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  1. You made me laugh for the first time today when you said ( he looked like the QB for a community college ).
  2. The real question is why would anybody root for this mess, for me it is to late but you young guys can change teams how about Manchester United or Real Madrid.
  3. I am the one who listed all the horrible teams he played last year, teams I never hear of before. So many of the teams he played against were no more than community colleges and that is the truth. Six weeks ago i listed all the school he played last year it was a joke. And people on this board said that did not matter REALLY
  4. Wilson being Wilson again over 300 yards passing and two TD's, THIS TEAM LOOK DEAD AT THE END OF LAST SEASON. I thought we would have two top five first round picks.
  5. Justin Herbert was the pick, he is just starting his second year, and he looks like he has been in the NFL ten years. For us it has been Sanchez, Darnold, and Wilson, and we still can't win a game. All three of those players were all top five first round picks. All I heard was that Wilson was ready to play in his first year that is far from the truth. Down the road the kid could be a fine QB, but he is not ready now.
  6. He strained his groin helping Mims, looking for his play book.
  7. ALL i KNOW IS THAT WE HAVE LOST 16 OF OUR LAST 18 GAMES. For the last two of three years, all I heard coming out of training camp how great players looked. Next year I don't want to hear any reports from training camp, because it is all BS.
  8. Another NO SHOW GAME for Q Williams ,the other Q Williams LB played well. All the RB's looked real good. Belichick shut down Davis, Berrios had 7 rec for 72 yards,. Mosley and Maye were the best defenders today, we better pay Maye. Another game like today and Wilson, will be back playing lead guitar with the BACK STREET BOYS again.
  9. How many years have i waited for Darnold, to have a 300 yard passing game, well it happen today along with a win.
  10. Lets be honest both QB's have played like rookies
  11. Darnold is 16 for 20 for 216 yards 2TD's in the first half
  12. With Gilmore out that is a big deal, that is the best news I hear all week. I think they will try to hit us with a lot of quick short passes. And look for Belichick, to use his RB in the passing game. If we can shut that down will have a chance. Our offensive all depends how our O line holes up. If our line fails it will be a long day.
  13. Before the season started i though we had a real good chance at beating NE in our second game, right now it the wrong team, and wrong time to play them for the obvious reasons.
  14. Every off season we spend a lot of time on FA pickups, and the last six years we flat struck out, the jury is still out on Mosley. The last productive FA players, were Marshall & Decker they both had thousand yards receiving in the same year, and that was seven years ago. There was a time in our history from 1995 thru 2008 when we struck gold with FA pickups, look at this list of players, Thomas Jones, Curtis Martim, Kevin Mawre, Wayne Chrebet, Brandon Moore, Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, Alan Faneca, Victor Green, Damiem Woody, Vinny Testaverde. The combo of poor drafting & signing sub pa
  15. In 2020 Mims player 10 games for one reason or another last year 24 reception for 397 yards 16.5 per receptions 0 TD not bad at all in fact they are real good numbers. The question is what happen from the end of last season and the end of training camp, I have no idea. I sure don't buy into that learning three positions is the reason he is not playing.
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