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  1. Moving is going to be the death of me. We decided to simplify things and trade in the mountains for the beach. We are going from a two bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment and my girlfriend was going through stuff and "downsizing" today. 30 fing purses. I ish you not. She ended up with 30 FING purses after downsizing. "But to be fair 9 of them are clutches." 🙄🔫
  2. All of the school in the Big Ten are AAU schools (except for Nebraska which was at the time of its admittance). That's the number one criteria the Big Ten would be looking for when adding members IMO.
  3. So you're telling me a guy who hasn't won a fight in 10 years is facing a guy who has won once in the last 5 years (vs. a guy who hasn't won in his last 6 fights btw)? Where do I sign up?
  4. I literally can't remember the last time I've had a glass of milk. Guessing it's probably been at least 25 years. Probably have had like a half dozen bowls of cereal in that time. Think I had a bowl of cinnamon toast crush like 3 or 4 years ago.
  5. It'll probably help some kid who is struggling so... 👍. On a somewhat related note I really couldn't care less what consenting adults do with their genitals but I do find it slightly weird when people mistake that for a personality trait. 🤷
  6. Malika Andrews OMG that girl is GORGEOUS. Like WOW. I'm considering pretending to care about the NBA to see more of her.
  7. So money shouldn't be an issue. There's gonna be an F ton of new cap space next year right? Doesn't the new TV contract kick in soon? It's double the old one. Like 10 billion or something incomprehensible like that. That's gotta add like 100 million+ instantly plus fans being back. The caps gonna have to be like 300 million in 2023 right?
  8. I'm pretty positive it's a government conspiracy to start/encourage/promote some of the really crazy/stupid government conspiracies so that when people talk about the actual government conspiracies they sound crazy/stupid.
  9. If I was a female I'd go around asking random dudes what "mansplaining" was just for the sheer awkwardness.
  10. So I got my first job in the service industry in 1992. This last month has pretty much universally been the most stressful time in every single coworker's/friend's career. Please be patient, kind, and generous. The entire industry is struggling but busting their ×××.
  11. I don't get what you're saying. No body on that show that went over was a wwe guy. That show was to promote OC, Jungle Boy, and Britt and the fans ate it up.
  12. I loved the PPV but... That Stadium Stampede match was garbage. If you would have told me there was a PPV that ended with Sammy taking a 123 and I'd dislike it I'd punch you for being stupid but that sucked big time.
  13. We drafted him before arguably the greatest RB, CB, and LB in history. Ugh.
  14. We agree on a lot of stuff but music isn't always one of them. I'm super into the sad bastard stuff and super catchy pop. Fun. is a perfect blend. Nate Ruess is a charming, depressed, pretentious, drunk, hopeless romantic who hates the world and himself at times. That sorta stuff speaks to me. Jack is just a master of pop songwriting. Aim and Ignite would absolutely be on the nominee list for my favorite album of all time.
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