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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Seems general consensus is he'll be our pick. Be nice to land him on a trade down and acquire some more draft capital.
  2. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    Think everyone would agree that we should upgrade the WR position. It's a matter of priority. Team has a lot of holes. OLB, S, OT/G, DT, TE all take precedence IMO. Put WR and RB about the same in terms of need. Doesn't really matter. If WR is the clear BPA in round 2 then Gute should take him. Otherwise pass. Gute will be active again in FA. Maybe he will find one there. Also possible we still bring back Cobb. Only if the numbers are right though. Some guys have mentioned Beasley. He's a guy I could get behind. All he does is makes plays.
  3. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    Got my Moore's mixed up. My woman was getting aggravated so I had to rush it. Yes that is true. He was rather forgettable last season. Draft and develop. He'll have to earn a roster spot this year. They carried him rather than trying to stash on PS because he would have been poached. Adams didn't break out until year 3. Sometimes it takes these guys a bit to catch on. Hopefully he will. If we are going to get a skill player would much rather have a pass catching RB or TE. We have enough receivers. MVS and ESB will both improve in year 2. I'd really like a pass catching TE that can block in that spot.
  4. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    If WR is the BPA with the 2nd rounder fine so be it. You take the player. WR is a lot lower on the priority list as far as I am concerned. Nobody mentioned DJ Moore. He was the first WR taken. Granted he didn't show anything last year but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a bust either. Maybe the light bulb comes on for the kid and he has a good season. Also mentioning the 2018 class no one talks about Burks. Kid has talent and can become a player. Draft and develop. Some guys take longer. Personally no compelling need to take a WR IMO. RG, DT, OLB, TE, and S are all more urgent needs.
  5. Don't think the Beasley contract is too out of line. The guy always shows up. He's an underrated receiver. Have an issue cutting Josh Jones. I still like him. Stuck up for DaVante Adams, Kyle Fackrell, and now Jones. I still think he can be a player. Kid has some nasty to him which I really like. Expect him to finally break out this year.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I want one of those big DT's at 12. A really good one might fall. Strongest group in the draft. Go edge or OT at 30. We need to pluck a few S in this draft. For some reason not a valued position. Whole group needs to be remade. Bet they bring back Tramon just because of the lack of experience. Possible FA as well.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Want them to take one of the bigs. Williams, Oliver, or Wilkins. Wilkins might be there others might probably won't fall. Ferrell might end up being the pick. No to OT up that high. Edge or DT/DE is what I am thinking.
  8. Conference Championship Games

    I know he's only played one year but Mahommes is the most talented QB I have ever seen. He's better than Rodgers.
  9. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    AB is already 30 years old. Character issues aside he will soon be hitting the wall. Might get 1 or 2 good seasons out of him. If he was a few years younger it would be a more interesting proposition. Other issue is the dollars. A lot of cash to pay out on an aging WR past his prime. Pass. Same goes for Earl Thomas. Earl fractured the same Tibia as in 2016. A bit concerning. Not sure if he had a rod put in this time or not. Regardless a fairly significant injury. Will it affect his play? What is the risk he breaks it again? How much cash to bring him in? We are in dire need of a S and Earl Thomas was one hell of a player in the past. But that was the past not now. I guess if the dollars were right and the medical checks out he might be a nice add. A lot of ifs. Don't think he'll be a Packer unless he comes at a reasonable cost. Aging player with injury concerns. Can't always assume guys will come back the same after injury. See a lot of posters ignore significant injuries and assume the player will be fine. It's not always the case. Personally I'd take a pass on ET and look for a younger cheaper guy without the injury history.
  10. Conference Championship Games

    Chiefs vs Saints in the Superbowl. Both home teams win. Don't think the Pats can win at KC. Thinking KC takes it all. Only thing to give me pause is Mahommes is young and inexperienced. Hasn't affected his play at all so far.
  11. Divisional Playoff Round

    Great start. Pick and drive it down the field. Love it. Crowd is loud Foles unfazed. Figured NO would blow them out. Hopefully we get one upset this weekend. SD was just pathetic. Thought that was going to be the game of the week. Wrong.
  12. Divisional Playoff Round

    Yes Outpost it's pathetic. Going though SD defense like swiss cheese. Thought SD had a chance in this one. Nope.
  13. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    Perhaps. Don't know if it is his agent, him, or both. Very very bad decision on their part. Don't think he is planning on retiring as Golf suggested. I think they have overestimated his worth. Sitting out a year doesn't make him more valuable either. Quite to the contrary IMO. Should be interesting to follow this story and see how he does. Should have taken the money and played IMO.
  14. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    Yes this is a hard pass. Way to much cash for an aging WR not to mention the stunt he pulled. Bell is going to have a hard time too. Fool turned down 14 mil. Sorry no running back is worth that kind of cash. He'll never recover it either. His agent should be fired for incompetence. Bell may get a semi decent contract but not what he or his agent wants.
  15. Divisional Playoff Round

    NO is going to walk all over the Eagles. Don't think there is a chance of a miracle here. Not expecting much of a game unfortunately. SD vs NE should prove to be more entertaining.