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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I'd jump on White if he fell to us at 12. He won't be there though. Bush is kinda short worries me in pass coverage. Think I'd take a pass at 12. If Outpost is right we'll get either Williams, Allen, Oliver, or Bosa at 12. Says 100%. I'd rate it at more like 5% chance. Those guys will all be gone. Wilkins keep coming back to him. He'd be my pick at 12 assuming Oliver and Hock are gone.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Yes yes and yes. Hopefully he's learned his lesson. Rodgers needs to do exactly that.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Maybe that's it. Or perhaps it's a smokescreen. Everything I have heard leads me to believe he's a pretty cool cat. Really handling the situation is AZ like a champ. Guy has said and done all the right things. He'll probably end up either in NY or Washington. We will find out on draft day. Way I figure it AZ will wait to deal him and see if anyone offers up a high pick. No takers could be GB or NE with 30 or 32. Depends on how the draft falls. Figure 4 QB's in the first round this year. I'll be pissed if NE gets him. That I don't want to see.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Well you make some good points however I'd take a rookie Lock over Kizer any day. Kizer was downright putrid. If Rodgers wasn't getting injured all the time I would agree with you. However that has not been the case. I don't trust Rodgers to make it through a season anymore. We need a guy who can come in and win games if Aaron gets hurt again. That guy is not on the roster. Maybe we can grab 3 day guy who can assume the back up role. Dunno. I still want Rosen and would part with a 30 all day long to get him.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Boy this argument is eerily similar to 2005 when we drafted Rodgers. What? Why? We need to get Farve some weapons and win now! Probably the single best draft pick in Packers history. We will probably have a decent season this year and be drafting late in 2020. I will not be shocked if a top QB falls we grab him. Problem is don't see that happening too many teams are looking for one this year. Heard on Packers Wire the Packers are not interested in Rosen and I really wonder why. Maybe because he already burned a year? Seems like he'd be a perfect guy to grab.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    We keep going around and around on this. The need is great IMO. When is the last time Rodgers finished a season healthy? Lock could contribute to our 2019 record if Rodgers goes down again. Honestly though the kid won't be ready for a few years of grooming. Better than anything we have at back up QB. Doesn't matter Lock will not make it to 30. Might not be available at 12 either. Don't think the Pack would take him at 12 he'd have to fall. We may look at a day 3 guy. Our back up QB situation just sucks.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I don't think that would be the reason. Anyone wanting to trade to #12 to get Lock will pay. Just let them know that the phone is ringing. He's going to go top 10 though.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Believe the Packers are just doing there do diligence on Lock. The guy is a raw talent. Has the potential to be a franchise guy in the future. Personally I don't think we'll get a shot at him even at 12. Believe he's going to Denver at 10. Even if he's on the board at 12 Packers would likely pass. At 30? Gute might bite. I had advocated sending #30 to AZ for Rosen who I view as a better prospect. Look guys it's not a bad idea to get a legitimate QB in behind Rodgers. The guy has had numerous injuries the last few years. Aaron goes down the season is over. Is it worth #30 I think it is. The argument that the guy is going to ride the pine for the next 3 years isn't exactly accurate. I think it is highly likely he'll be pressed in to duty at some point. Hundley and then Kizer it's been brutal. QB it the most important position. I'd be willing to burn #30 to shore up the back up spot and possibly find our QB after Rodgers. They should start looking now.
  9. Random Packer News & Notes

    Had no idea who he was. The kid is a blanket in coverage. That is what I see. Feisty too. Glad he's on the team and he's a good #3 imo. See if Jackson can beat him out this year.
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    We got a guy in him MVS. Nice smokescreen hope people fall for it. Thinking the Packers are hoping for Oliver or Hockerson. That's my best guess. If Allen or Bosa somehow fall to within striking distance maybe Gutey tries to trade up a few spots. Worst case we have to trade back. Target Wilkins, Burns, Fant, Lawrence something like that.
  11. CBS 7 round mock

    Just goes to show how little they understand the Packers. These mocks are all a joke. Usually though they will hit on 8-9 out of the top 10 guys but usually get the order wrong. Used to do mocks every year and realized how fruitless it all is. What I can say is whoever the Packers are going to pick they probably aren't on anyone's radar. Don't think anyone predicted Alexander last year. Like no one was talking about him. 2017 they passed on Watt for King. No one was picking King either. Of all my mocks maybe I'd get one player right but usually in the wrong draft slot. Using this as a guide they will probably take Bradbury in the first . We will all be huh? He's the only guy no one has been talking about. I am being sarcastic but I'll get a good chuckle if it comes to pass. I'll keep looking see who else no one is talking about. Greg Little? Bush? Abraham? For the record I have them taking Hockerson at #12 and I am pretty sure given past history I'll be wrong.
  12. CBS 7 round mock

    These guys doing mocks really don't understand the Packers. Think Casserly had us taking Ford at #12. Only OT we may consider is Dillard. If Hock is on the board he'll be the pick. Only caveat is one of the top dogs falls. ie, Allen, Bosa, Oliver, Williams. If the Pack trades down it will be for Wilkins, Tillery, Ferrell, Burns, Sweat (not a fan). None of those guys will fall except perhaps Oliver. Then we have a decision on our hands. Only guy I would trade up for is Allen. He's my favorite player in the draft.
  13. incog's 2019 GB Draft Tiers

    Great I hope all the GM's are overthinking it too and Bosa falls right into our lap. One can only dream.
  14. incog's 2019 GB Draft Tiers

    Pretty much how I see it as well. If all Tier 2 guys are gone but Fant, Hock, and Burns are all available at 12 perhaps Gutey trades back just a few spots. Say Washington for an additional 3rd. Use that 3rd to jump back up from 30. All Tier 1 guys will be long gone. Don't think we have any shot at them.
  15. Burns at #2 would be a shocker. Thinking he'll go in the teens. I would love it if either Allen or Bosa fell in our lap. Thank you very much sometimes GM's overthink it and get cute. One could only hope. Back to the original question you can never have enough pass rushers. This has been a sore subject for number of years for Packer fans. In an elite class of rushers this is the year to grab one. Same can be said for DL. Hope #12 we can get one or the other. My guess though is all the guys worthy of 12 will be gone and we'll end up taking Hock who will be a perennial pro bowler at TE.