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  1. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    The Salvation Army is by far the best charitable organization, no people making $ 300,000 dollar a year in this organization. I make it a point to make cash donation twice a year, plus donate clothes a few times a year.
  2. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Great post you said it all in one sentence.
  3. The Development of Sam Darnold

    Gase, & Douglas, were dealt a lousy hand, 90% of the Jet roster are all Macc, players. We all know from early in the season we had a real bad roster. One thing is for sure Douglas, will seabag at least 25% to 30% of the current roster. The sad thing is next year will be a rebuilding year, and we just went thru 5 years of rebuilding with Macc,, We can't rebuild a O line in one year.
  4. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I was going to bring that last week. The Titans are a tough team, give them a couple top offensive weapons and they will be a real contender.
  5. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    What you say is very true, however our problems go much further than coaching. The Jets front office lead by Macc, and the Johnson bros set this team back five year with their horrible drafting. I can't think of one Offensive player who Macc, drafted who was any good, in his five years of drafting.
  6. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Well Fitzpatrick being Fritz again, yesterday against the Eagles he was 27 fir 39 for 365 yards and 3 TD. He had games like this when he played for Tampa Bay last year. Every time I am ready to bury this guy he comes back. He has a great game and the next week he throws 3 INT's and looks horrible. He has to have the strangers career of any QB I have ever seen. But give him credit he made a small fortune playing in the NFL, and has a huge mansion in central Jersey.
  7. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    We never had a O line this bad in our history and I saw every O line the Jets had in their history. There is only one person to blame for this mess and that is five years of HORRENDOUS DRAFTING by Macc. Macc, totally ignored the offensive side of the team in his drafting. Sam is having a problem with his deep passes two games in a row he missed Anderson with sure TD;s one pass was badly over thrown and one was badly under thrown. Right now it is impossible to judge Darnold, because of the horrible O line the Jets have. No running game at all, terrible pass protection, there isn't much a 22 year QB can do with this mess Macc, created. I am going to say this again till I get a answer why did the Johnson's allow Macc, in later April to draft when they new they were going to fire him in a matter of weeks????????? A couple of days ago I said this game will be over early, and I was right, but had the wrong team, how can you not score at least one TD against a 0-11 team with the 26 rank defensive in the NFL.
  8. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    I hate to see him on a day were he wasn't sharp
  9. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    This loss is as embarrassing as I can remember as a Jet fan since 1964. How do you loss to a 0-11 team and look horrible doing it.
  10. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Are we playing the 85 Bears or Cinny?
  11. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Our first five pick in the 2020 draft all have to be Offensive lineman
  12. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    You are 0-11. and have the ball on the Jets 43 and you don't go for it, you try to draw the Jets offside.
  13. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    He has had a horrible year, he sure isn't the Bell who played for the steelers
  14. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    Who was the fool who said " this game will be over early " that right it was me
  15. Week 13: NY Jets vs Cincy Bengals

    I was just going say the same thing. to much of these short pass for 5 yards. Darnold has been way off all year on deep passes he has only a few for the entire year. Our offensive today looks like crap.