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  1. That comment made this pop in my head, and well... Cant say we don't connect with the studio audience... also.. NSFW
  2. They will be floating some T's and P's his way I'm sure. That really sucks. Seems like a great guy.
  3. Not sure if you've seen the MVS interview on Mcafee, but it's worth a listen. I think there is a reason he backs him. The man seems solid, and seems like he wants it.
  4. I think we get the W. We will definitely bend... but will we break? Who is their QB right now.
  5. That really sucks... Saw a tweet that estimated recovery time to be 9 months... My buddy is a big Bengals fan and he is hurting today.
  6. not dismissing your point just saying I feel like Dallas has needed a blow up for a bit. I don't think Dallas was just losing because poor assistant head coaches. They have had talent for multiple seasons but never put it together. I could be over reacting and obviously we will see going forward. Just seeing some of those players coming up to him pumped on a win and Jones doesn't seem as hands on. I think there is a culture change they have needed for awhile. Jones isn't the worst GM. Maybe letting a MM set the tone and staying back is what they need? Like I said I may be wrong. Just reacting off of what I see and not what the media says. That's kind of my MO with everting in life.
  7. Just saying... At the end of that game players were coming up to MM in celebration. I still think the bad start was more of the culture that has been Dallas than MM. Not saying he will bring them to super bowls or anything, but I think he is turning things around in that franchise. There seems to be accountability and responsibility as of late. That division is so garbage I could still see him get them into the playoffs. If he does it without Dak and that start I still think that is a good year one for the man.
  8. Oh, if Pettine is still here Henry will feast on us.
  9. Already has. Went from 1 seed to three..
  10. Oh boy. Time for vitamin V.... vodka...
  11. I get it. ****ty mistake. Just like the kid and I want him to become a player.
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