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  1. Beadles isn't great, but this is really harsh!
  2. Around the NFL

    Interesting, I think, about the Rams: - 2015 their first 7 picks were offensive players -2016 their first 4 picks plus their 6th pick were offensive players -2017 their first two plus their 4th pick were offensive players - 2018 yep, already going to talk about 2018 because they've already traded their second pick for Watkins -$40 million FA contract given to Robert Woods and $36 million for Andrew Whitworth Don't think I've ever seen a team be so determined to build an offense. You guys think they've done it?
  3. Around the NFL

    Why? We dumped him. Why would he want to come back here?
  4. Kirk Cousins - 2018 Starter?

    Well especially if both Darnold and Rosen stay. On the other hand I expect us to be even better and therefore picking even lower in 2019.
  5. Trade for Phillip Dorset - WR Indy Colts

    If we're bringing in a new WR I want him to be big. As a group our WRs might be among the smallest in the league. I 6'4" , 225lb guy who overpower dbs or go up over them would be a welcome addition; another small, fast, shifty guy not so much.
  6. Kirk Cousins - 2018 Starter?

    I should have added in my last post that I think he's our most likely option ... IF he is even available. I still think there's a chance the Skins find some way to re-sign him. Then if we don't get one of the young guys coming out in 2018 it might be a matter of waiting till 2019 and hoping that Hoyer or Beathard somehow turn into Kirk Cousins. I think there is likely to be a pretty decent group of second tier, after the Top 3, QBs coming out. So maybe we go after one of them if we don't get Cousins and aren't picking top 3.
  7. Offseason/Training Camp Thread

    Who said he's only a go-route guy! That was a fantsstic move that almost any CB would have a hard time covering.
  8. Around the NFL

    Didn't know till today that Raekwon McMillan got an ACL injury a few days ago and is out for the year. He was a guy I like a lot in the draft.
  9. Offseason/Training Camp Thread

    Just looked up his pre-draft writeup. Started every game this year at RT for Michigan, but a little short to play regularly at tackle (although I'll bet that is a useful skill in an emergency role). Anyway, basically praised him as a good fit for a ZBS. Said he was great in space and great at hitting moving targets., not a road grader. Sounds like a nice scheme fit for us if he can continue the solid play.
  10. Kirk Cousins - 2018 Starter?

    The favorite? Absolutely. Things might change. But given dozens of potential 2018 starters I'd say it's better than a 50% chance it turns out to be Cousins. Getting him here this year for a second gives him one extra year to work with Shanny and the rest of the team. But at age 30 (next year) and having already played for him in the past I'm not sure I'd give up a second for that extra year. I say sign him in the offseason and use that second to get him another lineman to protect him, or WR to throw to, or complete our defense by getting some young d-backs to match the quality of our defensive front. I'd love to draft one of the top young QBs coming out, and if we end up picking in the top 3 and if there 3 QBs there that still seem like potential "franchise QBs" I'd think about that option. But I said weeks ago I thought we'd win 5 or 6 games and I still think that we will. The cost of moving up from there to top 3 to take a shot at a QB who might not work out compared to signing Cousins and having several high draft picks to round out the rest of the roster seems like a pretty easy choice to me. Cousins and a few high draft picks that work out well for us puts right into playoff contention.
  11. Injury Updates Thread

    I thought we might try to trade McDonald, who could still be a decent backup TE for some teams, for a DB. At this point I'll bet we're going to be all over the waiver wire when the time comes. I'd be shocked if we don't pick up a veteran CB or S.
  12. Around the NFL

    Saw a couple quarters of Joe Mixon this weekend. Wow, he looked great. Saw Jordan Willis explode of the line at the snap, blow by his OT and bring down the QB with a one-handed grab. Then watched a bit of Mike Iupati - still bowling guys over, moving better on edge runs than any of our G's can do. We could sure use a guy like him now.
  13. Offensive Line Thread

    O-line last night - bad. Darrell Williams - a pleasant surprise. PS for sure based on last night.
  14. Preseason Week 1: Red & Gold Awards

    Hoyer and d-line not even in contention for me. COmes down to Robinson vs o-line. Who cares? They were both bad. At least we only need one out of 5 guys to improve for the o-line to get better. With Robinson, he either plays better or we're in deep doo doo. Toss up for Gold. I give the nod to THomas simply because you never know what you get with a rookie and he looked like a future pro bowler to me. Was very happy to see what Lynch did out there. We are in desperate need of pass rushers. WIth our d-backs any QB, even and ordinary one, will eat us alive if we can't get to the QB quickly and often.
  15. Preseason Wk 1: 49ers v Chiefs GDT

    Robinson disappointed. I was expect a step forward for him. Just one game I know, but looked like a step back. The other disappoinment was Redmond. He supposedly has enough talent so he could have turned out to be the surprise extra help we need in the secondary. But he looked really slow out there. Maybe not slow as in straight line speed, but not quick at all. Don't see how he's going to be able to stay with slot receivers. With Ward and Tartt and Johnson coming back hopefully that will help the secondary look at least adequate.