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  1. Nope, just Whine & Weep Wednesday.
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Clearly suck at game planning.
  3. Eli also has twice as many rings as Namath. Checkmate.
  4. And Eli Manning is a 2 time Super Bowl MVP. I'll eat my own shoe if he doesn't end up in the HoF.
  5. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    One of the most frustrating parts is every couple of games he seems good for a truly WTF throw right at a defender for an interception.
  6. Have yall seen Joe Namath's stats? Sometimes it's more than about pure stats. Eli helped defeat what some folks might call a decent team in the undefeated Patriots during the Super Bowl, and had iconic moments during that. If you think that doesn't carry weight you are fooling yourself.
  7. BDL Discussion Thread 2018

    Good game @bcb1213. Too much talent to go up against at the moment, need to keep building up my roster.
  8. Had to come back to this one. Although I like how well prepared Sydney is, I liked Camden's gameplan top to bottom more, in particular how they plan to utilize the zone defense.
  9. Cam Newton and that offense is prepared against the zone, they see it coming and they perform well against it. Defensively, PP should be able to hold up in man coverage against Hopkins and prevent him from really popping off.
  10. I like Berlin in this one. I think they get a couple of big explosive plays from Hill and Jackson, so while Cuba plays the better game, Berlin outscores them.
  11. Seoul ends up pulling away early in the second half. Singapore is hurting with Carr's performances of late. Hopefully he can rebound in time for them to make a push, but Seoul is prepared for him.
  12. I like the 2 TE look from Wichita, but that receiver group isn't going to help Goff keep up with the Brady Bunch.