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  1. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    Maybe a conditional late round draft pick. Not worth it. He should be careful what he wishes for. Jones may end up on the street. Pretty weak move. Come in and compete if you are that good you would be starting. I like Jones and had hopes he would find a role. Understand his frustration but skipping OTA's and demanding a trade isn't going to help his cause.
  2. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    Really tough question. Assume it would have to be a second/third year guy. I'll take a stab and say Oren Burks. Runner up EQ.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Yes that was the problem. Got in Aaron's doghouse too. He will have to give 100% and act like a pro if he want to see the field. Once in Rodger's doghouse it's tough to get out. Thinking the same thing new system might be better suited for him. Preparation is the key for Moore. Hopefully last year was a wake up call.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    He is shifty. Moves like Adams. I'll remind you about all those who labeled Adams a bust too. Tough rookie season no doubt. New coach new system. Personally I still believe the kid has a lot of talent. What are you saying he's a bust after one year? Wonder what you had to say about Fackrell. Defended him too said the kid can bend. Many on this board labeled him a bust as well. Try looking at the glass half full once in awhile. The Packers drafted him for a reason.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Don't sleep on Moore either. Yes he didn't see the field in his rookie season but the guy has talent. He might be a pleasant surprise this year. Shake and bake he has it just has to get his head screwed on straight. Reminds me of a bigger Adams.
  6. 5[150]: Kinsley Keke [DL; Texas A&M]

    I agree. With all the talent in this years draft it would have been nice to get another big on the DL. Maybe this kid will turn out to be special. Just never know. Looked at some of his tape and I like him. Quick off the line and has some moves. He actually reminds me of Daniels quite a bit.
  7. Jaire Alexander Appreciation Thread

    Hey I'll give him some props. Came in as a rook and kicked butt. Kid plays tough and is excellent in coverage. 1st year in and already our best corner. Love his attitude as well. Great pick just a great pick.
  8. Mark Murphy must go!!

    It is premature but I'm smart so...ha ha ha. Can't blame last year on Gute please. That was a disaster in the making over years. Really liking his drafts. As for FA yes he overpaid but essentially swapped these guys for Perry/Matthews. Again put into a situation not of his making. As far as MLF none of us have any idea what he'll be. Gute was charged with turning this team around quickly. He's making all the necessary moves. Rome wasn't' built in a day. With as depleted as the roster was looking at a 3 year project. This is year 2. I would expect a wild card birth this year if everything goes well. First year coach and a lot of new players it takes time. In 2021 we'll be back in contention.
  9. Mark Murphy must go!!

    Murphy is fine. Hired Gute which was definitely the right call. He also spearheaded the Titletown district. We'll see how it all works out. No problem with him so far.
  10. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    https://packerswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/07/which-packers-rookies-are-most-likely-to-start-in-2019/ Nice article pretty much sums up what is likely to go down with the rooks. Agree about Summers. He may just surprise.
  11. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

    Watched his presser. Good looking rook. Gotta work on his speaking skills tho. "you know what I am saying" ughhhh....finished almost every sentence with it. Seems like a good kid hopefully he adjusts quickly. know what I'm saying? ha ha ha....I had a problem with the "yah know" but broke it eventually when they started a Jimmie's yah know yah know fund. hee hee hee...had to put a buck a jar every time I said it.
  12. 2019 Draft Thoughts

    Want to see these guys too. Must temper expectations for rooks. Rarely do they come in an impact the game right away. Usually a few years before they shine. Packers MO is to sit the rooks and work them in slowly. Expect the same kinds of thing with this class. Gary will rotate in and get some snaps right away. Savage is a wild card. They may sit him and have him learn behind Tramon before they throw him to the wolves. Jenkins could start right away as we have a big need at G. He'll have to beat out Turner or Taylor which is a fairly tall order. Jace might get a few snaps working the seam. Williams could see some time right away being a RB. Rest of them are developmental types Special teams to start. Unless injuries force us to use these guys kinda how I see it going down. As the season wears on I'd expect their roles to increase. Have a new coach so maybe he won't be as timid with the rooks. Guess we'll see.
  13. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    Just looked at some of his tape. He plays too high. He'll need to be coached up all I am saying. Thought he would be a day 1 starter but if he doesn't correct his technique he may be backing up to start the season. Just an observation. As MM used to say pad level. Kid is strong that is obvious but against NFL DT's he'll have to clean it up.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Gotta think OT will be our biggest need going into 2020. ILB I'd have 2nd followed by QB. At some point in the near future we will have to take our next great QB to develop behind Rodgers. Ideally he'll sit for a few years. We still have nothing at back up QB which worries me a great deal. Hopefully with the new scheme we won't see Rodgers hanging on to the ball for 7 seconds anymore and he can finish the season healthy.
  15. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    Got around to watching some of his tape. Plays too high. Was a man against boys in college it will be different in the pros. So looks to me he has some work to do on his technique. As MM would say pad level. Hopefully he picks it up quick. Kid is a monster. Thought he would be a day 1 starter now looking not so sure. Hopefully they can get him coached up quick.