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  1. Now that the dust has settled, after the Bills 13 second fiasco, the only thing i know now is three out of four of our first picks should be offensive. If one of the top pass rushers are there at four we should draft him, and then go offensive. This year it is going to be very difficult to know how the first three picks in the draft will go, JACKENVILLE, needs to get TL help, Detroit might go QB although, Goff played Ok. and Houston with Watson still up in the air who knows. One thing for sure in the next four months there will be a lot of speculation how the first four picks in the 2022 draf
  2. After watching those two NFL games yesterday, does anybody still don't believe the NFL, is an offensive driven league. How much closer to arena football do we have get before everybody believes it. Every rule change in the last twenty has all favored the offensive, just a couple a days ago experts said deep passes down field when it is a jump ball the receiver catches 60 % of them. Just yesterday Buffalo who has the best rated defense in the NFL was made fools of by the KC offensive. The same thing could be said about what the Rams did to a good Tampa Bay defense. With this mind come draft tim
  3. that is the key, that is way we must go in the draft. I want that center from Iowa.
  4. If we want to play on a level with the top teams in the NFL we have to stop treading water, with our top draft picks, Sure Carter, Tucker & Moore were great picks but Becton & Mins have failed us & Q has shown he is no game changer. Our first four picks in the 2022 draft are key to our future. I have had a belly full of three and four win seasons. As far as the FA market goes I have no idea who would want to come to the Jets, over the last few year even with all the money we had to spend our record is far from good, in fact it sucks either they get hurt or don't play for one reason
  5. I feel the same way, he doesn't scare any offensive. No team plans their offensive because of Q, but they do because of Donald.
  6. I think you are 100% correct, it sure looked to me that they were giving Hill, and Kelce way too much space. Good post Kmart.
  7. Allen was fantastic, but that defensive was horrible they looked fat and slow, how does such a good defensive give up 560 yards of offensive. Mahomes, was too much for the Bills slow defensive, it is too bad a great season had to end like this. THIS LOSS is just as bad as the 40 yard missed FG in the SB against the Giants.
  8. Can't argue your point I think you are 100% right, on all the QB's you listed.
  9. I am really struggling to figure this guy Mims out In 2020 he had 23 receptions for 357 yards his per catch average of 15.5 yards per catch in 2021 he had 8 receptions for 135 yards his per catch average of 16.6 yards per catch His Average yards per catch is outstanding but the amount of times he was target it and the amount of ball he caught is horrible. I sure don' think we can blame Wilson, for the Mims failure.
  10. You are 100 % CORRECT. we need star players, now we have several good young players. We need game changers not a bunch of future draft picks. How much longer do we want to have three or four win seasons. This current post you just made is the best post in 2022.
  11. The same thing goes for SO CAL QB's
  12. I remember when Belichick left after one day with the Jets, there was not the outrage that there would be today but then again we did not have the social media that we got today. And so many people forgot the great job Parcells did when he took over the Jets who had three horrendous season in a row just before he took over.
  13. Not at all, that is not the point, every year we are going to see this same thing happen as long as 44% of NFL teams make the playoff. Ahd what causes this problem remember the NFL riggs the schedule by having last place team play other last place team. Now if the Eagles, won their division with a 9-8 record OK they make the playoffs even if they suck. Would I like to see the Herbert & the Chargers in the playoffs sure I would but they didn't win enough games to get in.
  14. You hit the nail on the head it is all about money.
  15. My post last week when I posted how much I hated the idea of adding two more teams to the playoffs was a joke and it sure was. The Eagles played eighteen games this year and did not beat one team with a winning record. The league add two more teams to the playoff so 3/4 for the teams still had a shot at the playoff fifteen games into the season. Anybody who thinks it was good idea to add the Steelers and the Eagles to the playoffs, drop me a post i am in a good mood for a good fight today. I hate the idea of turning the NFL into the NBA & the NHL.
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