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  1. Down to 4 guys for me. CB Newsome - can he stay healthy ? He does have the length (6'1") that the Packers like. CB Molden - Like Asante Samuel, he is only 5'10", he is seen as a slot corner, but a good one. He is listed as a S on your board, but played CB at Washington. IDL Onwuzurike Tough, athletic, good technique, ascending player. Not the tallest guy (6'3", 290). OT Radunz Could be a good RT for the Packers. He has the skills you need, but not a day 1 starter. I think of the four I like CB Molden the best of the four. More elite instincts than an elite athlete. Still, any
  2. The hearty heart heart says keep him, he is such a quality player. The headsy headly head says the succession plan is there for just this scenario. Better to release a year early than a year late - get a better comp pick, no 'getting older' injury worries. Overall, such a good return on a 5th round pick, never any trouble the whole time he was here (7 seasons so far).
  3. ..........and if you don't like covid, jolly well go out there and find a permanent cure (just like making the Packers dominant everywhere, it is almost impossible). I could be wrong but I don't think there is a single poster that is 'offended' by what you are saying @cannondale. What they are, is largely disagreeing with your take on things. Your projection of the future (37-31) is only a WAG, so people can take that as they will. Also, success is not ONLY winning a SB. Yes, it is the ultimate goal every year, but a 13-3 season is success, Rodgers as MVP is a success, and don't try
  4. You are the one with the fancy footwork. Did you forget you said this as a reason for not getting a RB "And I have asked everyone that has disagreed to give me the the last RB to lead a team to a Superbowl and never got a response" When I answered that it isn't about one guy in isolation, but how a RB impacts the team as a whole (my 'the run sets up the pass' post), you ignore what you yourself said and suggest it is me that is dancing ? Well at least you can no longer take the position that you never got a response, so I got that at least. What we have as a bottom line, is that
  5. You are asking the wrong question. The run sets up the pass, the pass sets up the run, it's a team game. Instead of looking for a RB who wins with a solo effort, look to how a good one impacts the whole team.
  6. Of course it is. The amount he gets paid dictates how the Packers roster is set up. If the Packers QB was cheap and far less talented, the whole roster setup would be different, constructed to win a different way. The 2020 draft picks are most certainly not mistakes..........yet. Maybe they turn out that way, maybe they don't. You know it takes time to assess a draft class as well as anyone. Whining about the 2020 picks this soon is just venting. All you need to do is wait another year and you may have a better idea if you are right. We CAN say the 2018 draft didn't offer much besides Ale
  7. So is it novel (ie new) ? Or is it time tested ?
  8. But....but, the Packers were ranked 30th on NFL.com in grading teams rookie classes. Surely they know what they're talking about......
  9. This implies you'd RATHER have a poor QB.................and it really is pointless to argue Superbowls. They are just one point in time, while being a fan is about following the Packers all the time. What a good QB does is offer a better chance to stay competitive over the years, even when what he is surrounded by is less than ideal (see the length of McCarthy's tenure with Favre and AR as the QBs). A QB makes more difference to the performance of a team than any other guy on the team. The simple reason a good QBs wages is so much higher than anyone else, is because he affects things more t
  10. I do like @Outpost31 posts a lot. Plenty of push-the-boat-out opinions and always worth a read. While I disagree with this part of his post I do appreciate the passion he displays when he makes a point. I agree Love never helped us at all in 2020, but he was never meant to. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket ? That is what Love is. A good QB is so important to a teams success that Green Bay decided to roll the dice for the future. The Packers could have gone a different way that was more geared to immediate benefit, but as they have done so many times, they kept an eye on the future, post
  11. I agree it is going large on the DL, but the Packers do that sometimes, like when they got the Smiths and then drafted Gary.
  12. If you read the mock, you will see the first round pick is Christian Barmore. Clark, Barmore and, for example, Zadarius Smith, might generate some inside havoc. The improving Gary makes that work better, as he and Preston could come from the outside. Tomlinson obviously isn't a pass rusher, but he is someone who can sub in for Clark when he needs to take a few snaps rest........... and Clark has been playing too many snaps in a game to be at peak effectiveness. You may think that a DL room of 4 is enough, but it would fill me with horror. I want at least five and six isn't a bad idea
  13. Sure it is. Those pushing in the middle of the line may not get the sack, but they stop the QB from stepping up to avoid those coming in from the sides.
  14. I'd say that overall DL is the weakest spot on defense. Maybe getting Tomlinson* is slightly rich, but the Packers must upgrade there. They lost to the Bucs (at least in part) because they couldn't pressure the Bucs like they did against the Packers, even with only four rushing. Same thing the year before with the 49ers. Our DL needs to be better so we can get closer to competing in that area. * If Tomlinson is looked at as a short term plug in while 6th rounder Bobby Brown learns the ropes, it doesn't seem too overboard (at least, not to me).
  15. I didn't pay attention to the cuts and FAs, but I love the picks, especially day 1 and 2. I like the positions taken as well. DL first pick (excellent), OT (tick), CB (tick), RB (tick), 2nd DL (run stopper, tick). It's all good. Here is a piece about Barmore (who did very nicely at the Senior Bowl) https://withthefirstpick.com/2021/01/01/christian-barmore-dominant-bowl/
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