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  1. I heard that he is a prick.
  2. John Hadl, Jerry Tagge,David Whitehurst, Lynn Dickey, Rich Campbell, Randy Wright, Don Majikowski. Favre, Rodgers. A lifetime of QB’s
  3. Sorry if you misunderstood my take. My take was about drafting smart, highly instinctive football players higher than their physical measurements allow. I was only using Leonard as an example. Every draft, players race up draft boards because of measurements and under perform as players, while players are underdrafted because of poor measurements and over perform based off of those measurements.
  4. You are correct. He was only 5'8" and 185 lbs and only ran a 4.63 forty yard dash. Still he was a 2 time All State player from a very small school in northern Wisconsin. Too small to play Division 1 football. Walked on at Wisconsin. Too small in stature so he only made All American 3 times. 21 career interceptions and B1G record (at the time) punt return yardage. Too small to play in the NFL deemed the experts holding a measuring tape. Signed as an UDFA. Went on to have a solid 10 year NFL career. They forgot to measure his level of football smarts and his heart.
  5. I feel that there is not enough credit given to football inteligence when ranking players for draft. It is not a measurable trait so it is not always included. I would take a safety with average to above average athletic ability and great smarts (Jim Leonard type) over a safety with off the charts athletic ability and poor instincts (Josh Jones) any day. A safety like Leonard could read the offense and be in the proper position by anticipation and taking proper angles. Safeties like Jones must react to the play and often miss.
  6. A great start for my mock!
  7. #12 Hockenson #30 Adderly #44 Lindstrom BPA's while still addressing need!
  8. I feel that we would have very athletic bookend tackles with Bakhtiari and Spriggs. If Bulaga’s knees could hold up with a move to right guard we could be set for the year at O-line and use 4th and 5th rounds for OL depth and development.
  9. The other problem with Spriggs has been about his position. I think that if he was named the starter at right tackle and could focus on one spot instead of backing up multiple spots he may have a better chance of success. As long as we have Bak at left tackle and Bulaga was healthy, Spriggs was going to be the swing tackle. Maybe if he were able to play one position only, he would progress into a solid starter. I have a feeling that a year from now we are having conversations about Spriggs being an URFA that we must resign. I feel that he would be in high demand right now if he was in free agency. Bak was not stellar in his first year as a full time starter, but he developed into the best left tackle in football.
  10. I’m the “vaccinator”. I’m going to come up and give somebody a shot. T- Bucks best quote.
  11. I think that Spriggs still has good upside at right tackle. He may fit the new coaching staff and system better than the previous staff. He is very athletic and still has a chance to improve.
  12. It is always fun following the ups and downs of players. Winovich was often mocked to the Packers in the first round back during the season and then he keeps dropping as far as the fourth round and now will probably settle back to round 2. All of this while not playing a game between the fall and rise.
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