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  1. 2019 WR Corps

    Part of the equation, I think, is what plans they've got for practice squad. Madison, Nijman, DeBeer, Light, how many OL do you want to stash there? Can you burn two PS on OL and also two on WR? HOw many corners? I assume that's where 3rd QB goes, whether Boyle or Wilkins.
  2. 2019 WR Corps

    Thanks, Greg.
  3. 2019 WR Corps

    Did ESB play and just get no targets? Or didn't he play, because of knee or something? If you wanted to keep two PS WR, who would you choose between Moore, Lazard, and Shepherd?
  4. 2019 WR Corps

    Going forward, if Rodgers is a bad QB who doesn't see or won't throw to open receivers, then the Packers aren't going to go far. Excellent QB play is the common denominator for good offenses, and good offense is the norm for successful teams. Whatever else happens with the team, *if* Rodgers is bad, then things won't go great. Time will tell. I'm hopeful that it will be a good story and that Rodgers will play at a much higher level, and throw with much better accuracy.
  5. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    This is maybe a takeoff from the Jenkins thread. But even in the unlikely event that Jenkins was so good that they'd decide they wanted him starting ahead of Taylor, I still wouldn't cut Taylor to save the $2.2 or whatever would result. I expect Taylor to start and Jenkins to provide injury insurance. But if you flip it, so be it, you still have injury insurance. What I do NOT want is that the first injury to center or either guard, you've got Patrick or McCray starting. Absolutely want to and need to have BOTH Jenkins and Taylor, to cover the three interior spots. Having a backup of the Jenkins-or-Taylor caliber is totally worth the $2.2 that keeping Taylor would cost. (or whatever the exact dollar figure is.) Next year may be a different discussion, but releasing Taylor this camp to save money is totally a wrong thing to consider.
  6. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    Is there a need to keep either on the 53? I guess you gotta keep 8, but seems like Madison is an obvious PS guy. After all these years, is Patrick still PS eligible?
  7. 2019 WR Corps

    Report that ESB made a couple of nice snags today. Nice to hear anything positive from him, he's been a quiet guy in camp. (I'm hoping it's because he gets open, is a big target when he's open, and catches the balls thrown to him when he's open. Just making easy no-story-no-tweet catches? I'm hoping Rodgers and the new offense provide a lot more easy completions. Gute was asked about Shepherd, and made reference to "slot receiver" position that MLF like to use sometimes in his offense. I don't have the words right, but his wording implied MLF has interest in using a slot receiver Shepherd's small size. I mention that because there have been notes about how Gute and perhaps MLF like the big guys, and how Rams used big guys in slot. I think all of those things are true; but that perhaps he's got some sets where he would like a small/quick guy, even if it may not be often. Early on, MLF made reference to wanting some diversity, doesn't want a basketball team with 5 point guards. I infer he also might prefer not to have a basketball team, or a WR room, with 5 power forwards. All of which means that if healthy, Davis has an obvious role in the group. I think the WR shakeup (roster-wise) is pretty simple. In the happy event that nobody does get injured and Davis is back soon, it's simple. Moore and Shepherd to PS, keep the other 6. Simple.
  8. Packers Training Camp 2019

    Follow @LilySZhao Equanimeous St. Brown with 2 nice snags from Tim Boyle.
  9. Oren Burks

    Very interesting. We'll see. None of them seems to know, so patience. And young guy like this, want to make sure he's fully healed and ready. But Gute "hoping" "short-term" is encouraging (although of course we can hope all kinds of unrealistic things....). But 3 more weeks of camp, plus 8 weeks IR, that doesn't seem "short term" to me, really. Still, if that was comfortable and gave him more than full time to be super 100% good, and then he still had full 2nd half, that would be a pretty good opportunity. Great news.
  10. Oren Burks

    Is Sommers relevant to Burks? I thought Burks was more a rangy coverage guy, on the safety-end of the ILB continuum; whereas Sommers was more a Martinez-style guy, well over from the safety-coverage end of the ILB spectrum? Which was why Bolton is more at issue for Burks, being perhaps a faster more coverage-oriented type of ILB? And likewise why Crawford maybe isn't heavily discussed in terms of Burks-replacement, being more on the physical tackling end of the ILB continuum? And perhaps why Greene and Jones are more likely to compete with Bolton for Burks-replacement snaps than Sommers or Crawford? Or maybe I'm way off, and Sommers and Crawford are very much in the picture. Even if neither quite has the pass-coverage range that Burks, Greene, and Jones all have, or Bolton either.... Will be interesting to see how the snaps end up getting assigned. But hopefully Gute is rightfully hopeful and Burks will end up being healthy and useful this season. (And post-season! :))
  11. 2019 WR Corps

    I think the comparison is being made talent-wise. But my understanding is that Adams is and has always been super professional, high-effort, and engaged in optimizing himself as a player. Yesterday's comments by MLF that Moore practiced with energy, seems to imply that he is not presently perceived by MLF as being a consistent energy/effort guy. I'm not sure how much energy and effort matter in how well a player plays or develops, that might just be coach-talk. But if it actually does matter, Adams may not be a good comp for Moore in that aspect.
  12. 2019 WR Corps

    I think many of the premises in the WR discussions are so super depressing for the team. Kumerow is used in the second group, one of the top 4. Alex and others argue strongly and persuasive that he's terrible and worthless. I see two logical conclusions to choose from: 1. The coaches are idiots to perceive a terrible, worthless player at #4 WR. If the coaches are idiots, that's a depressing situation moving forward. Or... 2. The coaches aren't idiots. And the other guys playing behind Kumerow are even worse. Unfortunately I don't think it's inconceivable that the latter may be true? ESB is preferred because he's younger, with greater 40-time straight-line speed. But in terms of getting-open ability, did he show anything last year? He kinda seemed like a big guy who wasn't that shifty and maybe didn't have any or much more get-open ability than Kumerow? Moore has more get-open-ability, but may not get open where he's supposed to, and has little catch-ability and limited body-control/body-balance for positioning himself to make catches or even the easy kind, much less the challenged difficult kind? And Davis, who knows if he was healthy, but when has that or will that ever be? Is it possible that whatever Kumerow is and isn't, that the other guys really are worse, and the coaches aren't wrong to perceive it that way? I know that's maybe kind of a depressing possibility..... Q re Davis: How long does a stinger normally keep a guy out? Completely variable? long-term? Pretty short-term?
  13. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    Who is the last interior offensive lineman picked in the first or 2nd round? (College interior lineman, I'm saying.) Can I remember any ever? I probably don't remember draft picks prior to TT's run, but I thought he pretty much only drafted OT's, regardless of round?
  14. 2019 WR Corps

    Agree. Shepherd is an obvious practice squad guy. Other teams didn't even offer him a non-tryout UDFA contract. An easy guy to retain on practice squad, don't need to use a 53-spot for him. Assuming Davis's stinger is short-term, he has unique role in the room as ST and a unique receiver profile. Shepherd is potential Davis replacement, but PS is the place.
  15. 2019 WR Corps

    The practice squad is kind of designed for developmental guys. Seems to me that Moore may be a good fit. I'm guessing both Shepherd and Moore going to the practice squad. And the other six making the 53, both Davis and Kumerow included.