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  1. No not all of us are that greedy. Please. If I was in Aaron's place I'd be grateful for all the Packer's have done. Believe his words when the Pack stood by him and shipped Farve out of town "this will not be forgotten" well? Whatever money he'll get will be substantial regardless. I'd be more interested in winning championships than being the highest paid guy in the league. That reeks of ego. From everything I know doesn't seem like Aaron. He's been a pretty cool cat. We'll see how negotiations unfold.
  2. If this is true Aaron should fire his agent. Sorry that is BS. If Aaron is on board with this type of negotiation then we should just halt discussions period. Personally I think it is a huge mistake to negotiate a new contract now anyway. I want to see him play first. Aaron working out a team friendly contract fine let's do it. If not let him play out the next 2 years draft a QB tag and trade his *** out of GB.
  3. King is our #1 CB and it's not even close. Kid was like a blanket out there last year. Wish we had 2 of him.
  4. As far as mocks they are pretty much useless. Used to participate in this every year. The best mock might hit on 2 players the Packers will actually select. In general the top 5 are usually set before the draft starts. Outside of that not sure where these guys will actually fall. The top 20 on big boards almost always go in the 1st round with the exception of a last minute revelation (drugs, assault etc) There is a high probability that one of the elite players we all covet will be available to the Pack at #14. A top 10 guy. Pack will probably stay put and make the pick and we will all
  5. Agree. Biggest benefit of Tramon will be teaching and mentoring the young guys. Pass down his knowledge to the young bucks. Think Cwood was the guy who helped Tramon and Shields. Be nice to pass that down. I don't know what Tramon has left guess we'll find out. Possible he starts the season before a rook takes over.
  6. We don't need a punter. Have Vogel. Why does everyone seem to forget this? He was really good last year. Outside of that like the spirit of the draft. Addresses our needs. Alexander will be long gone by 45. He won't get out of the first round. Wouldn't surprise me if he's our pick at 14.
  7. Hey players have a right to free speech that's fine. Kneeling during the national anthem and disrespecting the flag is not the way to go about it. They want to take up activist causes fine do it on their own time.
  8. Was referring to a post where we trade away Rodgers and roll with Kizer as the starter next season. Not fair to pass judgement on him just yet I agree. He may develop into a decent backup but not expecting Kizer to be our next franchise QB was my point.
  9. Put on the tape of the Dallas game last year. Still want to trade Rodgers? The guy single handedly tilts the field. It would take a lot to trade him away. Kizer? Are you kidding me? Understand the logic but it is flawed. It's really hard to find a franchise QB let alone one of the best in the league. Have nothing behind Aaron so trading him is not an option right now. We should begin the process of looking for his eventual replacement. It will take awhile. Next years QB's are looking pretty good. Ideally we draft the next guy and groom him for 2-3 years. However even then there a
  10. Agree that's not enough. You would have to take 3 QB's up high and maybe hit on one.
  11. Fine look at stats. So what. He routinely made piss poor decisions. Especially running back kicks deep in the end zone. Take a knee and we are at the 25. How many times did we end up inside the 20 because he decided to run it out? I was yelling at m TV too many times watching him. On punt returns sure he broke a few also let the ball get by him on a number of occasions. If the kid could make better decisions fine he can be alright. Last year way too many mistakes.
  12. See a lot of Aaron is the best QB in the league talk. How can you be so sure? I am not. Granted he came back early from the collarbone but he sure wasn't himself. Had a terrible game. Missed most of last season. So he's 34 coming off of 2 broken collarbone injuries and a reoccurring calf. He's got one ring one. Let's just give him a new contract and make him the highest paid player in the NFL so we can all feel good right? Step back and take off your Green and Gold glasses and think about it. Now would be the absolute worst time to redo his deal. First have to see if he comes
  13. Read his scouting report. Sounds pretty good. He's smart that is the most important thing. Kid is really young. I am not expecting much but you take your shots maybe the kid will work out maybe he won't. Think his experience in Cleveland should have humbled him. The fact that Hundley didn't work out after 3 years doesn't give me much hope for Kizer but you just never know. Kizer is not Hundley.
  14. They let him go without a contract. Think is is highly unlikely he ends up as a Packer now.
  15. What is this draft day? Yes this would tick me off. Let's just throw away our future. If anything the Packers should trade down to the low 20's gain some ammo and try to score another 2nd rounder in this draft. Have a low 20 pick and 2 picks in the 40's. Have a feeling Gute will probably stay put at 14 but depends on who falls. May try to engineer a trade up with all those comp picks.
  16. Tend to agree Golf. It is a business don't think it's Aaron it's his agent playing the numbers game. Would we win more games with a high priced Aaron Rodgers or a drafted QB? Tend to think that when all is said and done we are probably better off keeping Aaron and swallowing his contract. If I were the Packers I would not sign him to a long term deal. Best option IMO is to let him play out the remainder of his contract for another 2 years. Then franchise him and trade him for a boatload of picks. That is only if he is going to play hardball. We get another few years with him then blow
  17. Think he could have a couple of good years left. Would be great to get a guy like that in here. The dollars is the only hindrance. What would it take to get him in?
  18. Scouts always have their board before the combine and after. It doesn't change a heck of a lot. They end up right back where they started. So they say. Regardless it's part of the process some guys do shine.
  19. HHCD played piss poor last year. He was invisible. Don't know what the reason was. Hopefully he'll play better this year. In my mind he has not earned a big new contract.
  20. Hundley doesn't have it. No he is not a capable back up nor will he ever be. I'll say he did improve his pocket awareness and that's about it. A QB needs to be able to throw the fricken ball. His accuracy was terrible as was his decision making. Was willing to catch him a break for the first few games to let him find his footing. He showed he doesn't have it. Real shame but the Packers MUST find a capable back up in the offseason.
  21. Good topic Golf. We don't have anything behind Rodgers so the point is mute as of now. If a franchise type QB drops to us at 14 Pack could take him. Develop for a few years and let Rodgers play out his current contract. Franchise Rodgers and then trade him for a boatload of picks. Accomplishes a couple of things. Preserves the cap and also gives us a decent back up in case Rodgers goes down again. If we miss on the pick re up Rodgers and let him finish out his career in GB. If the drafted QB shows promise tag and trade Rodgers. Pretty ruthless not sure it's something the Packers would
  22. Yes this. Really stupid by Sherman. Bothered the crap out of me. We punted from their 32 yrd line total joke. STUPID. He should have been fired. 4 and 26 should never have happened in the first place. One of lowest points in all my life watching the Packers. Only the meltdown in Seattle was worse. Jacksonville made same mistake against NE. Played it safe instead of going for the kill shot and it cost them.
  23. I'll take the home teams. NE vs Philly. Hate the queens can't believe they pulled out a win. Oh well technically we should all get behind them because they represent our division. Doesn't matter to me hate em anyway. Jags are impressive love to see them win but NE at home? Nah. Think NE is going to take it all yet again...
  24. Think you just answered your own question. Cleveland is going to be on the rise and this should benefit Elliot. Makes sense to me.
  25. Hey you never know. If Packers let the cat out of the bag someone else might have poached him. The way it went down believe they got the guy they wanted.
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