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  1. Poor Bakhtiari, seems he’s missing that loving feeling.
  2. I’ve been following MVS on Twitter for quite a while and he posts a lot of random things, but I think he’s more of a “stream of conscious” writer when he posts. In other words, really nothing to see here but sharing anyways.
  3. Sure. It’ll certainly make Gute’s job more “interesting”.
  4. Sh1t will get really interesting if Rodgers has another MVP-type season this year.
  5. Rodgers so-called “regression” was more injury related during those years. I do think you’re overstating his regression as a way to substantiate your reasons for moving on from him post haste.
  6. Since we’re entering into a new era (new D coordinator), it’s hard for me to gauge the pros and cons of bringing King back, since one of the upsides to keeping him is he knows the system. The flip side of this is that if the system changes, then it could possibly benefit King if he’s utilized properly.
  7. Possibly. All “Tommy” said, however, was Boyle would give Goff competition, which is true. Goff is not good - not terrible - but not good.
  8. I’m not sure “Tommy” is wrong.
  9. So AJ and Dillon at RB. Guessing our receiver group is pretty much set then. TE? Defense needs some help still. Will Monopoly money work?
  10. Adam Schefter just added the Bears to the Wilson list.
  11. Yep. It appears as though all roads are leading Rodgers back to Cali at some point in the near future (new bride, family, his homeland, TV stardom, etc). Might as well leverage your fame with your personal interests and make hay while you can.
  12. This cracks me up. Our QB is a lovable nerd, according to his new fiancé.
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