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  1. I gotta figure this **** out. I'm on a mission now
  2. Did you see the Kaaron Rodgers one? Hilarious but I couldn't figure out how to link it from reddit on my phone....
  3. Kinda changing my mind on Rodgers after the Cobb stuff came out. On some level I gotta give it up for a guy who gets his friend his job back. Still.... is there a reason he couldn't just say that? All the talking without actually saying anything is stupid.
  4. It's completely futile. Source: my life experience thus far
  5. My mom's like the typical Facebook old person who literally believes everything that shows up in her feed lol. I haven't had Facebook for years but she keeps texting insane stories I can't even see or open. It's hilarious
  6. Oof thanks. I'll be carefuller next time.
  7. It'd be like Christmas morning for me if Adams got traded to some ****ty team this year and Rodgers to an even ****tier team after the season. I'd be absolutely glowing for a month straight.
  8. Yeah there's no way even the lowly vikings would be that stupid.
  9. 😂😂😂 very true. I will forget about him again in like 5 minutes
  10. Yeah that's definitely one to get rn
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