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  1. Thanks for the data. So, 3-3 and we won by a small margin in a low scoring game in 2019. Sorta validates my memory, lol.
  2. Without looking back at previous games against Washington, I seem to remember that for whatever reason GB has struggled against them. With the Arizona game lurking around the corner on a short week, I’m hopeful MLF keeps our squad super focused on the task before them.
  3. True that. And in spite of looking more “human” this year, he’s still being talked about as an MVP candidate. I’d like to see an uptick in his play also - GB is gonna need it in the coming weeks.
  4. I went into this season kinda worried that Rodger's play would drop off (because of the off-season bs), thereby decreasing his trade value AND GB’s chances of a legit SB run. Fortunately, the opposite has occurred and both Rodger’s value and our SB run remain intact…..so far. GB either restructures Rodgers in the off-season or they let him go for a haul of picks.
  5. “Rodgekunst” has a nice ring to it.
  6. If you’re able, read the responses to this tweet. Classic!
  7. If there’s anything to learn from all of this, it’s just don’t be a doooosh bag. And if you are a dooosh bag, just don’t send dooooshy emails. Of course, if you’re a dooosh bag, you’re prolly too stupid to follow these simple life tips and are incapable of hiding your doooshyness, so you deserve to be outed for being a dooosh bag.
  8. By all accounts, players, coaches, pundits - all said he was an impactful presence in Dallas until last year. More than a JAG. You don't go to a pro bowl at his position for just making tackles.
  9. Come on bro, Jaylon Smith had three very solid years in Dallas, and was named to the pro bowl in 2019. To say he was never good is just not the case at all.
  10. These recent signings are coming at the perfect time, IMO. The schedule gets tough after this week and the injuries are mounting. It also gives Jaylon and Mercillus time to get adjusted to GB’s system before the playoff push. Now if we can just avoid any additional injuries, smh.
  11. I’m not sold on the idea that just because Alexander “may” be back in the line up, that he’ll actually “stay” in the line up. Hoping he doesn’t re-aggravate his injured shoulder, but it’s a distinct possibility and one that Gute needs to be prepared for.
  12. Working Morrissey lyrics into a football analogy takes great skill. Those who know Morrissey’s style will understand and appreciate the difficulty, lol.
  13. Your prognostications fall into the “best laid plans” assumption. I’m merely pointing out that it doesn’t always work out that way, regardless of how competent your FO is. That is all. But yeah, we’re facing that reality soon as you said.
  14. Yeah, I was just sharing that it’s not just as easy as snap your fingers once, maybe twice, and you have a ten-plus year QB solution. I guess I’m just setting the ‘expectation table’ that we might need to be more patient with finding our post Rodgers QB. If it’s Love, awesome, and GB might not even miss a step. If not, then Gute will keep trying until something works. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take 4 or 5 or 10 tries, lol.
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