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  1. Didn't think of that. Oh man why I don't bet on games. Would have bet heavy on Deeetroit to beat the spread. Nice play by Stokes. Fire Barry...
  2. Criminal...so pissed. He fell right to us too and TT decided to trade out of the pick.
  3. Deeetroit might just beat that spread yet.
  4. Could be mother Theresa it won't matter.
  5. Afraid so. Hate to say it but think we get smoked next week.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. Offense took control. Goff crumbled when they got behind. Fire Barry...
  7. I would have bet heavy on the Lions. Good thing I am not a gambler. Still not a believer. It will take a victory next week to right that NO disaster. Fire Barry...
  8. Nice stop. Still haven't changed my mind. Fire Barry!
  9. This D is so hard to watch. Ughhh....Fire Barry!
  10. Yah they need to eliminate that from the playbook.
  11. Oh hell no. Just getting started. Fire Barry.
  12. DL biggest weakness and Gute has failed to address it repeatedly. Good GM but for gods sakes fix the damn defense. It starts up front.
  13. Time to start the fire Barry thread. Man our D is horrible. Done with King too.
  14. It's a back. Backs are always serious. When I heard this early on knew it was going to be trouble. Hopefully just a budging disk but if requires surgery he's done. Physical therapy can sometimes work if it's not too bad. Z really needs some time to get that thing right. 3 weeks is optimistic. Really 6-8 weeks without contact is probably more realistic. Even then have my doubts whether he'll hold up. As far as resigning him that would be a mistake. At least not now. Have to monitor how he progresses. If he can get it healed and play without relapse then maybe. Even then I'd h
  15. I'll tell you guys after watching that debacle last week I have no confidence in the Packers at the moment. They flat out sucked and were ill prepared. It was so bad that I believe it will take awhile for them to round into form. This game is no gimme and it won't surprise one bit if they lose. That loss last week was no fluke. This team has issues the only saving grace is we are in the NFC north. They are not just going to turn it on and perform like last year. Not in a week. Lions are 11 pt dogs. I'd put my money on them covering. Game prediction Pack 27 Lions 24 in a nail biter.
  16. Just nothing to hang your hat on. Not a damn thing. Everything went wrong.
  17. Boy the Packers have work to do this week. Pull Rodgers and give Love some reps. This game is over.
  18. Yah I was one of them. I'm man enough to admit I was wrong. Can't process the mental aspects of the game fast enough. Went on the forums to see what the deal was with this guy. Thought if he was groomed in GB learning behind Aaron he could have had a chance. We'll never know but reading though the forums about this guy have to say I doubt it. Doesn't sound like his heart is in it. He did get an unfair shake in AZ and Mia but couldn't cut it in SF either. Dudes career is toast.
  19. Don't think that is the case. Wilde started that always looking for drama. Z has a back. Backs are a *****. I am very concerned. Starts to work it a bit and it flares. Not good. They are pretty quiet about it. Wonder if he has a bulging disk and is trying to work through it. This may be an ongoing story throughout the season. Just cringe when I hear "back injury". It's not the kind of injury you would fake if trying to get a new contract.
  20. Gotta PUP Bak. Don't think there is a question to it. He shouldn't see action until November. Beginning of Nov would put him at 10 months. Start against the Chiefs? Thinking 3-4 weeks is overly optimistic IMO. Sucks he went down when he did. Worst possible time for the injury. Sure he is working hard to get back as soon as possible really think they should hold him out until he is fully healed and ready. We need him for the playoff push no need to rush things. Just pray Turner and Jenkins stay healthy in the meantime.
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