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  1. It's either White or Wilkins...and since big men go early, it's Wilkins.
  2. Dee Ford

    Nick Perry uses strength to get to the passer...Dee Ford uses speed. If either of them get hurt, they have issues because they don't have a multitude of moves or set-ups to counteract their efforts to get after the QB. If Perry was always healthy, he would be All-Pro every year, but he's not healthy. Ford seems to have been healthy over his career, so he's worth a lot more than Perry. The question I have is he worth a pick you would have to spend to get him, verses one of the Smith brothers?
  3. Post Combine Mock

    Simmons has size, strength, and quickness. If he had no red-flags, he would be a top 5 pick. As it is, his injury will heal w/o a lot of lingering problems. Smith the MLB from ND that the Cowboys got in the second round had nerve damage in his knee. Last year in his third year he broke out. He was also a top five pick if healthy. So Simmons had a legal issue beating up a girl that attacked his sister or cousin. Since that time, he has been a model citizen and according to his coaches, a great team captain. Taking all that information and spit out a prediction..... he won't drop beyond the early 2nd round.
  4. Moretti's post combine mock

    Sarge, the Packers got WRs last year and adding another RB and two very good oline guys, and a TE in this mock draft......how much more do they need to do until they find out if those WR are going to be good starters or not?
  5. MOCK Post combine-pre FA

    M Jesse James, Maxx Williams, Clive Walford, Jared Cook, and if his past injuries are better....Geoff Swaim (he lives across the highway from me)
  6. MOCK Post combine-pre FA

    If Pettine is using his edge guys as run stoppers and Gutsy is making noise there at FA then...Burns makes no sense. Rather see a TE in FA verses Richardson, but overall would be happy with the results.
  7. Fl0nk's Mock 2.0

    Two picks I love and maybe available at your slots would be Banogu and Bunting. Also not a fan of Slayton, but could be wrong. Good work on the mock!
  8. This is definitely a wish list that's not happening. Dee Ford is like Nick Perry after he had his one good season. I doubt the Packers are interested. Now, I could be wrong, but I think that Zarious and/or Preston Smith would be targets. They both stop the run and put pressure on the QB. I think Perry, Cobb and CMIII are all gone which is why Gutsy grabs two guys. Breeland is a guy that Green Bay needs to keep. Tramon as well because of his FS work. Your mock could be right except there are several guys that will never fall that far down like CGJ and McGary.
  9. 2019 NFL Combine

    Shocked that Murray came in at 5-10. Thought he was smaller. Know he's fast, can he read defenses will be the big question.
  10. Mock Off-Season V3

    The trade is good, the FA seems good except need an experienced FS. Draft would work for the most part.
  11. Leisher's 2019 Mock Draft 2-21-19

    Cutting Spriggs and Davis is odd, no backup OT and now no PR/KR. I would not, repeat would not go near Irving of the Cowboys. If Jerry gets rid of him...he's got to be really bad. I live in Dallas area and not sure what it would take for him to turn his life around. Draft is void of RB selections and that will be needed for ML's offense. TE is too early and as mentioned above, Allen in the third is questionable. One OT and two OGs drafted, it would be the other way around 2-OTs and 1-OG in the draft. The players you picked are solid, still see a DE/Edge guy at 12 even with the FA additions.
  12. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Very valid point. Haden could be a good addition.
  13. JMoore, ESB, MVS. Future outlook.

    MVS wasn't expected to do as well as he did. Every team knew his speed, but route running and consistent hands were his weakness. He went to train with Randy Moss and came to camp with the right attitude. What he needs to do for improvement is gain more separation by changing his route speed. Can't try to outrun everyone on every route. His momentum was slowing down towards the end of the season. The rookie wall as they say. ESB got better as the season went on. At the end of the season he was playing better than MVS. He's a physical WR, but he runs routes with more precision and discipline than MVS. He seems to catch the ball more away from his body verses MVS. He was considered a 2-3 round WR prior to the draft and slipped badly. I really don't know why, but it was a great pick for Green Bay. Also remember that MVS ran the forty in 4.37, and ESB in what 4.46(?) which isn't a tenth of a second difference. Both of those guys seem to be pro ready and it shows with their stats. These are rookies and expect both to get much better and avoid the soph slump. If I had to guess who will be better....I would go with ESB. Moore is really a typical rookie receiver taken in the middle rounds and his lack of progress may be because of his college experience. They din't play a spread, but he seems totally lost in the pro style attack. He could be a solid starter if he commits himself to a strong off-season of study. So I think Green Bay captured two starting WR that are fast and have shown they can catch the ball. Maybe next year or the year after they will be highly sought after in FFLs. Moore could come along...have to wait and see.
  14. I would like for Green Bay to get a TE in that 2nd round or the DT, Simmons if he's not selected before that. I would prefer Jackson verses Humphries for that vet slot guy and really like Thompson at that pick. IF and that's a big IF Green Bay makes Jones the centerpiece of their run game...they need guys that are like that in case of injury and to keep them fresh. So good job on the picks and FA....at least IMHO.
  15. Moretti's Feb Draft

    Don't see Ford as a OT but rather an OG. He's not a Zac Martin so don't see him going this high in the draft...but I like everything else!