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  1. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    The transition tag for a RB in 2019 was $9.099m, but it seems to have been $9.63m in 2018. The projected TT for 2020 RBs is just $8.56m, so its dropping each year. That seems like a no-brainer from the teams point of view. The player might not be so happy with that. https://nfltraderumors.co/projected-2020-franchise-transition-tag-totals/ https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2019/03/01/nfl-2019-franchise-tag-numbers-transition-tag/ https://nfltraderumors.co/projected-2018-franchise-transition-tag-totals/
  2. Plans for Aaron Jones?

    Are you are missing one option ? Let his contract end, allow him to see FA and then re-sign him if the numbers work.
  3. AG20 Mock Offseason V2

    I like the bold move for Chris Jones, though If Kenny Clark sucks up $16m pa when re-signed and Chris Jones gets his Spotrac estimated $19.2 pa there won't be much left for anyone else. My big vet FA expenditure was ILB Littleton, but I can roll with the even bigger bucks for DE Jones. Given the Packers over-investment in DB's (from 2014 onwards) I'd hate to see yet another CB as the Packers first pick, when the neediest need is to improve the front 7 on defense. I wouldn't take a TE this high either, it being a poor year for them. I would get a TE in the draft if value is there (which could be said of any pick) but with a later pick I'd like to see WR/DL/ILB as the first three picks - but given your monster Chris Jones deal, I could go with something like WR in the first, then with the next two picks WR (again)/ILB (in any order), or WR/ILB/OL. I'd get a CB, but later, in round 5/6. If I took two high WRs one would be more tailored for slot duty and the other out wide. If I hadn't taken an O lineman in round 2/3, I'd go for one in 4.
  4. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    Packers After the beatdown the 49ers gave the Packers to make the superbowl by running outside, it's clear the Packers need help to stop that. They have one good receiver (Adams) and need a no.2, whether that is a slot guy or an outside guy. The have all the 4/5/6th receivers they need. They have one decent inside linebacker (who is almost certainly gone his offseason). They need a guy with the speed and diagnostic skills to get to the sideline fast and they need a Martinez clone, more of a gap filling thumper. I'm guessing one of those is a draft pickand the other a veteran. They have one good D lineman (Kenny Clark) and need better 3/4 DEs to go with him. this year rookie (Kingsley Keke) might be one, they still need another. They are thin at TE, though they have rookie Sternberger developing. A later pick here could learn blocking tips from Marcedes Lewis (who I'd keep one more year). Josh Jackson (2nd round pick) has done nothing and CB/S Tramon Williams (37 next year) is ancient for a DB, so a backup CB is on the cards as a later pick. They have a RT Bulaga as a FA (I'd resign for maybe $10.5m pa 3yrs) and as he has had injury woes in the past Veldheer should also be retained as insurance. If he isn't re-signed RT jumps way up as a need pick. So, my guess is DE/WR as the first two picks (in any order). Then ILB and possiibly O line (either a guard as replacement for Elgton Jenkins moving from guard to center, or a RT). A second WR is also possible as the 3rd/4th round pick, as it is such a good year for them. If your first WR was a slot guy, the next is an outside guy, and vice versa. After that, fill-in depth at CB, RB, TE. At any time from this year to three years time, the Packers should be hunting for a QB as Rodgers replacement. If the GM finds a guy he likes (and can afford the draft cost), it trumps everything. No need to panic for this, it's all about finding who you think is the right guy, before the QB need becomes critical (which is where nasty mistakes are made). The Pack haven't had much in the way of really high picks for 30 years, so they need to find a bargain QB later in the draft or they need to suck in a major way for one year.
  5. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't blink at a ceiling of $11m pa on Bulaga for up to 3 yrs, and $8-9m pa for Martinez. That could be enough money to re-sign Bulaga, but I think Martinez gets more elsewhere. Spotrac has his projected value at a crazy $16m pa. For veteran FAs at LB and DL, I'd look to add one at both positions, but I'd be looking at the draft as well as FA especially at ILB and most definitely if Martinez is gone. RT would be a useful position group to upgrade, but if you have Bulaga re-signed and Veldheer as backup, you could leave that position for a year. As for WR, I think it's a given that one is taken in the first three rounds, maybe even round one.
  6. Leisher's Offseason thougts. 1/24/20

    The Packers O line is talented at this time and most other teams would swap their O line for ours in an instant. When you have a veteran QB (who was 36 in December) that's the kind of unit you keep together, if you can (and the Packers can). Sure there is some injury risk with Bulaga, but he is very good when he plays and there is (if re-signed) a viable backup in Veldheer, if things go pear-shaped. Bulaga is not easy to replace without suffering a big dip in talent, drafting a mid-round OT pick that has time to polish their game before starting, would be a sound plan imo, because if Bulaga is retained you have time to see if that mid-round draftee is progressing to starter-level. If not, you have to spend a higher draft pick in a future year as an (almost) instant replacement. Ideally, I'd keep Bulaga and Linsley and Veldheer on the roster. The only circumstance where I would consider moving on from Linsley this year, is if there is a specific, expensive FA that requires the extra money Linsley's going would generate. For example, if the Packers could get Jets WR Robbie Anderson or DE Michael Brockers AND Rams ILB Littleton by releasing Linsley, I'd be down with it. Unless the net impact of a trade is projected as large, you keep Linsley through 2020 and then reassess his value for another contract.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Can he read the field well, can he put the ball where it needs to go, can he buy time in the pocket - very difficult for any QB to succeed without these assets.
  8. 2020 Tight End Titillating Talk

    He can sure jump, but the way he rubs his legs together to chirp is kind of odd
  9. Out of character 7 Round quickie

    The positional needs have been addressed and the first two picks are exactly those that I generally make when I do a Draftnetwork or Fanspeak mock. Although you did get an ILB, I'd have gone for that position earlier, over a TE (ie in round three or four). An ILB with true sideline range could make a big difference in run defense and defending passes to the midfield. I am tempted to leave out drafting OT this year (which means Bulaga and Veldheer are back), but there is a perfectly reasonable counter-argument to get a more developmental OT this year, over a higher pick for a more NFL ready one, next year.
  10. Fire Pettine

    Exactly. Next season I'm looking for a high pick at DL (1st or 2nd) and a high pick at WR (again, 1st or 2nd). I'm also looking for Kingsley Keke to take a jump. I think one ILB is added through veteran FA and another in the draft (round 3 or 4). Those ILB's need to be one coverage expert and one stouter plug the gap guy. We cannot go into next season with Burks and Goodson backing up Martinez. If he wasn't too expensive (which he probably will be) Martinez would be fine as the plug the gap guy. If Gary can also take more snaps from the Smiths, keeping them fresh and making good use of his elite athleticsm, the Packers could look far, far less vulnerable to outside runs by the 49ers. That championship game made the Packers deficiencies cystal clear, it's up to Gute and his scouts to find ways to make this happen.
  11. Fire Pettine

    Sure they do. Better talent makes the DC look better, less makes them look worse. The biggest factor is talent on the field. You didn't believe it when Jennifer Kirton said the same thing, so I don't expect you to when I say it.................doesn't make it wrong though.
  12. Fire Pettine

    This was something i had noticed as a tendency this season as well - early success with scripted plays, then they struggle.
  13. Post Playoff Exit Mock

    I like those late draft picks. I might choose TE Trautman in a future mock myself. A former QB, the 6'6" 250lb TE is from unheralded Dayton, but is interesting a lot of scouts. In this poor year for TEs he might be a late round gem, maybe not as big as Kittle was (he was an early 5th round pick !) but good enough for a pass catching role and big enough to learn to be a decent blocker.
  14. End of season 1st mock

    I can see from the criticisms that the non-draft part of my mock needs work. I never thought enough about re-negotiating a contract in season (the 2020 season) could mean a simple contract extension where the jump in cap cost doesn't kick in until 2021 (see Aaron Jones contract). this would free up enough money to allow Linsley to complete his contract with the Packers (to the end of 2020). I was unaware of ILB Bailey's injury, so with that in mind I'd go with my stated alternative there, Weaver. Additionally, since Jamaal Williams would only get a modest (compared to A.Jones) hike in pay, he, like Jones could simply be extended, meaning no extra cap cost until 2021. I'll have to keep thee things in mind for any future mock.
  15. End of season 1st mock

    Okay, I get that part and can agree with the idea of that. I didn't want Jones to hit FA given his value for the Packers, but it might make more sense to allow that and let Linsley's contract play out - more continuity on the O line, then. Of course if THAT is done you can get another decent FA like DL Brockers, as @HighCalebR had in his draft.