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  1. Agree 100%. That would really suck to lose all three
  2. I agree 100%. It's not the reason we lost, but damn having him out there would've been nice!
  3. MLF said they had a plan. I'm sure they have been working on it for awhile. He also said there would be some tough decisions. So much speculation, at least we know it should be decided before March
  4. From the little I read he seems like a decent hire... 13 seasons with KC. Survived three GMs and kept climbing the ladder. Big scout background.
  5. I just hope we know the direction shortly after the super bowl. I know they said it will be quick, but I really just want to enter the acceptance phase and move forward either way.
  6. and it was also a direct response to a question, Not sure he would've just come out and say anything if not asked...
  7. **EDIT** Quoted the wrong post form @Pugger. This was in response to him asking about cap increases. This is what I have seen. I'm not a cap guy, but 2023 and 2024 are suppose to be pretty big jumps. https://sportsnaut.com/nfl-television-contract-directv-210318/ 2021: $182.5 million 2022: $203 million 2023: $225 million 2024: $256 million
  8. If this ends with a Buffalo win... Allen vs Burrow is going to be pretty sweet too!
  9. It is crazy how much their careers mirrored each other at times.
  10. Please no! Well, that probably would be the push I need to move back to Wisconsin.
  11. Knowing where you live around makes it crystal clear, lol
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