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  1. I wanna see Davante with the wine, in a smoking jacket that goes over football pads, and in a deep leather chair on the sideline in between drives.
  2. Lol I'm fairly certain it was a ****ty call by Pettine followed by a ****ty play by King. Can't be both though otherwise you'd have nothing to argue about.
  3. Linsley is gonna be great for a young QB as talented as JH. Got a good one folks. Take care of him.
  4. Homer or not it should be about stats, scheme, and playing time, not if they're just viewed as below or above average. I have no clue how they compare to the rest of the league, but it would be interesting to see some numbers.
  5. I really believed Jones was gone. Like I had already accepted it and moved on. It's like getting the best Christmas present in the middle of March! **** the cap idc anymore. The more I see teams operate the more I think the nfl cap works like wall street and it can be massaged in myriad ways so **** it. Love the guy. Glad he's here and got paid!
  6. I can donate what's left of the monopoly money from my house. Might be missing a few though. Kids and whatnot
  7. The cause-effect connection he was talking about indicated that some folks in positions of accountability may have been "mailing it in" so to speak, because they had a hall of fame QB on the roster. And by "mailing it in" I mean not doing their best work, not that they mailed something to someone through the USPS system.
  8. Hate this hire. I'll totally psyche myself up for him in the offseason though, and then he'll suck anyway...
  9. Well at least the sports media seems to be taking a wait and see approach with their info lol. ******* tools....
  10. Fire him but offer him a werthers original on the way out so he can have a quiet ride home. It's the nice thing to do.
  11. W I D E open. And like, right in front of him. Gotta take what they give ya.
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