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  1. I like it. You take multiple shots and hope you hit on one or two. Not sure Matthews will command that kind of cash. If so have to let him walk. I'd like to bring him back and shift him to ILB. DJ is a hard pass especially at 8 mil. He's 32 already and made of glass. Like everything else.
  2. Donald Driver...yep 7th rounder all time leading receiver for the Packers. Don't totally buy into this argument. Mark Churmura was a 6th rounder. I get what you guys are saying but think we are OK at WR for next year. I would however favor getting young at TE but not before the 3rd round. OLB, DT, and S with the first 3 picks. As for the 3 young rookies MVS has been the most impressive. Not to enamored with EQ's play but he'll improve. Moore might still be a really good receiver. Sometimes it takes guys longer to develop. Even if we burned a high round pick on a WR he's going to need a year to get up to speed anyway. I'd roll with what we have and focus on other needs.
  3. Das Gute - Year 1 in Review

    Totally disagree. Thought he put together a roster worthy of making a championship run. He patched all our holes with the exception of OLB. Our guys are OK there just not exceptional. Injuries once again reared their ugly head and depleted the roster. I was very impressed with the moves he made. Gute had a great draft and signed some key free agents. Injuries are not Gute's fault I blame our crap training staff for that. Only criticism is he didn't address S. Had a couple of FA's that could have helped us. This team had it remained healthy could have made a deep run this year. Aaron goes down with a knee in the very first game. We lose big MO. King out with a hammy. Cobb out with a hammy. Taylor injured. Daniels goes down. Perry goes down. Allison goes down. Graham breaks his thumb. It goes on and on. Nothing new recurring theme every damn year. They need to seriously evaluate the damn trainers. They suck and have cost us year after year. Hammies and groins. Groins and hammies. Enough already. Some of these injuries aren't on them but many are.
  4. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    Well they did very well in the second half against the Bears. Spread them out quick passes in rhythm. I would pass to set up the run not the other way around. Rodgers is going to give it his all this week. Expect a real good game.
  5. Playoffs? What playoffs...

    Queens looked bad last night. Cousins sucks. Great demoralizing loss. Now need Miami to take care of them next week.
  6. Playoffs? What playoffs...

    Pretty funny Toddfather. hee hee hee. Philly, Washington, and Carolina are toast. It's really all about us winning out and having Minny or Seattle go into the crapper. Most likely Minny. Can't see how Sea loses to either SF or AZ. Could see Minny losing to Sea, Det, and Chi view this as more likely. We lose to the Bears it's over. Technically still alive but will be promptly eliminated the following week. What worries me is would Chicago having the division wrapped up rest their starters in that final game? That would suck.
  7. Playoffs? What playoffs...

    Yes watching right now. They don't really factor into the playoff equation unless you are thinking about actually winning the division. They would have to lose every game the rest of the season which is pretty unlikely. It's thin I know but hey we are still alive. Knock off Chicago next week it will get a little more exciting.
  8. Week 14 Atlanta @ Green Bay "I Believe"

    Aaron played better today. One series he resorted (regressed) to sandlot football. Results predictable 3 and out. The rest of the time he played within the offense. His demeanor was much improved as well. Couple of turnovers on D was nice to see. A complete team win about damn time. Chicago is next and they will be tough to beat at home.
  9. Playoffs? What playoffs...

    Anybody else notice every game went our way today? Need Minny to lose tomorrow night.
  10. Advice/Question for Aaron Rodgers

    I'd ask him why he is missing so many throws.
  11. He's played piss poor all season. Nice review AG. The videos posted just drive home that point. He better get serious for next year has a lot of work to do this offseason. Hopefully he regain his form. What bothered me most on Sunday was his attitude. Already went on my rant won't do it again but poor play and careless attitude go hand and hand.
  12. Have Tramon in the JAG group. He may stick for another year at S. Unless we find a starting quality vet to take on that role. Cobb is 29 and Matthews 33. I think they will both be relatively cheap adds if the Pack decided they want to bring them back. Matthews doesn't bring much at edge anymore but he would be stellar at ILB. Think he has a few more years left of quality play. Cobb the same. A few more years left. 5-7 range for each is what I am thinking. Gute might just cut bait and go young don't know. If we didn't have so many holes in the roster I'd be more apt to let them walk. 3 year deals with the ability to get out of after 2. Think that's all these guys have left 2 more years. Buys us some time to find replacements.
  13. Crosby's # is too high. 3.6 for a kicker? He hasn't justified it. Understand we have the cash not the point. Either he takes a cut or he's gone. Trying to think of other big time Vets we should let go. Answer none I'd try to keep them all. Matthew keep and shift inside. Cobb keep we need his experience. Bulaga keep decent OT's are hard to find. Wilkerson I'd try to bring back. Rest of them our JAG's perhaps with the exception of Breeland. Don't know what kind of deals we could swing for Cobb and Matthews. Both are UFA's think the market for them will be soft. Here is the list: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/green-bay-packers/
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    hee hee hee...you are brutal. hmmm let me think...not less than 12 and not more than 12...hmmm 12? he's pretty banged up think they will rest him this week. And to the Spriggs detractors I'll admit he has had some bad looks but will stand by my statement. Given the opportunity he'd be fine at RT. I am talking starting and playing not subbing in. I'd re up him on the cheap before his price goes up.