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  1. Hoping he plays Thursday but I'd guess Dallas at the latest.
  2. Just like him, I'm getting paid like it though.
  3. The jump balls are because he can't get open. I don't see the guy open. He's not a difference maker he was 5 years ago.
  4. The injury report is out on NFL.com. So they listed what players did or didn't do. https://www.packers.com/team/injury-report/
  5. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    1. He was drafted as a WR, NOT a returner. 2. The new standard of draft picks is to NOT screw up! 3. I was asking a serious question which you answered by making excuses for him. 4. Thanks for validating my point which is he won't be missed. He didn't provide any impact plays.
  6. Oren Burks was a limited participant in practice today. Good sign he's getting close.
  7. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    Those who don't like the trade please point to one big play during the regular season that Trevor Davis made for us? Seriously, I can't think of one in his 3 years here.
  8. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    Only when the cops were chasing him for breaking his son's arm.
  9. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    This seems really stupid to me but thanks for the clarification.
  10. Why? There is nothing wrong with deciding the best choice for your team is to completely rebuild. Not sure he's got the authority to do anything about it.
  11. Throw Boyle into the deal. It ain't like they are trying to win so what do they care if they have a QB.
  12. Josh Rosen! It seems Miami doesn't see him to be the QB of the future. Let's get him for our back up for the next 2+ years. If he develops you can trade him later down the road.
  13. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Knocked his *** over and into the d-lineman's knees and took him out too. That is a major improvement in Aaron Jones game this year just that play alone. Loving this kid more and more.
  14. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Wonder what we could get Rosen from the Dolphins for?
  15. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    They were terrible with Ben the Rapist, allegedly. Not selling Rudolph short, the team is not very good.