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  1. Nah, Mariota and not Luck was actually the convincing factor between the two teams. I still got faith in my boy. But he's had a crap season for the Titans. It's the Goff-Fisher situation from last season. Get Mularkey off the Titans and an actual competent HC and Mariota will thrive. Even though that won't happen, I think he'll bounce back next season for sure. Just disappointing his performances this year impacting me in this league plus my favorite team too
  2. Mariota bamboozled me this season.
  3. Nuh uh we need it more.
  4. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    Maclin you ain't Brown.
  5. Sunday Night Football: Ravens at Steelers

    Yup. Bell actually played himself out of that catch.
  6. Shoot. I completely blanked about White having a concussion. Nevertheless, I do believe Europe has more lenient laws pertaining to medical clearances, so we exercise that right. Or just slide the cornerbacks up. However you see fit. Although unlike the real Titans, I will not be having Adoree Jackson run a route on a 4th down play that he had not practiced at all. Edit: Yeah, White passed concussion protocol and played this Sunday. So ha! Eat it Berlin Biscuits.
  7. Titania Keeper League - DRAFT TONIGHT!

    I kept shouting at my phone "Save some for next week!" to no avail.
  8. Eagles fear QB Carson Wentz suffered torn ACL

    Devastating news for the Eagles if this is true. Also really opens the door for the NFC, in particular the Saints.
  9. Titania Keeper League - DRAFT TONIGHT!

    Putting up 206.84 points while resting on my first round bye... Just the second time my team eclipsed 200. And I have this feeling that I'll flop next week.
  10. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    He honestly looked big enough to be a 3-4 end TBH. Dennis Kelly is also a huge huge man. Dodd was just a guy that anyone could predict would end up being a bust if he wasn't a day 3 pick. He's just not athletic enough to play 3-4 OLB, and I have no idea what the staff thought when they made him the selection.
  11. Marcus Mariota - When is the time to panic?

    I'm not ready to give up on him quite yet, but this season has been terrible. But Goff looked like hot garbage last year under Fisher, and a true starting quarterback this year under McVay. Get Mariota a real head coach and offensive coordinator, and not this nepotism circle-jerk known as the Titans coaching staff.
  12. Quoting this again because our coaching staff is full of idiots. I saw Corey Davis jogging off the field on that 4th down too, holding up his hands like "are you guys serious right now?" Yes Corey. Yes our coaches are that moronic.
  13. Having witnessed the #ExoticSmashMouth first-hand, I can safely say that Mike Mularkey is not a good NFL head coach, and indeed is a coach of the caliber of Jeff Fisher. Many of you who have been around here for a while may remember that I was a Jeff Fisher supporter, even towards the end of his tenure. However, I was blinded by the good ole days of Fisher leading us to the playoffs with Steve McNair, and when we stunk I blamed it on the cap purge due to Floyd Reese. When he was fired I was disappointed, the guy was a winner! 142-120 record, .542 winning percentage, all while having purge seasons in there! He was a guy who could eventually get us to the promised land... but alas. When he was hired by the Rams, I decided to keep following Jeff Fisher's career, and when Amazon Prime did their "All or Nothing" on the Rams, I watched all the episodes. And it dawned on me that Jeff Fisher wasn't an innovator, he wasn't someone who was going to gameplan successfully against his opponents. The best he could hope for is for his coordinators to be able to prepare the team as best as possible, and let the players go out there and play. Then Fisher was fired, and Sean McVay gets hired. I was intrigued. A young guy, but seemed to have some good success in recent years as the coordinator for the Redskins. I was interested to see how he'd perform with the Rams. And then he turned the Rams from the 32nd NFL offense in 2016, into the 1st NFL offense in 2017. Same quarterback. Largely the same roster. But suddenly Gurley is back to rookie season Gurley and making plays, Goff looks like a legitimate starting quarterback, and they are figuring out ways to beat the teams they are facing. I read articles about how McVay has their offense hurry to the line of scrimmage, so that they can get set and he can talk to Goff up til the 15 sec mark, giving him some extra pointers. In college, Goff ran some hurry up as well, so McVay tweaked his offense to support this. He adjusted his schemes to better fit the players on his roster, and the evidence of this success is plain to see. After seeing how the Rams are performing this year, vs how they were performing last year, it's clear that the vast majority of the difference and success lies in the coaching staff change. Jeff Fisher had a time in the NFL where he was a good coach IMO. But as times changed, he refused to adapt, to innovate, to change. He was stuck in his ways. He's still a winning head coach. He's got a 173-165 record. But everyone knows his time in the NFL is over, because he can't win in today's NFL. But that's not all. Go watch All or Nothing's episode 6 where Jeff Fisher gets fired. His staff loves him. His players love him. I remember one player saying "Ya'll ain't never play in front of a head coach like that", and numerous other players and coaches saying that Jeff Fisher loved his players and staff and genuinely cared for everyone on his team. You know who that reminds me of? Mike Mularkey. By all accounts, players love him. The ownership (which is a mess IMO) loves him. He's a great person and gets along with everyone. But do we want a nice, good guy that the front office 'likes', and that the players 'like', or do we want a freaking capable head coach? Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0... if the 2.0 version wasn't nearly as successful. 35-51 all time record. His record with the Buffalo Bills? 14-18 in 2 seasons. With the Jacksonville Jaguars? 2-14 in 1 season. Is the third time the charm? So far with the Titans he is 19-19... but this is second full season, and the offense has continually stepped back as the season progressed. And rather than adapt and overcome... he's going to stick with his 'system', and continue to do what he's always done in his NFL career. Sure, he'll probably get us into the playoffs this year, and we'll have a winning record... but does anyone legitimately believe this team could compete for a championship? Or even looking at the next 2-5 years, do you guys really think this team can threaten the AFC powerhouses in the playoffs? If we have to travel to Foxboro, can we really trust our coaching staff to be able to beat Bill Belichick? In the end, we're going to have fans who only care about 'making the playoffs' or 'winning the division' as the top achievement for this franchise. Frankly, I want to Super Bowl aspirations. But with the current front office (read: ownership), they seem more content about having people they like to work with in this business than to try and find the guy who can maximize the playing level of the players on the roster and truly create a special team. Marcus Mariota's issues this season are very disappointing and concerning... but it's one of the things that I was very concerned about when the Titans decided to make Mike Mularkey the permanent head coach. While I preferred Winston greatly over Mariota leading up to the draft, his rookie year showed me he's got the talent and potential to be a top 10, top 5 quarterback. Sure, he had mistakes like with the deep ball placement, but he progressed. And now going into his third season and this is what we are seeing? I'm worried that Mike Mularkey and his staff have stunted Mariota's potential growth. Our offense has gotten predictable and NFL teams have figured it out. We got 7 points today. That's pathetic. I really want to see the Titans genuinely try and find an innovative offensive coordinator to pair up with Marcus Mariota, and really allow him to play to his abilities and strengths. But seeing as how we'll likely make the playoffs this year, I can't see us moving on from Mularkey... and as I mentioned, the front office likes him, so unfortunately for us fans, we get to be stuck with Jeff Fisher v2.0 for the immediate future. Jeff Fisher... Mike Munchak (surprisingly had a good interview and landed the job, but clearly going from Offensive Line coach to head coach was not a good gamble)... Ken Wisenhunt... Mike Mularkey... Looks like our organization is enamored with rehashing older washed up coaches who have failed before... but hey, as long as they are nice to the staff, owners, and players, they are #TitanWorthy. Sorry for the long post, just getting all my thoughts on the head coach out in this post. I know we all hate the work Robiskie has done, but it's stemmed from Mularkey. And as unhappy as I am with the head coach, frankly, I think the root of the problem is our ownership group, especially when they handicapped the general manager search by forcing Mularkey onto any candidate. Jon Robinson has done a good job thus far, but could you all imagine if we had McVay on our team instead of Mularkey? I just hope that we can find a better coach before we completely break our franchise quarterback's confidence and ability.
  14. All in all, this was a game the Titans SHOULD have won, even as it was progressing. Unfortunately, the offense, between the formations and playcalling, and Mariota's performance, just could not do anything.
  15. All right folks. Finally made it back to my place after the game. My thoughts can be summed up in the following: - Coaching staff is inept (although I gotta give some credit to the defensive side). - Mariota is hot trash right now. Not even talking about just the interceptions, but his ball placement throughout the game was very bad, many passes too high, too far or behind for the receivers to make the catch. He's been like this most of this season, and honestly I did not expect this sort of regression from what he showed last year. - There was basically nothing on the ground, but that's due to us being highly predictable with our formations and down&distance calls. In spite of that, I barely saw Henry play. Seemed like he'd go out there for a snap then come right back out. - Major props for the defense to only end up giving up 12 points and having a redzone stand. Can't really ask for more than that, sure a turnover or two would be nice but at the end of the day, they did their jobs. - Terrible fake punt. Just terrible.