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  1. Pretty much. I think Luke's announcement was late enough that we were already into the second season of the year, so he was eligible for the following winter season, but I let him walk. His production dropped off due to that 'missing' season nerf which justified me not keeping him, but definitely thought I'd have him for more than one year.
  2. And? Probably a reason why neither I nor others have tried to tout ECU as relevent in well over a decade. Meanwhile, with Houston... well, we know some folks run their mouth without backing it up.
  3. i hope Houston declines. The Big 12 already blew their chance adding us in 2016. They can kick rocks. No need to hope, we've all witnessed their decline these past few seasons:
  4. A strong christian school that upholds morals and integrity like Baylor could qualify.
  5. Show me the Alabama sanctions to support this #FakeNews.
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