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  1. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    OK. For me this is simple. Not every great college qb becomes a great NFL qb. Not every great college wr becomes a great NFL wr. And certainly not every great college returner becomes a great NFL returner. But if I'm building my depth chart I'm giving preference to guys that were great in college until they prove that confidence is misplaced. Of course if I've got a proven nfl star it's different. But, to me, Taylor doesn't qualify as proven nfl star returner. He's somewhere between OK and good. And that's for part of a single season. That's not going to keep me from giving the job to my rookie who was phenomenal at it in college. FwiW I think it's hard to "earn" the pr job on the field. 4 preseason games. A few returns per game. Many of those unreturnable or just really well covered. If I split those reps between two guys I'm never going to see enough to separate them. So for that reason too I'm going with the guy who was great at int in college.
  2. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    Someone said head > arm. The first thing in your response was "wish that was true". I was explaining why I think it is true. Seemed totally relevant to me.. I think I value the mental aspect of a qb's game more than you do. I think there is as big a difference in guys' mental abilities as in their arm strength. Even in this last post of yours above you mentioned a qb with a functional arm without talking about his mental game. And without considering his mental capabilities you relegated him to a backup role. I'm saying that if he has a "functional arm" and the equivalent of a "cannon" in the mental aspects of the game that guy is going to be much better than an OK backup. I think you just relegated Joe Montana to a backup role. There was nothing at all "special" about his arm. The mental part of his game was Joe's "cannon".
  3. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    I have no idea how this applies to what I said. Pettis is one of the best returners in the history of college football. That's why I think he should be our returner. If there's some problem with that logic you'll have try again to explain to me what it is.
  4. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    No. That's not my point because guys that don't have great arms don't then automatically lack physical tools. There's a huge middle ground between "great arm" and "inadequate arm". That's why I mentioned Joe. He didn't have a great arm, but nobody ever thought he was lacking in physical tools. His arm was in that huge middle ground. But his head was as good as it gets. Sure guys that truly lack physical tools don't have much of a chance. But a guy with merely a decent NFL arm and a great head probably has a better chance than a guy with a great arm and no head for the game. FWIW if I had to choose between great arm and OK head or great head and OK arm I'd take the latter. That's why I was agreeing that head > arm.
  5. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    But it's not clear how many of those were coach's choice vs injury related. Even an injury to a guy other than the returner might cause him to lose the job if the coach thinks the risk of injury is too great and he's already down a key receiver or dB. I'm with J. When you've got one of the best returners n the history of college football that's the guy you use.
  6. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    Blair? I almost forgot about him. He might not be on the 53
  7. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    You have to bend at the waist to hit a guy with your shoulder. Bending at the waist is not the same ad leading with your head. The league needs to clarify this for the refs.
  8. Preseason week 2 GDT: 49ers vs Texans

    Josh got picked top 10. But whether he makes it or not is going to depend on his head. The list of strong armed QBs that have washed out because they have no head for the game is impossibly long. Kaps arm was as good as anyone's. His head for the game was terrible. On the other hand Joe Montans arm was only average
  9. Around the NFL

    OMG. THrew it from his 25. Caught at the 5. Officially a 69 yarder. Neats longest throw and catch (without YAC) in the NFL over the past two season by close to 10 yards. Of course he threw two balls right to defenders so it might just be a matter of how well he can avoid mistakes. Interceptions really hurt, Multiple inteerceptions very frequently lead to losses (unelss the opposing QB also throws multiple ints).
  10. Training Camp Thread

    I found this - According to Pro Football Focus, he led the league in pass rush productivity among 3-4 defensive tackles. His sample size was limited. He was credited with 21 hurries and three sacks in just 168 pass rushing snaps. But it was his efficiency that PFF liked.
  11. Training Camp Thread

    According to those modern high-tech stats he's been pretty productive when he's played. It would be really good to see what he could do if he played a full season. At this point though I'm wondering if that will ever happen.
  12. Around the NFL

    Really? Wow. That sucks. After a couple trade downs he was my pick in the "Are You Better Than ..." thread
  13. Around the NFL

    Saw a few highlight of Wynn too - looking pretty good for a rook
  14. Training Camp Thread

    This is a good thing. We need to decide who our third and possibly 4th back will be. I still think Mostert is in the running too.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    I've got to try to find that show and see what the "science" behind a good throw is.