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  1. No more wideouts or running backs needed on this team unless a great one is released. Three promising rookies, Allison, Yancy, and Clark back from last year and that is a very crowded WR room. RBs are similar in that they have a core from last year and with the addition of Bouagnon...that is another crowded room. New TEs, Oline guys, OLBs, and FS/SS are welcomed.
  2. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Did Gutsey roll the dice or play the odds? He went into an area of need in replacing the offensive and defensive coordinators. The upside is tremendous and the downside is minimum since who the Packers had could have been considered nominal value. (Personally I like Capers, but either his players quit on him or he never adapted to their skills.) Wilk is/was a very cheap aquistion if he improves at all on last year's performance, so not a big risk. Graham is the roll of the dice especially without Nelson. Lewis was a huge grab of talent (In blocking and possible endzone target.) again without breaking the bank. Kizer is a project so another roll of the dice. The draft is always a roll of the dice. People speculate before the draft, after the draft, and five years after the draft. So yes, Gutsey along with every other GM rolled the dice on the draft. So I don't see the changes as a high risk situation, but one of Gutsey played it smart and changed what he could that improved the team without breaking the bank. The draft.....who knows? It will be decided in three years.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    Gutsey picked three wideouts this year. Compare this year's WR picks to the two from last year: Yancey/Dupree and add Clark, since he was a rookie, and I think this year's guys look like better prospect than last year. Go back to 2014 draft and you have Adams, huge hit but also 2nd round, Janis a All-Pro ST guy and Abbey a injury washout. I still pick this year's group as better prospects from top to bottom. The main point is it's still too early to tell until the pads go on.
  4. Didn't TT try to remake the WR position a couple of times? He drafted Johnson and Dorsey in 2013, Adams, Abbey, and Janis in 2014, Davis in 2016, and finally Yancy and Dupree in 2017. The only starter was Adams with Janis and Davis as special team guys. So maybe high picks weren't used except for one, but a lot of draft capital has been used to improve the WRs. Now they have used three more picks for that position, yet almost everyone on this board (me included) expects a different outcome. I think there are two potential starters in this year's draft class compared to previous year's draft. The bottom line...optimism reigns supreme this time of year!
  5. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    Of course Hundley helped the run game....that's all he did right was run for a few yards here and there. His passing game sure didn't set anything up for any running attack. I wonder if Green Bay should have used the wishbone with Hundley last year? Then the stats would really be great! Sorry, sarcasm early on Wed. morning is my weakness.....
  6. Lynn Dickey

    Dickey and Joe Namath were two QBs that had very special abilities in passing the football. Namath was on better teams which is why he won a SB and Dickey will be known forever as a great passer that never got to the big dance.
  7. Bob, thanks for sharing and also for the mention of the ST ranking that Gosselin puts together every year. I miss his articles in the local paper....
  8. Washington State used the Air-Raid offense and not the spread. The OTs have very simplistic training regime in that offense. (Check out the book "Perfect Pass") The drive blocking, subtle techniques like hand placement, and switching will be what Cole needs to master in order to start.
  9. Graham has said he took less money so he could play with Aaron Rodgers. I think he will find out that's not the case. He signed for less money because Philbin is the new OC and he made an all-pro out of Finnley and could make Graham an all-world selection with his ability. Philbin will make a yuge difference in this team!
  10. Camp Battles

    Spriggs lacked the strength that Oline guys need in the NFL. This isn't uncommon with guys from college that are light on their feet. This might be the year he shows that added strength and healthy enough to push for a start. Let's face it, he was drafted to be a back-up to Bak, and Bulaga knowing Bulaga has an injury history. I don't think the Packers ever thought he would start right away.
  11. Jamaal Williams/Aaron Jones

    I think Monty will be the 3rd down back. Jones, Williams, and Mays/Bouagnon will be the 1st and 2nd down backs. I still think Monty is the best short yardage back the Packers have, but has to stay healthy. If any goes down...they have some depth at that position.
  12. Camp Battles

    I think Amichia will be a dark horse winner for that RG spot and Murphy will be healthy RT that starts the first game. WRs are a big question mark, but have a comfortable feeling about the Packer's Edge rushers....
  13. I thought Raih was a good hire with solid background from UCLA, IOWA, and TT.
  14. Just a couple of things....Dorsey wasn't the only GM that thought Baker was the best QB of the group so in retrospect, maybe they picked the best guy. I didn't like the Ward pick at all especially with Chubb sitting there. Ward isn't like Alexander, the Packer's pick, he's very fast but also very slight. My thought was BPA at 4 and he wasn't it. They could have gotten a ton of good looking CBs in the second round. Secondly, I think the Saints really overestimated the capabilities of Davenport. They should have tried to make a bigger splash and traded to get Chubb. What I have read since the draft was that Davenport has a desposition that lacks a killer instinct. Too soft spoken and kind......I think Melin Olsen was somewhat like that, but he was a killer on Sunday afternoons. They better hope Davenport is the same.
  15. It seems that this year's WRs are more athletic and better route runners than last years' group. MVS looks great on all the short videos, but a friend sent some game film of him and he didn't look that good. He seems to know he's not getting the ball and he rounds his routes off and just doesn't sell it to the CBS. Now that doesn't appear to be that big of a problem to fix. I really think this will be a great opportunity to see a Janis type receiver that can catch the ball with very good body control.