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  1. Everything other than the reveal and the main event was fire. Unforunanately the build was focused around the the big signing and main event. Disappointed. The cinematic match was beautifully done. As a markI I can't boo the Christian signing more though. I'll never trust AEW again on a reveal. Pathetic.
  2. I know it's not sexy but elite grappling is so much in my wheelhouse. I love that stuff. So clearly and obviously the best base in fighting. ❤❤❤
  3. I'm going to throw out my wild guess nobody I've seen has mentioned for Ss and Gs.... Bret Hart.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I only watch PPVs but the production value in WWE is so good it's bad. The jump cuts are are almost nauseating. It's like Michael Bay on Adderal. Everything looks great for 5 second clips but it's impossible for me to watch for more than that. The highlights look great but it's just too much to watch in real time. I'm pretty sure that's the intention and I get it I'm just not into it.
  5. Pretty sure we already had our all in off-season in 2019 when we signed 4 free agents for like 175 million.
  6. I know this won't be a popular opinion but I love AEW Dark. It's consistently just a dozen of pretty good matches where I don't have to follow too closely to any storyline or flow. It's just perfectly decent mindless stand alone WRESTLING matches where I'm not invested every week and I like it.
  7. That was pretty easily the worst Dynamite so far in my opinion. I have pretty much nothing positive to say about the show other than Sammy/Hager looking really good. If Hager is arguably the best thing on the show that pretty much sums it up. Botches galore and I think for the the first time I felt insulted for wasting my time on an AEW show.
  8. Anybody want to chip in and pay for him to hang out with Jordan Palmer the next couple summers?
  9. So there is literally a one square foot area by the front door where putting your shoes is inconvenient. My wife puts her shoes there every time she walks in. If you are jogging and I can hear you from a half block away you are not doing yourself any good. Those are my rants for the day.
  10. I don't like saying it but it's true.... if that dude did some crunches he'd be the biggest thing in wrestling.
  11. I'm convinced RV dealerships are a money laundering front. I've seen 10% as many dealerships in my travels than I have actual RVs and I spend more time than I want camping and at national parks.
  12. Almost everything AEW does is to MAINTAIN a story line while almost everything WWE does is to PROLONG a story line. I literally can not comprehend how anybody could feel like WWE is the better product right now but there's a guy who ate a Big Mac everyday for 20 years so 🤷.
  13. Ironically I'm pretty sure Mitch was at least sort of a Packers fan and we kinda ruined his career. If he didn't have to play us he'd probably have a long term contract. He's like 24-9 with a QB rating in the mid 90s the last 3 years against the rest of the league but 1-5 with a QB rating around 70 against us.
  14. My opinion on Marty's explanation and the sincerity of his apology is going to be almost entirely based on how much the Young Bucks and Omega go to bat for the guy. They would know him better than almost anybody in the business and based on their characteristics ("Christian AF/straight edge and being the lead for AEW's women's division respectively) those guys having his back would lead me to believe his actions were uncharacteristic and his apology sincere. Basically I know plenty of people I would 100% go to bat for and believe if they found/put themselves in that situation and unfortu
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