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  1. packers should lose out

    I think you should check the other thread thats been going on all week and find out what everybody thinks.
  2. Wow. Honestly kinda shocked it happened today and not end of season.
  3. Maybe a new head coach that is willing to accept input on his new OC and/or QB coach from his 2 time former MVP QB. I think that if we find someone that Rodgers respects and likes and put him in a position to work directly with him, it would cure alot of what seems to be ailing on the offensive side of the ball. I know that isnt really how things should work, ie letting players dictate front office decisions, but this is a little different situation than most around the league.
  4. On side kick now. Dont hope for a 3 and out.
  5. Look....a pass between the numbers!
  6. Besides the pass off Grahams fingertips in the first quarter, have we thrown a ball inside the numbers at all? Is everything a damn go route or a comeback along the sidelines?
  7. Wow. Nice whiff Spriggs. Horrible.
  8. Really? Thats your 4th and 1 call???
  9. And there is TO number 1....
  10. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

  11. Yep. Heard that too. She kinda stumbled thru that whole thing.
  12. Booger talking about how smart Pettine is calling the D tonite! C'mon man.
  13. And thats game. Stupid penalty.
  14. That is a horribly designed play.