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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    I think it made sense for both teams. I had flexibility with being able to move a good backup, and address some other areas on my team. Needed CB depth, and Ekeler is a great option to get some touches while Chubb gets a breather.
  2. With the 13th Pick in the Sixteenth Round of the Season 17 NSFL Draft, the Rio de Janeiro Pirates select:Nick "BDN" Foles, Backup Quarterback Case Keenum, Third String Quarterback @YoungBucs15 is now OTC.
  3. Just how many secret societies do we have up in this thread?
  4. Bengals hire Lou Anarumo as Defensive Coordinator

    All part of Mike Brown's Operation Trevor Lawrence. The man is playing 3D chess while the rest of the NFL plays checkers.
  5. Dak Prescott wouldn't make it to round 15 or past that point, because he has value. If a guy makes it that far, consider how many times other teams have passed on him as well. Granted, it takes 1 person to draft and stash someone late, but realistically, any one worth even a single tag is gone by then. Speaking strictly about the first season each year.
  6. If your plan has any element involving keepers around round 15, you need to re-evaluate your plan.
  7. Pretty much. Or better yet, use that tag to help keep someone you just drafted in rounds 1-3.
  8. Again, even if you plan on tanking, wouldn't you draft the players you want to keep at the top of the draft, even to place them on the PS?
  9. What's the point of a PS keeper in the first season of the year? No development will happen between now and the following season, and frankly if you didnt allocate your keeper tags during the previous keeper phase or draft players that would take up tags at the top of the draft... what are you even doing? Dont get me wrong, next season certainly makes sense for stashing players you think could become keepers with a good 2019 showing... but what's the point in wasting a tag before that? A single tag can still net you between a 6th and 8th round pick.
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    So I know we have time to do 3 ups on players with expiring contracts and all, but how would trades impact cap? If I'm close to max for 2018, would it matter? Or is 2019 already being utilized?
  11. With the 13th Pick in the Fifteenth Round of the Season 17 NSFL Draft, the Rio de Janeiro Pirates select:Dave Fipp, Special Teams Coach Pat Shurmur, Offensive Coordinator @Harper is now OTC.
  12. How much weight do you really think that'll carry vs a 16 game regular season?
  13. With 4 Chiefs and 2 Colts on my roster, I had to make moves to get back to that home team bias.