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  1. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    You are dead wrong, Callaway was unstoppable as both a receiver or KO man when he played what makes you make a statement like that when you no nothing about him. Stick to your mock drafts. You picked the wrong guy to fight with.
  2. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Ridley is very interesting point. He is a lot better than his stats. Alabama QB is not a very good passer he is a runner. Next to Callaway he is the best receiver in the draft. But there is no way we will touch Callaway he is nothing but trouble. Callaway should have been a first round pick, but he sure screwed that up. Down here in Florida we great for covering up crimes by our players.
  3. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Of all the QB's that could drop to us it is probably Mayfield, which would be great, and there is a real possibility that could happen. I would say Mayfield is a 60-40% that he falls to us. As much as Rosen is head and shoulders better than the rest he is only dream for me, I want that kid so bad.
  4. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Of course I do, Denver has there choice , they either go for Cousins in the FA market or take one of the young QB's in the draft. If they take Cousins they still have their fifth pick in the draft, they are in much better position than we are. What would you do if you were Denver???
  5. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Gang Green see your point, I think the big worry we could come out of the FA period & the draft without a QB. Nothing would please me more than to have the Colts #3 pick in the draft. I just think the price would be to much to move up. There is nothing we can do now but wait. I think the big question is will Denver go after Cousins or take one of the young QB's in the draft. We must make that six pick work because we don't draft again till 37.
  6. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    There are several teams that need a QB, one of those that is a dark horse is the Cards, they have cap problems, Denver has the fifth overall pick, so they can either go for one of the young QB who drops to fifth or sign Cousins. There is a slight chance there might not be a bidding war for him, if three or four QB's go in the top five picks. I would say the real worry is that the Colts might trade that # 3 pick. The Colts are the key to whom will take.
  7. Pre-Combine Mock

    Don't you think it is time to get down to reality, and stop predicating all these different scenarios about Cousins. I want to sign Cousins but the chances are very slim.
  8. Pre-Combine Mock

    What happens if we don't sign Cousins, who is going to play QB, if we are going back to the 19 forties single wing offensive OK, but if not what to we do. And trading the six pick in the draft to move down to get Nelson is flat out F******* insane. We need that six spot just in case we don't get Cousins so we at least a chance to get a young QB.
  9. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    I doubt very much that we will sign Cousins, but if we do that will be great. Then we can use our top four draft picks to plug holes in our roster plus any FA we pick up.. What would really be ironic if we sign Cousins and so some reason or another Rosen fall to us at six when we pick. If we don't sign Cousins, we just sit tight at six and see what Mac famous plan B will be. I still think Mac is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat and get us one of the young QB's, but don't ask me how.
  10. 2017-18 College Football Scouting (Page 2)

    I hope Mr Dorsey he is not a bigot.
  11. 2017-18 College Football Scouting (Page 2)

    Yeah I agree about Rosen, but what is so strange how many so called draft professional on TV & the press don't have him going # 1. One thing is for sure there is not much hype about Rosen. But I can't see him dropping past the # 2 overall pick. With the exception of QB in the draft the rest of the draft positions is just average or below average on paper. But you never know who will be the next star player will be. The NFL draft is a crap shoot and always has been a crap shoot.
  12. 2017-18 College Football Scouting (Page 2)

    THE VALUE OF A OFFENSIVE GUARD ???? In the last 24 years there has been only two guards drafted in the top seven overall picks in the first round. Jonathan Ogden in 1996 who drafted as a guard but played O Tackle his whole career Leo Davis in 2001 This just shows you what GM's feel about the valve of a offensive guards Thru this same period there has been two dozen Offensive tackles pick in the top seven picks. Over ten times more tackles than guards. For a team like the Jets who are in dire need of skilled players, which we could get with our sixth pick in the draft, some of our Mock draft geniuses want to take a guard with our sixth overall pick. This is no knock against Nelson, but not for our six pick in the draft.
  13. Last Pre Combine Mock

    We are on a whole different page on this one.
  14. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    That third round pick is worth a fortune, because of the QB situation, they would have to be out of there mind to take a second round pick for the third overall pick in the draft. Times I really wonder about you guys, making statements like that.
  15. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    No way the Colts are gong to settle for only a 2nd & mid round pick for us to move up to the third spot, they are gong to want next years first round pick and your first born child.. You saw what it cost Washington to move up to take RG111.