. LOL! Yeah, it's been documented with every situation like this that Soros organizations fund these thugs who come in and destroy. Baltimore and Ferguson the numbers were about 70% from outside the area. Kaepernick is a turd! He added, "The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance."
  11. I'm kind of surprised Taylor would give up 3 million. I would have thought he'd say release me if he thought he was starter material. Good, quality interior depth for the Packers at a very reasonable price. Patrick and Taylor inside is some nice depth. I wish we had the same for OT though. Turner gives me gas thinking about him at RT.
  12. I'm not a lawyer and you may be correct. To me, the fact they were holding him down, handcuffing him while the guy was knelling on his neck, choking him to death is, by definition aiding and abetting. Police get put in tough positions, but that cop was a thug! Like I said, he had something like 19 complaints against him. The other cops had to know his reputation. It's beyond reprehensible they stood by and help it happen. There were people near by begging them to stop, saying, "you're killing him, he can't breath!' I'm doing everything I can to make a case against the other three a
  13. Everybody understands the hurt. You probably had 99% of America who looked at that tape and said, those cops need to be arrested and go to jail for murder. You don't go and destroy communities because you are hurt. I'll bet most of these people came from other places. They are paid to come in and destroy things. If this is about racial injustice, which I understand, why go and destroy businesses owned by black people. This is a time when we need another Dr. Martin Luther King, not a Colin Kaepernick who is out flaming and justifying the violence and destruction.
  14. Why weren't the other 3 cops arrested as accomplices? Sorry, but they have a duty to protect everybody. That includes the poor guy who was being murdered by one of their own. The fact they did nothing, IMO, means they are accomplices to murder. This dirty bastard who knelled on this man's neck and killed him had 19 complaints filed against him, allegedly. That is no coincidence. He should had his badge taken away long before this tragedy! My heart goes out to the family of George Floyd!
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