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  1. Love it. Aaron showing some spirit. Been breaking out the belt this year let's hope he can bring it home. The BEARS STILL SUCK!!!
  2. Bears are no joke. Their offensive line may be one of the worst in football. Tough D and they are winning regardless. It's going to be another tough game.
  3. D has been playing really well. Specifically the D-line which I have been most critical of. Fluke play to end the half it happens. Savage should have knocked that one down though.
  4. I should be a Packer Dr. Take the high side of caution it's a long season. Hope it's not serious we'll find out on Wed I guess. I'd sit him regardless. Nothing on Savage saw him go down too. He must be alright. King Stokes and Sully looks like next week. Still really bummed about Z. Man that sucks. Any time a player has a back I just cringe.
  5. All kidding aside I'd hold him out at least 3 weeks. Let that thing heal so it doesn't bother him all season. Burrow is a pretty good QB we'll miss him next week.
  6. Nah pass. If he decides to come back let some other team pay him. Once a player has back surgery they are screwed. He won't be able to play at a high level let alone make it through a season. Great player and other injury I'd agree but not a back. He won't be the same player after this. Pack should once again look to FA to replace him.
  7. Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks only way to roll.
  8. Possibly but back surgery is a career ender. Man that sucks. He won't be back in GB or most likely anywhere else. Hell of a player this is a real blow. He's got enough money now if I were him I'd hang them up. His back will never be the same even if he tries to give it a go he'll just reinjure it.
  9. No one mentions this but how close was that last field goal to being blocked? Can't believe that ball squirted through there. Way too close...
  10. Packers came to play today. They played hard all game long. Defense looks like it's rounding into form. There were a couple of bad calls that could have cost us the game. Where was this team when they went down to NO? Guess it's time to let that one go. They redeemed themselves tonight. Recorded the game and glad I did. This one will be fun to watch in the offseason. Reminds me of the hail mary game against Detroit a few years back. Grab a win from the clutches of defeat. Most thrilling game in awhile.
  11. Didn't think of that. Oh man why I don't bet on games. Would have bet heavy on Deeetroit to beat the spread. Nice play by Stokes. Fire Barry...
  12. Criminal...so pissed. He fell right to us too and TT decided to trade out of the pick.
  13. Deeetroit might just beat that spread yet.
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