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  1. 1. *Houston (JAX) - Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson 2. NY Jets - DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama 3. Miami (HOU) - Ja'Marr Chase WR, LSU 4. Atlanta - Justin Fields QB, Ohio State 5. Cincinnati - Penei Sewell OT, Oregon 6. Philadelphia - Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama 7. Detroit - Zach Wilson QB, BYU 8. Carolina - Micah Parsons LB, Penn State 9. Denver - Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama 10. Dallas - Rashawn Slater C, Northwestern 11. NY Giants - Greggory Rousseaux DE, Miami (FL) 12. San Francisco - Caleb Farley CB, Va. Tech 13. LA Chargers - Christian Darrishaw OT, Va. Tech 14. Minnesot
  2. Anyone wanna change their opinion on Justin Fields?
  3. Seems like you are the only negative one in here. Everyone else either likes it or dislikes it. But they leave it at that.
  4. No, doing it for years. I drafted off of team need from the same source I've been using since I started these years ago.
  5. Please understand that Sam darnold isn't a bad QB. And Drew Brees knows about bad organizations not helping you get better. Darnold would sit behind Brees and Learn. He's only 23 years old
  6. 1. Jacksonville - Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson 2. *Dallas (via NYJ) - Penei Sewell OT, Oregon 3. Atlanta - Justin Fields QB, Ohio State 4. Miami (via HOU) - DeVonta Smith WR, Alabama 5. Carolina - Micah Parsons LB, Penn State 6. Cincinnati - Ja'Marr Chase WR, LSU 7. Philadelphia - Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama 8. Detroit - Caleb Farley CB, Virginia Tech 9. NY Giants - Gregory Rousseau DE, Miami (FL) 10. *NY Jets (via DAL) - Zach Wilson QB, BYU 11. LAC - Wyatt Davis OG, Ohio State 12. Denver - Trey Lance QB, North Dakota State 13. Minn
  7. Hear me out. Don't sleep on the Carolina Panthers to put together a package deal to trade up for the #1 overall pick. Here's how they could do it! Carolina trades Christian McCaffery to the Miami Dolphins for both of their draft picks. So now Carolina has #10, #11, #18 (If the season ended today) Carolina then trades al three first to the NY Jets for the #1 overall pick. Draft Trevor Lawrence who gets to stay in the Carolinas. And Carolina can still build around him.
  8. Why wouldn't they. Look at where they might end up being? their first round pick could end up being #32. Why not trade for an established QB who has talent.
  9. Dallas is not going after Trevor Lawrence because that would make Jerry Jones look very suspect.
  10. I never said Andrew Luck was a failure. I said the last Golden Boy the NFL put up was Andrew Luck and he went to a franchise who treated him like he could do everything by himself. And Trevor Lawrence going to the Jets would be the same thing. Wasted Talent. The main point I was making was how Trevor Lawrence will pull an Eli Manning to make sure he is going to a team that will help him. Synder had money. Snyder has draft picks. He would def do it.
  11. BTW, the last Golden Boy QB the NFL and Media promoted as the next GOD of the position was Andrew Luck and you see how they wound up. Indy never built around Luck and early retirement for him...
  12. I come from a pure place when I say this. The NFL pipeline for QBs has ruined perception. Stripping football fans of the right to observe that position through an unbias lens. They do tell you who to watch and observe through the lens they want you to look through to believe that this QB is the next big thing. Trevor Lawrence has been gifted the golden boy label since he came into the college football scene. They had him the #1 overall pick before he stepped onto a campus. Has he played well? Absolutely. But is it also him going to a school that is deep with talent and helps him do more withou
  13. My Mock draft with Predicted Order of Draft: 1. NY Jets - Justin Fields QB, Ohio State 2. Cincinnati - Penei Sewell OT, Oregon 3. NY Giants - Ja'Marr Chase WR, LSU 4. Atlanta - Gregory Rousseau DE, Miami (FL) 5. Dallas - Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama 6. Washington - Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson 7. Jacksonville - Shaun Wade CB, Ohio State 8. Houston - Travis Etienne RB, Clemson 9. Minnesota - Javon Holland Safety, Oregon 10. *Dallas (Via Miami) - Marvin Wilson DT, Florida State 11. Carolina - Wyatt Davis, OT Ohio State 12. Denver -
  14. Actually I used a draft trade simulator that gives out the point value for draft picks. Since Dallas drafts at 17, it was only 950 points and the Jags first was 1300. So I had to throw in that second which was like 450 points to make it a fair trade
  15. 1. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow QB, LSU 2. Washington Redskins - Chase Young DE, Ohio State 3. Detroit Lions - Jeff Okudah CB, Ohio State 4. NY Giants - Jerry Jeudy WR, Alabama 5. Miami Dolphins - Justin Herbert QB, Oregon 6. LA Chargers - Tua Tagovailoa QB, Alabama 7. Carolina Panthers - Derrick Brown DT, Auburn 8. Arizona Cardinals - Andrew Thomas OT, Georgia 9. *Dallas Cowboys (via Jaguars) - Cee Dee Lamb WR, Oklahoma 10. Cleveland Browns - Austin Jackson OT, USC 11. NY Jets - Tyler Biadasz Center, Wisconsin 12. Oakland Raiders - Tee
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