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  1. Not with a potential letdown and the Packers wearing some fugly alternative uniforms this week
  2. WFT defense is 32nd right now They have a lot of studs up front but their LBs and secondary is Swiss cheese
  3. Taylor Heinicke shouldn’t be underestimated! He almost led them to a W against the Bucs in the Wild Card.
  4. WELL, he is under contract for 2022. We just have $40M in money OVER THE CAP for 2022 before we do anything.
  5. We need King back for this one. And hopefully Savage has no concussion. But the WFT secondary is terrible especially the back end. Rodgers needs to target Landon Collins all day long.
  6. Bucs biggest weakness is that secondary. The Rams exposed that a couple weeks back. But they’re more than solid everywhere else.
  7. The stories out of Ashburn, VA are something else. To think, these e-mails wouldn't have surfaced if Washington Football was never investigated.
  8. From last night, our guy Micah Hyde… he’s having a great season Tonight, Colts are dominating
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CU5i7PnBm0H/?utm_medium=copy_link Dope
  10. Micah Hyde… he’s having a great season
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