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  1. Well thought out counter argument. First point I've heard several times that he doesn't want to return to GB and he is dug in. I'll admit it's been all over the place. So guess you have to decide what you believe and what you don't. Trying to force a trade and crapping on the Packers during the draft doesn't seem to me to be just a negotiating tactic. Little more serious than that. How do you know he wants a fully guaranteed contract until 2025? This hasn't been reported and is speculation on your part. Don't be sure about skipping training camp. 2.5 million is nothing to hi
  2. Any of you guys ever consider he doesn't want to live and work in GB anymore? He tried to force a trade on the day of the draft what does that tell you? Rodgers gets a reworked deal and stays in GB? Doubt it because he doesn't want to play here. He's already turned down a new offer from the Packers. If Love really shows something perhaps the Packers would have enough confidence to trade him before the season starts. View this as unlikely but not impossible especially if Rodgers skips training camp. Wish they would do this as it would maximize his trade value. Another po
  3. Hey it's all speculation. This is mine. I bet I'm right though. Nothing has really changed as far as the way Packers do business. So what changed? Aaron got engaged that's what changed. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We are dealing with human beings here. Aaron met the one he's all in love now. I'm sure some things the FO have bothered him. But not enough to try to force a trade and not show up for camp. Reporters don't want to tread here for fear of backlash I have the luxury of not worrying about it. Really think a Hollywood actress wants to hang out in GB? Aaron wants
  4. Yah but I think he really doesn't want to play in GB anymore. Pookie doesn't want to live here. He can't be apart from her so he wants to play out west. Only thing that makes sense. He's P whipped. If the Packers don't trade him he'll be back at some point during training camp. He'll also play like crap this season. Packers really need to trade him.
  5. https://www.packers.com/news/packers-minicamp-qb-jordan-love-puts-together-impressive-practice?fbclid=IwAR0VMcSUc5_3gMlKYmSaA1lWL-vQ-zoKt47mfTfM_U8OKHQtP9Xg3CZ-PV8 Another positive article. Hope Rodgers doesn't show for training camp. The longer he's gone the better Love will get. He's getting intensive coaching and a lot of reps.
  6. Watched Love's presser today. Has confidence gotta like that. Well spoken and has that look in his eye. Guess he was sharp in practice today also. Kid has a lot to learn and he knows it. That's good. First time I've heard him speak. Can see why the Packers drafted him. Rodgers isn't doing himself any favors by holding out. Everyday every rep this kid is going to get better and better. https://www.packers.com/video/love-packers-offense-enjoyed-bounce-back-day-on-wednesday
  7. I agree. Package them. Get what we can. I am not confident Rodgers will perform well this year if he is still a Packer. He'll come in unprepared. His heart won't be in it. Karma is a *****. The time to trade him coming soon. I'd open up the auction and see what kind of offers we get. I think we could still make the playoffs without him. Whether it's Love or Bortles we'll have a strong supporting cast. Great run game and the Defense should be improved. I'd still expect we would win the division even without him. I'd hope Love would beat out Bortles but that's not a given either. Gu
  8. Packers are a good football TEAM. We can win with Love. Will there be some growing pains? Sure. If he's the starter he'll gradually improve as the season wears on.
  9. Lynn Dickey threw the most beautiful ball. Yah he wasn't real mobile back there. First game I ever went to was at Milwaukee County stadium against the Rams. Dickey broke his leg in that one. Give him time in the pocket he would shred you. Problem is he never had enough time in the pocket. He's still one of my all time favorite Packers.
  10. ughhh...just watched the interview. Really nothing there. The Wedding Crashers analogy suggests they are in the process of a divorce. He really didn't say anything definitive either way. Of course everyone will over analyze this but I got nothing out of it. Pretty much expected. Have been watching him for years same Aaron it's not like he's radically changed. Don't expect to hear anything on June 1 either. A lot of dirt being aired all around. Agree with Dunne cut your losses, take the bounty and move on.
  11. He's gone full hollywood. Terd bird. Yes looks like all the tell tale signs of a midlife crisis. Hope the Pack trades him he is going to suck this year anyway. Dude looks like he's gone off the reservation. After watching that video ughhh I'm going to go choke on my own vomit now.
  12. Year 3 for him. It's make or break. Hopefully he worked hard in the offseason and will be ready to make an impact this year. So far he's been pretty disappointing.
  13. He's already under contract for the next 3 years. I'd like him to finish out his current deal. No new money. If he wants a no trade clause I'd be fine with it. Does anyone here reasonably believe Love could straight up beat out Rodgers in the next 3 years? I don't. No I'd rather have Rodgers. Best chance to win over that time. That is my opinion taking my disdain for his antics out of the equation.
  14. So what you are saying is Rodgers can't keep up an elite level of play and therefor is trying to lock the Packers into a contract so they don't trade him. As I said before it isn't going to work. There is only one way for Rodgers to remain the starter and that is playing at a high level. If he slips yah he's gone. He'd have to be in the bottom half of the league in terms of performance before they would let him go IMO. Packers are conservative by nature. If the guy would just shut up and play he would be able to finish out his next 3 years in GB regardless. If he's still got it they
  15. OK well they have flown out to Cali to kiss his royal butt. Have to disagree strongly it's not a smart play by Rodgers. Trying to force a team to guarantee he'll remain the starter? It won't and can't work. No team would go for that. Only way he can remain the starter is maintain an excellent level of play. Brady did exactly that when NE drafted Grappolo. Kept him on the bench. You are making an assumption that is what he wants. Have you ever considered that maybe he doesn't want to work and live in Green Bay anymore? Why would you go nuclear on draft day if you wanted to remain a Packe
  16. He won't say squat. Maybe something cryptic to keep us all guessing. After all it's just a beautiful mystery. It will end up just infuriating me more. Bet you *** I'll be watching.
  17. I don't get you last sentence. Why would you think Aaron is justified by pulling this crap? If I was in Aaron's shoes I'd be pretty damn happy. The Packers just committed a ton of cash and pushed out as much as they could to keep the team together for another run. OK so they took a QB in the first round last year. I'm MVP of the fricken league is that really that much of a threat? I'd just work hard and play so well they wouldn't entertain moving on. Thought this guy was a competitor. Is he really afraid of Love taking his job? If he had just shut up and continued to do what he does he'
  18. Well that's what happens when a player turns on the organization. Rodgers could have squashed a lot of this by simply stating his goal is to retire a Packer after the news broke. Instead we hear he doesn't want to ever play for the Packers again, he wants the GM fired, he wants more say in personnel, he wants Love traded, wants a new contract on and on and on. We still don't know what his actual beef is. I personally would have been much more neutral if this all didn't come out on the day of the draft. Leads me to believe it was an orchestrated attempt by his agent to force a trade. R
  19. Well that's a different take. One I happen to agree with. It's not for lack of trying. Most of our draft capital has been spent on defense. Most fans complain that we haven't gotten Rodgers enough weapons on Offense. Thought the Diva was pissed that we didn't get him enough weapons. All that being said the defense didn't fail in the NFC championship game. That game was won by Tampa's ferocious pass rush. If you want to lay blame it should fall on the O-line for not giving Rodgers enough time in the pocket. The Diva taking up such an enormous amount of cap has something to do with it t
  20. You mean when his agent Dunn leaked the story to Schefter to try to force a trade? We've been over this at length. Believe whatever you want. It wasn't a mere coincidence. It was his last chance to play for SF and he knew it. Packers be damned. I saw it all go down in real time. No doubt in my mind that Dunn with the diva's blessing dropped a sh*t bomb. His treachery will never be forgotten. Long time Rodgers fan ever since he was drafted. He's dead to me now.
  21. Let me break it down for you. Remember 2018? That's what you can expect. He doesn't want to play for the Packers. He's newly engaged and is all about his woman right now. Maybe it's unfair but she will be a major distraction. Add in his distain for the FO. Yah sure he's going to light it up in 2021. Do you think he is doing any offseason work right now? Bet he's studying film and working out real hard in Hawaii. He's not a god he's human. Sometimes I think some of you forget that. Whatever my stance is whether he plays for the Packers or someone else he is not going to have an
  22. Don't think so. He's mentally checked out. Human nature. How do you expect a disgruntled employee to perform? We saw this movie in 2018. If his heart isn't in it well he's going to suck. He doesn't want to play for the Packers. Telling you right now bringing him back is going to be a mistake. Think he is going to skip OTA's and training camp and just light the world on fire? Nothing good can come from this. Packers have no choice but to move on IMO.
  23. Well actually I think he is going to suck this year. The dude is not invested. Now he's out in Hawaii with his fiance. Doesn't appear to me that he will be willing to put in the preparation necessary to repeat last year's performance. I do loathe him now but also believe it would be a huge mistake for the Packers to bring him back. Best thing we can do is move on and trade him to the highest bidder. He comes back to GB expect a repeat of 2018.
  24. Yes that is the logical approach. However after giving a big FU to the organization, the team, the coaches, and the fans pretty much eliminates bringing back the diva. Caving to his demands is the last thing the Packers should do. Either we trade him, he plays under his current contract, or he can sit. That's it. I am really hoping we can trade him and get back a huge haul. I don't care if we regress. After his draft day stunt I want him gone. Guess some fans are OK with what he is pulling. I am not one of them. Benedict Aaron Diva Judas Rodgers. Traitor. This is worse then Fa
  25. Good catch. 18 mil yah that's pretty steep for an unknown. Cheap this year though. It will be interesting to see how he does in Carolina this year. He never had a fair shake either. Surprised they picked up his 5th year.
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