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  1. Another Important Vote!

    That shirt literally took our defense down singlehanded. It was bad mojo going into the rams game with that shirt in your drawer. You burn that shirt or we’ll have bad luck forever. It’s like a two dollar bill. Everyone thinks it’s good luck however the story goes it’s straight from da devil!

    Honestly knew the emergence of Cooper and Dak putting up better numbers even as average as they were was going to buy Garrett and SL time. Garrett’s time was bought when the team made the playoffs. I don’t believe at any point was he ever in danger of getting canned even at 3-5 when things looked bleak. SL as of now managed to buy himself more time when the offense started to flow better with Cooper. I want him gone like all of you and a replacement doesn’t even have to be some hot shot young hungry OC just a guy who can implement some scheme that suits the offense. SL is just a dinosaur set in his ways with zero vision. He has no drive to be better or try new things. He calls them “wrinkles” that we’ll see one game and that’s the last of it. Or totally go away from the best thing going on the offense in the running game. This dude literally will abandon anything that works
  3. Kris Richard - The Watch Is Over

    I didn’t think KR was going leave.
  4. Kris Richard - The Watch Is Over

    I’m not discrediting his success and having JAG at dline I just think it’s time for him to go with the NFL heading towards offense heavy coaches it’s nice to somehow keep KR a younger hungry DC but as we can see it’s not going to happen
  5. Kris Richard - The Watch Is Over

    That’s a fine take I just personally believe that Rod is past his prime and I wanted him gone years ago. Depth or no depth I don’t think over night Rod would have done the same. Not atleast progress like they have in my opinion
  6. Important Vote x3!

    I mean to be fair a sausage sandwich is. So why can’t a hotdog be a sandwich as well. Why try to keep a hotdog down. Let it live!
  7. Kris Richard - The Watch Is Over

    I mean it’s not surprising that Rod said he would do whatever needed done. He’s at the end of his rope. Everyone here and outside Dallas know that KR is a huge reason the defense play is up this season. Rod is behind the times and simply needs to step down and retire and let KR have the title and assistant head coach.
  8. 2019 New NFL Head Coaches - Flores to Miami

    I don’t think it’s Hue. I bet they try and get Zac Taylor or Bieniemy from the chiefs. There reports are looking at a coach that’s still in the playoffs so that be my guess. I think Kris is safe with us for the next year. Definitely need to get Rod out of here and give him the DC/Assistant HC spot to make him stay a little longer after that.
  9. Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsburry as next Head Coach

    I like the hire with the new NFL. Always implementing what’s hot on the offensive side of the ball. Interested to see how he does with Rosen. Getting a good DC there would be a challenge but I like the move. Hopefully they just give him more than one year lol
  10. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    He’ll be Navarro Bowman next to Patrick Willis. Very very good yet overshadowed but yes I hope he wins it. He deserves it after the road he’s had.
  11. GDT [Wild Card Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

    Sitting here in my Dallas gear already. All I hope for is Dak doesn’t make me drink 10 beers before half time. 21-17 Dallas. Let’s Go!
  12. Important Vote! - Read me

    I have to give my vote to Matts. Took this team on our worst moment in the season and turned the ride around. We would not even be here without him. Very Dungy/Gruden in Tampa here. Dungy was the real deal but Gruden got the glory. I stay by him 100 percent.
  13. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Great win with a little luck. Officiating was poor on both sides. Gotta feel for Gallup though. Just can’t seem to connect with him.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Exactly that was the report. JG over ruled them and I hate him for it as a Michigan fan I still didn’t like the Taco pick
  15. College Football 2018

    This might be me but I feel the playoff committee has such a bias view toward OSU. I feel like if they beat Northwestern in a big victory margin they would slide them in.