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  1. Lets play a game

    Barkley Runs and dump offs to Aaron and Barkley
  2. Charles Woodson announcing pick for Raiders is weird
  3. Green Bay Big Board #9 Overall

    Wilkins - not sure why he is not on the list
  4. This is the year you need to find out about Spriggs.
  5. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    FA: Trent Brown, cut/trade Bulaga, then use early picks for edge, dl, te and get couple Gs in 3/4. Giving Aaron more time next season is essential to his improvement. Draft: Polite
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    I will join. We have some good young talent Good stock of draft picks for next spring + GM would has 1 draft in that looks good so far Enough cap space to do something with + GM who might actually do something here although year 1 results are NOT good here Looking forward to off season more than I normally would
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    Trade Kizer for him
  8. Draft makes me think issue with defense was talent not necessarily Capers.
  9. Burks write up. Former safety with athletic ability to handle coverage duties at linebacker You know we need this.
  10. No, but i would trade a few of this years picks to get into round 3
  11. My guesses: 1. Belichick goes unBill-like and trades up to get Lamar somewhere before 14 2. Ward is gone at 14 but Davenport and Landry and Fitz are there. 3. Top 13: 4 QBs + Lamar, Barkley, Chubb, Ward, Edmunds, Smith, James, Nelson, Vea. This leaves Fitz, Davenport, Landry at #14. 4. If Vea is there at 14, Gute takes him.
  12. Pick 3 for #14

    1. Tremaine Edmunds 2. Denzel Ward 3. Landry, then Davenport