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  1. Wide Receiver Outlook

    No idea what that means.
  2. Wide Receiver Outlook

    You missed the point entirely, which was that you can get where you want to go without cheating. There are unseen penalties to cheating. Your team is held in higher regard by it's players, because they are known as a team that 'does things right', with the reverse applying if they don't. I could even quote Tennyson: "My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure". Ok players hearts are often far from pure, but if they have just a bit more pride in their team, just a bit more strength of will because their team 'does it right' and still wins, those little incremental extras help counterbalance any advantage gained by cheating. Just because you deflate balls below their minimum pressure for a game, doesn't mean you will win.
  3. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Interesting. I have the exact opposite opinion on this. I feel my team (the Packers) are superior to cheating teams like the Pats (Deflategate and videoing other teams practices), and to teams that play too fast and loose with 'return from injury times', like the Redskins with RG3, or teams that covet players like Merriweather (Skins again) who try to injure players. It's like the lament of the guy who made a deal with the devil. At the end of his life, when his soul is due, he cries, "But I could have managed all this, without selling my soul." Yes you could, if you had put the work in," says the devil, "but it's too late now". I'm not expecting saints, but I don't want the Packers deep on the far side of that line. Peccadillo's = ok, cheating = no.
  4. UDFA

    The one addition I'd make to the excellent list by @Beast is DT Mbu, as a backup NT to Clark. Not the most likely addition with so much pressure to keep 26 guys on offense this year (7 WRs, 3 QBs, 7 RB/FB/TE, 9 OL), but possible.
  5. Wide Receiver Outlook

    That was a substance abuse suspension. Another one in the same category, judging by history, would be four games minimum, a season maximum. PEDs tend to be four games (first offense), then 8 games. The baseline for things like domestic abuse seems to be 6 games now. A second offense could be banishment from the NFL (appeal allowed after a year). https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/nfl-domestic-violence-policy-suspensions/
  6. Packers Off-season Mini-Camp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Keeping a 26 year old receiver is no big deal. Nor is his bouncing around PS on various teams. Putting ANY of Moore/Kumerow/ESB/MVS on the PS, is just asking for a Taysom Hill result (they get snatched). That is why there has been so much argument to keep 7 WRs (Adams, Cobb, Allison, Kumerow, Moore, MVS, ESB). The Packers would only keep 7 WRs for one, or at most two years (while the rooks develop). After the 2018 season there is a good chance Cobb is gone, and after 2019 the same applies to Graham. While I would hope they keep Kumerow AND Allison THIS year. Ultimately the Packers may only need one of them for the next few years, but this year, if there are a couple of WRs go down, Allison and Kumerow are a very nice insurance to have, both having spent some time in the NFL . If, as we hope, at least one of the sub 4.5 40, big young guys (Moore 6'3" 4.48 [pro-day], MVS 6'4" 4.37, ESB 6'5" 4.48) become good enough to hold down a spot opposite Adams, then Kumerow/Allison is the reliable backup when the 1st/2nd/3rd receiver goes down. This is even more important when Jimmy Graham leaves, as he kind of covers for a receiver for 2-3 years (there is a relatively cheap contract out, after 2). With KR/PR Davis gone (as I projected above), it would be good if one of Moore/MVS/ESB could return kicks this year, making use of them in a year when none of them are likely to get a huge number of carries as a WR. I included Moore here, because catching kicks is somewhat different to catching as a WR, so his dropsies may disappear. One scenario where both Allison and Kumerow are kept, is if one of them can regularly get open as a slot receiver. That would cover a future loss of Cobb very nicely. All of this ignores DeAngelo Yancey. He is a different body type (6'1.5", 220, 4.48 40) to MVS or ESB, a shorter, powerful WR with 4.48 speed. I don't think he survives long unless he can up the quality of his route-running. If he manages to do that, he has a chance.
  7. Wide Receiver Outlook

    NFL players generally have to endure harder coaching than most of us in other professions would accept. Rodgers comments were a part of that, seeing something he both didn't like and that he believed was unnacceptable due to the players having sheets to tell them what the play was. He felt it was his responsibility as a veteran leader to say something and he did. Perhaps he shouldn't have 'gone public', and maybe, in retrospect he may agree with that (everything he says is recorded/analysed), but though it may be a small deal, it isn't a big one. We are still in wait and see mode (or I am, anyway) about which receivers to keep, which to release, and which to try and keep on the PS. My best guess at this time, is that they manage without Davis as punt returner and go a different direction. I'd guess they keep Adams and Cobb (obviously), Allison (obvious to me, for his vet presence this year), Moore (too early to drop a 4th round pick with future potential), MVS, and either ESB or Kumerow if they keep 6 (and both if they keep 7). So far Yancey doesn't seem to have done enough to stick, but a good final two games might change that. He, Lewis and Jennings are chasing PS spots, imo.
  8. Wide Receiver Outlook

    That's how I'd call it at this moment if they go 6 at WR,.............but Kumerow might still have something to say about the final choices, and Davis might still be kept for his punt returns. Who doesn't have a chair to sit on, when the music stops ? Round two of the WR merry-go-round tonight.
  9. Oren Burks?

    I'd say the emphasis on athletes in recent years (many guys have really high RAS scores) has made the Packers defense more athletic than most. Not everyone is an athlete of course (nor are they on any team), but in addition to the players @AlexGreen#20 mentioned, there is Josh Jones who has a 9+ (out of 10) RAS score, and Kendall Donnerson who has good agility and terrific speed (RAS 9.88). Donnerson is more likely to be seen on Special Teams this year, if he makes the roster, he is a raw prospect. Looney is another late-round rookie with very high scores (RAS 9.74)and Vince Biegel scores an 8+. While most of the high-athleticism prospects I mentioned have no surefire pass, come cutdown time, several will probably make it. Perhaps, with this in mind, it's true to say the POTENTIAL athleticism of the defense as a whole is very high, while even now it is in the top, say 25%, of all teams, as it should be with both the Packers high emphasis on RAS measurables, along with early draft picks weighted toward the defense, in recent years.
  10. NFL News & Notes

    Although the uniforms are wrong, seeing this picture I was immediately reminded of the Superbowl where a Patriots pass rusher tried to come up (with his helmet) under Favre's chin to knock him out of the game. Favre just bent backwards so far, the helmet could no longer chin him. Never did like the Pats much.
  11. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    @Beast I like your updates. There is very little I'd change after your adjustments. I liked Day on the O line, but if he is still under 300lb, he'll need another year (on PS) to add weight. I would be tempted to go with Mbu over Looney (for the bulk as a Clark backup), but either is fine. I still think QB Boyle might end up being waived with a view to getting him on the PS. Who knows if that will succeed, if it happens ? I struggle to see Rollins making the 53 (over Pipkins or Hawkins), but with WR Davis gone, who is going to return punts ? I still think Biegel makes the team this year. I love that you have Martini making the team at ILB. I hate having only two RBs, but that only last two weeks when A.Jones comes back.........but that creates another problem, there isn't another easy cut left
  12. What is going on with Kevin King's shoulders?

    My memory of Lawson (who I liked) and Biegel (who I liked too, but less), was this. Lawson was very, very productive (when healthy), but often injured in college. Scouts said he was physically very 'tightly wound'* (I think that translates as stiff in the body), which contributes to injuries, so they thought he would have trouble staying healthy his whole career. Biegel had a specific foot injury, that, unless given a long time to heal, would tend to re-occur later. The Packers took him and gave him that extended time to fully heal the injury. The long-term health prognosis looked better for Biegel, but Lawson has made an impact already, where Biegel has yet to do so. * Another player who had the 'tighly wound' label was safety Taylor Mays (drafted by the 49ers). He had all the speed you want, but was too stiff to manage the quick direction changes needed at the position. He was a bust as a draft pick.
  13. Preseason Week 2 - GDT vs. Pittsburgh

    My guess for the preseason games (before any were played) was: 1) Nothing 2) One drive (or two if the first was a short one) 3) First half 4) Same as 2)
  14. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Alternatively, you could count Graham as a fourth receiver vet, although he counts as a TE. So him, Allison, Cobb, Adams are your 4, which allows you to keep 3/4 young receivers, depending on whether you keep 6 or 7 after the cutdown. If you keep MVS and ESB because of their height/speed, and Moore because of his perceived talent (4th round pick), you have no spots left on a 6 WR squad (I'm guessing MVS can be a returner in place of Davis, though that is a projection). Then the fight is between Yancey and Kumerow is for a 7th spot, should one be available. This is my very early projection, and might change a good deal once some more preseason games are played. I don't think Moore lasts on the PS, even if he does drop some balls in preseason, so it's keep him, or expect to lose him. I'd agree with most of what @palmy50 said, though I'd put a little more weight on keeping Allison (at least for one year) because of his experience and reliable catching. Davis is a difficult choice. I'd try and replace him, but I can see why he might be kept.
  15. What is going on with Kevin King's shoulders?

    I'm no medic, but I'd say his shoulder problem can be minimised in two ways. Option 1) If the rotator cuff (the socket that holds the ball joint), is chipped or fails to suround the ball joint enough, then enhancing the amount of wraparound (by surgery) can help. Option 2) The muscles around the ball and socket joint cushion it from damage, so building the muscles up there will also help. The two options are not exclusive to each other, so a bit of both seems best. The sheer number of dislocations last year, suggests option 1 will help, while option 2 helps prevent later damage.