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  1. I mean, I'm in the same boat that Zeke isn't performing up to the expectations of his contract, but isn't his entire starting offensive line out? Hard to imagine much success with that and not having a quarterback to take pressure off. Doesn't excuse some of the fumbling issues, but I don't think it's fair to blame him entirely for his performance this season.
  2. god damnit. At least Martin can help close out the regular season. But this blows.
  3. Close matchup. I think it's hard to ignore that Derek Carr has turned the corner this season, and it's time to start respecting what he can do. Both gameplans are good, but Gotham I think gets the edge in the passing game, and while Henry gets his, I'm not sure he gets to really pound the defense into submission. Gotham by a score.
  4. My father would disagree. He's still rolling on his T2000 from 1999 and despite it basically having been rebuilt twice, it still qualifies as allowing him to use a paper logbook. Legal and everything, he's driving from Florida up to Ohio / Michigan and all the states in between. Edit: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/general-information-about-eld-rule#:~:text=The ELD rule%3A,carriers are required to keep. Yeah, looks like it's still one of the exceptions. He's an independent owner/operator who works as a contractor with a company out of Michigan I believe. I just remember this because it was a big talking point with him several years back, and how happy he was that he was able to avoid it.
  5. If you buy one, it might benefit to take a look at old models (99 or older) since those are grandfathered in with being able to keep a paper logbook and not require an electronic logbook.
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