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  1. That was pretty damn bad. On par with Kadri's hit in round one.
  2. Not looking good for the Leafs. Price has made a couple big stops in the third for sure.
  3. Anybody else see Evander Kanes tweet after Reaves got the match penalty last nite?
  4. I dont think they will get past the Avs.
  5. Brutal hit that Tavares just took.
  6. He wasn't looking great in the last week or so of the season. Stood on his damn head today though!
  7. Yep, thats my 2 games as well. Bummed out to have missed the ATL and Bares games last season though.
  8. Sure does seem strange that PA "broke" the story Thursday late in the morning, worked the draft for the vikings, then conveniently took the following week off the radio. Was he just trying to cause a sh*tstorm for Green Bay?
  9. Rags coulda at least won one of the scraps though.
  10. Well that was some SlapShot sh*t to start tonites Caps/NYR game.
  11. Should make tomorrow nights rematch a little more interesting to say the least. Especially now that they are saying Panarin is out for rest of regular season.
  12. Hoping Rossi can be that guy. A little small, but the Wild need to start somewhere.
  13. Another crazy comeback for the Wild tonite. Fiala and Karill gonna be damn good together for awhile. Finally some decent hockey back in MN.
  14. Just watched that a few times....that was some real bush league sh*t for sure.
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