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  1. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    Julio Jones and Randy Moss. Think those guys were worthy. Get your point and for the most part you are right but their are exceptions. Roquan Smith looks like a pretty good pick for the Bears as well. Just a recent example of an ILB that was worth it. Brian Ulacher? Yah he was pretty good too. TE never, IOL never. WR and ILB the player would have to be really special. The draft is littered with high 1st round busts at WR. Maybe that's why TT always took em in Round 2.
  2. Extend Mike McCarthy

    Kinda shocked at so many fans wanting MM canned. He's stale blah blah blah. Change for change sake is not always a good thing. That being said if he ever loses the team it would be a different story. He has not lost the team. I'd let the season play out before extending him. He's under contract for next year so no need to rush into it. Albeit a little late he did replace Capers and Bennett. Give him credit for that. Philbin and Pettine were real nice adds. Season is relatively young so let's see what happens.
  3. Fun Bye Week Game

    Packers played Lacy with an injured ankle. He was never the same after that. Granted he was a fatty but even then he was still good. Think it was the ankle that took him out. We did at least get a few good years out of him though.
  4. Fun Bye Week Game

    Jerrell Worthy hands down. Totally worthless.
  5. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    I know this is heresy but Tony Brown has impressed me in coverage. Young and made a few boneheaded mistakes however the kid can cover. Also have Breeland who we may bring back. OK at CB. S if a much bigger need IMO. They should move Tramon back there would solve a lot of problems.
  6. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    Keep MM. Can't believe how many fans are ready to jettison a VERY successful HC. Granted they haven't looked good this year but c'mon. HIs record speaks for itself. Yes 2 edge guys. I would resign Matthews and move him inside. If we can get MO back all for it. 3-4 mil/yr. I also worry about Dix. He seems to be more interested in money than the game. Don't like his attitude. We'll need a vet as well as 1 or 2 picks at this position. Yep need a young TE to groom. Need depth on OL for sure. Interior G position. OT has me concerned depends on Spriggs. OK at WR depends on Cobb. If no resign than yes a fast shifty guy. ILB with addition of moving Mathews we'd be OK. No kicker Crosby has a few seasons left. A lot of needs on this team. Wouldn't package 1's to move up. Edge is deep enough we should be able to snag a couple of promising players. Would explore trading for Fowler. Getting a vet plus a promising player in the draft would help tremendously. One last point depending on MO think we could use more depth along the D-line.
  7. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    We need a big run stuffer to fortify the middle. A pass rusher we could possibly trade for is Donte Fowler. Think he could thrive in GB. I really like the idea of moving Tramon to safety. Makes way too much sense. Do all that we would be much better on D.
  8. Don't see how the Pack can win this one. Defense won't be able to handle them. Packers aren't consistent enough on Offense to win a shootout. Think they will play a spirited game but end up losing by 10. We'll find out a lot about where the season is heading after this game.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Rodgers and MM will turn it around. They will kick the crap out of SF on Monday night. Nice bye week coming up after. Tough road games at LAR and NE. We'll have to win one of them. All is not lost plenty of season left. At least the Pack is relatively healthy this gives me hope. Aaron missed most of last season and got injured in game 1 this year. To expect everything to function without missing a beat is unrealistic. All in all they have played well. Turnovers and penalties have killed us. Some really questionable calls have cost us as well.
  10. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Aaron is playing hurt and not practicing. He'll be much better after the bye. Outpost does make a few points that I don't totally disagree with. However losing Aaron without a worthy successor is death. We don't have one waiting in the wings and just signed him to an enormous contract. Not an option. Rodgers is being overshadowed by Goff and Mahomes at the moment. Maybe that chip on his shoulder will return. I am willing to give Aaron a pass because recent injuries. He missed most of last year and now has a bum wheel. So being a little off is to be expected. Really give him credit for toughing it out and playing through the knee. Yes he's human and it is affecting his performance. Barring any setbacks he should round back into form soon.
  11. Saints Watch- Additional First Round Pick (0-1)

    Well bummer. Looks like the Saints pick is going to be a late one. Keep routing against them and they keep winning. I give up. You guys were right mid to late 20's. Only thing that could derail them is an injury to Brees. Not likely.
  12. DeShone Kizer (A Browns fans view)

    Kizer needs to learn how to protect the ball. Way too many turnovers. That will get your team killed. Hopefully he'll learn under MM and Rodgers. Kid has more talent than Hundley but being a turnover machine isn't going to get it done.
  13. Yah I here you SSG. It's never a good time to lose your starting WR's. Just trying to look at the glass half full. Do want to see the young guys get into the mix but not at the expense of a W. Tough game always is in Det. The Defense will have to carry the day in this one. King should be back which is a huge positive. Even if we were at full strength it's always tough playing them. Det is going to try to take away Adams and Graham. Some of the young guys have to step up if we are going to have any semblance of a passing attack.
  14. No to Dez. Give the young guys a shot. They will make mistakes and Aaron will get pissed. He'll just have to deal with it. This is a blessing in disguise. Now we will be forced to get the rooks some reps. It only makes the Packers stronger in the long run. It might be rough in Det tho. Adams and Graham will be out there. Allison no. Cobb 50/50. Just hope we can get out of there with a win and get some good looks for the rooks.
  15. Packers win over Bills 22-0 Post game thread

    Wow was Aaron pissed. Just listened to his presser. Didn't like the game plan. Disjointed. Have never seen him call out the coaching staff like that. He is right though the Offense was not good. Left a lot of yards on the field. As far as Defense that was the most dominant performance in years. Completely shut Buffalo down. Lot of dropped balls today. Allison may not play next week so guess we'll see more of MVS maybe EQ or Moore will get into the mix. WTH is up with Chicago? Blew TB right out of the stadium. Still not afraid of them after all they are still the Bears.