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  1. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    I'd agree with that. I never liked the Pats much, as far back as 1996, due to an incident in the SB (their success since then is irrelevant to my dislike). I always want to see the Seahawks beaten like a young child's new toy drum............and the Cowboys as well. I don't hate on the Bears because the Packers and Bears are so seldom good at the same time. The Vikes are a more credible year in and out threat. They used to be a bit of a joke (eg the love boat scandal, and their tendency to collapse in the 2nd half of a season, but they seem to have their s**t together now. Teams I quite liked, aside from the Pack, are the Bills (mainly due to the efforts of Marv Levy) and more recently the 49ers (I have a friend who is a big fan). I quite like seeing the Jags rise from their awfulness of a few years ago, too. They're a pretty good team now.
  2. Fun Bye Week Game

    Yep, the incredible bulk who was spectacularly poor. Such a disappointment when a supposedly dominant player becomes a whole heap of nothing. Imagine (in the modern era) being a huge fan of the Seahawks 'Legion Of BOOM' and then watch them turn into the legion of *plib*. Do I feel sorry for them, heh, NO (I don't like the Hawks).
  3. Fun Bye Week Game

    You are probably thinking of Lenny Walls. He was listed as 6'4" !! It certainly wasn't the corner on the other side who was only 6'0" .......but his name was Champ Bailey.
  4. Fun Bye Week Game

    double post
  5. Fun Bye Week Game

    Yeah, I thought of him (Rouse) as well. A third rounder, if i recall. Loved his length and size, but he was just too stiff to succeed (reminds me of Taylor Mays). You hit the nail on the head about liking the idea of a guy like that. I was thought of him when the Packers drafted Kevin King (also 6'3", but a corner), but Kevin does have the athleticism and flexibility to play with that length. Referring to another post by you, It was the 2005 CB, Mike Hawkins, I remembered (I forgot he was actually drafted). Ran a private 4.34 40 time, he had a troubled past, was always dinged up, and was not a physical player. Age and memory-blur had me mashing together him and Josh Hawkins (who WAS undrafted).
  6. Fun Bye Week Game

    I never expected much from QB Brian Brohm (round 2, 2008), so i can't say he disappointed me. NT B.J.Raji (round 1, 2009) was a teaser rather than a pleaser........he just didn't love the game enough. I liked DE/DT Mike Neal (round 2, 2010) when he was drafted, who never really lived up to his strongman image, but he hung around for a while. OT Derrick Sherrod was an interesting pick (round 1, 2011), he broke his leg in his first season and never really came back from that. I never thought much of DT Jerel Worthy (round 2, 2012), so I cannot be that disappointed he never did anything. DE Datone Jones (round 1, 2013), ho hum, a DE who couldn't pass rush. This is depressing - so many failures, and all in the first or second round in consecutive years. Onward. S Clinton-Dix (round 1, 2014) - hmm, I wanted Ward there, but him and WR Davante Adams as first and second picks, make this a banner year. I thought the Packers had been clever taking S Damarious Randall (round 1, 2015) and converting him to CB, masking his limitations as a S, I thought (he was fast enough for CB). The second round pick, Quinten Rollins, might have been my biggest disappointment in the last 10 years, I thought he would be good. 2016, Kenny Clark (a big +) and Jason Spriggs (a big -) are the highs and lows. Spriggs is my alternative choice (to Rollins), for disappointment. 2017 has Kevin King (+) and Josh Jones (-). At the time, I liked WR Cooper Kupp over Jones (he went 8 picks later), and I REALLY liked CB Fabian Moreau (went 20 picks later). 2018 has Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, like in 2014, both look very good so far. I liked Davenport and Landry at draft time, but have no complaints at who was taken. So, looking at all the picks has made me rather depressed. So many high-pick misses. Looking at this, the chances of getting three good players in the first two rounds of 2019 seem unlikely. However, being a fan means keeping hopes up for a banner draft next year that takes the Packers over the top. Jason Spriggs and Quinten Rollins Wasn't there a burning fast CB called Hawkins many years ago (a free agent) ? I thought he might be the second coming of Sam Shields......he wasn't.
  7. Pettine and the Run D

    Jaylon Smith as an alternative to Kenny Clark (taken 7 picks earlier), no, I wouldn't second guess that pick..
  8. Green Bay Packers Depreciation Thread

    Too many eggs in one basket. The uncertainty factor (for me) is too high to blow two firsts on one pick. I'd rather use both picks separately than combine them. Something like a first round edge rusher, first round safety, second round offensive tackle, third round lineman (on either side of the ball) would do the trick for me. I wouldn't balk at a TE in 3rd, either.
  9. Mike Pettine Defense

    Almost all stats 'matter' to some degree. They combine to tell you what is going on, assuming you interpret them in an intelligent way. PPG can be broken down different ways. How many of the PPG were offensive screwups, how many penalties/interceptions/turnovers/sacks were a part of that, did ST make a contribution to the score, what was the distribution of points each quarter, or a teams momentum......all parts of the greater puzzle. Equally, SBs don't tell you much about NEXT season, or the cap, or how many players are on the way up, or declining, they only tell you about a level of success at a point in time. Big picture stuff has many details embedded.
  10. Mike McCarthy Scheme

    It is worth adding that the main reason I like close college games, is that I'm always interested to see if anyone is standing out (as a possible draft pick next year). Blowouts just don't tell you nearly as much about individual talent as close contests do. I am impressed by some of the college commentators as well, who are very well plugged in to the college football scene and good to listen to.
  11. Mike McCarthy Scheme

    While I do quite enjoy college football, it is far inferior in terms of a contest, due to the big disparity between many teams. Here are the margins of victory in the first ten college games last week (week 6). 17/15/35/10/25/34/28/23/60/8. You do have to pick your college game, if you want a good close contest (and that usually means knowing the result beforehand............something of a dilemma).
  12. Random Packer News & Notes

    I believe the later picks do have value, but they are (or should be) one of three things. They can be longshot punts on guys with some great measurables who might develop (like Amichia or Donnerson). They can be mid-round (3rd to 5th) players who are injured and have dropped to a late round pick. They can also be cheap bottom-of-the-roster guys slated mostly for special teams and deeper backups. As part of the 90 man roster they also provide warm bodies in training camp and preseason to stock up the second and third ranked units. At a minimum, even though late picks are probably not much different in quality than UDFA, they at least allow you to pick one or two of the (potential) UDFAs that you particularly like. I wouldn't call these 'vanity picks' (like Outpost31 suggested), just picks that fill the roster and have a low percentage chance of significant production. The idea of drafting high RAS score players late, is an attempt to increase the odds of getting a good contribution from a player. I see these late picks either as a lottery card ticket, or for balancing value when trading higher picks. The overriding random factors in picking players means that sometimes even a late pick can turn to gold.
  13. Random Packer News & Notes

    Lord. What do you think of UDFAs then ?
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    It isn't just about whether Clinton-Dix should be kept or let go. As always, it's about how much you would have to pay to keep him....... and once you find that price, is it solid value and sustainable with the Packers cap........... If it is, you keep him, if it isn't, you release or trade him. That part is straightforward. Assessing how big an offer he is worth, that is the tricky and debatable part.
  15. Ah, so the ESP part of your sig doesn't stand for Extra Sensory Perception.....................but ESPana. The city (Bristol) is always busy, interesting, and in the centre rather grubby. I can only claim to have visited the Catalan area (Barcelona) on the Spanish east coast, which deserves re-visiting, for the art (I love some of the Gaudi exotica), I've never been along the north coast. The most spectacular storm I've ever watched was when parked up high in the Pyrenees (on the way down to Spain) and watching it sweep in towards me. I was about 10 at the time.