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  1. Cook just got rocked and is down. Fumble.
  2. Huge TD catch by Lamb of DAL. Up 13-7 with under 5 left in first half.
  3. Cowboys running the ball and playing keep away so far.
  4. BUFF takes the lead with :34 left with a TD to Diggs.
  5. So with SEA likely losing today, that means GB and NO would be tied at the top of the NFC, with us having the #1 seed based on the tiebreaker.
  6. Thats a damn good D for the Rams.
  7. Another pick thrown by Russ.
  8. Has Winston thrown a pick yet?
  9. Wow, Greg Jennings is even criticizing Pettine now.
  10. Heh...no one wanted to celle with Z after his sack.
  11. Pettine is running STs today as well....Everyone play wayyyy back.
  12. Guess we were just waiting to have the wind at our back.
  13. Probably not D-Linemen, but an edge rusher standing up is likely watching that play clock once it gets below 3 seconds.
  14. Our S is playing so deep, he can't get to a ball deflected in the air for 3-4 seconds.
  15. They go no huddle, then make the O-Line be set for 15 seconds trying to draw the D offsides. Just ridiculous.
  16. I know its still early, but watching the D play against a QB making his second start you would think we would play a little more tough on the run.
  17. It is tough to watch Brees dismantle the Bucs D after watching how poorly we played against them for the final 2.5 quarters.
  18. Maybe AB already wrecked that Bucs locker room?
  19. 2 perfect passes by Herbert though. Somebody needs to make a play for him there.
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