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  1. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    I'd want to see at least one experienced coordinator who has been a head coach before and does not have the realistic desire to be one again. AKA, will help Kitchens without Haley'ng him behind his back.
  2. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    I'm tentatively excited that we haven't requested an interview with either. Now I'm crazily analyzing all the changes in interview schedules for meaning when it's probably just random travel adjustments.
  3. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    We're officially interviewing a half dozen candidates, and his name hasn't been confirmed anywhere. He turned down the Jets, but I couldn't tell if that was a snub of the NFL or just the Jets. Anyway, I'd prefer some NFL experience in my head coach, but he sounds better than some names being thrown around. A solid "meh".
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Callaway was fourth round, but your point stands. His talent level is higher than most 4ths, and aside from that marijuana/guns in car incident, hasn't hit the news with suspension level news. I am curious how hard we go after WRs in Free agency and draft. I think we have good depth of 2's and 3's, so we may just pick up some with upside. Aside from a blockbuster trade, we're not getting a top 10 WR in free agency or draft this year anyway.
  5. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    After Hue’s exit, I think most of the leaking stopped. I think McCarthy is just the media looking at our front office and thinking 2+2=4.
  6. Trades?

    Sashi could come out tomorrow and say he didn't intend to tank that trade, and I still wouldn't believe him. Unsung hero of that deadline.
  7. Day 2 NFL Draft Discussion

    Getting close to our pick. Keeping an eye on Oliver/Gallup/Hurst/BJ Hill.
  8. Day 2 Draft Player Wish List

    Landry, Josh Jackson, and Hurst.
  9. CBS Sportsline Mock, What Do You Think?

    There are many ways this could go better, but Josh Allen rumors have really lowered my draft expectations. Happy.
  10. 7 Questions about Draft Weekend

    1. Darnold 2. Yes 3. Ward 4. 3 5. No 6. 8 7. Marcus Davenport Tiebreaker: 72nd
  11. QB at 1 AND 4...Ha ha ha ha...No, Seriously

    Aztec, thank you for providing a specific reason that this may not work. I agree that QB's can be fragile creatures where direct competition doesn't always result in the best rising to the top, but we have a unique situation. Huebris has come out saying Tyrod is our starter all year, so these two can compete behind the scenes without fans piling on the stress. In the offseason, Tyrod's contract is up, and we trade one of the two, leaving the winner as the unquestioned starter in front of Stanton. Doesn't really matter if Huebris lasts into next season, as it's Dorsey's call who leads this team going forward.
  12. QB at 1 AND 4...Ha ha ha ha...No, Seriously

    Thanks all for the lack of constructive feedback. I'm able to gather this is a bad idea because it may affect their confidence, and we should trust our scouting. I look forward to us limiting our lottery ticket (last decade, around 36% of first rounders were successful) and cling to the belief that our scouts should 100% be able to identify the best pick, rather than use our picks to better our odds of striking gold.
  13. Plenty of recent news articles have brought up the concept of a QB at 1 and somewhere else at the draft (maybe late, maybe even a day 2 pick). You hear about the lack of value, lack of practice snaps to go around, the inability to trade a rookie midway through the season. But then there's the facts: We have two picks in the top 4 of a draft where up to four quarterbacks are projected as top 10 picks. I happen to value three quarterbacks as top 10. We have Depodesta on board to challenge NFL group-think where doing something unique may give us an advantage We know the single greatest impact on our next five-ish years of a franchise rest on developing a "franchise QB" There exists trade opportunities for a talented backup QB So if a top 5 QB is available at 4, why don't we double up and think of unique ways to make it work? Hire another QB coach (maybe Jordan Palmer?), split practices to run 1st and 2nd teams simultaneously for more practice reps, spend a year up close with two QB prospects, give them real snaps late in the season against a bad defense, and then come off season, Kizer the lower performer to a QB needy team, preferably for a first, second, and third (what Steve Walsh went for the last time two first round QBs were drafted by a team). Basically, I can't read anymore Allen vs. Darnold post, and would rather consider something novel to finally solve our perpetual QB problem.
  14. Pre Combine Mock

    Choosing to ignore the parts that have already been commented on above, and instead I'll focus on Ronnie Harrison. A talented player who would be a steal for teams if available past 50, but what has you see him as a FS? A lot of people I've read had him as closer to LOS bad in space type of safety, so I haven't really focused on him.