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  1. Your favorite all-time journeymen QBs.

    Charlie Whitehurst “Clipboard Jesus” MVP and greatest back up of all time. Never has a back up been so cool.
  2. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    Thank god. Booger made it literally unwatchable. Half the time I wouldn’t even notice the game and just be listening to how stupid his takes are.
  3. No. This is just no. Not willing to pay premium for those guys doesn’t in any way say we lost them because of Daks Future contract and adding Fredrick into that mix is absolutely ridiculous. Fredricks health issues did that to him not an imminent contract. It’s okay to have an opinion but certainly don’t force the square peg into the circle hole here to strengthen your argument. We long before Daks contract knew we weren’t going to pay Jones market price as we didn’t have room for him after zeke, Cooper and Dak. To be shocked he walked for money we don’t have without even a little attempt to retain him shouldn’t be surprising. Would it have been nice to sign Quinn? Surely would have been nice to retain him but trading a late round pick for a guy to make a couple million dollars and get that type of production is different than turning around and paying him 70 million dollars for it.
  4. Cooper Rushed out the door

    Poor guy. Was hoping to see that preseason hype grow again.
  5. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    I personally think that’s fluff to get him to come here to be a number 2 with a minor in scare tactics. Sounds like in the event of an injury if he takes the wheel of the ship there’s incentive there for him to come to play. Doesn’t sound to me at all we’re gonna open camp on a open competition. But it’s my opinion and I could be totally wrong here.
  6. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    No im sorry that’s just blatant hate. I’m not saying Dak is Tom Brady but I’m not gonna sit here and compare two players that aren’t in the same league. Last year was Daks best year and and even before that was still better than Dalton. Don’t make this about a QB controversy that doesn’t exist. If they truly thought this contract wasn’t going to go they would have signed Dalton to a longer insurance deal and they didn’t. All this will be is a quality back up in case of injury. Nothing more nothing less. Rest easy haters.
  7. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    These comments are laughable sometimes. I can admit I’ve been hard on Dak the last few years but in no way will I EVER say Dalton is equally or even slightly as good as Dak is. He deserves a contract maybe not 40 million but you can argue he has been better than Goff and Wentz and should be paid accordingly and it will get done soon I’m sure.
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    As a Michigan fan I dreaded it when we drafted him. I knew he was often lazy and unmotivated. Took many plays off. I’m glad we didn’t try and salvage him and keep him on for too long like we always did in the past.
  9. Goodell forgoes entire 40 million salary

    I’m not a fan of Goodell in the slightest bit however this is a upstanding thing to do. I’m not one to bash every single thing he does like some people lol
  10. Travis Frederick retires at 29

    **** me. That hurts bad
  11. Yeah sounds about right lol I work in demolition and currently demoing a school which falls under the appropriate infrastructure allowed to continue
  12. In Ohio the cases steadily rise as I’m sure everyone else notices in there states and cities. Ohio issues a stay at home order yesterday which is pretty much a lock down in other terms. I wonder how many other non essential business are claiming to be essential during all this because I’ll say one thing. The company I work for is 100 percent nonessential yet once this order takes effect tonight I surely will be going to work regardless as operating as usual.
  13. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    Sounds like any Successful Dallas QB in history. Good luck with that argument
  14. Dolphins sign CB Byron Jones (5 years, $82.5 M, $57 gt'd)

    Hail Hail Breaker of Brittle Bones!
  15. Saints re-sign G Andrus Peat (5 year deal)

    Sounds like you secured a massive hole for the next five years