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  1. I never said Andrew Luck was a failure. I said the last Golden Boy the NFL put up was Andrew Luck and he went to a franchise who treated him like he could do everything by himself. And Trevor Lawrence going to the Jets would be the same thing. Wasted Talent. The main point I was making was how Trevor Lawrence will pull an Eli Manning to make sure he is going to a team that will help him. Synder had money. Snyder has draft picks. He would def do it.
  2. BTW, the last Golden Boy QB the NFL and Media promoted as the next GOD of the position was Andrew Luck and you see how they wound up. Indy never built around Luck and early retirement for him...
  3. I come from a pure place when I say this. The NFL pipeline for QBs has ruined perception. Stripping football fans of the right to observe that position through an unbias lens. They do tell you who to watch and observe through the lens they want you to look through to believe that this QB is the next big thing. Trevor Lawrence has been gifted the golden boy label since he came into the college football scene. They had him the #1 overall pick before he stepped onto a campus. Has he played well? Absolutely. But is it also him going to a school that is deep with talent and helps him do more without worrying about the pressure to exceed expectations. YUP!!!!! Trevor Lawrence gets praised for attributes that many black QBs share; yet never get the amount of praise like their white counterpart. Now, TO THOSE WHO WILL READ THIS AND IMMEDIATELY DISCREDIT MY POINT BECAUSE I BROUGHT UP RACE. THAT'S FAIR! BUT THERE IS TRUTH TO WHAT I SAID. (AND NO, IM NOT SAYING JUSTIN FIELDS IS BETTER BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!!) The fact that Lawrence was prophesized as this phenom is apart of the reason. I believe that because of his hype; the media has given this man the power to call the shots. It's the same thing they did back in 2004 with Eli Manning. Eli Manning was highly touted coming out of ole miss. Simply because of his brother being Peyton. So the media was obsessed with the idea of Eli Manning and Peyton Manning playing against each other. So Eli told the San Diego Chargers before the draft that he didn't want to be a charger. He didn't want to be in the same conference as his brother. ELI MANNING HAD THAT POWER BECAUSE OF HOW HE WAS PROPHESIZED AS THIS PHENOM WHO WAS BETTER THAN PEYTON. (YES! MOST REPORTS BACK THEN WERE THAT ELI WAS EVEN BETTER THAN PEYTON!!) Trevor Lawrence is going to pull that same ish. Because right now, the NY Jets are being labeled a trainwreck of a franchise. You have longtime Jets fans like Mike Greenberg telling Lawrence on camera, to avoid the NY Jets if he wants a career. So Lawrence is going to Eli Manning, the NY Jets. And Justin Fields who will have an outstanding year himself, will be the 2nd best option for NY. I don't think Atlanta will risk the #4 overall pick on a QB with Matt Ryan still on that big contract extension he signed two years back. That's why I have Washington picking him
  4. My Mock draft with Predicted Order of Draft: 1. NY Jets - Justin Fields QB, Ohio State 2. Cincinnati - Penei Sewell OT, Oregon 3. NY Giants - Ja'Marr Chase WR, LSU 4. Atlanta - Gregory Rousseau DE, Miami (FL) 5. Dallas - Patrick Surtain II CB, Alabama 6. Washington - Trevor Lawrence QB, Clemson 7. Jacksonville - Shaun Wade CB, Ohio State 8. Houston - Travis Etienne RB, Clemson 9. Minnesota - Javon Holland Safety, Oregon 10. *Dallas (Via Miami) - Marvin Wilson DT, Florida State 11. Carolina - Wyatt Davis, OT Ohio State 12. Denver - Micah Parsons LB, Penn State 13. New England - Trey Lance QB, N. Dakota State 14. LA Chargers - Caleb Farley CB, Virginia Tech 15. Las Vegas - Dylan Moses LB, Alabama 16. Detroit - Jaylen Waddle WR, Alabama 17. San Francisco - Trevon Moehrig Safety, TCU 18. New Orleans - Kyle Pitts TE, Florida 19. Philadelphia - Chris Olave WR, Ohio State 20. Indianapolis - Patrick Jones II Edge, Pittsburgh 21. *Washington (via Chicago) - Justyn Ross WR, Clemson 22. Cleveland - Nick Bolton LB, Missouri 23. Tampa Bay - Quincy Roche Edge, Miami (FL) 24. LA Rams - Alijah Vera-Tucker OL, USC 25. Arizona - Eric Stokes CB, Georgia 26. Buffalo - Trey Smith OL, Tennessee 27. Baltimore - DeVonte Smith WR, Alabama 28. Tennessee - Christian Barmore DT, Alabama 29. Seattle - Chris Rumph II Edge, Duke 30. *NYJ (via Pittsburgh) - Rondale Moore WR, Purdue 31. Green Bay - Samuel Cosmi OL, Texas 32. Kansas City - Asante Samuel Jr CB, Florida State *Dallas trades WR Amare Cooper and 4th round (2021) to Miami for #10 overall *NY Jets send QB Sam Darnold to Pittsburgh for #30 overall (2021) *Washington sends Dwayne Haskins to Chicago for #21 overall (2021)
  5. Actually I used a draft trade simulator that gives out the point value for draft picks. Since Dallas drafts at 17, it was only 950 points and the Jags first was 1300. So I had to throw in that second which was like 450 points to make it a fair trade
  6. 1. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow QB, LSU 2. Washington Redskins - Chase Young DE, Ohio State 3. Detroit Lions - Jeff Okudah CB, Ohio State 4. NY Giants - Jerry Jeudy WR, Alabama 5. Miami Dolphins - Justin Herbert QB, Oregon 6. LA Chargers - Tua Tagovailoa QB, Alabama 7. Carolina Panthers - Derrick Brown DT, Auburn 8. Arizona Cardinals - Andrew Thomas OT, Georgia 9. *Dallas Cowboys (via Jaguars) - Cee Dee Lamb WR, Oklahoma 10. Cleveland Browns - Austin Jackson OT, USC 11. NY Jets - Tyler Biadasz Center, Wisconsin 12. Oakland Raiders - Tee Higgins WR, Clemson 13. Indianapolis Colts - A.J. Epenesa DT, Iowa 14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tristan Wirfs OT, Iowa 15. Denver Broncos - Isaiah Simmons S, Clemson 16. Atlanta Falcons - Yetur Gross-Matos DE, Penn State 17. *Jacksonville Jaguars (via Cowboys) - Henry Ruggs III WR, Alabama 18. Miami Dolphins (via Steelers) - Jonathan Taylor RB, Wisconsin 19. Oakland Raiders (via Bears) - Kristian Fulton CB, LSU 20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via LA Rams) - Grant Delpit S, LSU 21. Buffalo Bills - Raekwon Davis DT, Alabama 22. Minnesota Vikings - Javon Kinlaw DT, South Carolina 23. Seattle Seahawks - Curtis Weaver DE, Boise State 24. New England Patriots - Jedrick Wills OT, Alabama 25. Philadelphia Eagles - Kenneth Murray ILB, Oklahoma 26. Tennessee Titans - Wyatt Davis OG, Ohio State 27. Houston Texans - Travis Etienne RB, Clemson 28. New Orleans Saints - Solomon Kindley OG, Georgia 29. Kansas City Chiefs - D'Andre Swift RB, Georgia 30. Green Bay Packers - Jalen Hurts QB, Oklahoma 31. Baltimore Ravens - CJ Henderson CB, Florida 32. San Francisco 49ers - Xavier McKinney S, Alabama Dallas sends: 2020 1st (17 overall), 2020 2nd round (49 overall) Jacksonville sends: 2020 1st (9 overall) Notable FA signings: Cowboys sign Byron Jones to a new contract; Franchise tag Dak Prescott GB Packers sign: Amare Cooper
  7. 1. NY Giants - Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio State 2. *Oakland (via Cardinals) - Ed Oliver DT, Houston 3. Atlanta Falcons - Nick Bosa DE, Ohio State 4. Indianapolis Colts - Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson 5. *Arizona Cardinals (via Raiders) - Jonah Williams OT, Alabama 6. SF 49ers - Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson 7. Buffalo Bills - Rashan Gary DT, Michigan 8. Dallas Cowboys - A.J Brown WR, Ole Miss 9. Denver Broncos - Will Grier QB WVU 10. Detroit Lions - Deandre Baker CB, Georgia 11. Houston Texans - Bryce Love RB Stanford 12. NY Jets - Raekwon Davis DT Alabama 13. Seattle Seahawks - Dalton Risner OT Kansas State 14. Cleveland Browns - Greg Little OT Ole Miss 15. Green Bay Packers - Dre'Mont Jones DT Ohio State 16. Minnesota Vikings - Justin Herbert QB Oregon 17. Philadelphia Eagles - Benny Snell RB Kentucky 18. Pittsburgh Steelers - Dionte Thompson Safety, Alabama 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Josh Allen DE Kentucky 20. Washington Redskins - Brian Burns DE Florida State 21. Baltimore Ravens - N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State 22. Jacksonville Jaguars - Parris Campbell WR Ohio State 23. LA Chargers - Ryan Finley QB NC State 24. Miami Dolphins - Anthony Johnson WR Buffalo 25. New England Patriots - Drew Lock QB Missouri 26. Tennesee Titans - KJ Hill WR Ohio State 27. Carolina Panthers - Noah Fant TE Iowa 28. *Arizona (via Raiders via Bears) - Greedy Williams CB LSU 29. Cincinnati Bengals - Te'von Coney LB Notre Dame 30. Green Bay Packers (via Saints) - David Montgomery RB Iowa State 31. LA Rams - Julian Love CB Notre Dame 32. KC Chiefs - Zach Allen DE Boston College
  8. I want to keep Zeke's carries down. We need to preserve his career or it will end shortly. Because Dallas is about to be in rebuild mode. We need a QB, Te, and WRs
  9. Before the Thanksgiving game. Dallas could be 3-8 by then
  10. Dak Prescott dropped the ball and opportunity to build upon his game. He is a product of believing in his own hype, and he got complacent. Last year, Dak along with the coaching staff covered up his inconsistent play with throwing Dez Bryant under the bus. Now, Dak Prescott is currently being protected by everyone blaming the HC and OC. Dak hasn't improved on reading the defense and making adjustments. This isnt college... And I feel like Dak is still playing like a College football QB. It worked his rookie year because no one had tape on him. But Dak hasn't converted to a Pro QB where reading and making adjustments is everything to a QBs success in the NFL. That could be on the coaches, or him. But it's too late to bring in a new staff and fix Dak Prescott. I think the new coaching staff will have to draft a QB. Hopefully Dallas keeps sucking and we draft Haskins or Will Grier
  11. Jerry Jones has taken away the passion that Cowboys fans use to have with this team. And those fans were replaced with the fans who have money to spend just to experience a Cowboys game. The Cowboys organization has become an attraction more than an actual competitive football team. Jerry Jones wants a show for his audience. He wants ratings, he wants excitement. And I personally believe Jerry Jones doesnt care about winning another title because he already has three. And the only thing that was missing from his legacy was that HOF. And he worked hard as hell to get there. His own words. The Dallas Cowboys are a lost cause, and I stopped defending them last year when I seen Dak get exposed. Dak spent more time doing commercials and doing all of the right things off the field because of the team he plays for. Than working on his game. Because I've seen QBs with lesser talent, move the ball. But Dak hardly audibles; he barely can read a defense and adjust. Yes, I get it. Our offensive coordinator is basic and isn't helping. But our QB should know when a play is not going to work because of the defense he sees; makes that adjustment. But Dallas runs the plays called, and the defense knows what is happening. Which means, we are helping them shut us down. Dez Bryant was a scapegoat to protect Dak prescott. But now, Dak is even more exposed for not being a complete QB. And the owner being as stubborn as he is, continues to open his mouth and insert himself into football things. Saying that Dallas never had a #1 WR was the last straw for me. Jerry Jones is not equipped to own the Cowboys, anymore.
  12. Terrance Williams has never developed into a quality WR. He has all of the tools yet he still makes Patrick Crayton level Mistakes...
  13. T.O is spot on. But he knows the answer. As long as Jerry Jones owns the team, he will never relinquish the full power to a GM and HC. He doesnt want to just sit back and collect money. He is a mediocre college football player who never was good enough to be in the NFL. So he took his oil money and bought an NFL team. And the chip on Jerry's shoulder to prove that he has an NFL mind; he needs that power and control. On top of that, Jerry Jones never forgets his failures. He never forgets about the Players he didnt draft or the coaches he didn't keep. Jascon Garrett is there to make up for never giving Sean Peyton the HC gig when he was Offensive Coordinator for Dallas.
  14. Changing of the culture seems to be the trend.
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