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  1. 2019 New NFL Head Coaches / Openings (1)

    He might have failed at head coach but no one can deny what he can do for a QB and I feel like he’s a good coordinator. Some coaches just aren’t made for Head coach. Still think he can find a home as an OC. But if the bengals look to him as the future then I thought wrong about how it could get any worse than Lewis
  2. LVE - DROY Candidate?

    I could agree about Moore but simply think the offense he’s in dictates his production. Ridley is having a great year. Definitely has made an impact for the falcons right away. I felt Ridley should have been the pick simply out of need with James if he made it but fast forward now and we have a decent group of WRs I don’t hate the pick. I love the pick and think it’s even better now because the defense doesn’t miss the instincts of Lee with him being out yet again with injury and once Lee is released he get a younger hopefully more durable him in LVE. Nice having two young LBers who fly around the field. Guy is a tackling machine
  3. The Garrett and Linhan Hot Seat Thread

    See I’m here thinking the opposite now. We are in this race and until we aren’t or we finish the year in a dumpster fire we will have The Clapper next year. I can see Richard being the DC and we out SL and if he can’t be successful then he’s gone. It just feels like one is them years to me where we will hover the dreaded 8-8 and do just enough to save the HC job
  4. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Again I am here to say I’m glad we took the eagles out. The score really didn’t dictate the game. The defense got tired but we definitely looked like the better team. Granted those performances are here and there and the eagles have some major issues in there secondary. Also Barnett was lost for the year. I would think this week was a successful one so we’ll abandon that game plan and do something stupid next week.
  5. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    That may be true but that system atleast utilizes Dak skill set more so than the offense we run so you would have to think this team and Dak world fair far better using that system. This team would be a lot better for it. SL is just in his ways at this point. I just never understand coaches who try and force a player into a specific system and when it doesn’t work not try to adjust it. This is your job. You would think you would acknowledge it’s failed trying to make Dak a pure pocket passer. This is exactly why I think a change of coaching with a young OC who atleast has some vision would turn Dak around and at the very least design a scheme he can be successful in.
  6. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    Knowing Dez he was probably going all out with a new home
  7. Saints Fear Dez Bryant Tore Achilles

    Wow. That’s unfortunate
  8. Thompson released

    Never really liked him. Maybe he can work on his catching ability now because for awhile there I didn’t think the guy realized he had hands with all his body catching.
  9. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    As much as I want a coaching change and losing helps that I will never ever root for a loss to the Eagles. I cannot stand them just as much as I can’t stand Ohio state. If we win 2 games in a year I want it to be them.
  10. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    I’ve been saying this as well. It’s really a shame though. I thought he was very underrated as far as talent and instincts but it’s a shame he can’t stay healthy. Got to be frustrating for him.
  11. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    I want that for him. Hoping he goes and gets his ring 100 percent.
  12. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    Many believe that he was a product of bad offensive scheme and Dak Prescott. Not able to get him the ball and others believe he is declining. However no one can be sure until he has an opportunity with a better team and he has that now. Do jury in my opinion is out on that. The attitude towards the team atleast for me is simply frustration. Knowing the team can be so much more and all around better however it’s hindered by an inept coaching staff and an owner who refuses to acknowledge mistakes and fix them. He will keep Garrett and Co for as long as he can to avoid admitting he was wrong. Time and time again this team under performs mixed in with some head scratching decisions along the way and you’ll arrive at frustration.
  13. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    I’m going to disagree with you here. I don’t blame him for not signing with those mentioned teams but let’s be real here. Dez thought he was worth so much more and thought he wouldn’t have a problem signing somewhere immediately with talk he wanted to sign with a division rival. No one bit on that. The only one remotely interested in him was the ravens. After that no reports of visits. No rumors of signing anywhere and if you watched hard knocks he definitely wanted to play this year to suck up to the Browns the way he did. This wasn’t a ploy by him to wait and see the playoff picture. Simply no one had any interest in signing him to what he believed he was worth.
  14. Around the League Week 8 - Jags like to party

    See I feel the opposite about the trades. Yes a first is steep price but I think a third for Tate for 8 games and 30 years old is pretty steep as well in my opinion. Thomas is in the same boat. Older and obviously for the most part ineffective and beat down. We gave a first for a young guy we hope pans out but if he does then all is well.
  15. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Well during the draft I sat there yelling at the TV for Ridley. Thought for sure he was the lock pick there. Turned out we picked LVE and it worked out regardless there. Then we added Gallup which loved that pick. Fast forward to this year our WR core is probably the weakest in the NFL no matter who was throwing the ball to begin with. Hitting them or not. He filled a desperate need and we sold out for him. I think the compensation was a steep price considering we laughed at a first for an established All Pro at another glaring need in Earl Thomas but I’m warm to the trade because simply can’t change it now. He at the very least opens holes up for Zeke and gives Dak an option to throw to. Keeps defenses off the box and I think he’s worth that. We’ll see if he lives up to the trade. Time will tell.