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  1. He sure tanked against AZ. It was so bad they fired MM immediately after the game.
  2. Was extremely pissed after the draft day debacle and all this came to light. Huge Rodgers fan throughout his career. Felt for him after he was drafted the fans were not to kind. Would listen to Tuesdays with Aaron on the way to work. Wanted him traded after the blow up. Listened to his presser and finally got his side of the story. Can empathize with his position. Sounds like a pretty rigid FO and some serious lack of communication. I'm back on the Rodgers train. Said he didn't leak it nor did his agent. I still have my doubts about that. The guy wants to win and does de
  3. Really think this is ridiculous. Cobb is washed. So we trade for a guy who probably wouldn't have made the roster otherwise? Houston would probably have released him anyway. Wouldn't really care if they add him for 3 mil or less. What concerns me is we will have to let a good player go to get him on the 53.
  4. To his credit Adams isn't holding out for a new contract. Unfortunately there is no way we can afford to pay him. He'll command a top 5 contract. We are going all in this year and as others have pointed out we will be in cap hell next year. Even if Rodgers is traded I don't think we bring him back. Great player and I'm sure the Packers would love him back but cost will be prohibitive. Can't spend 20 mil/yr plus on Adams. After this year we are screwed.
  5. You had mentioned that before. Difference from the others is he proposed to her. Dude is in love. She'll behave until they get married and then who knows. My marriage went to hell on the honeymoon. Maybe she'll flip a beoch switch after he signs on the dotted line. 3 years on his contract. Yah I'd give it 50/50 odds he'll still be with her.
  6. Munn is definitely the hottest of the group. Followed by Erin Andrews, Danica Patrick, CWoods Mom, Everyone else's mom, and then Woodley. Couldn't understand it really she doesn't have a very pretty face. Saw the bikini shot of her in Hawaii she does have a rocking hot body though. Probably the best of the bunch. They always say to each his own. If I was gonna settle down with any of them I'd probably take Danica. My kind of girl.
  7. WTF dude this a forum to share ideas and opinions. If you don't want to read my posts block them. Yes we all have an incomplete picture because Rodgers has left everyone twisting in the wind. Just laying out a very logical and plausible explanation of what is going on. Something most of you have not considered. Isn't that what this forum is for?
  8. He did try to force a trade. That happened on the day of the draft when his agent dropped the bomb. Unfortunately the Packers aren't playing ball. All he has left is to hold out. Which he's doing. Thinking he is trying to do this under cover as to protect his legacy in GB. He's lost half of us already. Why he hasn't come out publicly. He could escalate it and use the Palmer route either trade me or I'm going to retire. That could be what is coming next. If he does that he'll lose his fanbase for good. Really make a mess of things. So here we are playing the waiting game.
  9. Shefty backing off was CYA mode. I don't believe for a second that didn't come from Dunn with Aaron's approval. Not for a second. If he sits all year out then yes he will lose big. One way or another I find that a highly unlikely scenario. Either he reluctantly plays for the Packers or he is traded. My guess is he reluctantly plays for the Packers and is traded in the offseason. You are trying to connect dots just as I am. We are just starting from different assumptions. Yes there are other teams we could trade him too. We'll see what happens he'd have to agree to it first.
  10. Well thought out counter argument. First point I've heard several times that he doesn't want to return to GB and he is dug in. I'll admit it's been all over the place. So guess you have to decide what you believe and what you don't. Trying to force a trade and crapping on the Packers during the draft doesn't seem to me to be just a negotiating tactic. Little more serious than that. How do you know he wants a fully guaranteed contract until 2025? This hasn't been reported and is speculation on your part. Don't be sure about skipping training camp. 2.5 million is nothing to hi
  11. Any of you guys ever consider he doesn't want to live and work in GB anymore? He tried to force a trade on the day of the draft what does that tell you? Rodgers gets a reworked deal and stays in GB? Doubt it because he doesn't want to play here. He's already turned down a new offer from the Packers. If Love really shows something perhaps the Packers would have enough confidence to trade him before the season starts. View this as unlikely but not impossible especially if Rodgers skips training camp. Wish they would do this as it would maximize his trade value. Another po
  12. Hey it's all speculation. This is mine. I bet I'm right though. Nothing has really changed as far as the way Packers do business. So what changed? Aaron got engaged that's what changed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We are dealing with human beings here. Aaron met the one he's all in love now. I'm sure some things the FO have bothered him. But not enough to try to force a trade and not show up for camp. Reporters don't want to tread here for fear of backlash I have the luxury of not worrying about it. Really think a Hollywood actress wants to hang out in GB? Aaron wants
  13. Yah but I think he really doesn't want to play in GB anymore. Pookie doesn't want to live here. He can't be apart from her so he wants to play out west. Only thing that makes sense. He's P whipped. If the Packers don't trade him he'll be back at some point during training camp. He'll also play like crap this season. Packers really need to trade him.
  14. https://www.packers.com/news/packers-minicamp-qb-jordan-love-puts-together-impressive-practice?fbclid=IwAR0VMcSUc5_3gMlKYmSaA1lWL-vQ-zoKt47mfTfM_U8OKHQtP9Xg3CZ-PV8 Another positive article. Hope Rodgers doesn't show for training camp. The longer he's gone the better Love will get. He's getting intensive coaching and a lot of reps.
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