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  1. Coming into today’s game, Goff has been terrible. Just look at his previous 4 games: QBR - 49, 51, 20, 47. Today he had a 84 QBR with a 77% completion percentage. He exceeded my expectations today when considering his lack of cold weather experience, bad thumb, terrible past four games, and no Kupp. He clearly needed more help from his running game and his o-line (pressures and sacks), but props to GB’s defense all the way around for a dominant performance.
  2. I was expecting Goff to throw for less than 10 receptions, less than 100 yards total - especially with Kupp out. So yeah, he outperformed my expectations.
  3. I made no such assertions. Being surprised that Goff had a better game than expected does not equal criticism of our defense, nor did I even remotely mention anything about better QB’s giving GB problems. The rhetoric coming into the game was that expectations for Goff were low due to his lack of experience playing in the cold and his thumb injury. It’s not a stretch to say he performed better than expected - especially with Kupp out, and it’s not necessarily an indictment of the GB defense that he played fairly well, albeit far from good enough to win. I have plenty of faith in ou
  4. Right. And I’m saying everyone said the same thing about Goff. And I also said it really doesn’t matter because it’s the GB offense that’s driving this boat to the SB. You didn’t read my post...like, at all.
  5. To be fair, Goff purportedly couldn’t play in the cold or move very well, and yet he was still very efficient today. But let’s be honest, that’s not really an issue. Maintaining a high octane offense is what will carry this team to the Superb Owl this year, and that’s ok.
  6. Goff was way too efficient tonight for my liking, especially considering he didn’t have Kupp in the lineup. In the end it doesn’t matter, but I was expecting a lesser passing performance from Goff to be honest.
  7. Nothing to fear amigos. We are good. There isn’t a GD thing Goff and company can do to derail our destiny. Enjoy the moment.
  8. Goff is Trubisky in that he’s terrible at processing multiple reads. If his first read is not there, his brain implodes. I expect McVay to run a ton of set pieces, including a lot of quick-hitting stuff to Kupp.
  9. I’m most intrigued by this storyline also. Who will out-fox who? I expect each coach will throw in some very different looks, etc, but as the game progresses and the chess match unfolds, I’ll be interested to see which coach had the better day - regardless of the score (because we know it still comes down to players winning their one-on-ones).
  10. I’m pretty sure Stefanski’s sphincter is starting to unclench just a bit now. I’m sure it was dolphin-tight down in his basement in the 3rd quarter.
  11. This Browns defense could get carved up if KC brings even a modicum of playoff-style football next week. Provided the Browns hold on tonight, and provided KC isn’t in an actual late season slump.
  12. Stop the run, pressure Goff, give Rodgers just enough time, outcoach McVay, ride to victory. And hope to God special teams aren’t overly special.
  13. And then there’s that. Be nice to see the Browns win a playoff game this century.
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