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  1. Travis Frederick retires at 29

    **** me. That hurts bad
  2. Yeah sounds about right lol I work in demolition and currently demoing a school which falls under the appropriate infrastructure allowed to continue
  3. In Ohio the cases steadily rise as I’m sure everyone else notices in there states and cities. Ohio issues a stay at home order yesterday which is pretty much a lock down in other terms. I wonder how many other non essential business are claiming to be essential during all this because I’ll say one thing. The company I work for is 100 percent nonessential yet once this order takes effect tonight I surely will be going to work regardless as operating as usual.
  4. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Sounds like any Successful Dallas QB in history. Good luck with that argument
  5. Dolphins sign CB Byron Jones (5 years, $82.5 M, $57 gt'd)

    Hail Hail Breaker of Brittle Bones!
  6. Saints re-sign G Andrus Peat (5 year deal)

    Sounds like you secured a massive hole for the next five years
  7. Broncos sign RB Melvin Gordon (2 years, $16 M, $13.5 M gt'd)

    I don’t think he’s bad. He clearly isn’t as good as he thought he was but with an off-season (hopefully) to work out and get in game day shape he will be just fine. I like it for the Broncos
  8. Broncos sign RB Melvin Gordon (2 years, $16 M, $13.5 M gt'd)

    That or have a realistic view of what your worth and get that money while you can. Bells was just ridiculous. Wanted paid like a number 1 RB and Wr
  9. Broncos sign RB Melvin Gordon (2 years, $16 M, $13.5 M gt'd)

    Don’t be jealous you didn’t think of it first.
  10. Broncos sign RB Melvin Gordon (2 years, $16 M, $13.5 M gt'd)

    He’s gonna be a free-man hardy har har
  11. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Are you trolling or is the low motor name meaning what’s between the ears? He had one year where he was remotely any good. Probably has more injuries than Gurley at this point and is generally a broken RB as well.
  12. 🙄 Anyway. Slay was totally worth that. Definitely can still ball. Good trade and sign for the Eagles unfortunately
  13. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

  14. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to Cowboys, 1yr $4mil

    Probably just being familiar with the player got the edge on that.
  15. Ha Ha Clinton Dix signs 1 yr $4m

    Solid choice.