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  1. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Joe Douglas, has been watching tapes of all the Jet players from last year, and the one player he has real been very impressed with is Rob Anderson. He loves is ability to get open, especially on deep pass patterns. It sure looks like we finally got the GM we want after all these years.

    Great point, I agree with you.

    This is the player I am most interested in seeing in training camp. I saw all his games last year down here in Florida last year. He is very quick and has the moves to get to the QB, something the Lee could never do. He could be the missing piece that the defensive has been looking to get for years. All our other major pickups in the off season we know what they can do, we have to see what Polite can do in the NFL.
  4. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    What is even worst is the Radio sports guys, Jet fan15 is 100% correct the Jets should just shut it down.
  5. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    I don't blame you, I am not going to forgive and forget Macc, either. He was god awful as GM.
  6. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Macc. was the worst GM in Jet history. with all the high draft picks he had and still ended up with a 5-11, 5-11 & 4-12 record in his last three years as GM. He should have been fired before the 2019 draft.
  7. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

  8. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    I just read that Douglas has turn down the Jets job and will stay with the Eagles. It was all about money the reason he didn't take the job.
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Thanks Rich & Gang green for the info.
  10. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Got a ?. I live in Florida, and this years charge for Direct TV for six months is $ 49.99 per month for the Sunday ticket. This is a big jump from last year charge. Just wonder what other people on this board are paying, who live outside the Metro area. Two years ago I paid a total of $199.00 for the whole season.
  11. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Great post, all you said it all, you are 100% correct.
  12. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    I feel the same way, we just have to sit and wait.
  13. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    You got a strong point. I agree.
  14. #JetsNewUnis

    That is nuts for a jersey that is not even the Jets colors. Barnum & Bailey was right, there is a sucker born every day.
  15. #JetsNewUnis

    I agree, these new jerseys with that white streak suck, the only good thing is we are back to the bright green. And the black jerseys are just a scam to sell more jerseys, We are not black the Oakland Raiders are black. Jag68sid87 is right the Joe Namath uniforms of the sixties were great. I do like the new helmets.