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  1. How long til he coughs one up? I'M HERE TO RUIN THE PARTY
  2. The Tonyan situation is so weird to me. What about this guy makes him successful? He just doesn't scream athletic or fast or anything to me so I'm having a hard time squaring that with his "semi-breakout" this year.
  3. Oh damn I just looked that up, you're right! I had no idea that was his kid. Talk about having the inside track to a cushy gig
  4. I'm pretty baked but that guy they cut to a couple minutes back sounded just like him and looked like a younger version of him with thick blonde hair lol
  5. Holy **** I just thought Chris Collinsworth got an obvious hair replacement surgery
  6. Rodgers confirmed best friends with the refs
  7. I might have to mute the tv. Dungy is horrible
  8. Who was that they were waving over that was late to the play?
  9. What are we like the 6th team to score 40+ this week?
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