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  1. Wow, I honestly didn't know he was only 32... Well then maybe he does have some more in him.
  2. This has got to be it for him, right? Hell of a player, but it seems like its time to hang them up.
  3. Great. Once again, my bad. Although now it's highlights, before it was box scores, but hey... potato tomato have a good night.
  4. As in most things in life it was probably 50/50. Just glad you understand I saw the product I'm talking about.
  5. I watched redzone for all the noon games, so I feel comfortable in understanding what played out in all the noon games. Hence why I said I couldn't speak for Cle vs KC. I had it on in another browser, but clearly didn't follow it enough to say it was a bummer... update, the conversation in the NFL games thread also attested to how lame the games were. Like I said, I wasn't trying to be a ****, just didn't understand in replying when you didnt see any of the games. Thats all.
  6. Sorry, it wasn't a argument and I wasn't trying to be a ****. Still don't understand replying with games you didn't see, but whatever. my bad.
  7. so an argument for the sake of argument? Why would you judge a games you haven't seen anything of on just a box score.... I mean by that logic SF vs DET was a back and fourth slug fest!
  8. Cant speak to Cle vs KC, but the other two? blahh... If you enjoyed them, happy for you. Just seems ****ty for an opening week.
  9. The opening game of Bucs vs Cowboys was exciting as hell, but does anyone else feel like this first week was just a bag of ****? Granted we were contributing to the bag all game long, but why is our SNF game Bears vs Rams? Like WTF is going on here?!
  10. Its a long season. Drink, cry or pray your feelings away tonight...Or hell, make it a combo meal. If I was a betting man, and I am... I wouldn't post a lot tonight. Doubt it will hold up in the long run. That being said, today ******* sucked. Love you all, good night!
  11. Love it. Now the defense shows some heart and the offense is ***... This is a perfect storm here folks.
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