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  1. What is the deal lately with not just reshowing the play. These goons could've showed it 15 times when they were filling air time with nonsense and then close to commercial with two of the worst shots of the damn play... This is not an isolated incident and not just football
  2. I was a hard no, but now I'm back in the middle. With that said, I'm not trying to focus on all that, and just want to enjoy this season and hopefully a successful run.
  3. I still think there is a chance we make a trade... That is depending who is selling at the time.
  4. Its not the quantity, its the quality ... 😁
  5. I don't know... I think he's coming along...
  6. We are going to do something... I legit feel we will be adding another player to this squad by trade deadline. Gute has gone this far, what's to stop him now?
  7. He's a low cost, low risk rotation guy and a great presence in the locker room. I don't think it will be the move of the year, but he definitely can find a role on this team. I am not worried about him despite his performance against the Bums.
  8. Edge all day! I think Alexander will be back, but have doubts on Z. a great secondary is always welcomed, but you win in January, and February by getting to the QB! If we can get a vet for the rotation, that could be BIG!
  9. Yeah I'm confused about the Dunbar cut...
  10. I figured it out! Unlike the last two seasons where we kind of coast into the playoffs this time we will be battled, bruised, tested, and finally getting healthy while hitting on all cylinders as we enter the playoffs! It is meant to be! We are on a mission from God... At least that's how I'm going to view it
  11. Anything on Myers, Savage or P. Smith?
  12. It will have to be a shoot out. Their defense is lacking, and I'm scared what Mahomes could do to our secondary. That said it is a game I circled going into the season. Last time they played Mahomes was out. I like seeing the young buck vs the old hof games.
  13. Winning with the injuries have should always be a thought in some of the frustrations we have with this team. Also Barry has kept his defense fighting, and I will definitely give him credit there.
  14. I loved how we didn't just go one dimensional after everything started slow. We ran the ball to not only take pressure off the beat up o-line but I feel after the first drive in the second half we had the control of the game. Washington does have some studs though. We just have to keep grinding and get healthy. A healthy home win mixed with rams loss (playing the Lions, won't happen) and a Dallas loss (playing a hot vikings team) would be a nice start of the week. oh... and the bears bounce back against the Buccaneers 😁 Also Dunbar has to be called up this week right? He has played
  15. The belt and the "I still own you" ... Love that ****!
  16. MM... the king of simple by design...
  17. He actually has seemed to evolve... Like he talked a big game about analytics and such, but then when he got the job kept the young kid and lets him call the offense. Honestly, I liked McCarthy. I felt like he kept the locker rooms together until it finally just got too long in the tooth. What I am saying is, if he is just managing the team, the locker room, and the day to day instead of trying to do it all... I wouldn't just dismiss his team. Not saying you are, but over all.
  18. Big Mike with a big win... 5-1 as well... Do we see them in the playoffs? Hmm.....
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