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  1. Never seen him. But a back that runs 4 3 gives him a shot to be another mostert
  2. Just saw that he averaged 6.5 ypc over the course of his career. Pretty good for a guy lacking long speed.
  3. Lance is our guy and I'll stop talking about Fields. But many here have speculated on how other teams had the QBs rated. On NFL network today an analyst said she talked to scouts from several teams who were willing to share their ratings now that it is over. She said that over half of them had Fields ranked first ahead of Lawrence. I don't know how accurate that is, but interesting. I've said here a couple of times that I thought Fields was a lot closer to Lawrence than either Wilson or Lance were to him. In that playoff game this year Fields badly outplayed Lawrence. Only one game, but. You r
  4. OK. It's been a couple days. So time for my thoughts now that I've had a chance to let it settle a bit. - I did think, and still think that Fields is a better prospect with just as high or higher ceiling, higher floor, and more readiness to come in and help us in a playoff run this year if (when) Jimmy gets hurt. It will take a few years to see how this shakes out. - I think that we overpaid if Lance was the guy we wanted. I've read that Atlanta was interested, but I've also read they were interested in Fields. In the end they took Pitts. What we gave up will hurt over the next coup
  5. Too bad he missed a year to see whether he would develop more or not. But then again if he did we wouldn't be getting him at this spot. At worst I think he's a solid backup, but I think the potential is there is be a starter in the slot. Nice pick at this spot.
  6. That's a damn impressive highlight reel. I'd forgotten how good he was at Oklahoma before he got hurt. Not going to hit a hole and go for 80 like Mostert, but his patience and the way he finds those holes in the zone blocking is awesome. That plus his power is a bit similar to LeBell. Will add a new dimension to our attack, especially with a QB who can run option plays,
  7. 42 down to 50 for a 3rd next year sounds like a nice trade.
  8. If more people knew the story it might come out in a bit. But if the argument was between John and Kyle we might not hear until one of them is no longer with the team, and maybe not even then.
  9. I think you could get one of those o-line guys lower than 43. But if that's what you're looking for I'd think about trading down. Always have to find the right trade partner but 43 should be worth a low 2nd plus a 3rd.
  10. I should clarify that I'm fine with moving up if you have a positional need you feel you really need to fill and there is only one guy left at that position before a large drop off at that position.
  11. Yes, now this I love. Trading a 5th for future 4th, or 6th for future 5th is a great approach, especially when guys you pick at those spots this year won't likely make the roster.
  12. Killing a little time here - Waddle or Smith? Which one will have the better NFL career?
  13. I'm almost never in favor of moving up a few spots to get "your guy". I'll bet there is virtually no difference in NFL success rates for guys picked 43 vs something like 36 or 37. I'd prefer to stay put and expect the probability of hitting on a guy with a pick around 100 more than makes up for staying put at 43 rather than moving up a handful of places.
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