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  1. Say hello to the Titans new uniforms

    It would be fitting for the Jaguars to play second fiddle and not even get their own thread for their uniform changes.
  2. Been busy with work and life, but I'm looking forward to trying some draft grades next year myself. Though I might not do it, cuz it'll quickly become evident I have no idea what I'm talking about and my draft process amounts to little more than printing off Yahoo's draft board and arranging it alphabetically.
  3. Oh nice, rubbing salt in the wound for Minny. They can visit the trophy room on their way in and out in case they wanted to check out what the Lombardi Trophy looks like.
  4. Bitcoin

    What...? It's a funny story about something that happened, but i'm not the one to tell. Perhaps ET80 or iPwn would be better.
  5. Bitcoin

    make sure to try and steal the userbase from this site and give full admin powers to someone who is also a mod here.
  6. Yup. Starting to feel like Jeff Fisher around here. If Jeff Fisher had actually won something. Maybe Jon Gruden? But why would I trade the Rams best defensive player?
  7. I get too attached to my players
  8. 1 of the 3 ridiculous trades were done by you. The other was by an owner who has previously given up two drafts for 10 tags and attempted to trade another draft for a single TE. I'd say that the price range is ridiculous to the other 17 owners (and how long was Flux around for prior to that AB deal?).
  9. http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=21574516#21574516 Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:40 pm Post subject: TRADE ALERT Iowa Jagwads receive: WR Antonio Brown South Africa Woolly Mammoths receive: S15 1st S15 1st (via CHI) S15 2nd S15 3rd S16 1st (earlier of the two) S16 2nd S16 4th S17 1st S17 4th WR Jeremy Kerley In other words Donald is untouchable.
  10. We get it, once you win you'll have the greatest team ever in the history of the league.
  11. Make me an offer I can’t refuse Where does this bar begin?
  12. Sliders: Got to offer blessing to RNGesus, nothing else matters. Except Jimmy G. Having him throw a bomb for the end of the game helps.
  13. Probably won't get killed like Derek Carr did. Also probably why we had a losing record. Though going 7-9 with a corpse at QB is an impressive feat.
  14. It might sound silly but I'd rather have finished .500 or even winning record and miss the playoffs over draft positioning as a point of pride. Oh well, missing a 3rd but at least I still have my 1 and 2. Might shake up my roster a bit.
  15. Appreciate the league Nacho and another great season, even if the end results weren't what I was hoping for. Late game RNG shinanegans are tough to swallow, especially when you lose on an overtime bomb and last minute forced fumble advance (by the same guy who fumbled!?!?!) for touchdowns in 2 of the last 3 weeks.
  16. Repent to RNGesus. When did I offend him in the first place? Feel like he's had it out for me all season.
  17. Demaryius Thomas [16 GS]: 103 receptions for 1,275 yards (12.38 YPR, 40 LNG), 10 touchdowns, 3 drops. DeAndre Hopkins [16 GS]: 83 receptions for 1,330 yards (16.02 YPR, 67 LNG), 12 touchdowns, 3 drops. Alshon Jeffery [16 GS]: 95 receptions for 1,310 yards (13.79 YPR, 29 LNG), 9 touchdowns, 2 drops. That's 3 receivers with better seasons than Allen. And that's just from our division, I haven't even gotten to the other division within the conference yet. Keenan Allen [16 GS]: 103 receptions for 1,312 yards (12.74 YPR, 37 LNG), 5 touchdowns, 3 drops, 3 fumbles.
  18. Lol you really believe that?
  19. Yup. Pretty much sums up my season. Not sure why my team is hated but oh well. Gg @ravens5520
  20. i object. and demand the right to face my accuser.