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  1. WE HAVE TO PLAY IT SAFE, There are so many factors that could happen, we all know that they are. Cleveland did it the right way they did not show their hand till they were on the board with the first overall pick in the draft. Nobody had a clue who they were drafting till the pick was made. And they made a telephone call to Mayfield telling him was going to be their # 1pick. We have to do the same thing if we are the first pick in the 2021 draft. Even the though of moving Darnold, or even talking about it is stupid. at this point of time.
  2. Not in MLB, or NHL or even the NBA, put you got a point you could be right about the NFL., for some reason the NFL is different. IN the NFL you hardly ever see a even trade player for player trade. And it been that way for a long time. I am sure there has been some the only one I remember was when the Giants sent DT Lou Cordileone to the 49ers for Y A Title. Lou is not the brother of Micheal, Sonny, & Frado.
  3. From the way JD is operating I am not so sure he is a big free agent fan. He could go after one or two at the most, only if they are top players, and they filled a huge need. and most trades in the NFL are tough and they usually involve draft picks. When we trade a good player like Robby Anderson, and get a third round pick. Anderson is worth a lot more than a third round pick. Sure seems like he wants to build the Jets thru the draft, like 70% of the people wanted to do. Most of us think he did a better than average job in his first draft as Jets GM. I guess we won't know his final grade to we see how Mims, pans out.
  4. Just three years ago the Arizona Cards had a worst offensive line than the Jets. they only won three games all year in 2018. All phases of their game was horrible. Now just in two and a half years they are now a very competitive team. Both the Jets and Card each drafted the best rated QB's in the draft. While the Cards continue to improve the Jets are going in the other direction. The Jets are now in the process of selling off any player they have on the roster. Outside of Crowder all the FA we signed to play for the Jets, just came to get the big pay check and then asked to leave, and than Mosley wanted to opt out of this season because of the Corona virus, and nobody said a thing about it. He just didn't want to play with the collection of clowns the Jets call a roster. While the Cards fans have team to cheer for the Jets fans only have Mock drafts, hypothetical drafts. and excuses why Darnold is failing. The only time in the last twenty years a felt good about the Jets is when Rex Ryan was the HC they were a good few years.
  5. Now that you people got me all wound up with all this trade talk, if you think the Jet ownership and GM are useless and stupid now , Let me take you back 44 years when the great John Riggins was a Jet, and the Jets didn't want to pay him more than what he was making which was $63000, per year and the Jet said we will not pay him a penny more, so he sign with Redskins for $1,500,000 a year. And the rest is history one year he rushed for 24 TD's MVP in the Super Bowl & a member of the Hall of Fame. So we got a long history of being stupid.
  6. I hate hypothetic trades they never come to fruition. We also end up with the short end of the stick when we do a normal trade. Like all these high first round picks we had the last five or so years, when we traded them for a third round pick. Then everybody says why are we the worst team in the NFL. If we do end up with Trevor Lawrence, what do yo think we will get for Darnold, Sam cost us the third over all pick in the draft plus two second round picks. As thing stand now no way we will even get a first round pick for him, not the way he has been playing. Is this Darnold fault hell no both Darnold & Rosen both got a lousy deal. What do you think Darnold is thinking right now looking over his shoulder and seeing Lawrence, in the Jets future. Who knows who we will get when we pick around 29 or 30 with the pick from Seahawks, in the Adams trade. Who know where we pick in 2021 with the second first round pick we got from the Seahawks.
  7. We can add TE to the positions we have to fill this offseason. We nothing out of the TE position this year at all.
  8. Did the Jets finally release that bum Herndon
  9. All I heard for five weeks wait to Perriman comes back he will be a game changer. Well he is back 1 rec for 2 yards
  10. Of course, both the draft & decisions is why we are at all time low.
  11. Lets talk about my man Fitz the last three years he has look like a pro bowl QB, and nobody wanted him out of New Jersey more than me. It just shows you how bad our roster has been the last five years.
  12. She is still one of the lead women on the Hallmark movies
  13. I got to think real hard about giving up one first round and a high third round pick, as things stand now that third round pick would be a high third pick . And even our fourth round pick would be a high pick in the fourth. As things stand now we should come away with a least five maybe six starts on the 2021 team. Rick we still love you but stick to writing screen plays for Hallmark and lever the GM business to us.
  14. I was just going to post the same thing, it is not even a matter of our needs, if we by pass TL in in the draft and he becomes the next super star QB we will never be able to live that down. It would become a public relations nightmare for the Jets.
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