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  1. That feeling when you are near the cap and don't have easy cuts available lol. Guess I won't be able to take full advantage.
  2. So if we submit a waiver request for them, do we get that waiver wire and their return?
  3. Think DVN should lean on Henry a bit more to wear down the defense, but Jazz came ready against the run as well. Feel like the home team will have the slight advantage to come out on top.
  4. Going with Raleigh here. I'm not sure Cancun has enough on offense even with Patty under center.
  5. I like the Rome defensive gameplan here to be the difference facing that offense.
  6. An interesting offensive approach by Antarctica, I think the interior of Cox and Donald end up being difference makers against Jackson and have a couple of big plays in the second half to help secure the win for Singapore.
  7. Camden is hurting, but I'm just not sure I trust the Lancaster offense to stay competitive in a relatively low-scoring affair.
  8. Is there a report that summarizes the weekly IR moves? I feel like I need to replace half my secondary this week. Need to remember to submit waivers this week.
  9. Which, to be fair, is pretty nice production out of a mid 2nd round back compared to a high first round pick. But I did mention year 3 clicking for him. It wasn't until December that he had his coming out party against Jacksonville. That was the game that really kickstarted the dominant force we see today. Assuming he stays healthy, I'd love to see his 2019-2021 3 year run stacked up against any other back's 3 year period in history. He's on pace for hitting back to back 2k seasons.
  10. The Derrick Henry we see today didn't emerge coming out of college. It wasn't until his third year (2018) that things really started to click for him.
  11. I'm seeing a lot more praise for our run blocking than I've ever seen in a Titans gameday thread. Which probably means most folks see the nice plays, and fail to see how often they don't do the job / Henry gets hit for little to no gain right after handoff due to the blocking failing.
  12. Ouch. That's, damn, that's one of the worst takes I've ever heard from someone on TV.
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