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  1. Superb Owl LIII Game Day Thread

    How do most of you spend Brady's Eve? With family, or friends?
  2. Divisional Playoff Round

    Time for Dallas to disappear
  3. Divisional Playoff Round

    Interesting to see what a RB with fresh legs gives you in the playoffs... hmmm
  4. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    Has anyone brought up that he has a family history of winning? This is going to be a good hire for sure!
  5. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    I'm down with this. It's a plus if we can keep our defense together.
  6. What Should Arizona Do With the #1 Pick?

    Trade back. It will take more than one player, and I just don't know if Bosa is the best piece for the Cards right now.
  7. I think Murphy may have more football knowledge and ability than what some would want you to believe. He has been around this game for a long time. Yes his realm has not been in the coaching and player development area, but it's not like he has zero experience. I also believe him and Gute when they say they both have to agree on the pick and it's a team effort. A lot of people are mad on this board because they feel some of these changes should've happened in 2014 after Seattle. We all saw what was dragged out the last couple years. So you have a president that want's to be more involved in the big picture and some are taking it like it's a bad thing. I mean the results will do the talking, and maybe I'm wrong. I just see for the first time in a long time change is happening, and yet some are already complaining and we haven't even given it time. P.S. Happy New Years!!
  8. Big Show Coaches

    Considering the way our team stays healthy this would be the worst place for him to come. It's in the air. He would dead on arrival.
  9. Green Bay's brass is practicing too. It's been awhile since they had to interview for a head coach. Might as well shake off the dust on some of these guys who have had the position before and known around the league. I doubt either is hired, but I don't hate them interviewing these two.
  10. My off season wish list!

    Graham will be on the Packers next season. Gotta address TE in draft though
  11. Week 16 GDT Packers @ Jets "I Believe That Gute..."

    Woohoo! I love winning!
  12. Week 16 GDT Packers @ Jets "I Believe That Gute..."

    But.... I wanna winnnnnnnn
  13. Week 16 GDT Packers @ Jets "I Believe That Gute..."

    Rodgers is our best running back.