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  1. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    The title of this thread is Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control. My question is "Does he really" ? Are you sure of this ? He very likely wants SOME control, but more than he already has ? I remain unconvinced.
  2. Davante Adams Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, saw something similar with several posters obsessing over T.J.Watt, after the Packers passed on him in 2017. I tend to let stuff go after the draft, even if I really liked the guy pre-draft (a good example of that was CB Fabian Moreau in the 2017 draft......loved him). Not everyone finds it so easy to let go.
  3. Davante Adams Appreciation Thread

    Thought this was Courtland Sutton (current no.14 for Denver), but he doesn't have the arm tats. Turns out it was the undewhelming Cody Latimer, drafted three spots after D.Adams in 2014.
  4. From my perspective, the defense was rather disappointing on paper, fully borne out by the play on the field. This is close to what I felt at the time, rather than with the benefit of a perfect rearview mirror.
  5. I remember the old adage that the battle is won and lost on the lines, and I think that is at least partially true. Our O line looks solid, with good additions of versatile guys like veteran Turner and early draft pick E.Jenkins. If Bakhtiari stays healthy and most of the rest hold up (and Lane Taylor should be fit again), it should be a pretty good line, compared with most O lines around the league. The D line (and edge rushers) have a great mixture of experience and quality youth. This unit could also become just a little below the best NFL D lines. Prognosis, O line (which was already fairly good) takes a small step up. D line/edge (which was below average at edge and above average on the line) takes a bigger step up.
  6. The offseason DL thread

    I don't look as closely as I should at who is where on the D line through the season, but here is my take on positions after cutdown. The positions for each player have to be somewhat fluid to account for all the variations Pettine might use. DE(4) refers to only being a DE in 4 man fronts. NT/DT K.Clark NT/DT T.Lancaster NT/DT/DE M.Daniels NT/DT/DE M. Adams DT/DE D.Lowry DT/DE/Edge Z.Smith DT/DE/Edge R.Gary DE(4)/Edge P.Smith Edge K.Fackrell Edge Just one of: Donnerson or Gilbert or Roberts Total = 10. Add 4 ILBs, 10/11 DBs and maybe one extra guy on DL or Edge for a total of 24/25 spots on defense. Do you think in my list above there is anyone marked down for a position they will virtually never play ? For example, I listed K.Clark as NT/ DT - could you ever see K.Clark playing DT next to T.Lancaster or M.Adams (or even M.Daniels) at NT ? How about Preston Smith as DE in a 3 man front ?
  7. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    The opposite, for me, but the key phrase is "without having met either of them", so it is pure speculation either way.
  8. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    Catch 24 ?
  9. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    Mirror in the bathroom Please talk free The door is locked Just you and me. Can I take you to a restaurant That's got glass tables, You can watch yourself While you are eating Mirror in the bathroom I just can't stop it Every Saturday you see me Window shopping. Find no interest in the Racks and shelves, Just a thousand reflections Of my own sweet self, self, self
  10. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    Take a projection Toss it hard against a wall How much of it sticks ?
  11. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    All true for this year. Since I believe that Graham and Lewis will be gone after this year, 2020 will be a whole different kettle of fish. Unless the Packers go and get another veteran TE at the end of the year, it looks (to me) like it will be Sternberger, Tonyan, maybe Roberts as a blocking TE (was the Lions 4th round pick in 2017). A very young room, compared to now.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    Speculation is free, but on this subject I'll wait until some games have been played with the new HC. At least we will then have some observable data to process. Until then, it's he said/she said.........the truth could be anywhere.
  13. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    A lot of people are far MORE accepting of Gary than they were before the draft (count me as one of those). Closer inspection (in this case) gives more hope. You won't need an entire murder of crows to serve up............ barely a handful is my guess. Anyway if you start killing crows to hand out, it won't be long before you wake up............THE RAVEN. Don't be waking up the raven, RTT.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    H Here is Jones on what looks like 17 December 2017 (his rookie year) against the Panthers. I don't see much obvious difference. This would also be at the end of the season rather than the start, so if he was ever going to look (and be) lighter, it would be then.
  15. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    So long as you are not of the general opinion that 'first version is the only real version', that's ok (by me). You are specific in why you dislike of the copy, so I guess this doesn't apply to you. Each copied lyrics or copied tracks should be judged on their own merits, I guess. Pointing back to my list of tracks on page 161, two of them stand out. Pete Tosh's version of 'Johhny B. Goode (originally Chuck Berry) and Sinead O'Connor's 'Sacrifice' (originally Elton John) were great examples of outstanding alternative versions. While i do like Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe singing 'When the Levee Breaks', Led Zeppelin took it to a level where it is probably my favourite track in all of their awesome discography. That track has what I like to call the drums from Hell and harping from Heaven*. * I read somewhere that for that album track, the drums were played at the bottom of an atrium, with the mikes were suspended way up high above him, to give that sound.