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  1. Green Bay @ Ravens "Still Gotta Shot Bowl"

    Why does Game Pass have only a listen option, no video?
  2. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    That might be an excellent sentiment in retrospect, but hindsight is always 20:20. We may not have known at the time that Madison was coming back, although Gute probably did but didn't know how much he could depend on him. We definitely didn't know that Jenkins would be available and be our second rounder. I feel that the draft is best approached if you have filled your most glaring needs and can therefore select the best player available that improves your roster, rather than reach for someone to fill a critical hole. Could we have gotten by without Turner, possibly, but I'm not sure we know yet how he is going to be used,
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    This is is why I am becoming more enamored with Hockenson as our 12th pick - and even possibly moving up for him. From everything that I have heard a TE that is not a part time player is critical in LaFleur's offense. This may be what is needed to make sure that the HC has everything that is needed to succeed. As far as Fant, listening to Dave Te Thomas's breakdown of TE's on his podcast "Scout's Honor" I believe that although he is an athletic freak, he may have tendencies toward being a Diva. As Hock began getting more and more playing time, Fant started to sulk and his playing suffered. He only had one catch in two of the last three games. Then he refused to play in Iowa's bowl game. Not sure if he loves football as much as a first round player should.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think that there will be more interest - and action on quarterbacks early on than many anticipate, not that the quality of the draft class warrants. Those HC's/GM's without a viable franchise QB saw what happened last year with rookie QB's doing well and know that if they "Tank for Tua" that they probably will doing so for the next HC/GM. I think much of the lack of interest shown currently is a smoke screen and that once the QB's begin being taken there will be a lot of movement by teams to get "their guy".
  5. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I'm also delighted that none of the rookies - even the first rounders will be expected to start because of holes in the roster. They need to EARN a starting job. Till injuries of course!
  6. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Give me Saffold and I'm a happy man!
  7. As far as June 1st cuts, do we have to designate a rookie pool early or could you plan on using the June 1st savings to sign the Rooks?
  8. Packers Sign Kyle Fuller to Offer Sheet

    IMHO there is a bit too much hand wringing going on. Over at the NFL Trade rumors page it was reported that the Bears top offer to Fuller was $10M per year. If we had made too large of an offer the wouldn't have matched it and we would have been in cap hell. We made an offer WE could live with but with all of the recent signings that the Bears have done, matching was tough but they HAD to do it. Now the Bears have to pony up $4M more per year than they had budgeted and are in cap hell and have to make moves to stay under the cap. We set the offer up so it was a WIN - WIN proposition.
  9. Draft Prospects Packers Are Linked to (Gutey Edition)

    Maybe that's what they were asking him.
  10. Patriots - End of an Era?

    I remember a team trading a 1st for a former 2nd rounder who was 3rd on the depth chart, had no starts and was kind of a showboat head case. Seems to have worked out ok for them. If you have someone who you believe is a potential franchise QB, you have to make a considerable investment to get-retain him.