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  1. What are your thoughts, Maz? Would you?
  2. This is a dumb tangent extreme. But I think there is something of this with defensive coordinators, too? Some get trained in a system, get hired to other jobs because of their expertise in that system, and then modify that system. I've got a hope that Barry is going to be a little different. He's coached under a wide variety of schemes. I'd love to hope that he can pull some of the best from them, and use what fits the Packers personnel.
  3. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/gnb/draft.htm Over the last six 3rd round selections, Fackrell is the only one whose development hasn't been significantly limited by injuries. Ty Montgomery; Montraveous Adams; Burks; Sternberger; Deguara. Thornton, Richard Rodgers, Alex Green, blah. Several years with out a 3rd-round pick: 2013, 2012, 2009, 2005. Burnett, Finley, Jones was a good stretch. Finley and Spitz were a couple more 3rds whose careers were truncated by injuries. Here's hoping Gute picks somebody who both stays healthy and is actually good.
  4. No doubt. Jaire is awesome athletically, we see that in real games, and that was already evident in his RAS. Plus height-wise, that's more apples-to-apples. Jaire profiles better in every way: a chunk heavier, faster, longer arms, bigger hands. Obviously he had a better profile, and his career has played to his athleticism. I'm just suggesting that what RAS and combines are able to measure may skew towards taller/bigger guys and away from shorter ones. I suspect the same may apply to some degree to receivers, I think taller guys can profile great on RAS, but may not always have as
  5. Helpful. RAS scores help explain why Bakhti, Z weren't drafted higher. I wonder if some teams modify their valuations, using parts but not RAS in total? For CB, size seems to be a huge RAS component. Jackson and King = big corners => great RAS. Samuels is small, and most of his RAS-kill seemed small-size based. Is it even possible to get a good RAS at his size? Simplistic, but I'm not sure Samuels being shorter/smaller than Jackson actually makes him "less athletic" by normal use of the term? Obviously being smaller isn't conducive to success in the a physical, size-influ
  6. Adding voidable years, there is no question that teams aren't free to do that without player approval. Simple base-to-bonus conversion, without voidable years extension, is different. The question remains open whether that really is allowable or not. CW, your note that "majority of the contracts are signed with auto-restructure in the contract" suggests that it may require a voluntary inclusion? "Majority" is not universal, and doesn't suggest that the CBA gives teams that right without a voluntary contractual permission. I could easily see why a big-ticket QB would NOT wa
  7. Thanks, fanfb. Some Packer-related media doc claimed the team can convert base-to-bonus unilaterally. An accounting practice, with zero impact on the player payments or timing thereof; so that the team doesn't need the player to sign off on that. This seems perhaps inconsistent with that claim? Either the claim is wrong, and the Packers could NOT convert base-to-bonus without Rodgers approval. Or else, I suppose, perhaps the claim is true and the Packers could have done so, but chose not to for relationship reasons? Didn't want to do so without Aaron's OK?
  8. I'd love a superstar who could **pressure** as well as play run. Pressure up the middle changes everything, and a super-duper-star like Donald changes everything. But no, I'm NOT looking for Reggie White or Donald with our end-of-round picks. And I'm *NOT* looking for run-plug, myself. As you and I have both expressed, we haven't drafted run-plugs in ages. *IF* we happen to hit on one on Day 3, good. But since few run plugs can ALSO pressure, I personally am NOT obsessed with run D, and am not too interested in burning a 1st or 2nd round pick on a guy whose upside is no more than r
  9. I'm not a believe that the Packers' run defense is a killer problem, myself. So I'm not super prioritized on expending high draft-capital on a run-plug type. Last season down the stretch, vs Titans and versus Tampa, when they decided they wanted to prioritize run-stoppage, they contained it pretty well. They sure didn't lose the Tampa game because run-containment failed. It was the offense, the pass pressure, and the pass coverage that failed, not run contain. So, I'm not pushing a "need-a-run-plug" agenda here. That said, while it may be true that "you can get good run plugs int h
  10. The range of evals on Lance may not be unique to this board. NFL teams may have some of that scatter as well. Part of the unpredictability of the draft.
  11. Thanks for thoughts on Barmore, vegas. Given the relative uniqueness of his skill-set, he seems like a very attractive possibility *if* he lasts to our pick. As we know from Gute's history, he's been willing to trade up in the 1st. (Three times in three drafts, yes? Jaire, Savage, and Love have all been trade-ups, right?). Wouldn't shock me if Gute's team has Barmore or one of the corners or whatever rated favorably, to see another modest trade-up. RT, thanks much for that collection of OL selection heights. I'm sure the height isn't the only variable. But it strikes me how none
  12. Thanks vegas. Does "took a while... to learn" raise any yellow flags, or not really? Beats me. But I admit I do something think that the NFL is really a quick-smarts league, way more so than college. Every game plan is different; every play you're diagnosing and adapting; and every nano-second of every play guys are reading and responding in some way, right or wrong? Maybe DL requires less of that than QB or center, secondary or ILB. Probably really difficult to scout and project, especially for very young prospects. But alertness and natural quickness-of-mind is pretty common for
  13. Super dumb questions that all you smarter guys have known forever, I'm sure. When a guy on a multi-year deal gets traded, the trading team gets tagged with the full remaining dead-cap, correct? Same as if the player was just released? So in terms of cap relief, a trade and a release have the same cap impact, yes? And the acquiring team takes on none of the pro-rated signing-bonus cap hit? (This is obviously for in general, nothing special for Aaron. I know the Packers don't trade for established players on multiyear contracts, but *IF* they did I've wanted to be clear on the cap im
  14. I puzzle as to what hopes there are or aren't for internal improvement. Scott: I think some people thought Scott looked OK? I wonder how realistic it is for him to be able to replace many of the Raven/Redmond snaps? Ento: Ento's been around, so I'm always hoping for some magical breakout from the unknown UDFA. I admit some doubts; a UDFA like Tramon once was had still played a bunch of college snaps. Did Ento convert only AFTER the Packers signed him? Or did he actually play a season or two on defense at Colorado? I can't remember. Whatever his latent potential, it's a bumm
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