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  1. damn flag... that man sacrificed his taint out there!
  2. Wow, what another damn good weekend of football!
  3. An even bigger sledding hill... That should get the NFL's attention to host a draft. GENIUS!
  4. I got mine after the last super bowl win. It's pretty cool.
  5. I just want these guys healthy for a playoffs run. This team has the fight and the heart... We just need the health.
  6. Thank you Titans for doing what needed to be done for us to see our game. Real stand up of you!
  7. Now, lets hope the Panthers can also have a miracle game against the Cards.
  8. Still don't trust it, SCORE DAMMIT!!
  9. If I were a WR I would probably take the Packers with their HOF QB and the fact they have pretty much punched their ticket into the playoffs being in the NFC north. Who knows though...
  10. The more the merrier? I think they will all have a role.
  11. I am not a X's and O's guy so I love when you do these break downs. Thanks for providing some more information to the overall narrative that the game was just a **** show.
  12. It comes down to what is most important to OBJ... Does he want to come into a system as a role player and compete for a championship, or does he want to do be targeted enough to earn him another pay day? I don't think the latter happens in GB. He needs to be all in as a league minimum player with a HOF QB that will def give him shots on the field and shots at the ring. That being said, it is not going to be his career is out of nowhere rejuvenated. I would love him as a weapon, and I don't think he is a horrible locker room guy... However, there has to be an understanding of the role.
  14. It got me too... I feel nothing but shame...
  15. What a crazy week of football ...
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