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  1. NFL News & Notes

    Well both Highsmith and Wolf out. Grass isn't always greener. Liked Highsmith but Wolf not so much. Don't think he was good at evaluating talent. Doubt either comes back. Might be awhile before Wolf finds work. Can ride on Daddy's coattails for only so long. Personally felt they really blew it with all that draft capital in Cleveland. Had a chance to trade down for multiple high picks and really remake the roster. Instead they walked away with Mayfield and Ward at #1 and #4. Piss poor use of resources IMO.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    At QB this is the type of player that scares me the most. High risk of bust. Sounds just like Kizer. Decision making is one of the most important aspects of the position. Second is accuracy. Personally I'd take a pass.
  3. Yep. Plug the middle but need LB's that can get to the edge. We have neither.
  4. IDL needs to be fortified. Need a big run stuffing DT to put in on early downs. Need 2 players there. Also Martinez is likely gone. Need 2 ILB's as well. That will fix the D. On offense a couple of WR's possibly a TE to replace Graham if he is not retained. He'll have to take a major pay cut if he wants to stick around. Not that far away. We should have signed a big 340 lb monster to shore up the run. One thing that was missing this year and it cost us today.
  5. Major weakness all year was not stopping the run. We got exposed in a big way. We have been talking about this all season. We need IDL help. We need a big run stuffing DT that was the missing piece and has been all season. On to the draft. I went snowmobiling to get this loss out of my system calmed down now. Time to reflect. Still don't want to hear the nobody expected this season crap. That's no consolation after such a bitter defeat. IDL and ILB to fortify the D. Also a good press corner. On offense pick up a few weapons and we should be ok. The middle of the D needs to be strengthened. You can't win if you can't stop the run. Expect Gutey to fix this in the offseason.
  6. Are you #%^^&#$%^&#$%& kidding me? Think I'll just take out my snowmobile now. The hell with it.
  7. Well that didn't help. They really laid an egg. Good job. Don't want any consolation. Just a putrid performance. Game over season over. On to the draft. Just sick to my stomach. Totally exposed. Just disgusted. Rant rant rant. Man I thought they would at least put up a fight. Had to rant get it off my chest. I'll watch the slaughter to the bitter end but not going to chat about it. Said my piece. Going to take out my snowmobile and try to come to grips with this disaster.
  8. Devito was very bad idea. He's history. Going back to the cheesedog.
  9. got that pit in my stomach...honestly don't think we have much of a chance. recording the game just in case. Packers vs KC it's destiny gotta be. Rodgers vs Mahommes 100th season the football gods deem it so.
  10. Well I crapped 3 times today. Normally one and done. So maybe it's a sign from above. Go Pack Go...
  11. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    dude you are brutal. Well after the Packers win we can all ***** about how they are going to lose in the Superbowl to Tenn...
  12. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    Knock off NE and Baltimore on the road no this team is for real.
  13. 2019 Conference Championship Games

    Very cold day in KC. This favors Tenn in a big way. Cold is going to limit passing plays. Titans are going to pull the upset. Game conditions are the deciding factor. Tenn 24 KC 22