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  1. https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2021/10/18/22731955/packers-week-6-snap-counts-preston-smiths-injury-leads-to-edge-snaps-for-several-players Snap counts from Bears game. 59 offensive snaps Jones 35, Dillon 25. RB snaps > offensive snaps by 1 snap! Cobb 23/EQ 12/Jones 6/Winfree 2. 15 for Deguara. 61 defensive 26/19/7 for Keke/Lancaster/Slaton 44/12 for Garvin/Hamilton 19/17/13 Burks/Jaylon/Barnes 52/9/3 Douglas/Yiadom/Jean-Charles
  2. I agree, it's low sample size. I don't feel like I've seen a lot of throwaway? I may be misremembering, and I haven't seen all the quarters. I think Rodgers has just been missing. He's had some guys open deep, and he's just missed. Nothing more complicated than that, IMO. Obviously a ball that's 8 inches beyond Lazard, maybe if you had MVS it was the perfect throw; and maybe Aaron just isn't adjusting to his slow receivers? Adams is a great player, but he's not a straight-speed sprinter either. But yeah, Rodgers has just been missing the throws. And... we're 5-1. Deep
  3. MLF was asked a lot of injury questions and answered a lot of them. Agree, much of it seemed anti-awful. Myers weeks, not months. Bakhti returning to practice. Preston also seemed more like weeks rather than months. Big relief, to me. King, MLF didn't anticipate putting him on the 3-week IR, so again that sounds like weeks, not months. The framing of the Jaire questions made it hard for me to know what to take from MLF's answers. The initial question was whether he'd need surgery. MLF's answer was basically positive, that Jaire is progressing, and that they d
  4. Ghost, for me it's hard to know what they'd consider pursuing because I don't know the injury evaluations. Maybe their health evals on Jaire, King, Bakhti, Smith, Smith, and MVS are all good-good-good. And they anticipate having all of them back at full 100% capacity within weeks, other than Z? If they project Z back in December, and all the others back before Thanksgiving, then I'm not sure what they'd target in trade. If it's 2 weeks till trade, and then it takes a couple of weeks minimum to familiarize a new pickup with playbook, maybe that's almost December before a pickup is ready to
  5. If you'd asked pre-season how much trouble we'd be in if BOTH Jaire and King were down, I'd have expected VERY serious trouble. The fact that Stokes already seems to have established himself so well as a coverage guy is pretty awesome. If Douglas can do OK, that would be really nice.
  6. Yeah, I know he's eligible. But being eligible and actually being ready to actually practice isn't always the same thing. They could keep him on PUP for like another 5 weeks before even starting his 3-week practice allowance. So, *IF* they actually do start him practicing this week, that would be excellent news, and suggest he's within 3 weeks of return, barring some new injury or setback.
  7. Rodgers also made reference to Bakhtiari, and made some reference to him possibly beginning to practice this week. Rodgers isn't the doctors, so who knows. But he's pretty in tune with stuff, and Bakhti is a veteran friend who's integral to the offense. So I'd imagine Rodgers might be aware of whether Bakhti seems to be on pace or not. Hopefully Rodgers is right, hopefully there have been zero setbacks, and hopefully Bakhti is getting close to starting to practice.
  8. I listened to Rodgers post-game presser. He was very complimentary of EQ, said he's a great kid, made some smart play at some point. I just thought that was interesting given the EQ negativity on the board over the past week.
  9. I didn't have TV access. Did Yiadom play much after the flagrant PI? Or did Douglas get the #2 corner snaps after that? If so, how did he look? From posts, Garvin looked NFL-worthy on a couple of plays. Did he look OK in run-support?
  10. Interesting that Winfree is healthy enough to be activated. Seems unlikely that the Packers will use him beyond special teams. But kind of fun that he's healthy enough to be considered for whatever usage he can provide. Hopefully Jenkins will be back in good form, perhaps tomorrow. Seems the early planning has involved so much TE-support for the inexperienced line that there haven't been many actual guy sent out as targets. don't think opposing secondaries have had a lot of guys to cover. Kinda hoping that *IF* Myers and Jenkins can be back, that perhaps MLF will call a couple more
  11. Has that happened yet this year? Probably has on a couple of snaps, I just probably didn't even notice. I recall that was a really fun set against the Rams last January. But not sure how useful it's been thus far. Tangent: I'm doubtful that "cold-weather-back" is very real. Will temps in the 40's make Rodgers unable or unwilling to throw? Will temps in the 40's make Jones unable to run? Not at all. Will temps in the 40's make defensive linemen and linebackers and safeties get slower, weaker, or dumber? Not much... And will temps in the 40's make Newman, Nijman, or Runyan more
  12. Yup. It's all pretty small sample size thus far, too. Last year our red-zone offense was great, now it's terrible. Did the coaches and key players all get dummer and less capable over the offseason? To some degree, perhaps yes! But some of it is just reversion towards the mean, probably. I don't see the big push to run inside the 10 yard line, myself. If it's working, do it, sure. But what's the point in running if run-plays aren't getting you into the end zone? Throwing away snaps on inefficient running-plays, where the profit? I wonder too whether the changes in cut-blo
  13. Campbell isn't going to break the bank. He's been really useful. I'd be very pleased if the Packers extended him.
  14. https://cheeseheadtv.com/blog/packers-snap-counts-versus-the-bengals-week-five-141 King played 42, Yiadom 26, Black 19, Jamaal-Charles 1. D-Line, Slaton and Lancaster 13 each, Keke 31, Lowry 46, Clark 54. (67 total, I think.). Curious how the coaches will have graded Slaton? He's been 16 > 6 > 2 > 9 > 13 over the season. Obviously the line was awful versus Saints, and I assume he was too. But the line did well on Sunday; maybe he did too? Looks like Yiadom will be the man at corner until Jaire or King come back. Hamilton got 19 snaps. That's a l
  15. MLF said King had been playing without one arm even before he got taken out. To me a shoulder injury like that probably isn't going to be a "couple of days" kind of thing. I'd assume he'll be out.
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