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  1. Leader, I hope the team is looking at trading comps now verses next year or later if he takes a year off. What this thread hasn't looked at is his trend line. Understand last year was great, and the year before not bad. The years since the Seahawk debacle have been very mixed to average. HIS BEST DAYS ARE BEHIND HIM. Take the chicken s*** that they have been handled and get the best deal possible. Maybe you find a QB that can run MLF's offense and keep the team in contention while breaking in the multiple high draft picks and begin dominating teams. Green Bay's path to glory with Rodgers last
  2. Rodgers does make plays during the regular season, just always comes up short in the playoffs except for one magical year.
  3. Rodgers played better last year then he has in several years and still Green Bay didn't make it to the SB. The question remains, can Rodgers deliver another SB? Regardless of his desire to be traded or not....the Packers have to come to the realization that last year's team wasn't good enough and that having Rodgers on the roster or not won't make a difference. This year's draft will make an impact. but not for this season. Build a better team and find a trigger man that's good enough to win a SB, while not expecting another HOF QB to come through the players locker room for some t
  4. ARod had one great post season and won a SB. Defense let him down a few times, but let's not forget he has come up short several times. Hence look for a replacement before his skill set bottoms out. If Rodgers couldn't handle that then he should have played better against TB and make it back to the SB. Can't let the tail wag the dog.
  5. Two TEs taken in a row...now they show up.
  6. From an NFL scout. Pretty much the same stuff.... Reports that Aaron Rodgers has told members of the organization he does not want to return to the Green Bay Packers is all about Rodgers contract status as he feels he’s not been respected.Packers team president Mark Murphy, head coach Matt LaFleur and GM Brian Gutekunst have traveled to California to try to get Rodgers to change his mind in the past but it has become a story as Dunn is putting this information out through the media to put pressure on getting a new deal.Gutekunst issued a statement insisting Rodgers remains a part of the t
  7. When your team is soft in the middle, you fix the dline or inside LB. I don't think Barmore is on the Packers radar in first round, so they go ILB and Jamin Davis. If AJ Hawk's clone, Warner from Ohio State, is a target then look at the safety from TCU in the first round. He's a in the box or centerfield player.
  8. The Packers love for their LBs to run the 3-cone under 7.0 seconds and he did so by a wide margin. (So did Martinez for that matter) He's a run stopper first, but with his athletic ability he seems like a solid pick and could be used by Green Bay. They need a run plugger and he may be the best in this year's draft.
  9. Please stop with the Packers won the 2nd half or that they made it respectable....the 49ers decided to have mercy and just run the ball....just think if they wanted to throw? It would have been 50+ to whatever. Green Bay made it to the final four. Good job...but to get to the next level will require a lot of band-aids that I don't think Gutsey can afford.
  10. MM will have many advantages in Dallas that he didn't have in Green Bay. no state income tax (which is great when going after FAs) a willing owner who will spend money on assistant coaches and FA that are needed to plug holes in the roster, playing in Jerry's Death Star, and the prestige (which I think is bogus, but not to the majority of football fans) of coaching America's Team.
  11. A center at the second pick, doesn't seem logical. I like Wilcox and Lamb and think another RB will be needed. Not bad overall!
  12. This might be the MM bowl game. If Green Bay beats the Cowboys w/o Adams, then Garrett's job could be in jeopardy. MM was a coach mentioned by JJ that he liked. It wouldn't be until the season ended, but something to keep an eye on.
  13. Good job B....Zman will make a difference this year.
  14. I doubt Jenkins starts when the season begins. He will learn and fill in when needed. I suspect next year is when he makes his presence known.
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