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  1. I live in Tampa and oh boy are the Bucs fans back. Flags and shirts everywhere. However, up until last season that fan base wasn't exactly "dedicated". The true fans thought the owners cared too much about soccer etc etc etc. I would rather be competitive and in the playoffs regularly for 20 years than have two SB winning seasons surrounded by a lot of losing. Either way both teams have two rings in 20 years. I just thing it's more enjoyable as a fan if your organization is run closer to the Packers than the Bucs. Just my opinion.
  2. I don't think it was the time with the Jets. I think it was when he faked retirement, immediately had surgery and then went to the Vikings. Didnt we even have a clause in the trade about 3 draft picks? I try to forget that time period, lol.
  3. pretty much this. I don't think the plan is 100% certain yet. Not doing anything with Rodgers contract is a big tell to me.
  4. 2014 Seattle collapse will always hurt. Even more than 4th and 26...
  5. Ill never forget I was cooking breakfast with my lady at the time when my phone went off that we signed Peppers... Obviously numbers and situations apply but I always hold out hope for a surprise...
  6. So then are we done with "FA"? I don't hate the logic, I just hate the game...
  7. I'm with the group that a plan has been established and there will be a Adams extension and something for Rodge. I can see him saying he would do something if it meant they spent to help the team. I think there have been a few conversations...
  8. Also, I will toot my horn. I always said the guy would take less to stay here. I knew the first time he said he wanted to be a Packer he was being honest. Great locker room guy too. 🙂
  9. We don't have to, we can still resign Love to a reasonable 2nd contract early just like we did with 12. People act like we can only be successful with love if he's on his rookie deal... That's not true.
  10. I mean he is a weapon... I'm going to sit back and see the other moves and draft picks before I "hate" this... One plus I know right away is his performance in the NFCGG will be on his mind all season. I get RBs are expendable, but we got a good one that played on the no.1 offense last year that will be hungry. I definitely see the downside too. Just going to sit back and see what happens the rest of the off-season...
  11. No, but as others have said the elephant in the room is a Rodgers restructure. Maybe they are in conversations? No need to pull the trigger on some things until that is either a go, or no go. At least IMO.
  12. At least it's over. Now we can discuss realistic ways to improve this team. I want to see the cuts that are going to happen because the cap.
  13. Anything on Hanson? I know he was practice squad all year but is there a chance he could ever play center for us? I doubt this next season. Just curious on his development.
  14. If you're a Packers Offensive linemen you are definitely being crossed trained at an additional position for sure. RT would be cool.
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