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  1. What I was thinking too. Unless Love can beat out Bortles he won't be the starter. He needs at least another year of seasoning. At least as far as we know. If Bortles isn't winning they will probably insert Love and get him some reps at that point to speed his development. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Love is the starter on the opener. Means he's developing faster than expected. Of course this is all conjecture as we have no idea what the hell is going on with Benedict Aaron Judas Rodgers.
  2. 2 1'st a 2nd and a player. Seems to be the consensus on a trade. Sounds about right to me. Might be able to sweeten it a bit. Adams and Rodgers they can kick us back Jeudy and Lock. We get a quality WR on a rookie deal they get instant chemistry with Adams. He's on the last year of his contract and will be very expensive to retain. They will be late round picks. Denver would be an instant contender. Have no clue about Lock. Wouldn't hurt to bring him in and try to develop him just taking another bite of the apple. Highly doubt they would want to part with Chubb.
  3. A timeline of the major moments in tensions between Aaron Rodgers and the Packers - Acme Packing Company Pretty good article. Bottom line is no one knows what's going to happen next. I really hope to god the don't offer a long term extension that cripples the franchise.
  4. That is a great question. Think they would know by the time 2023 draft rolls around. If he busts our record will probably suck and we can pair that 1st with the 2023 1st we get in trade to move up. Think either way 2023 will be the year where we need to make a decision on him. Expecting the kid to have a fairly rough preseason. The more reps we can get him the better. By 2022 he should for sure beat out Bortles and win the starting gig or something is wrong. If Rodgers is gone expect Bortles to be the starter at least initially. Don't think we will have our answer regardless until after
  5. So Love has no value to the team? Still don't understand why they would trade him for peanuts. If Rodgers comes back I'd still like to hang on to him regardless. A decent back up has value no? We have no idea what Love is at this point. If he can play we should keep him. Nice insurance to have. If he proves exceptional I'd pony up on his 5th year option. This kid probably won't be ready to start for another 2 seasons anyway. He is a project this was known. If he's a bust then by all means trade him away. We'll have to draft another one. I thought the timing was right. We really did
  6. Well that's a positive take. If that is the case why in the hell doesn't Rodgers come out and say it? Doesn't jive with the other reports we have been hearing. Communication? He wants to play GM? Wants guarantees? He's under contract for 3 more years I really don't get it. Is he afraid of Love? Why would he turn down a restucture? Doesn't in essence help assure he is in GB by making his cap hit prohibitive? Rodgers doesn't have anything to ***** about IMO. Communication is a two way street. Telling me he can't go into Gutes office and talk to him? The dude tried to force a tr
  7. I don't see what the point in dealing Love is now. He has no market value. If we could recoup at least a 2nd rounder maybe otherwise why not keep him on the roster and continue to develop him? Committing to Rodgers and keeping Love on the roster don't have to be mutually exclusive. I am having trouble with your line of thinking. Find it hard to believe Rodgers would be so threatened by Love that we would have to remove him from the roster. A 3 time MVP and HOF QB is going to worry about a QB project? Don't get the whole commitment thing either. If Rodgers continues to play well he'll
  8. You are assumming that is what he wants. All we have is speculation. Based on the reporting going on he doesn't want to play for the Packers period. It's ok to take the glass half full appoach. For me after Draft Day that all changed. He tried to force a trade and threw the entire Packer organization under the bus. Pretty damn low. I watched it all go down in real time. No coincidence. He doesn't want to be a Packer then trade him. Some really ugly things came out. Can't just walk them back. Gave him a few days to address all this. Nothing but silence. Piss on Rodgers let so
  9. No I want to score a bounty in trade. I don't get Rodgers. If he plays well he starts it's pretty simple. Is he really that worried about Love beating him out? If his goal was to retire a Packer he sure is going about it the wrong way. Trying to force the Packers via a contract to guarantee he is going to be the starter? No way. Guarantee it yourself by playing at a high level. I don't think that is it. He wants out of GB and he'll likely get his wish.
  10. No kidding hey? This is a very prudent signing though. We are pretty lucky he is available. So it looks like the Packers are preparing to dig in. Good. Know his track record isn't the best but he could be a solid starter for the Packers. Like the move. Saw that tweet has nothing to do with Rodgers. Yah right it has everything to do with Rodgers. If Rodgers was on board we wouldn't be signing him please. Has nothing to do with Love I'll buy that. No indictment on him either way.
  11. One of my favs. Get your hands off me you damn dirty ***
  12. The face of Judas. Judas benedict Aaron ****** Rodgers. Hope he continues that stance last thing I want is to have him in the Green and Gold ever again. His name must be stricken from all Packer Lore. No ring of fame. No one shall ever speak his name again. So shall it be written so shall it be done. Bet he speaks Latin too. Now I really hate him! Rat bastard...
  13. Yah we all know he's really in love with Jake Kumerow 😂
  14. Yah I was kinda torn on that. Other option was Benedict Aaron. Like that one better? It'a a fricken forum none of us should be taken seriously.
  15. So it's all there in black and white in his initial tweet. "league and team sources informed ESPN on Thursday" But guess your brain can't comprehend that. Since when did you become such an avid Aaron Judas Rodgers supporter? Oh wait you like to troll yes I remember. Gute mortgages the future to go all in this year. Then Judas proceeds to crap all over the front office, his teamates, the fans, and lastly the draftees. A big FU to the entire Packer nation. You are OK with that? This man has no character. He's living it up at the derby with his buddies why rome burns. Great look. To mak
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