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  1. It looked like pure capitulation to me. Like, oh ****, I just got my a$$ handed to me on a platter by this prick, my MVP QB, lol.
  2. Gee, I'm with you, I think Cobb helps us in some ways. Why can't Gute just say that and not blame Rodgers publicly for forcing his hand?
  3. I've lost it? That was my best rant yet! But seriously, why admit you were coerced by Aaron effing Rodgers, and basically tell Cobb you're only here because of your buddy?
  4. I love Cobb and am actually ok with the decision, even if he's just Rodger's fluffer. I'm just making the point that Rodgers didn't pull Cobb into this stupid effing drama - Gute allowed it to happen.
  5. And Gute caved like a fooking pu$$y. Gute failed twice in this scenario, and I actually like the MF'er. 1. Gute caved to Aaron effing Rodgers. Hey Gute, if you resent giving up a 6th round pick and bringing back a player you didn't want, then why the **** did you? Because Aaron is making your life miserable and you can't take it anymore? Weak! 2. Gute then blamed Rodgers for forcing his hand for having to bring back Cobb, AND, threw Cobb under the bus to cover his lame ***. Wah, Aaron just dissed me for 38 minutes and I'm not executive level enough to take the heat, wah. If
  6. Of course he's not. I was being sarcastic, lol. The dude is all class.
  7. I thought we were just being truthful? My apologies, I'll retract, I sometimes have class, just not today.
  8. Because he has class Leader. Something neither you or I know anything about.
  9. LOL, I just think Cobb deserved a bit better. Why drag his *** into Rodgers and Gute's drama. Fine, you like blunt. I disagree.
  10. Yeah man, Cobb should grow a pair if he's offended in the slightest.
  11. You are right. You don't need to be perfect in your pressers. There's absolutely no need for tact in football. I mean, Fook your feelings.
  12. “Aaron has expressed his desire that we bring Cobb back to Green Bay. Considering Cobb’s history with our club, and that we think he can still contribute to our program, we believe we made the right decision.” Not that ******* hard, smh.
  13. I agree Gute could’ve said something other than Cobb is here because Aaron wanted him here. I’m all for honesty and transparency, but that was just a **** thing to say. Say it to Murphy, Ball, your wife, but not to the god damn public. God I hope Cobb goes off this season, lol.
  14. IMO, I’m satisfied with the honesty and transparency that unfolded in the presser. At least we now know how AR feels and speculation about it can stop. Course, it won’t stop the media morons from spinning it any way they like, but at least we have enough information to easily filter the BS.
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