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  1. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    JJ Watts told Darnold. after the game " you are going to be a big star in this league"
  2. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    Maybe it is just a coincidence, but you are right about offensive centers in Jet History, the good centers always had a strong O line. And don't forget JOE FIELDS he was the center on our Super Bowl team . And he played for the Jets for about 13 years. You point is very interesting I never gave it much thought, but is so true.
  3. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    The Jets know Watson was going to throw on every down, after their RB Miller went down early in the game. The same thing could be said about the Jets. without Cromwell. McGuier, only avg. two yards per carry. We still need that third WR & help on the O line. How about Harry Anderson three more sacks last night. We had the Texans on the ropes in the fourth quarter, we just couldn't finish them off. One of our biggest disappointment this year has been Kearse, he has had a bad year. Let hope with the money we have to spend on FA's & our early first round pick we can fix the missing pieces that we need to be a real competitive team.
  4. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    Yea most of the game the Texans only rush 4 players. Neither team could run the ball, McGuier only had 42 yards on 18 carries. But overall I am very happy how well Darnold, played. The Jets with the exception of the O line played very well. Let hope we fix the O line in the off season.
  5. Texans vs Jets for lonely guys only.

    We played real good tonight, but the big plus is how well Darnold, played, Another big step in Darnold, development.
  6. 2019 prospects and outlook

    NO LOL, you are probably right, most of the best WR will go in the second round.
  7. 2019 Head Coach carousel

    Knowing the Johnson's the chances of Bowels getting sea bagged are only 50/50 at this point of time. Any other team in the NFL it would be 100% he would be fired after the last game of the season.
  8. 2019 prospects and outlook

    The only reason I brought up a trade down, is because what the Colts did last year, they only dropped three spots in the first round, and still got their player they wanted Quenton Nelson, and also got our two second round picks. The Colts got their cake and eat it too.
  9. 2019 prospects and outlook

    If there is no player we like in the first round when we pick, this might be the year we could trade down. I never though I would say that, but we sure could use second round pick. I don't know if we could get two second round picks like the Colts did, and only drop three spots in the draft.
  10. Week 14 GDT- Bills vs Jets Battle of the Rookies

    As a Jet fan, it sure looks like the Bills finally got their QB of the future. He just needs work on his accuracy, and that should come with time. And with a better supporting cast on offensive that is a must. Not looking forward to playing Allen twice a year for the next 12 years. Our worst nightmare is he turns into another Jim Kelly and that is very possible. I think it is going to great watching Darnold , and Allen duel it out for the next decade.
  11. Around The League

    After seeing Josh Allen play for the first time, if the Bills, can work on his accuracy, and get him a better supporting cast around him, this kid could be a pain in the butt for us in years to come. Just what we don't need is another Jim Kelly to play twice a year. With that said how about Darnold, on that play when rolled out to his right and reversed and rolled to the left and throw a perfect strike on the run, that was his best play as a Jet. I think these Darnold, Allen, duels over the next 10 or so years are going to be great to watch.
  12. Around The League

    If he is so good why did the Viking sea bag him?
  13. Around The League

    Some of these small schools, who are stuck in these lower conference like UCF have produced all pro players thru out the years. PLAYERS FROM SMALL SCHOOLS ARE NOT A REACH. Just because the Jets scouting dept. sucks & miss these guys. Hear are just a few Steve McNair, Alcorn St, Randy Moss, Mississippi Valley.Terry Bradshaw, Louisiana Tech, Antoinio Gates Kent ST, Khalil Mack Buffalo, Michael Strahan,Texas Southern, Terrell Owens, Tenn. Chatanooga, Phil Sims, Moorehead ST, Tony Roma, Eastern Illinois, Jared Allen Idaho St. AND OUR OWN WAYNE CHREBET, Hofstra. And this is just a few. C
  14. Jets Bills for those who still care

    Darnold, looked very good the last two drives.
  15. Week 14 GDT- Bills vs Jets Battle of the Rookies

    The Bills are short on offensive talent. that's the bottom line.