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  1. Not quite sure I'm tracking? Who said Adams is good to go, MLF? Or Silverstein, saying "no designation"? Either I don't get how it works, or else Silverstein maybe just gooded up? Because after he says "WR Davante Adams (ankle) has no designation", then on the IR list right below that it does designate Adams, as limited participation with an ankle...
  2. Another factor here is that I'd like to just not have so many 2nd-and-longs. :):). Seems pretty common that our o-line gets stonewalled and Jones is running up the middle into a pile of bodies for nothing. Run games hasn't been very good for most of the weeks of the season.
  3. Interesting stats, and it was obvious that things looked totally different after we did that. I thought it was especially odd that there was so little attempt to pressure earlier. Every pass play had the same pocket look: No pressure up the middle, two edge guys curling around deep behind the guys ears, and a clear pocket into which he could step up and into. Eventually the edge guys were going to collapse him from behind, but he had a reasonable time-window within which to throw, and it was so consistent that he had little reason to get rattled. But that soft prevent is basically the bend-don't-break avoid-big-plays approach when we're winning and playing bad teams. It wouldn't really shock to go with the more aggressive man coverage against better teams? Probably also easier to go with the man/pressure approach when it's late and the opponent needs to pass. It's possible they might have gotten 200 yards rushing if we'd played that all day?
  4. Defense against bad opponents usually plays a version of prevent. I think in the 4th quarter, they changed that some, with more man coverage, and with more 4-man rushes. I can't remember exactly, but wasn't it in the last drive, maybe before the jags 4th down play, that Packers went out with a 3-man rush setup; but then there was a timeout and they came back out with 4-man rush. Agree with your hope that if King and Jaire get back, that maybe they'll try to pass-rush more. I hope so.
  5. I wonder if defenses haven't kind of cased us, to some degree, and are compressing nearer the line? They know almost all of our plays are either runs or very short passes, (screens, WR screens, little short stuff to Jace or Lewis, etc.. So I kinda feel like the defenses have been crowding nearer the line. Particularly bad teams who are underdogs and feel they need to take some chances; maybe it's best to play physical and crowd the underneath stuff, and take your chances on the deep ball? Yesterday, the one deep ball that converted was 7 points, the eventual difference in the game. They also kinda know that Lewis, Jace, and 3rd receiver aren't likely to be targets, and don't need much attention. Especially not more than 5 yards downfield. Plus our TE/WR don't have much deep speed other than MVS, Adams included. So I'm just wondering whether defenses pretty much know what we do and are able to crowd run/short-pass areas with a lot of defenders?
  6. Not sure, but it's kinda seemed like last year and in early games this year when run was working, there were a fair number that went outside, seemingly often some of the more productive ones. Lately productive outside runs seem more rare. Not sure if that's play-calling (don't have the blocking scheme to get outside), or if it's simply the execution and the plays just don't work, no edge to get around. Or whether it's just better defensive planning.
  7. Yes. The run-pass certainly works better when the run game is more efficient and more threatening. The run game has really struggled. Not sure the stats would confirm it, exactly, but seemed there was a disproportionate number of run-plays on first downs, and they were predominantly ineffective. Seemed like we were working from 2nd-and-8 an awful lot. Observationally, it looked like when they ran, the line generally tended to push forward. When we run, it seems like the line doesn't.
  8. https://www.packers.com/news/week-10-injury-report-packers-vs-jaguars Bakhti listed as FP. King LP.
  9. Is Bakhti going to practice or play this week?
  10. Maybe he was wrong, but I heard a radio guy say the Saints play only one more game against a team with a winning record. So the Packers might be challenged to match them win-after-win-after-win the rest of the way. I'm surprised the Packers remaining schedule lists as that easy. Still face four teams with winning records, Colts, Bears, Titans, and Bears. Colts and Bears will be interesting matchups, as bad-offense-outstanding-defense teams. Matchups like that might maybe work well for us: bad-offense opponents, even our defense might stop them, and our offense will score some? Or maybe matchups like that will work badly for us: good-defense opponents might take away our running game and take away Adams; how good will our offense be then? Will Mack and the pack rush get Rodgers as pressured and rattled as in Tampa? And against our soft, conservative prevent defense, might Foles and Rivers move the ball pretty well?
  11. Got a win. Some nice throws from Rodgers, and some terrific catches for Adams. Great takeway, huh? Otherwise, we beat the 9ers JV team. Don't think the Packers looked all that good in doing it. Jackson with two more penalties, he's still one behind the league leader, and they'll still have Sunday to pad their lead. But if Jackson keeps playing, he ought to be able to take over the league lead within another two games. I wonder how film analysis ranks him for run support? He's super physical, so maybe he scores well. Just watching live, and as a total amateur, I thought he was maybe slow to react/diagnose on some run plays, and maybe late to the action as a result, and maybe easy to block too. (A guy late to the action trying to catch up tends to take a straight-line path that's easier for a blocker to anticipate and interrupt...)
  12. Really happy with some of the practice-participation guys. I'd love to get Ervin back, actually, I like the jet-sweep threat. Running Shepherd around doesn't quite threaten int he same way. Also glad that Barnes was good enough to practice at least a little. It would be fun to have Barnes and Kamal both available. Savage, too. Would sure love to get King back, though. Man, I wish we had a clue about far out he might be from coming back.
  13. To the MVS discussion, I don't see any point in acting like throw-aways are failed targets. MVS had one target, and he whiffed. Dropping his only pass is part of the story, for sure. But I almost wonder if the bigger story is a guy getting 59 snaps and getting only one catchable pass thrown his way. Maybe a problem, or won't work very consistently? Or maybe it's just fine? Run downfield, and as long as the defense honors that and leaves underneath open, why force targets to MVS? Might be a totally different defensive plan in other games? So just take what the defense and the matchup gives you. And if it's giving you a couple of things, maybe just opt for the things other than MVS, given that he's more drop-prone and lacks body-control? Shepherd played 29 snaps; only one target. So MVS and Shepherd combined, 88 snaps, one drop, no catches, only ~3 targets, only ~1 catchable throw.
  14. I wonder if signing the new guy is an indication that maybe Kamal Martin isn't looking as ready or close as hoped?
  15. https://www.packers.com/news/week-7-injury-report-packers-vs-texans
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