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  1. Well that's the real question isn't it? Thinking with Rodgers and a gutted team 10-7. Love and picks 6-11. Be my guess. That of course is year one. Pay off will come a few years down the line. Their will be regression as Love learns to play the game. As for others no one has come out and said Love will bust. Just that he hasn't flashed yet. He hasn't looked good at all but again limited sample size. Think we'll find out next year. Guys that are all pro Love now will be the ones bitching about how bad he sucks. He probably will next year. All we can hope for is he improves an
  2. No way does SF beat LA. Not this time. LA vs KC
  3. Only if they catch it before it touches the ground. They could fair catch it. If you squib it no.
  4. Should have squibbed that kick off at the end of regulation. Would have ate 6 seconds right there. Unbelievable. In OT the defense was completely gassed. Whichever team won the toss was going to win the game. Sucks for Buffalo. That's a hard loss to swallow.
  5. Buffalo, Cinci, TPA, LA, SF, KC in that order. Really would like to see Buffalo win followed by Cinci...
  6. That would be horrible. Doubt Gute would do that. Think we need 2 1st's and a 2 at a minimum.
  7. Yep pretty much. Where we will be at. All we can do is hope the kid improves through play. They'll give him a full season of on the job training unless the kid completely bombs out. Still believe they will bring in another QB if Rodgers goes. It wouldn't be prudent to put all your eggs in one basket.
  8. Yah that kinda went down in flames last night. Wish that kid had shown more this season. Still not sold on him but might be time to get on the Love train and hope he works out. Think if Rodgers gets traded they will still bring in competition for him. He won't be ready to start next year. All we can hope for is he shows rapid improvement through out next season. Next year will most likely be painful. We won't be back in this position again for at least 3 years if Rodgers gets traded. Takes time to build a winner. Thank god we are in the NFC north. We could make the playoffs next
  9. Oh I believe they will focus on fixing ST in the offseason. Drayton will be replaced with someone that knows what they are doing. Rah rah rah guys without a clue don't cut it. If the Packers are smart they will not make any knee jerk reactions. Same with Rodgers. He played poorly last night but was under pressure all night long. Pressure Rodgers he folds. So do most QB's. It will be a very interesting off season. Do they burn it down or bring Rodgers back and try to retain as many players as possible? Tough call really. At Aaron's stage of his career can't blame him for not wa
  10. Well this was our last best shot. It's doubtful we'll be able to get back into this position again. Don't care what happens at this point. Blow it up and rebuild. Or try to bring back Rodgers but the team won't be near what it was this year. So 5-12 season or 10-7 with Rodgers. Doesn't matter to me. Still always be a die hard fan but it might be quite awhile before we are relevant again.
  11. No not really. That one was in the bag and we should have won it. We didn't play well enough in this game. Loss is on O and ST the worst unit in the history of the league. Yah MLF isn't going to go anywhere but Rodgers dunno. After this he might just hang it up.
  12. Pathetic display. Offense I mean come on? Drayton you need to find a new job. What a waste of a season. That game by Rodgers man I don't know now. They may just burn it all down. Well no ring again. Just can't believe they lost. At home perfect conditions 1st round bye. Gonna take time to recover as always but that was so bad a performance. So damn bad. Defense got the job done played great. Well it's over now. Rodgers stays? Goes? Boy just can't get over the hump.
  13. Offense pathetic but this one is one special teams. Really terrible. I mean terrible. Bye bye Drayton unfortunately doesn't help us now. D needs to make a play or this game is over.
  14. Ughhh special teams. That's going to be 6 points on them. WTF was Lancaster doing out there? Why not put in Niman?
  15. Man didn't need the blocked punt. Would be feeling pretty good up 10-0 at half. Defense is really playing well. Not having BAK really hurts damn. Dude couldn't go...
  16. So many wasted opportunities. Should be up 24-0 by now. Defense can only hold them down for so long. Real fail by the offense. Fail...
  17. Well thanks for that. Can't relax with the season on the line. They lose this one I'm going to take up drinking. Or maybe opioids. If all else fails I'll have the doc get me some Zanax. Tough being a die hard fan. This is it for the Pack. Now or never...
  18. He got concussed last week. No still no news on that. Have been waiting for an announcement. Nothing other than he's questionable. Good chance he plays as long as the independent Doctor clears him. He hasn't yet as far as I'm aware. Game is tomorrow. Nick Bosa has yet to clear concussion protocol. He was practicing on a limited basis on Wednesday this week. On Thursday, head coach Kyle Shanahan sounded optimistic about his pass rusher's prospects for playing this week, telling the press that he expects Bosa to be cleared by game time. That was the last report we have.
  19. Bosa still hasn't cleared concussion protocol. He's got one more day. We'll see if he actually plays. Nothing on Warner either don't even think he showed up on their injury report. Saw him roll that ankle. No way that dude is 100%. Niners are a bit beat up. They are going to have lots of fun in the cold.
  20. Think the Packers will shut them down early. Get a big lead. Don't think they will fear G throwing it deep. Around midway through the 3rd quarter Shanny will get desperate and put in Lance. He'll perform well and try to make a game out of it. Too little too late. Pack 31 SF 23. There my pregame prediction.
  21. If not the Packers I'd want Buffalo. Cinci isn't quite ready for prime time. Loathe KC but if it's not the Packers winning it all it will probably be them. Wouldn't mine Stafford getting a ring but don't like LA. Maybe just sour grapes over Odell. Donald is overrated too. Stafford will choke against Tampa so doesn't matter.
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