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  1. Your post makes all the sense in the world. I just hope it goes that way. We have enough draft picks for a couple of years we don't need any more. Now we need quality picks in the draft..
  2. Now you are talking, the RG is one third of the offensive.
  3. This is hard to believe no way Douglas would pass up a first round pick for Darnold, only a fool would reject that offer, He still had a shot for Wilson or Fields. I can't stand this pre draft BS. I agree with xrade, i want to see the proof of this crazy story. We still have 12 full days before the draft I wonder how many more of these insane stories before the draft will pop up on the internet?
  4. I have absolutely no problem at all with that either
  5. It looks like I am the only person on this board who wants a RB at 23. If Najee Harris, or Travis Etienne are there when we pick at 23 we would be nut not to take either one. EITHER one would be a huge help to who ever we pick at QB. I went nut when we passed up on Devin Cook, lets not let this happen again.
  6. You know what you can do with those fourth round RB , we have five years of late round RB. I am looking for one of the two top RB at 23 if they are still there. AND IF we are lucky enough to get one you will certainly hear from me on draft night.
  7. Not a chance Rick, that is a to good of a pick to give up. Every year a good player slips out the first round, and he will be there for us.
  8. By the time we get to our second pick in the third round we already will have drafted four players, so there is a good chance Douglas might make some kind of move with that pick. You mention Trask, he had a huge year with the Florida Gators, he had 42 TD;s pass and put up huge numbers against strong SEC teams, he could be a good pick for some other team. I am sure this will be a last minute decision by Douglas, if the player he likes is still there with the second pick in the third round he will grab that player. Once we get to the fourth round anything could happen.
  9. Xrade, don't let these **** MAGGOTS get to you. They are all the same they hide behind their keyboard, and type out what ever they want whether it true or not.
  10. This is a great question, I still haven't got Douglas figure out, so I will pass. But I can't wait to see who has the best percentage out of the ten players. I am still not sure who he will take with our first pick Fields or Wilson.
  11. It sure is, most GM's are set with their draft plans, and I can't see much activity till draft night. Sure looks like the first three picks will go fast and after those picks who knows, it could get crazy.
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