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  1. Kingsbury might even become one of the midseason firings. Not sure why he was kept this year.
  2. Then petition Ray Rhodes for his thoughts. After that, I could ask this fox I often see outside my place.........if only I could find out where Dr. Doolittle lives - HE can talk to the animals.
  3. That future is still unwritten, might turn out an inspired pick, might not.
  4. @tttmikeb Plenty of players in both your choices that I like. Glad you found room for S Tyree Gillespie (RAS 6.01). Much more player than athlete, though so not really a GB type pick as they just love high RAS guys to bits.
  5. This wouldn't be the first incorrect assumption on this subject and it won't be the last. Fans always want to link the disagreement to "insert personal hobby horse here". Too much opinion + too little knowledge = baseless statements.
  6. When did you last give money to your bosses so someone else could stay at your company.
  7. Yeah, fans are needy. How much does he owe the public.............as much as he thinks he does.
  8. Except for me. Heck, I AM 1265, so of course I know.....................but the inner circle of the Packers have a death on disclosure clause, so if I told you the truth, then I'd have to kill you, or at least myself.
  9. I've seen some very high guesses that seem way too much. Given that Rodgers is 38, the absolute most I'd expect is 2x1sts, perhaps one lower pick, and a player. The least I'd expect is a high 1st, one lower pick, and and 2 players.
  10. Did I miss somehing, or has the letter 'E' been banished from grades ? When you compare graders, huge differences become clear..........from the guy that only gives A or B grades, to one that hands out two F grades.
  11. No, we don't. It is unfortunate that if talks are happening and possibly even progressing, neither side would then be saying stuff.........which can lead you to believe saying nothing means confirmation, when it isn't.
  12. So, which team do you think had the best draft ? I thought 4 teams were especially good (meaning they got a lot of the players I liked). DETROIT OT Sewell, DT Onwuzurike, DT McNiel, CB Melifonwu, WR St.Brown, LB Barnes, RB Jefferson Basically a who's who list of my favourite prospects. Barnes was the only one I was ambivalent about. CAROLINA CB Horn, WR Marshall, TE Tremble, OT Christensen, RB Hubbard, DT Nixon, CB Taylor, OG Brown, WR Smith, LS Fletcher, DT Hoskins Loved it from Horn to Taylor, the last few not so much CLEVELAND CB Newsome, LB Owusu-Koromoah, WR Schwarz,
  13. In the Green bay Packers forum I did a post-draft mock, but it never garnered any interest at all, so I'll copy it over to here as i like the idea. It applies to all teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disappointed how the draft turned out ? Think you can do better ? Then it's time for the post-draft mock. The rules. You can choose NOT to make a deal your team did on draft day, but you cannot make any new deals. You can only draft a player that is still on the boa
  14. So that makes the gazillion pre-draft mocks that basically guesses where any player gets taken more worthwhile ? and they are very popular indeed. This is just for fun, but is also constrained by what actually happened. If you don't like the exercise, don't participate. I certainly enjoy doing this every year, and I'm surprised it isn't more of a 'thing'.
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