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  1. Pretty sure 7 or 8 of those trips were courtesy of me.
  2. RIP Avicii

    Age doesn't matter much here. Heavy drugs and alcohol do. Oh. Whoops.
  3. RIP Avicii

    I'm the same age as him, and given how much I've enjoyed his music in my 20s, this was pretty saddening to hear.
  4. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    is that before or After the titans get 1 as well Titans haven't had to resort to tarps and swimming pools to boost attendance.
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    1 2 3 I literally just screen shotted this very thread to show what I have to view on a typical page here. The topic not discussed opens back up every single time I change the page even if I clicked to hide most of it. Like I said, I can basically turn a blind eye to most issues. I've had issues with this site and this site alone rerouting me to full page spamware announcing I won something. Luckily that issue seems to be resolved. But instead there is now invasive non discussion topics.
  6. My personal feelings don't influence the sim one way or the other lol. Nacho confirmed sociopath while simming my losses.
  7. The sooner you get that neckbearded bum off your squad the better you'll be. Feel free to send me the top 3 picks for your next 3 drafts and we can make it happen baby.
  8. Yeah, well, I'm giving Hue Jackson a run for his money with who goes winless longer.
  9. Nacho confirmed hating my squad.
  10. Ravens sign Willie Snead to offer sheet

    Can he pass his physical before the Ravens realize Brandon Marshall was released?
  11. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    Perhaps in the future they will consider adding the Franchise Quarterback attraction to their stadium as well, and not just in the visitor's locker room.
  12. Results what I expected... except for one game, that is.
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    What mobile browser does everyone use? Considering giving up this site because the mobile version has transformed into a jam-something-we-cant-discuss-down-my-throat. Full page on occasion, sometimes in the middle of the thread, but the new permanent 1/4 of the bottom bar is basically close to being the final straw. I love this place, but I feel it's become a forum that displays something instead of a football forum. I mean as I sit here on the toilet making this post, there's one on top, one the size of the post immediately after the first post, a third also the size of the post at the bottom. That's rough, but I can avoid that and am used to it. But shoving an invasive banner as a fourth that requires me to click just to see part of the screen and even then is still blocking? This is getting ridiculous.
  14. Say hello to the Titans new uniforms

    It would be fitting for the Jaguars to play second fiddle and not even get their own thread for their uniform changes.