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  1. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    The Empire always finds a way. Like others have said he is there next year too, so maybe a 2nd isn't bad to keep them a float next year and still have a vet next season.
  2. Lions place RB Kerryon Johnson on IR

    The Lions have had such bad luck this year. It's too bad because they have a good team.
  3. 2019 WR Corps

    I would've been on board for Sanders coming here, but we will live. I do hate they he went to an already good 49'ers team.
  4. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    Standing in the pocket and taking that hit in the end zone on the throw away... Romo talked about it on the broadcast, but that was a A+ move. A lot of QB's collapse and give up the safety in that situation. Just another reason he's a beast.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Just sharing a dope play by one of my favs. Miss this dude.
  6. Man, we are looking at a chance to go 7-1 into the bye... What a great start. Still a lot to work on, but we are no longer just a one dimensional team that counts on a Goat every week... even though we did this week.
  7. I was just thinking about turning off the T.V. during breaks and hoping I turn it back on in time. That would be better than watching that garbage.
  8. Damn, I was really hoping to hear Romo get all excited about our awesome punter...
  9. I love when Williams is starting to get wrapped up you can literally see him switching gears to try to run through and pick up extra yards. Really like his style.
  10. I'm talking more about he is still pretty accurate. Also, that he has bought into a new system, and is hitting check downs and not switching out of runs as much. He is becoming more a game manager that can win some games wen you need him to, but doesn't need to win them all himself. You have to watch games to see the effects of these changes. Not just read a stat line. That was really my point. I do agree he isn't 30 year old Rodgers anymore.
  11. Honestly, I'm glad today is a Aaron day. I live in Florida, and all the people I work with (who never watch the games) keep on starting conversations with me about how Aaron has really lost a step. Now I can feed those people a stat line to will shut them up. You know, because stats are all that matter...