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  1. Kerry Hyder - DL

    Don’t know anything about him but judging by the comments he seems solid. Could thrive here given time also. Seems like the type of guy Rod loves. Needed the depth obviously as well. Nice add.
  2. Tyrone Crawford in club altercation

    I swear Goodells mouth waters every time he sees a cowboy story lol
  3. I’ve always been loyal to Sony and bought PlayStation. I use to game pretty heavy and now I hop on it to play something for 5 mins I’m just done with it. Games don’t hold much attention anymore. Now if this was years ago on PS2 with Socom 2 online then I wouldn’t be seen for days lol
  4. Free agency - who is left.

    i can get behind the Berry idea if he comes cheap with not much guaranteed money on the deal and manages to make it through a physical. The guy has seriously been through the ringer the last few years with health and seeing him play recently was rough to watch. If he comes cheap though I’m all for it since I’m in the camp of take a safety in the second.
  5. Titans have traded for Ryan Tannehill

    Good call. Trade for an injury prone QB to replace your injury prone QB when he goes down. Maybe together they’ll get 8 games this year.
  6. Geronimo Allison Resigns with the Packers

    He might have been Rodgers 3rd favorite target out of the bunch but it doesn’t mean he’s not being miss used. McCarthys poor play calling and Rodgers not executing well lead to an offense that couldn’t stay on the field a good portion of last season didn’t help. Cobb coming out of the backfield for no reason doesn’t help. Cobb’s own injuries didn’t do him any favors. I’m not saying Rodgers can’t ball anymore but the guy has seriously taken a step back maybe not in numbers due quantity of pass plays but his ability and play certainly has dipped. I just think Cobb going to another team with a game plan that uses his talents better and he would be night and day.
  7. Geronimo Allison Resigns with the Packers

    Cobb’s entire career has been riddled with injury and miss using him. I can totally see him being successful on another team and actually get a chance to shine.
  8. Breaking: Earl Thomas to Ravens

    I don’t know. Personally just think drafting one is the way to go when we don’t have flexibility for this year and next few years.
  9. Breaking: Earl Thomas to Ravens

    Yes a player of his caliber can change a defense. A gamble I would have been all in about if he was 5 years younger or hit FA in his prime. He is still very talented and doesn’t seem as though he’s slowed down any. But entering at 30 years old with a 4 year contract at huge dollars isn’t logical for us. We don’t have the flexibility as other teams do cap wise and to over spend for a player that won’t be elite through the length of that contract is not a smart football decision for us. One of many decisions we have already made in the past to get us where we are today. I love ET coming out. Loved ET during his career but it just wouldn’t be wise for us to make that signing especially when considering all of our home grown players we need under contract as well. Good choice to pass and trust our scouts and take one in the draft.
  10. Breaking: Earl Thomas to Ravens

    I would have welcomed Thomas with open arms but for that type of money they can have him. 2 broken legs in the last few years. Hitting 30 as well. He’s talented and probably wouldn’t have traded the second in a heart beat for him but seeing the cash he got I’m glad we didn’t get stupid and went all in on him.
  11. Free agency - who is left.

    I second this. There has often been times I’ve sat there during games and cursed Dak for missing him so many times. Times where he can’t be in the same ball park when throwing to him but hit Cooper all day. I told my Fiancé that was my number one hope is that Gallup and Dak gain that chemistry and start connecting
  12. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    Being in Browns country I have a soft spot for them and the fans. I’m happy they are starting to turn around. I’m just sitting here waiting for us wondering when we will actually have flexibility to do anything in FA other than sign JAGs all day.
  13. Titans re-sign Kenny Vaccaro 4 years 26 mil and 11.5 Grts

    Now this is more realistic deal. Good for the titans
  14. Landon Collins to Sign with the Redskins

    Agreed. I dream to imagine the name of playing for the Dallas Cowboys with open cap space would be fairly easy to recruit players to come play here but yes the front office is dumb and here we are deciding in a few years which big time player for us is simply going to not get signed
  15. Landon Collins to Sign with the Redskins

    This was ridiculous for a guy who can’t cover my six year old. He would be stupid not to take that deal but definitely overpaid for a position in recent years where no one wants to spend on it. I guess Dallas can kiss any shot of Thomas goodbye now off this deal