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  1. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Philip Rivers is still playing at a high level, always love this guy.
  2. Around The League

    I see B Powell will be 30 next week, you could be right this could be his last year with us.
  3. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    Doesn't look good for our WR core Rob Anderson hamstring DNP T, Pryor Groin DNP Q Enumwa high ankle sprain DNP No wonder Macc, brought in Rishard Matthews. & Cory Coleman for a try out. Both these guys are not on any NFL roster
  4. Around The League

    Crowell did show real good speed on his long TD run, he out ran the two safeties, I guess the best way to gage his speed when he catches a swing pass.
  5. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    Dike daddy don't you belong on you own board with Klomp, swede700, & marshpitz23,
  6. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    I the site was down for awhile I was going to post the same thing about Pryor. He has not practice all week, That is why Mac is bringing in two more receives off the street.
  7. Around The League

    Not sure about that, I know Powell starts off powerful at the beginning of a game and seams to fades out in the second half, haven't seen enough of McGuire to comment on him. Not even sure when McGuire is coming back.
  8. Around The League

    It was wonderful that he has a TD catch for a TD, I don't know who makes these rankings, but Ertz, Njoka, Davis, & Gronk, all had better days, playing TE. Maybe we finally got a TE in Herndon, only time will tell.
  9. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    Good point I agree, it really is all about Darnold, progressing.
  10. Around The League

    I am on board trading a 3 to get Cooper I am no sure ARI would make that deal, but at this point of time I would we are desperate for a pass rusher.
  11. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    When you consider all the top offensive players that did not play last Sunday for the Colts, the defensive was horrible. They dropped a sure TD pass, and how many other passes did the Colts drop. We had no pass rush at all. I did not see any difference between Bowles & Rodgers. To me it looks like a personnel problem, we just need better players. We are still looking for that impact player on defensive, I though it might be Adams, but so far that has not happen, he is still very young and he can only get better.
  12. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    To me this is just another pre season game me. This will be a game that we will be playing from behind, and will be a great test for Darnold. to see how well he plays when the Jets are behind. This should be a low scoring game. The defensive has to play a heck of a lot better than we did in the Colts game, if we fall ten points down early it will be a long day. I think the key in this game, can the O line hold up and keep Darnold, upright,
  13. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Ain't that the truth, this has been a long long wait for me to finally get our QB of the future.
  14. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Absolutely, that is what this year is all about. Darnold , process this year is more important than winning, if we win a game that is great. So far the first thing in his progress this year is the speed of the NFL game has not effective him at all. But I must say winning two games in a row felt great.
  15. GDT: Colts@Jets

    We talked how well the offensive played against the Colts and that is true. I was a wonderful day. To bad I can't say the same about the font seven on defensive, NO PASS RUSH AT ALL, the only players on defensive that played well was Lee, Cabrone, Avery Williamson, Adams, with all their top players out we gave up 33 points and it should have been 40, that one sure 7 yard pass that luck hit the back up receiver in the gut and he dropped it. Another no show day for Leonard Williams 0 tackles 0 sacks, 0 hurries, 0 blocked passes. I watch Williams close he is strictly a bull rusher, no pass rushing moves at all. We are far from done looking for better players on defensive. The D backfield played fairly well considering Johnson didn't play and Maye got hurt.