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  1. To the same team, firsts in different years. Spread em out.
  2. So it seems many fans want Pettine gone. I’m Switzerland about it and don’t really have a hard and fast opinion either way. Hypothetically, if Pettine is sacked, who’s out there that would do any better and quickly? I’ve heard Dan Quinn’s name brought up in other forums and he does have a history with MLF, but his defense with the Falcons was terrible. Maybe if he was just a D coordinator again he might be better, but honestly, he doesn’t thrill me. So who’s available to replace Pettine that’s worth a damn?
  3. Just a dumb GD game all around. Embarrassing performance, considering the hype for this team. MLF and Rodgers had a bad showing. Guess they’ll need to suck it up and figure it out, FFS.
  4. The results of this twitter poll are 70% in favor of Bak/Williams. Just pointing this out for the folks at home.
  5. Donald Driver is in my top three all time Packers. The dude was just goodness - on and off the field.
  6. I just want to see Brady get rattled or laid out a few times, and then watch him scream at his O-line on the sidelines like he did in the Bears game last Thursday night.
  7. Nostalgic’s like us appreciate the passing of this era and their competitive play over the years. Football purists have a lot to be excited about at the QB position for the present and future. Some very promising young talent in the league right now. I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.
  8. Russell Wilson’s Good Deeds tweet material.
  9. Not that anyone gives a shart, but I just got over 50 fantasy points between DK and Thielen. My God those two guys had a night.
  10. He threw it to DK after all! My God man.
  11. Are you effing kidding me? Lol.
  12. Here’s where we see Wilson run for about 50 yards in the time remaining.
  13. Seattle tackles worse than GB, so we have that also going for us. Which is nice.
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