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  1. In defense of every football GM that’s ever had to run a draft, I also shiit the bed nearly every year in the 3rd round of my FF football draft. The obvious talent is off the board by then and your brain starts to melt trying to decide if you need another receiver (or BPA) or a position of need. You hastily pick and then regret it like 5 seconds later, lol.
  2. MLF himself. He said it in his post-game presser.
  3. Waiting all day for…..Kyle Shanahan to collude and/or prime the refs ahead of plays to draw flags on GB players. Remember that shiit last year? Shady Shanny.
  4. You sound depressed by this thought, lol.
  5. I’m gonna celebrate hard for another 5 minutes and enjoy this win. Gotta take the joy when you can. Reality is, there’s still concerns on the d-line, but there were some damn good things happening tonight: Jones, Stokes, Tonyan, Ol Rodg, MLF, Barry adjusting, Goff being Goff.
  6. GB didn’t embarrass themselves on MNF, or two weeks in a row. I’ll take it, and we can resume the doom train tomorrow, when the Pack will surely be destroyed next Sunday night. Am I doing it right?
  7. Pretty damn cool they honored Ted, man.
  8. Atta boy! Join the homer train with me for a bit. Plenty of room. We can jump off anytime, lol.
  9. **** it man, I know I’m being overly optimistic about our defense, but it sure beats losing two in a row and our home opener.
  10. IDK man, the pressure was better, as was the energy level.
  11. Kinda, yeah, but we helped to facilitate that to a degree, imho.
  12. Personally, I’d like to hang over 40pts on the loins tonight. I’m a greedy bastard that way.
  13. Defense came out “different” in the second half.
  14. Decent for sure. I also credit #firebarry for making some pass-rush adjustments.
  15. This. This is what the Pack needs to do. Run up the score and force lesser QB’s to try and play catch up, which inevitably leads to forced errors.
  16. That’s about 100 or more FF points in 2 dudes. Congrats bud.
  17. Good, take more time off the clock before they score.
  18. **** man, I’m still holding my breath, even if it is the loins. Just a bit of residual PTSD, lol.
  19. Yes!!! Unless of course unless it happens to GB, like it did on the Goff lumber.
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