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  1. Adam Schefter just added the Bears to the Wilson list.
  2. Yep. It appears as though all roads are leading Rodgers back to Cali at some point in the near future (new bride, family, his homeland, TV stardom, etc). Might as well leverage your fame with your personal interests and make hay while you can.
  3. This cracks me up. Our QB is a lovable nerd, according to his new fiancé.
  4. I just saw he posted this tweet, in response to the flurry of speculation and reactions from everyone in the sports world after his cryptic tweet:
  5. Cryptic Packer player tweets like this get folks in the Twitter-verse all worked up, but no reason to be alarmed since he’s still on his rookie deal. Maybe he just broke up with his girlfriend?
  6. It was the “ultra weed hater” that got me. I’m glad you picked up on the mccockiner - that’s classic. He’s since changed his name to sprots center (spelled sprots).
  7. Just saw on Twitter, per Adam Schefter, via some other dude. Not sure if it’s official or what.
  8. I guess it’s official, per Adam Schefter.
  9. No problem. There’s a ton of Packers fans out here in the southern Rockies!
  10. For sure some guys have gone DC-HC-DC with some success back down as coordinators. I’m wondering more about guys that have never risen to the HC level and have stayed at the coordinator level. I happen to think it’s possible - I mean hell, Walt Disney failed dozens of times before he finally learned from his mistakes and hit paydirt.
  11. I forgot to add that it’s a sportsman paradise also. Trophy elk and deer hunting all around here. Bobcat, bear, mountain lion, big horn sheep, turkey, etc. High mountain fishing in streams and lakes, with gold-medal waters a few hours drive. Some of the best mountain biking in the world all around us. Colorado is only a 90 minute drive away and Albuquerque is 40 minutes.
  12. It’s amazing! The culture, world-class food and art, history, architecture, and recreational amenities are incredible. It’s high desert surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The only downside is that it’s not all that affordable to live here. But there are communities in and around Santa Fe that are, and they have access to the same amenities - and 365 days of sun and crisp, clear blue skies. The highs have been in the high 50’s, lows 60’s the past several weeks. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, we get to enjoy these temps, but within minutes be up to 12,000 feet where it’s winter and w
  13. Leonherd would’ve been a hell of a lure for JJ to come to GB. But forget about the woulda, coulda, shouldas. GB tried, Leonherd said no. I wouldn’t be surprised to see JJ sign for the vet minimum. Wouldn’t be surprised at all. He’s an injury risk, but at the vet minimum, the upsides far outweigh any risk. There’s really no risk at the vet minimum. JJ just has to want it.
  14. Flagstaff is awesome, and very similar to the weather we have in the Santa Fe area. You get four beautiful seasons - none of which are too harsh. The sun is out every day. The upper Midwest might be more tolerable if not for the gray blanket that covers the region for most of the winter.
  15. I can only imagine, brother. I remember what it was like living in the upper Midwest in the winter. As much as I love the area, I really don’t miss the winters. I live in the southwest Rockies now and I’ve been skiing and golfing on the same weekend several times already this winter. Just can’t beat the weather.
  16. The only way Watt comes to town is if he’s willing to play for next-to-nothing. Which is a possibility. I keep reading articles about how aging vets might be willing to jump to a SB contender and play for peanuts if it means they get a chance at hoisting a Lombardi (or chucking it across the harbor.)
  17. I’m trying to think of the last time a retread defensive coordinator with a questionable track record had a late-career revival? I know it’s possible, and I’d really like to see that happen with Barry. Anyone remember when the last time a defensive coordinator turned his career around after a few failed attempts, or would Barry potentially be a precedent setter?
  18. An interesting theory emerging in this thread about why Barry was selected over Evero - that Barry could be more amenable to MLF’s input on shaping the defense - is an interesting one, and one that honestly very few people would know other than MLF himself. I postulated earlier in this thread that I thought MLF was looking for a candidate that wouldn’t challenge him (for better and worse), and this emerging theory that MLF wants to have much more input on the defense, aligns.
  19. Welcome back - I thought you died of COVID.
  20. 14 pages of a very impressive mod debate. Good job fellas. I’m trying to understand this hire. Does MLF need a rah-rah yes man who won’t challenge him and who he can control and is no threat to leave for a HC position? Maybe he was so sold on Leonherd, and was absolutely dumbstruck when he turned down the offer? Regardless, I blame Leonherd for this. Screw you Leonherd and your dumb Badgers.
  21. I know in this age of information, it’s difficult to keep a lid on this stuff. But from an HR standpoint, this leak of information is bad for everyone involved. Maybe the next DC will carry a bit of a chip with him as the “second choice”.
  22. He reminds me of Kubiak, and his utter reluctance to leave Denver back in the 90’s to take a HC position. He hemmed and hawed for years, flirting with teams, only to pull out after receiving offers. When he finally accepted a HC gig, he really wasn’t all that successful. I think you either have the desire for upward mobility, or you prefer comfort and security. Now we know what’s in Leonhard’s heart.
  23. We “degenerates” prefer shorter posts. ”I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” Twain
  24. MLF has said he wants a “swarming” kind of defense. I’d add a berserker element to that myself. Which of the top three candidates resembles most closely this sought after style of defense?
  25. Kind of a shame our boys missed an opportunity also to win one for the gippers, Ted Thompson and Kevin Greene.
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