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  1. The point here is not so much that the Steelers need a QB, but by far the most probable scenario in 2022 is that that the Packers will need one. The Rodgers/management situation has not been resolved, just put back a year. It's very difficult indeed to sort out their cap situation next year if you cannot regain the millions from letting Rodgers and Adams go. Whether it be trade, tag and trade* (Adams), player release or even a player retires (Rodgers), I am not expecting either to be back. We have seen players like Manning (Payton) and Roethlisberger fall off a cliff, physically - that m
  2. Like @Gopher Trace, I've wanted a big DE/DT for years. This looks to be at least the third year drafting, where guys at these positions are scarce, making it very difficult to get good value at that position. Over time different teams have different philosophies. Some teams (see the 49ers for example) have spent a great many picks on their front 7 for more than half a decade, most of those picks are high first rounders. Their corners are fairly meh in comparison, but if you can generate good pressure with 4 or 5, your corners don't need to be quite as good, so i understand why they do wha
  3. @Beast Playing the Vikings at home in January, I'm down with that - we have had too many games against them recently where they come to Lambeau before it turns cold.
  4. Looking to 2022 for the Packers, they will have serious cap problems, I expect Edge Z.Smith, WR Adams, WR R.Cobb and QB A.Rodgers to be gone. Others like WR MVS will depend on his price. Edge Preston Smith may or may not be gone. As @CWood21 said, guard isn't really a need. The major need is very likely a no.1 WR, maybe 2x WRs. A round 1 WR is very possible (even though the Packers normally mine round 2 for WRs). Edge is almost certain to be another need. I'd also add CB as a need, despite getting CB Eric Stokes in round one in 2020 (CB Kevin King staying is 50/50). Personally I've w
  5. Just been reflecting on what a tough part of the schedule this is. From weeks 5-9, 4 of the Packers 5 games are on the road and those 4 are/were Bengals, Bears, Cards, Chiefs - just Washington at home to break things up. After that, the Rams and Browns at home and Ravens away could be the most tricky...........but it will be very nice to get past week 9 in good shape.
  6. This conversation is in NFL news.................. and it isn't NFL anything. Please take this to TAPT if you want to pursue it further.
  7. PFF rankings for the best and worst at each position (originally posted by @TheKillerNacho ) Best CB Casey Hayward (86.3) 3rd best S Micah Hyde (80.6) Ouch.
  8. Since you don't know how good he can be (too early to tell, especially since he was injured), how can you possibly call the pick terrible value.........................unless you are valuing him according to some media evaluations or relying on your own examination of the all 22 ? If Deguara is looking bad in the final couple of games this year, then maybe you are getting towards where you can make an evaluation - though I'd still say wait until after preseason in 2022, before talking value with any confidence. His position is not one where you can learn it quickly. Remember Nelson
  9. Question. How much in draft picks (and maybe players) do you now think we get, if Rogers is traded ? Because everybody knows the Packers cannot afford Rodgers in 2022, they are going to get lowballed by every team. However, 2022 is looking like a pretty bad year for QBs, which increases the number of teams that might be interested in getting him as their QB for a few years. The Packers had more leverage prior to the 2021 season, but they don't have much now. It is easy to talk 'hardball', but it is hard to implement it when you hold so few cards. I'm thinking they get even
  10. Definition of insanity quote rears its head again, aaarrgh.
  11. Same as it ever was (Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime)
  12. The Packers look the better team but it's tense watching the game.
  13. So, since he hasn't played a down for the Packers yet, just how good is the @gopackgo972 crystal ball ? Two recent additions (De'Vondre Campbell and Corey Bojorquez) have been fine pickups, so I will wait and see. There have been many players who struggle in one system and thrive in another. Also there have been coordinators whose system is too complex to read and react to, quickly enough. A simpler set of responsibilities or just being used in a way more suited to the individuals talents, might help him improve his reads. Finally there is always the chance of a film-study guru helping hi
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