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  1. It'll be next year after we lose in spectacular fashion in January. It is obvious that the team and Rodgers want to rid themselves of each other. More specifically Murphy wants to get rid of him. Assuming Love isn't good, that may be the catalyst to getting the much needed changes in the front office down the line.
  2. That’s why I read him. Rodney has been writing on the Packers for over 25 years. No one’s perfect but I like his perspective and the guy does watch film.
  3. FitzMagic in DC. Fun times ahead there for their WRs and the DBs who’ll get INTs
  4. I've got no problems with the deal. Aaron is a star and we have him now at a pretty fair number. Yeah, we have Dillon and we may even take a RB in the draft to replace Jamaal but Jones is versatile. We use him in the passing game, he blocks well, we saw him and Dillon on the field for sets together late in the season as well. I really thought he was gonna be signed by the Dolphins. But the desire to run it back with GB and shoot for redemption from January overrode money.
  5. Brady going for 10 rings.
  6. Extending Z gets us to the cap limit. Extending Davante frees up space... seen something like $6M 12 is the wild card... And releasing/trading Preston That gets us close to $30M under
  7. You can also re-sign Lane Taylor at $2.7M but he'll only count $990k on the cap. That's a no brainer to me.
  8. JJ is gonna get a 2 year $20M deal from someone.
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