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  1. Yeah but the team picking 3.6 is less likely to be a threat for the playoffs so that would make more sense than ever trading with someone who picked 20. Am I doing that right?
  2. FYI DK was a rookie so he'd only cost you 1 tag, leaving you 2 tags available. You can tag up to 2 rookie players who started for 1 tag each, or leverage PS players.
  3. Read the first page. If you got further questions, post them here or PM Nacho.
  4. NFLPA Fact Sheet on new CBA

  5. NFLPA Fact Sheet on new CBA

    I would imagine life insurance policy premium would run a bit higher for a professional athlete in a contact sport vs a teacher.
  6. Redskins Release Jordan Reed

    They'll be able to combine for one whole TE.
  7. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Good game man. My DL came up big.
  8. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Drops are killing us.
  9. Hence why I said if they really love Carr. Could get him in the 2nd or later possibly.
  10. RB: Chris Carson (SEA) - 3TE: Evan Engram (NYG) - 2WR: D.K. Metcalf (SEA), Terry McLaurin (WAS) - 2OT: Ronnie Stanley (BAL) - 3OG: Brandon Scherff (WAS) - 2C: Erik McCoy (NO) - 2DE: Michael Bennett (NE) - 3FS: Devin McCourty (NE) - 2PS: Drew Lock (DEN) - 1 That's what I would do. Team owns the #2 overall pick; if they really love Carr they can pick him up for more cost efficiency than 4 tags.
  11. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Or we can knock it out now before dinner @Fresh Prince