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  1. Thanks for putting this together. I keep wondering if Fields was our plan for LB until JOK, and I don’t see a roster spot for him. If we’re likely playing 3 safeties more than 3 LBs, then why have 7 LBs and only 5 safeties on our roster? Special teams may drive a lot of this, but I’m not sure Fields has much of a chance to contribute.
  2. If Thomas and Wills are gone, I'm definitely okay with trading down for more swings at the bat. I don't see Becton/Wirfs/Cleveland/Jones/others being our starting LT in week 1, so if we don't go LT at 10, I'm calling Trent Williams or Jason Peters, depending on what the costs are for each.
  3. I'm against Trent Williams with #10 overall draft pick. I'm giddy about getting him with a fifth. A lot rides on what he costs and what offensive tackles are available at 10. For now, I'm glad we're exploring our options so we're as prepared as possible for Thursday.
  4. Welcome back, offseason non alcoholic support group! Looking at my 2020 list, I’m going...McDaniels at Head Coach, Shurmur at OC, Andrew Berry as some sort of executive, and Payton Manning as either GM or QB. wait a tic, this is my 2017 list.
  5. I hate that I just checked on Obi Melifonwu’s availability. Once a draft crush, always a draft crush. When did he end up a Patriot?
  6. Listing players I wouldn't take at their estimated draft position. Last year, I would've been livid if Callaway went with a second rounder, but I was extremely happy to gamble a 4th Daniel Jones top 100 Mack Wilson top 64 Any WR top 32 Rashan Gary top 20 Travyon Mullen top 100 Lonnie Johnson First 5 rounds
  7. Jordan Hicks Gostkowski Gerald McCoy (keep offering mid round picks) Andy Isabella Wilkins/Simmons/Tillery Germaine Pratt julian Love/ Justin Layne/Rock Ya Sin Jace Sternberger Fitzmagic
  8. Sure, a better backup QB is good. A better starting DE would be good. TE, WR, we could stand to upgrade almost any position’s depth. But pretty soon we’re going to need our salary cap, and I’d rather prioritize people who play more snaps than a backup QB (in most scenarios).
  9. In regards to the backup QB, I tend to go with this logic:
  10. I think a lot of the players I have listed rise between now and the draft. I see Wilson listed as the 9th or 10th best TE, behind a lot of players with maybe higher floors but no real college production to speak of. I like a lot of TE’s in this draft, and would love to upgrade that unit sometime in day 2 or 3.
  11. I try not to weigh the Senior Bowl as much as the college career unless the player didn’t play any top 50 teams. And his blocking and Senior Bowl has him going as a sixth rounder. For a red zone weapon with his level of college production, I’d take him to upgrade our TE’s.
  12. I'm not done reviewing players (haven't really started at CB's), but those I think are better than current mock drafts are ranking them include: Khalen Saunders Christian Wilkins Dalton Risner Andy Isabella Deebo Samuel Hakeem Butler Caleb Wilson Jace Sternberger Jahlani Tavai Jordan Ta'amu
  13. Butler Isabella Neither Williams Id be happy with either, but would go Saunders (doubt he makes it to 5) Wise Ya-Sin
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