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  1. Sure as hell doesn't hurt.
  2. Lions WR Marvin Jones to IR

    Not a good day for wide receivers
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Uh, we just moved Looney from DT to TE. I think we are all set at TE.
  4. Week 14 Games

    So Aaron and company decide to christen their first two wins in U.S. Bank Stadium in one calendar year... I'm fine with it. (worst case scenario) p.s. Rams defense looks good. The NFC is so loaded it is going to get crazy...
  5. Week 14 Games

    Hopefully Gute is listening and will deliver soon.

    We had some really bad drafts. I consider myself a TT fan and appreciate what he did for this franchise but he was kept way past his prime, and well... Help us, Obi-Wan Gute. You're are only hope. So far so good, but he had to clean up a really big mess. Just look at the turnover over the last two seasons.
  7. Week 14 Games

    Yeah, I gotta go Rams tonight. Over the Seachickens.
  8. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Those pesky 49'ers
  9. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Bulaga may still be in play, and Rodgers still has something in the tank. I'm not saying the possibility doesn't exist, but that is not how I see this playing out. Ive see plenty of older QBs still playing well, and yes, Aaron needs to adjust his game more. That's up to him. I just think the smarter money is betting in his corner than against him. That's just me.
  10. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Why would we not? We will have another draft with new players. Gute has showed he is competent in that department. We will have a year down in the new system. Who know what we could do in free agency if we move some money around. I mean it's not guaranteed, but I think we are moving the right way, and will continue to become a better team.
  11. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Call it whatever you want the point is just because we have succeeded during the process doesn't mean this team is complete. I think most everyone will agree with that. I have enjoyed this season, but I look forward to what another draft and off season can bring to the table.
  12. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    How does that make it not a rebuilding process? The way Gute gutted the defense the last two years alone shows we clearly are in a rebuilding/retooling phase. I don't think it was a blow it all up situation, but we have had and still have a lot of lack of depth. I dont think many thought we would be at 10 wins at this point of the season, and we have succeeded during the process. I still think it's okay to say we are still a year or two away. Unless we some how become crazy hot and something clicks.
  13. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    This is the game that never ends....
  14. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    Nothing beats a Skip Bayless clip after the Cowboys lose, but those are great too.
  15. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    You know what I was going for.