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  1. Like the trade. Yes great players were available but we just extorted a 1st rounder to move back 13 spots. Also got them to throw in a 5th which we can use to trade up later on in the draft. If I was Gute I would have taken that deal too. To good to pass up. Surprising that they moved up to take Davenport. He better be the real deal.
  2. Well **** we got a extra first rounder. Not a bad move. Hopefully the Saints will suck next year.
  3. Glad Gute didn't trade up. Knew a good player would fall. Got to be James or Edmunds.
  4. Watch Edmunds be on the board and Gute takes Alexander.
  5. Bears have a nasty habit of taking guys I want. The guy I want is Edmunds. So the fricken Bears will draft him.
  6. Allen made a lot of sense for Buffalo. He's my favorite QB of the draft.
  7. If Rosen falls to 14 might be a great trade down scenario.
  8. Cleveland just can't get it right. That's a real risky pick. Darnold all day long. Jets got lucky.
  9. Giants should have drafted their heir apparent. Golden opportunity that they just blew off.
  10. Mike McGlinchey screams Packers. Don't want to go OL either but if he's the pick I am fine with it. Solid pick.
  11. We can't afford to trade up this year IMO. Too many needs. Top 4 picks are too valuable to unload. Now moving up a bit here and there in the later rounds to get some targeted players I am fine with that.
  12. I'll add if the Browns take Mayfield I'll laugh. New GM same old Browns. If I were the Browns I'd take Allen at 1. Want to be sure? If Rosen or Darnold was there at 4 then double down. At that point it would pretty safe bet that they finally get a franchise QB.
  13. This is no way is going to affect his draft stock. Hate this environment of political correctness. Black guys talk like this all the time. If he'd been black those tweets would have been fine. People are too damn sensitive makes me sick. The tweets were hilarious IMO. Racially insensitive. I call BS. Non issue. Bet GM's reading his tweets had a little smirk on their faces I know I did.
  14. I think he's overvalued. Wouldn't surprise me if he falls into the 2nd round. Agree with Dub one trick pony.
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