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  1. Didn't want to trade him away. But I'm empty at TE, and having a good young one seemed fair given my depth.
  2. You understand that 4823, 4740, and 4633 are less than 400 yards from 5k? And that 19.5 and 19 is 1 sack from 20? Point is, an extra game worth of stats probably does push them over the edge, or at least gives them a chance. But they already easily cleared your 4k and 15 threshold, so your point about that benchmark holds no water.
  3. Man, what an absolute waste of a first round pick. Injury busts suck, but this? This is just wasteful.
  4. I mean I hate having an extra game to make it 17 as much as anyone else, but you really think one more game is going to change the 'elite standard' by 1,000 passing yards and 5 more sacks?
  5. Shame he never got a ring, but he did have a chance to play in the big game. Will missing out on the Super Bowl ring keep him out of the Hall of Fame? He was an All-Pro in 2012, and was named to the pro bowl 4 times.
  6. Peyton Manning didn't win a National Championship as a freshman then watch his career sustain less success each of the following seasons.
  7. Bringing in a character coach to get Watson to get in line seems about right.
  8. Well that's one way to confirm your franchise has no interest in Justin Fields.
  9. I can't guarantee how the draft will go, but folks seem to forget that Jordan Whitehead is a RFA for me.
  10. I suppose so, seems like we've already had a lot of turnover.
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