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  1. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    RTT give the man a chance. Showed next to nothing? What exactly does that mean. Because he didn't do anything in 1 preseason game? My obsession is watching him in college. He was a real good prospect coming out. Had it not been for the foot issue he would have been drafted much higher. The kid knows how to rush the passer. Reports from coaches are he came back stronger this season and has been working hard. I don't know how anyone can make any sort of judgement on the guy yet. We'll know a lot more about Biegel as the season progresses. I think he'll finish the season as the top backup OLB.
  2. What? Are you on drugs? My point is the kid is putting his NFL career in jeopardy. Yes I am a die hard Packer fan and yes I am disappointed when a guy doesn't report to camp. I wish whatever he has going on didn't happen. I want the kid in camp and competing for a job along the O-line. The above post by Dave sums it up pretty well.
  3. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    It will be seriously disappointing if Biegel gets cut. I am looking for the guy to emerge as #3 at OLB. Granted he hasn't shown much just yet but c'mon we are 1 game into the preseason. He just got healthy. Still have very high hopes that he'll make some noise this year. I think if they only go with 5 at OLB it may be a choice between Fackrell and Donnerson. Fackrell is far more likely to get cut than Biegel IMO. Not that I don't like Fackrell just really high on Biegel. They could try to get Donnerson to the PS but have a feeling the kid will continue to flash. Really like this pick especially so late in the draft. Raw kid but has massive potential. As far as QB that has yet to be determined. After Hill got poached last year the Pack may be leary of trying to sneak Boyle on the PS. Hundley may be the odd man out. We'll know more in a few weeks. Madison being a no show hurt us. Not too enamored with the depth on the OL. Hoping Gute can uncover a gem on cutdowns.
  4. This is pretty damn strange. Was counting on this guy to come in and provide some decent depth along the OL. At this point agree he season is just about toast. Red shirt him. His job became much tougher to make this team. Not only this year but next year as well. Whatever issue he is dealing with better be serious because he just put his NFL career in jeopardy.
  5. This thread just won't die. The media keeps fanning the flames as well. Forget about Mack he's not coming to GB. Put this discussion on par with day dreaming about what to do once you win the lottery. Considering his contract demands and the sacrifice we would have to make in terms of draft picks not sure it would be a good idea anyway.
  6. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Boy how things have changed around here. I was excited with these guys the moment they were drafted. Got shot down by numerous guys citing draft position. Lot of they are trash comments. Now it's gone too far the other way IMO. Great to be excited but these guys are rooks. So temper expectations for this year anyway. Least favorite of the three was MVS. Now he's making the biggest splash. Go figure. Hopefully Aaron's piss poor comments lit a fire under some of these guys. Kumerow was a nice story but thought of him as a camp body. Now it looks like he might actually have a legitimate shot at making the 53. We clearly have an abundance of unproven talent. Whoever gains Aaron's trust will get some playing time. Never liked Davis not even as a punt returner. Poor decisions so don't throw stats in my face I don't care. With the hammy he's been missing a lot of time. Guy was on the bubble to begin with now he's probably toast. Penciled Moore in opposite of Adams with Cobb in the slot. Not sure this will be the case anymore. EQ and MVS both have outperformed him so far. Still early in the process so we'll see. Adams, Cobb, EQ, MVS, Moore are going to make the squad. Allison, Kumerow, Davis, and Yancey will be fighting for the remaining 1 or possibly 2 spots. Personally I think Kumerow has a good shot of unseating Allison. He's assignment sure and is more athletic. Yancey is having a nice camp by all reports. Poor guy is a victim of numbers. Had we not drafted so many receivers he might have made it. He'll be on the practice squad again this season. What will the Packers do? Probably keep 6 guys. Allison will get the last spot and they will try to keep Kumerow along with Yancey on the PS. Best guess. Not what I would do though. I'd keep Kumerow as he has a higher upside. I really don't know if Davis or Allison have any trade value. Probably not. If we could swing a deal for a conditional late round pick that would sweet. Most interesting position group battle in camp.
  7. Aaron Donald and Von Miller
  8. Saw the article on Packers Wire about the odds of Mack playing here. Clickbait extraordinare. I would give up the Packers 1st rounder and a third to get the deal done. As far as contract he shouldn't be the highest paid defender in the league. He's good but c'mon. 18 mil/yr range sounds about right. Would be ecstatic to get him but please it ain't going to happen. Matthews and Cobb< Mack.
  9. Do you sell the Hundley stock while it is high?

    His stock was high before last season's debacle. Now he's worthless. Maybe we could get a late round conditional draft choice but that is about it. The guy did improve somewhat as the season progressed but he is far from a starting QB in the league. QB's are no good if they can't throw the ball downfield. It's really strange how he can light it up in the preseason but completely suck during real games. The guy couldn't pass the ball downfield last year to save his life. He'll probably remain on the roster as QB2 until Kizer surpasses him. Best guess but if he gets released I won't be shocked.
  10. Just clickbait. I mean of course Gute would be interested in trading for one of the best pass rushers in the league. duh? What is he supposed to say. Chances of it happening are zero.
  11. Oren Burks?

    Wow love the optimism around here. Let's at least see how he does when the pads go on. He could develop into an all pro for all you guys know. He's a rook and he'll need time but it's a little early to label him don't you think?
  12. Nope he didn't last more than a few practices. King, Williams, and Alexander in the slot. Those are the current starters.
  13. Wide Receiver Outlook

    My fav of the three is ESB. Think he has the tools to be a really good receiver. Hopefully a couple of these guys show enough so we don't have to burn a high round pick on a receiver next year. Not expecting much from any of the three in their rookie seasons. Think Moore will probably be starting on the boundary early on in the season. Adams and Moore on the outside Cobb in the slot.
  14. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    You are right HZ. I place the blame squarely on Edgar Bennett who was inept as an OC. If you are unable to scheme your opponent well then left with sandlot football. With Philbin back in the fold hopefully we'll get back to a true west coast offense. Pass in rhythm and scheme receivers open. It's great that Aaron can improvise but that shouldn't be every fricken play. Bennett sucked period. I do think it was completely boneheaded for MM to make him offensive coordinator. Hopefully things will change this year. Looking for a much more explosive offense however we are really really young at WR. Worst group coming into the season that I can ever remember. It is going to take some time to get the young rooks up to speed.
  15. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    Aaron is at risk for further injury. They inserted 2 plates and 13 screws. This reduces the ability of the bone to flex upon impact. In other words if he is more susceptible to re-breaking that same collar bone again. We don't want him to take hits on that shoulder. Read up on it extensively. This is the most concerning thing. In breaks such as his nerve and muscle damage can occur but haven't heard anything to this affect regarding Aaron. I'll repeat this was not a minor injury. It really sucked. We haven't seen him since Carolina and he was pretty terrible Wasn't ready. As fans we haven't seen a healthy Aaron take the field yet. Packers probably have a good idea but still would like him to get a few regular season games under his belt before forking over the largest contract in NFL history. Make sure Aaron is still Aaron. I hope he is but unlike everyone else I want to see it first.