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  1. If Andrew Luck had his BDL offensive line he'd still be playing for another 5 years.
  2. Greedfall

    Correct. I watched the link you provided, and I've checked out their steam page. So I'll have to see what early reviews say, as well as when it releases what the general reaction is. Wanted to get Remnant, but my buddy wants me to wait on that game until he gets a gaming laptop / desktop, so this game could fill that void if it is good.
  3. I saw the post when I went in to make it, thanks!
  4. Damn honestly thought I'd have a top 5 squad this season. Losing Luck now sucks. But at least the timing allows me to make up for it slightly.
  5. https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1dRKZLjXwpoJB He's doing the press conference now.
  6. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    He's really retiring. Unbelievable.
  7. So uh. Does this mean I can throw a retirement party for Luck, and that clears up my cap space?
  8. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    As a football fan, it would be unfortunate if a talent like Andrew Luck does step away from the game at this point in his career / life. As a division rival fan, I still can't believe our fortune if this actually is true.
  9. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    I don't believe this. And I won't until I don't see him on the sidelines this season. But dear god... if the Colts suck enough into Trevor Lawrence...
  10. I can neither confirm nor deny. But I'd wish Luck would stay around during my window.
  11. Greedfall

    This looks good, I'll have to check it out more closer to the release date.
  12. Titans Taylor Lewan Suspended First 4 Games of NFL Season

    Rarely see these appeals working out, so no surprise.
  13. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm waiting until I'm married with kids before I develop a gambling addiction. But that seems messed up if the over was already hit and the rest of the game was cancelled having no bearing on that outcome. It's not like you can remove points.
  14. Who Has Better Handles, LeBron or Kobe?

    You young whipper snappers don't seem to be old enough to remember prime Kobe.