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  1. A Reasonable question, and I agree Tackle is a higher immediate need than safety. The board just didn't fall favorably this time around. Teven Jenkins was gone, although I've picked him in other trials. And Cosmi, I think will take a couple years to develop plus he was down the board a ways. They were by far the two highest OTs left at 29. My goal with those first two picks was to choose players I think can come in and play first year significant reps. I think Moehring and Jabril Cox check those boxes. I do hear what you're saying about Moehrig. I'd foresee him filling that Safety/Hybrid
  2. I've been having fun playing with the Pro Football Network draft simulator, and I was finally able to make picks with which I'm relatively satisfied. Disclamer: I'm not a draft-nik and I don't follow college football closely, so I really am not familiar with most prospects. That written, I rely mostly upon the brief PFN player summaries and the NFL prospect profiles and scores, then to a lesser degree Great Blue Draft Report. The trade option is fun on PFN, but this latest mock is a no-trade mock, and I tried to pick players who matched value with need, at least based upon the PFN big boa
  3. According to his U of Iowa bio, he played DB, mostly corner, all 4 years: Link
  4. I didn't see this posted yet, via ESPN: Link - Kyle Fuller No surprise here, and in any case I doubt the Packers have that kind of cap space available at present. But one of you who is better informed on salary cap matters may wish to expand.
  5. Packers tried to make a deal with Fuller a couple years back, when he was a RFA. Obviously he stayed with chicago, although the Packers effectively upped the ante for him to return. Since he's now a "street free agent," I'd guess Green Bay will practice due diligence. But I highly doubt they can afford the type of salary he'll command. That written, IF I had the choice of Fuller or Hicks, I take Hicks in a heartbeat!
  6. A special 'We’ll Miss you Mitchell’ tribute via Game on Wisconsin twitter account: Link
  7. The “sources” are the voices in florio’s head...
  8. I guess Ervin will be back as punt and kick returner if Shepherd is inactive. It's a good day for ball security on a wet, windy, and cold day.
  9. It sounds like his hand is pretty messed up.
  10. It could happen. I’ll be interested to hear how Luton does, since he toiled right down the road for the OSU Beavers. He actually played a couple years of solid ball for some pretty bad teams, so I guess he’s used to that. He’s a decent player though and he’ll likely prove to be an upgrade in that dire QB situation down in Jax. Of course his competition is his fellow 6th rounder and Pac 12 alum, the Uncle Rico wannabe himself...and Mike Glennon? As for me, I’ll be listening to the radio call with Larrivee and the Rock, because for some strange reason the early game here in the PNW is
  11. I came across this article about the Packers posted by the Seattle Times: Link I found it an interesting read, but that the Times and published the story is what I find most compelling. It's rare to see these things coming out of the seahawk home publication. Having written that, there are many thousands of Packer fans here in the Pacific Northwest so there's plenty of clicks to be had.
  12. Ah, I wondered if he was kicking off tonight. Suffice to say, Crosby's job on kickoffs is secure! Thanks!
  13. Sound muted. What’s going on with the squib kicks? Curious.
  14. I'm thinking the Packers get a dose of Kyle Juszczyk screens and on checkdowns.
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