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  1. How to stock the draft cupboard?

    You are a 100% right. the Village idiot would have drafted Williams & Adams so he gets no credit for that. He failed big time with the rest of his draft picks. His draft picks can't even make the field, he had to go out and pickup veteran players who are starting for the Jets as we speak. Why some people are sucking up to Mac is way beyond me. In Mac own words " I don't care what Jets fans think".
  2. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    All this off the field stuff & sense of entitlement and being borderline uncoachable, and outspokeness was the exact thing they said about Joe Namath. And these things were all true, But I would draft a Josh Rosen & a Joe Namath in a heart beat. And another thing Rosen is playing with half the talent at UCLA than Darnold has at USC and that is a fact.
  3. How to stock the draft cupboard?

    You have to be nuts to want to trade Carpenter, what is wrong with you. You want to trade all these players, with Mac'S drafting history good luck, His drafting as Jets GM has been flat out horrible. That is why we are a lousy team after three years of Mac;s drafting.
  4. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Yeah you got a point, our linebackers are one if not the worst group in the NFL.
  5. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Funny you say that yesterday I look at his stats since becoming a Jet. In 18 games he has only 4 sacks, still strong against the run. I don't think he will be a great pass rusher like Mark Gastineau or Michael Strahan, he is not quick enough, still think he was a good first round pick. He is such a powerful guy maybe with a little more time he can improve his pass rush.

    I though it was just me, I hate that dull green on the Jets uniforms. It was OK when I was in the Marine Corp but not on a football uniforms. I agree let go back to the Kelly green. Several other teams have gone to duller uniforms I wonder if it has something to do with TV cameras. Is it Boise State who plays on a bright blue field ? I can't remember who it was but one of the folks on this board came up with changes to the Jet uniforms and it really looked good. EKILL08x has a good point this should be a good subject for the offseason.

    Very interesting, but you point is well taken. I didn't know Bowles had that much say in the draft selection.
  8. Yesterdays game was a perfect example of what I have been saying about Bowles for three years. The man is just not head coach material. The game became a total blowout and he still was playing McCown, on ever down till the bitter end. At press conferences the man can't even speak, all he does is mumble, the same line so & so gives us the best chance to win. When are we going to see our young players on the field? Most of us on this board would rather loss with the young players than with veterans players who won't even be around in a year or two. My feeling is Bowles is a incompetent BUFFOON, and has to go. None of us expected the Jets to win yesterday, so lets give the kids a shot to show us what they have, that is all most of us want. Why is this so hard for the Jet front office to comprehend.
  9. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Looks like none of our young players will never see the field this year. The Jets brought in Veterans to play full time they played Ok but they are not our future, When are we finally see what our young guys have, Maybe Mac realizes his draft pick suck. We will never be a wining team with the veterans Mac brought in, And this Bowles has about as much enthusiasm as a used condom
  10. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Maye player better than Adams today, which is OK
  11. Week 2: Par for the Course

    So did I
  12. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I don't think we can"t go wrong with either one, Rosen Or Darnold. It is funny with all the talent USC has had on their roster the last 7 years, you wonder why this teams struggles so much. It had nothing to do with Darnold, but they are loaded with talent, maybe it is the coaching.
  13. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Just the though of us not having a top pick in next years draft would really drive me over the edge, after playing a guy at QB who will be 39 this year. I do like Rosen & Darnold, the only differences is Rosen does have the stronger arm. Darnold is playing with a lot more talent than Rosen. UCLA O line is going to get Rosen killed they are that bad. Another big question is will Rosen applied for the draft after is Junior year? His father is a surgeon, and being Jewish will he drop out of college?
  14. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Adams yes for from sure about Shell, Pierre Paul eat him alive, maybe that was a good learning experience, It would be a super plus if he turns out to be a very solid Right Tackle.