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  1. Week 10 Games

    Man his pocket awareness isn't very good. (Jimmy G) Wasn't very accurate with his deep throws either. Cousins is a much better QB. Knock on Cousins is he folds like a cheap suit when under pressure and on the road. Against Dallas he did neither. Vikings are a damn good football team.
  2. Week 10 Games

    Very true. Cousins finally played a really good game on the road and took down Dallas. He's better than Jimmy G don't think it's even close. Damn good defense also. I am still not sold on the Pack got to be honest. Keeping expectations low the fact that we are 8-2 at this point in the season is quite surprising to me. The one thing we have this year that we haven't in years past is health. In the mix but don't think we quite have all the pieces in place for a Superbowl run. Last time I said that we won it all. So there's that. If they get a bye anything can happen. Power rankings have us at #6 think that's about right.
  3. Week 10 Games

    Yah well aware. Kittles and bits he's pretty good. Not sure what's up with Sanders and the ribs. How long will he be out? Think Jimmy G sucks he looked pretty awful last night. Their offense doesn't scare me. Seattle's does. Mainly it's Russell Wilson he's dangerous. Call him lucky but he keeps making these ridiculous plays at some point you just have to acknowledge the guy is good. Given the choice of going to SF or Sea I'd like our chances at SF a whole lot better. Honestly don't like our chances at either NO or Sea if it comes to that.
  4. Week 10 Games

    Just watching that game last night SF kind of reminds me of the Bears. Great Defense and so so Offense. Personally I'd rather play them then Seattle. Think Seattle is the more dangerous team. Jimmy G didn't look that good either. Think down the stretch SF is going to drop some more games.
  5. NFL News & Notes

    They were looking for 2 1st rounders for Adams. Dallas offered up a 1st and a 2nd and were rebuffed.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    hee hee hee....read the report they had some nice video on youtube as well. Wouldn't prevent me from signing him if he can play. Ellis has some girth. 6'2" 335.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    All big dudes. Gutey looking for his Howard Greene. We need a big run stuffing monster along the D-line. Glad to see he's on it.
  8. 2019 WR Corps

    Spot on he could be deadly in the seam.
  9. Agree plus the fact that we get the ball to start the second half. Was screaming take the points. Also they had the line stacked to stop the run. Running into a brick wall. It's tough to get that yard not always a gimme. MLF says he would go for it again. OK fine I'd take the sure points given the situation.
  10. NFL News & Notes

    Tell that to the Saints and Panthers. This is the year of the back up QB . KC also has a decent back up in Moore. Could mention Jax as well. Not really all that enamored with Hoyer but having a decent back up can save your season. Not sure where he is going with this. Hoyer sucks? Or back up QB's don't matter? or both? Regardless it's a stupid quote.
  11. Week 10 Games

    I don't know which is best that's my point. Torn on this one. All I know is I can't stand Seattle.
  12. Week 10 Games

    and I loathe Seattle those chicken crap bastards...
  13. Week 10 Games

    It's not all black and white Leader. Yes at this point in time it's better that Seattle wins I am fully aware of all the seeding implications. But it's too early to know which it is the better outcome as Outpost has stated. We'll know a lot more after GB plays SF. Until that outcome is known who should win is up for debate.
  14. Week 10 Games

    Perhaps. Just can't get past my hate. Think I"ll just remain neutral and enjoy the game. Sea NO and GB all vying for that #2 seed. Guess it also depends on whether you think the Pack will beat SF after the bye. If they lose then it is unlikely we overtake them for the #1 seed. In which case it's better that Sea loses.
  15. Week 10 Games

    I am still trying to figure out who to rout for in this one. I guess if you think we have a shot at the #1 seed then SEA. Just can't get past my hate for the Seachickens. Just want a bye don't care if it's #1 or #2 seed. Think I'll pull for SF in this one. Just hate Seattle think I even hate them more than the Vikings. So in order of hate #1 Seattle #2 Vikings #3 Patriots. I really really really hate Seattle.