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  1. I just need a Brewers championship now and I can die happy.
  2. Idk why but I thought he was way younger than he turned out to be lol
  3. No you let nature take its course. You feed a baby elk with a bottle of milk a little at a time until its healthy and can stand on its own in the wild. It takes time and patience and the love of a mom elk. Only then will it successfully transform into a battle elk.
  4. I hope to see Z again this season but I just get the feeling he's done here.
  5. Feel bad for the lions. I kinda like their new coach. Hope they keep losing to the pack but I'd love to see them kick the **** outta the bears and vikes
  6. But how is Mac's mom doing?
  7. Oh this makes me legit feel all christmasy inside
  8. As much as those throws were great, and they were killer throws no doubt, I couldn't believe the wideouts came down with some of them. MVS touchdown? I was pretty impressed with the throw and catch there. Some of that stuff I have no idea how they even see the ball until it's literally in their hands. Blows my mind.
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