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  1. Maybe but after last Thursday that ship has sailed. Aaron Judas Rodgers. Trade him to the highest bidder and rebuild the team.
  2. We hate Rodgers now. Therefore Minny's take is absolutely correct. He may not have been a cancer before but he is now. Rodgers sucks and needs to go. We don't have room for a hollywood diva in GB.
  3. Yah not interested. He's under contract really think the Packers should not give him a raise. Especially after the stunt he pulled on draft day. Move money around and give him 2 years of security but not a raise. As far as I would go. At this point I really hope they sell high. Some of these trade scenarios are very attractive. Move him and prepare for the future. Yes we'll probably be a 500 team next year. A sacrifice we should be willing to make. 3 1st round picks could be the basis of another long term run. Get a player or two thrown in. Seriously doubt Rodgers will ever achieve
  4. Vontae Mac, Greg Jennings, and David Putney. Things have changed since 30 seconds ago you pancake eating MF
  5. Well just read the Schefty denial. He is full of crap. Lier lier pants on fire. That was one of the weakest denials I have ever heard. Telling me you are just sitting on this for months accumulating information and decide to drop a bomb hours before the draft. It was leaked to him by Dunn and he ran with it. This was a hit job plain and simple. It's the timing it's all about the timing. Nah there is no doubt in my mind. They were trying to force a trade. Some really dirty sheet.
  6. Emmanuel Sanders? Yah no thanks. Ju Ju is good. Jones is a dynamic playmaker although pricey I think Gutey made the right call in brining him back. He can do things Dillon can't. ie receiving. Dillon is a smashmouth runner completely different style.
  7. As I had mentioned earlier on I believe his agent leaked it. Aaron would have had to sign off on it of course which he did. They wanted to apply maximum pressure to force a trade. It was a complete fiasco and Rodgers is responsible. I really don't care about anything else. The dude just alienated a good portion of his fans.
  8. Ughhh...drafting isn't about the now. You should know what. Rarely do rookies make an instant impact. It takes a few years to develop your players. Gary and Dillion will both have a big impact this year believe it.
  9. Yes I'd argue it is. Gute pushed a lot of money out to keep this team together. We are in cap hell next year. Jones, Bak, and Clark all got done. You can't just snap your fingers and get everything you want. Their are constraints. Now you could argue that Gute should mortgage the future. That is rarely a good idea and seldom works out. Love pick was for the future but also insurance against a lost season if Aaron misses a lot of time. Need a competent back up you can still win with. So even that pick could end up saving a season where we are in contention.
  10. Tells me Rodgers has an ego problem. It's like a dishwasher telling a Doctor how to do his job. Rodgers is not in personnel he's the QB. He does make market value I'll agree with that.
  11. Gotta disagree with that one. Maybe right after he was drafted their was some hype. Hell I thought he would end up being the best of the 3 WR drafted. Kid did have good movement skills just couldn't catch the damn ball. Every player drafted is viewed as a future HOF right after they get picked (pun). Can't blame fans for being optimistic.
  12. Well GM's make personnel decisions not Aaron Rodgers. If he was so concerned about getting key guys maybe he should take a little less on his massive contract so we could afford to do so. Love JJ he's a good Packer trying to mend fences. Spent 45 minutes listening to the BF interview on Wilde. At least Farve was smart enough to know his place. Will Fuller wasn't going to happen. He was way to expensive and we didn't have the cash. Not to mention giving up draft capital. If Aaron wants to get involved in knowing why Gute makes the decisions he does trot up to his office and ask him. I a
  13. Yah that was pretty bad. Ole Chili has been smoking to much grass. Remember the 5th down thread. Was one poster pushing his personal narrative. 2018 and Rodgers did play poorly that year. As I recall most of the blame was lack of WR's who could separate and MM's offense. I put the blame on the OC. Gonna hear some trash now. Well when Rodgers gives a big FU to Packer nation that will happen.
  14. No the blame has mainly been on the defense. Which is why we repeatedly use premium picks there. The only posts I have seen regarding Aaron is performance vs contract. Even the Tampa loss wasn't on Aaron. Their Defense simply shut the Packers down. They did the same thing against KC. Pass rush was dominant. Now because we are all pissed at Aaron you are hearing some chatter but not a lot before then. Biggest critics have been the contract hampering the ability of the team to build around Rodgers. Which is very true.
  15. That would be a huge mistake. Even if Aaron comes back Love should still be retained. Unless Rodgers can guarantee the Packers he won't get hurt. He can't. The dude does have an injury history. Everyone is caught up in this heir apparent thing. I mean common what are the odds Love will even be a starting level QB? He could bust out very easily. Regardless his value as a back up alone is worth keeping him on the roster. Just maybe we won't have to endure a lost season if Rodgers goes down. Really stupid move IMO. Can't see it happening unless the FO has completely lost their minds. P
  16. Um yes he's lying. It hurt the players by stealing the spotlight away from what was supposed to be the biggest day of their lives. As far as members of the team I'll refer you to Big Dog's tweet. No the snowflake is Aaron Rodgers.
  17. Sure OK have some swamp land in FL interested? OK I really believe just hours before the draft the bomb gets dropped. Just coincidence. Oh OK got it. Believe what you want doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
  18. As far as people being anti Rodgers that's not true. Some didn't like his contract. He got called out for playing poorly at times. But the vast majority of fans were behind him. I've been one of his biggest supporters since he was drafted. Did he tank it in 2018? My opinion is absolutely. Came to a head agains the AZ Cardinals. At home still with a shot at the playoffs and Rodgers mailed it in. It was so obvious MM was fired the next day. Yah I was extremely pissed. Let it go. This FU to the Packers on draft day I'll never get over. Hurt the fans (especially the ones who trave
  19. Absolutely it was. Please doesn't take a lot to connect the dots here. To pull that crap on draft day well it's unforgivable in my book. Aaron's agent I am sure is responsible and Aaron signed off on it. It was the worst possible screw you in the face of Packer nation imaginable. Really dirty. Some fans may forgive him I am not one of them. I want him gone.
  20. For god sakes I would hope so. Prepare to be royally ticked when the Packers dig in and refuse to trade him. I would view that as a historic mistake. Think we are all going to be real angry come summer. I don't want to ever see him in a Packer uniform again after that stunt on draft day.
  21. God I would hope not. After the media circus on draft day he just left the whole Packer organization with egg on their face. I would hope after that they won't cave to any of his demands. Threw the entire organization under th bus. Time to play hardball. If he does play in GB 2021 it will be his last year. I think it's going to get real ugly. He's going to hold out and the Packers are going to refuse to trade him. I would let things calm down and if it isn't resolved by June 1 I'd open up an auction and send him packing to the highest bidder. Packers should save us all the drama and ju
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