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  1. LIS I get it. You hit on everyone I think I should have some interest in other than Willie Mack. I've watched the last 3 or 4 Impact PPVs and thought they were ok but nobody really caught my interest. I really like the idea of the potential tag team matches but I'm just not sure how or why that should have anything to do with Omega taking the singles title to Impact. There's not an interpromotional match in the top 10 of who I'd want to see Omega fued with next. I literally couldn't care less about women's wrestling. I've tried. It's just not my thing. The only woman I'm even slightly interested in is girl Pete Dunne from NXT who was on fire a year ago (Ripley?). Bey is smaller than me. Moose isn't very good and is so big he'll make everyone in AEW look stupid small. Edwards is just a really good midcarder. I'm glad everyone is hype. I'm just not.
  2. So I'm totally an AEW mark but I wasn't really into the big stories on Dynamite. OC needs to be an event not an every week thing. The IC breakup angle is WAY too soon. Sting is in his 60s and I never got into "The Crow" Sting. The Omega to Impact/crossover angle is a great idea in theory but I have pretty much zero interest in anybody in Impact. I get why they did what they did. I get why people are excited about it. I'm just not. 🤷
  3. Packere are the number 1 scoring team in the NFL.
  4. That list is really short. Like technically zero short. Mercedes Lewis is the only first round pick he's thrown a touchdown to. Edit: He also threw a pick 6 to William Jackson who was a first round pick by the Bengals.
  5. My coworker is a Bears fan so I watch a lot of Bears games. They benched him halfway through week 3. He was TERRIBLE for the first three quarters of week one then lit it up in the fourth. He waareally bad the second half of week 2 and the first half of week three. His benching was super justifiable.
  6. Just about everybody who was questioning Rodgers was focusing on three areas. Throwing in rhythm. Using the middle of the field. Throwing to the RBs and TEs. Those are pretty much exactly what he's improved on.
  7. Ran the numbers before. Pretty positive every Superbowl winner ever has had a Top 10 scoring defense in the regular season or the equivalent during the playoffs except for the Joe Flacco Ravens Superbowl which I assume is one of the three you listed. The Giants who beat the undefeated Patriots was another for sure and IIRC off the top of my head the last was the Colts (or maybe the Saints).
  8. Seeing Aaron Rodgers' in that first half was inspirational... As in his hair and beard looked so sh!++y I stopped watching the game for 15 minutes to cut my hair and trim my beard.
  9. You give Taysom Hill $21 million. Brees goes down. You put in Winston. That's seriously the most WTF contract ever. Dude has less than 50 touches/targets.
  10. Too bad you can't hand out cash and cocaine to kids and convince them into coming into a TERRIBLE racist place and believing garbage like Toby Keith singing "I ain't as good as i once was but I'm as good once as I ever was." only applies to the fans. That can't rebuild a program. 🤷 F××× Nebraska.
  11. I can't even explain why I hate Nebraska so much. I literally have no connection to the "rivalry". I don't think I currently know a single Huskers fan. I don't think I have known a single fan in my life other than my grandma's friend who was a Huskers fan in the 80s who I haven't seen or heard of or from in 35 years, who I'm assuming is dead, and who (whom?) I remember fondly. I just think much like Texas, Tennessee, FSU, Miami, etc.etc. fans who's teams haven't been relevant in forever but get ranked every year that I think...."Really? You're still holding on to that?". They're almost as bad as mid majors who go 7-0 in the MAC or AAC that think they are an actual team. 🤷
  12. My entire takeaway from this year is still going to end up being the disappointment in not being allowed the chance to roll Nebraska with our 4th string QB.
  13. Just putting this out here. Will Hobbs is going to "turn" on Shaq on the next PPV.
  14. Full Gear was great. The sammy vs hardy "match" was a little long and the women's match ending with 100 knee strikes after her knee was hurt weren't perfect but super solid show. My baseline is admittedly really low but I wouldn't have been embarrassed to show someone that and admit I like wrestling
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