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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Sounds like he's sending a message to Dexter Williams to get his act together or he's gone!
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    The NFL, the most successful sport in America is going to suddenly become the worst paying sport in America. Worse, than hockey even. There isn't a SNOWBALLS chance in hell the players are going go agree to this. You've got 10 per team making more than (roughly) that and another 20+ who expect their next contract will get them well over that number. This would be the end of parody because players would flock to big markets where they can make a lot more in endorsements once they are free agents. Also, can you imagine the backlash against the owners if they were to lock out players because some of them wouldn't take between a 50-80% pay cut when the owners are making the money they are making currently? The lock out if a bargaining ploy! This idea is just laughable! It ain't happening!
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Small hands though. That can be a problem with DB's ability to strip the ball before WR's can tuck it away.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    LOL! There isn't a snowballs chance in hell they are capping a players game check to 250K. There are QB's making over 1.5 million a game!
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    One could make a case that Lamar Jackson should have gone #1 overall two years ago. BTW, in hindsight Rodgers should have gone #1, but going into the draft it was a toss up between him and Smith. Rodgers happened to have the Tedford stigma hanging over his head too. I would be curious how many drafts the first QB taken turns out to be the best QB of the draft. In hindsight, Brett Favre should have been the #1 in his draft as well. I also never said if the #1 overall prospect who happens to be a QB falls to us, we should take him. Jordan Love is not currently rated in the top 3 prospects, but some 'experts' feel he COULD turn out to be the best. Is that hyperbole? I have no idea at this point and that's why the experts miss on 1st round picks every year.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    I'm pulling the trigger at any point if a guy drops that makes it too difficult to pass up: see Rodgers, Aaron! Including if we fall in love with Jordan Love this year. That might actually be the motivation to make Aaron cut it loose next year.
  7. NFC North 2020

    If ever there was a year to go all in, it would be this year. The question is can we get over the hump in doing so? That's a real debate. Do you go and get a Chris Jones as was mentioned someplace here? I mean, that almost assures your defense moves into the top 10. Still have to get another WR who can get it done on a weekly basis. Are we Andre Rison serious and we go after say, OBJ? I think he's on the block and probably not a outrageous price regarding capital. He's got 4 years left on his contract and it appears none of it was guaranteed. I'm against that move personally because I think he's more concerned with his 'brand' than football at this point.
  8. NFC North 2020

    WR not named Advante Adams. Lazard wsa improving and would be a decent to solid #2, but who is going to be #2? MVS completely disappeared so can you even count on him? St. Brown is an unknown and Kuerow is a JAG! TE where do the catches come from? Most think Graham is gone and he should be for the money he makes and the holes we need to fill. Tonyan was a no show and Lewis, if he comes back offers little. Sternberger should improve but is it enough. Depth in a lot of positions. Again we were very lucky in that department last year.
  9. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    BTW, I don't think I can spend the 3rd overall pick on Tua. Two major injuries in two years and he just seems like his playing style lends itself to injury. Probably would make sense to have Tua in Honolulu Blue though.
  10. NFC North 2020

    I agree we want to progress, but think we need more htan an IDL and ILB on defense. We need depth at EDGE. I don't see Fackrell coming back and he's a JAG. WE absolutely need Gary to take a major step and another guy besides him. We were exceptionally lucky injury wise this year. That is not likely to happen again. I've got concerns other than what you are suggesting, although it's a very good start.
  11. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Possibility and NO, I don't see Brady going to Vegas. I see him staying in NE, but who knows. From Vegas standpoint, they aren't ready to compete with current roster and that would be a panic, fill the stadium play. Gruden has a 10 year deal, he's got time.
  12. NFC North 2020

    What are we going to do to get better? 1. The Vikings are going to regress. Terrible cap situation and a lot of guys who are in decline. Rumors are Diggs could be on the block and they may give Cook a big deal. I see them no better than 3rd place next year. 2. The Bears are going to ship a second round pick to Oakland for Derrick Carr, book it. That makes them immediately better on offense, but their defense is going to slip, no question about it. Once that second round pick is gone the resources are too with Carr's contract coming Chicago's way. They would almost assuredly need to extend him immediately to relieve some cap space, but they still will need to move a player or two or stand pat. 3. The Lions are going to be the biggest benefactor of the Carr trade to Chicago. They now have a bidding war for Tua at #3 because I don't see anyway Washington can move out of the 2 slot and pass on Young. If they do Detroit still wins by grabbing Yound. If they don't the ransom they will get for Tua is going to give them a lot of draft capital to get a lot better. I could see them moving to 5 and still getting the guy they covet at 3, Okudah. So what are we going to do to get better, because if the Bears get Carr, they are better, a little at least. The Lions are going to improve and the Vikings, not so much!
  13. Never been a huge Crosby fan, but this was the right move. I think @Outpost31 had it right in his assessment.
  14. Brad Biggs: On the QB Position

    Yep, I see you guys shipping a 2nd to Oakland for David Carr. I"m guessing it's going to be your 1st - 2nd round pick which I believe is 43. Oakland is moving into the Detroit slot to take Tua. Although if Oakland and Miami get into a bidding war, Detroit could move down to 5 with Miami, get a haul and still get Okudah. I see Detroit shipping Slay before the draft as well.
  15. Green Bay Packers Salary Cap Thread

    LB is so high because they count EDGE rushers. It would be more realistic if they separated those two. We're probably #1 at EDGE and #32 at ILB. Having said that I"m still not overpaying for Martinez to stay.