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  1. Brees' arm looking tired too. Last year he did have what? 5 games where he sat out. I bet that rest was helpful. Will intresting watching bot him and Brady as the season goes on. I feel like these guys just fall off a cliff. Even Favre just lost it.
  2. Anyone on the Jets interesting? There might be a fire sale there soon.
  3. Something tells me having the Smiths in the room doesn't hurt the motivation factor either. Not saying Gary didn't buy in for mostly his own reasons, but we have a good room right now to promote growth.
  4. I agree he is going to be good. My only concern is he has taken some shots. I know they won't throw 60+ every week, but I hope he has some clean games. Hate to see it become like an Andrew Luck deal.
  5. Damn, I hope it doesn't stay with him all season. He definietly had some moments last week. WRs are dropping like flies today.
  6. pretty much where I am. I think people are being a big quick to dismiss the talent A.J. has, but I do agree that Bak is more important. I think Jones wants to be here, and if the price is right I think we want him here. We will see what happens, but I do hope he has another epic season.
  7. I hope they work out something reasonable because I think it would be a mistake to let Jones go if we have a chance to keep him. I get the cap, and the money, but he is the kind of player you want on the field. He has taken over games. Dude can ball. Last I checked we want to win, and a big part of that is having players like Jones. There are some other ways to create cash. Can't we move on from Turner next season?
  8. Feel bad for Taylor. Guy has busted his *** to be on the field. Hope he fully recovers!
  9. Cards will pull this out. just like the Lions collapse.
  10. Eh, it's early and I doubt many predicted this many points... Hell, on one of the game day shows we were picked as the "upset"... I like what I saw in this weird new world. A lot of positives and a lot to build on... Also, Rodgers was Goating today no doubt. Clark was a big bummer, a long with Taylor's injury. Gute, it's time to get to work.
  11. We definitely need Clark... hate that's it's a groin injury.
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