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  1. PS4: Madden League

    Every CPU game: lol
  2. PS4: Madden League

    That's Murray's secret. You never know when you hit the button if it's going to end up being on SportsCenter Top 10 for an interception play where the defender makes a Megatron-esque catch.
  3. PS4: Madden League

    Garbage stats shouldn't count, so nope.
  4. PS4: Madden League

    Kyler can look great for a full half, then one one throw where it's not really a bad throw, but for some reason the defender just makes a huge play and picks it off. And then suddenly Murray sucks for the next 10 passes, before getting out of the funk again. It's the strangest thing.
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Formal offer I am still pending. But the hiring manager gave me a call and let me know to expect the offer, along with the start date and pay. Pretty great way to kick off the weekend.
  6. PS4: Madden League

    You get home field, and at the rate Clarke is throwing TDs he will probably have the record and be much better.
  7. PS4: Madden League

    Lost to the Broncos 12-7, won't get homefield in the playoffs now. Pissed off not at Murray and his 18 of 41. No, I'm pissed off at the combined 8 drops that Madden credited my receivers. 8 drops. I don't believe there's a difference in 'catchable' ball, but Madden sure makes it seem that way. Congrats on a second straight SB appearance neumatic.
  8. PS4: Madden League

    That sucks man. I'd be heated too
  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    They’re not loot boxes, they’re “surprise mechanics”.
  10. PS4: Madden League

    Have any of your CPU games even been within 3 scores? lol
  11. PS4: Madden League

    It's a pain with my kicker that if I dont hit the black section its 50-50. When playing a user game theres also a delay that compounds the problem. And finally, when you've had a little something, that can make it challenging too haha.
  12. PS4: Madden League

    I saw you won by a point but didn't check the game summary. Impressive comeback.
  13. ICBR Trades: CB Shaquill Griffin Hungary Trades: 2021 2nd - Hungary ICBR agree.
  14. PS4: Madden League

    He's got 20 INTs already on the season. Doubt he hits Superstar without dropping some 60 and 70 burgers like Clark. Might have to consider a new QB and see what I get for Murray.