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  1. I'm so happy with this pick I had to come back after a several month absence just to say how excited I am with this pick
  2. Anyone know if there is legit way to stream the game or even just the audio while in Europe?
  3. Bad for Ohio State fans but might be good for him - fewer games to get a serious injury
  4. Just saw this about the injury. Neither option is a quick fix "it was either a sports hernia or a partially torn groin muscle."
  5. Typical NE. They are always in the hunt and are exactly the kind of team that can use "one year rentals" to make that little bit of difference to help them go all the way. They also have the kind of staff and clubhouse where he's either going to fit in, or be gone.
  6. Seems to me like NE has a harder route than ever to the playoffs this year. They might need him for those 10 games. Makes no sense to jeopardize the entire season just to save a 6th or 7th round pick.
  7. It's more than just early season jitters. Young guys often take a big leap from year 1 to 2, or at least from 2 to 3. Both Colbert and Spoon seem to be going in the other direction, and it's not clear if Thomas is better or not. Seeing improvement in the young guys is key if we're going to improve on last season.
  8. Honestly it seemed to me like over-compensating for the prior week.Maybe Shanny beat it into his head too hard how bad ints are. Now how about beating it into his head that he can just throw it away and try again next down.
  9. I thought both of those guys were among the best safeties I'd seen in years. I never had the impression that Thomas was among the best d-line guys I'd seen in years.
  10. I'm skeptical. He's missed a lot of time so it's not clear how good he is any more. Then you've got the personal issues. It's been reported that thefinal straw was that he injureed himself during a recent photo shoot. So you've got the injury, plus the empty headedness of doing something risky right while he's trying to get back into the league. I'm sure there are teams that will be willing to take a chance on him. I'm just not sure they'll be willing to pay a lot to take that shot.
  11. Have you noticed that his run defense seems to have improved a lot. He looks to be a more complete player this year
  12. Hopefully not. But some groin injueies can linger for weeks. In these first few weeks he's been completely dominant - and of course will be long gone befoe we have a chance to pick.
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