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  1. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    Up to you tbh. I dont remember who they have.
  2. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    Man I really thought Darnold was going to be special in the NFL. Instead he's a turnover machine.
  3. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    You cannot be this dense.
  4. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    What if football is actually a game played 11 on 11, with each team coming up with unique ways to advance and score when they have the ball, and then stop the other team from doing so when they have the ball? And then one team didn't follow rules and stole signals to understand what the other team was planning on doing? That would certainly seem like a competitive advantage, even if it wasn't necessary for a specific matchup.
  5. They filed claims that they spent $40-50k on medical equipment and were to be reimbursed that amount, then forged paperwork claiming they made those purchases when in reality they never spent a dime on what they said they did.
  6. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Spent big dollars resigning David Bakhtiari, Kenny Clark, and Kevin King.
  7. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Advanced @biggio7 @holt_bruce81 @Fresh Prince
  8. Let's talk about Corey Davis

    How many passing attempts have we had each game this year?
  9. GDT: Texans (8-5) @ Titans -3 (8-5)

    I've got a bad feeling that the Texans will walk in, punch us in the mouth, take an early lead that they never relinquish and win by 14+ points. I'm too jaded to think otherwise.
  10. Justin Fields

    Borderline Day 2 guy based on his traits. Want to see better zip on his throws. Could see him working his way into the first round by the end of 2020.
  11. Ah, I remember the Chris Henry special.
  12. You clearly haven't seen some of the players who have made it in. It's Hall of Fame, not Hall of Statistical Winners.
  13. The only time a single game can make or break a HOF career is a Super Bowl. It certainly wasn't a 2-10 team vs a pathetic 5-7.
  14. "unknowingly". If there's one team that would know what is or is not permitted, it would be the Patriots.