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  1. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    I could not agree more, perfect post.
  2. Whats up with Baker

    I said it last week, and I will say it again the Browns made a huge mistake not taking Sam Darnold, Darnold is still only 22 and plays with half the talent the Browns have.
  3. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    All you said is very true
  4. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    Dallas had their offensive on the field for a long time and used up a lot of clock time. And they did that without their two star O tackles and without the best WR in football in Copper and Cobb did not play also. But the Jet defensive did their job and we won Our offensive moved the ball against their defensive. The bottom line is we won a big game for us. Our defensive has to be given a lot of credit for the win also.
  5. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

  6. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

  7. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    The O line is killing us two major holding penalties already.
  8. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    The Jets are home for this game, and TV pushed the game to 4.30pm because its the Cowboys and prime time. I would love nothing more than for us to knock them off. I agree it is more important for Darnold to show progress than anything else. It just been a tough season for all of us.
  9. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    Just to show you how horrendous the Jets O line really is Bell has had 71 carries for only 206 yards a avg. of 2,9 yards per rush. And he got most of those yards on his own. At this point in time it sure likes we need at least four new O linemen. Not only for Bell, but for Darnold also.
  10. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    Jets waived Luke Falk, no of us will lose sleep over this move.
  11. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    The Johnson brothers just got hit with jury verdict of eight billion dollars, for the side effects of their drug antipsyechate medication Risperdal. We could have bought a whole new O line with only a small % of that verdict.
  12. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Christian Mc Caffery is a great player, we all know that before he was even drafted. The kid is a work horse.
  13. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    The offensive is what I want to see also, this will be a huge test for the offensive. After four game in which there has been no offensive at all. To me I don't care whether we play Dallas or Miami. I just want to see the offensive score points. The O line MUST protect Darnold, and that is a MUST. The right side of our O line has been a disaster this year.
  14. Week 5: NY Jets vs Philadephia Eagles

    OK that is a lot better I don't know where I read we got a sixth round pick We can do something with a third round pick. The best thing is that Macc can't screw up this third round pick.
  15. Week 5: NY Jets vs Philadephia Eagles

    A six round draft pick is like trying to catch lighting in a bottle, sure it has happen in .the past for some teams but the odds of getting a star star player are very slim.