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  1. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    The Packers shouldn’t need a dam wake-up call game like today’s to start getting hot. Be that as it may, if today does serve as a ginormous kick-in-the-teeth, get your sh!t together game, then at least something good can come of today. It’s a bonus that the Bills routed the Vikings today - nobody at 1265 should be feeling very comfortable this week. Every game is urgent and meaningful. Practice that way, play that way, start the game wide-awake, and leave it all on the field dangit.
  2. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    What irks me is that this team shouldn’t need a wake-up call, or a punch in the mouth kind of game to get em going. They should know by now that every game on every Sunday is a “bring your dam A-game or don’t get on the plane”. I cringed at the mugs in this forum who were talking about GB blowing the Skins out earlier this week. Don’t bring that talk in here this week unless you want to get trolled.
  3. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Just heard Vontae Davis wants to unretire and rejoin the Bills, LOL.
  4. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    They’re illegal now, therefore, not clean. Will people still watch?
  5. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Thank God it’s early. With all of the other aforementioned things being equal the rest of the season, however, it’s difficult to overcome biased moronic refs, injuries to your star QB, and a lack of talent at key positions. Consistency, less mental mistakes, making catches, wrapping up, etc will hopefully improve over the season and help to counter the other things out.
  6. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    I have a much bigger problem with the moronic pass interference calls on Alexander and one other early in this game that kept Washington’s drive alive for a TD. Both calls were absolutely ridiculous and not even close. Gotta wonder who we pi$$ed of in the league/officiating office to warrant this kind of abuse.
  7. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    When you’ve been trained to play the game your whole life one way, and in one single year change the basic essence of the game, don’t expect players to change their basic instincts. These rules are not going work, are bad for the game, and will backfire on the league.
  8. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    I’d like to think that this fact would check everyone’s hubris at the door and wake everyone the heck up, but more than a wake up call is required for this reality to change. Rodger’s leg isn’t going to heal overnight, the refs probably aren’t going to change their bias against the Packers, MM isn’t going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly become Lombardi, and we’re not signing anyone. Gut-check time before it’s too late.
  9. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    Dude, that’s ef’d up. What is wrong with you man?
  10. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    He would’ve been in Smiths face all day today.
  11. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    Let’s talk about why we really lost today - fundamentals and pad level dominance just weren’t there. We got to get back to execution, fundamentals, and have a good week of practice.
  12. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Well, yes and no. Happy that our early season blunders haven’t hurt us too bad yet. Then again, some sense of urgency to come out prepared, hungry, and ready at the opening whistle like your life depended upon would be nice, which a competing rival is apt to bring out.
  13. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    Rodgers immobility is really diminishing his overall effectiveness, and if this injury lingers throughout the season - like some prognosticators predict - then we’re in for a very different season than we had hoped for from Rodgers.
  14. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    How do possibly correlate enjoying a Packers loss to my enjoying having fun at a homer’s expense? I hate losing as much as the other guy, but I dislike blind homerism also. I refuse to suffer fools, and there is foolishness in dismissing any team as a rollover patsy in this league. Now that we’ve squared that away, on to MM. He’s got some problems he needs to address, including getting his team emotionally ready for any team, any Sunday, from the opening whistle. Outside of that, I don’t care to break down his philosophies- I’m not a football coach.
  15. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Here’s the deal - the Vikings, Lions, and Bears have focused their entire vision, mission and goals solely on beating the Packers. Small-minded vision, mission and goals are bringing our division down.