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  1. Training Camp

    I wonder why they moved the line of scrimmage, from the three yard line back to the twenty for a extra point. That seems like to big a change. That makes a extra point a 38 yard kick. That is a pretty drastic change.
  2. Training Camp

    I know Darnold, throws a real good pass when he rolls out of the pocket. Last night he throw strikes from the pocket, that is really what I wanted to see last night, and looked great doing it.
  3. #JetsNewUnis

    What the big thing is going back to the Kelly green again, I hated that Marine Core green we had last several years. I also love the new helmets.
  4. Training Camp

    The new helmets are great, but the jerseys suck, all they are is white with a green line around the shoulders. They look like they were design by a ten year old kid. The only thing is they went back to the Kelly green, which was what they were years ago, and that's great.
  5. Training Camp

    Very true, and we are paying for it now. I know Douglas will repair our roster, but it will take some time. We just can't afford to get key players hurt because of our lack of depth. Our starting offensive look real good.
  6. Training Camp

    So does our backup players on both offensive and defensive. Both units looked horrible
  7. Jets acquire Alex Lewis from Baltimore

    Great to see we all on the same page, I agree with all you people that we finally got a first rate front office.
  8. Jets Sign Ryan Kalil

    I agree Rich, it is a important upgrade. What is the latest news on Shell?
  9. Training Camp

    I should hope so with those numbers. Not having a TE for four games is going to hurt. I do think we are going to surprise a lot of people this year.
  10. 2020 Draft Prospects

    That is a tough question Rich. Every year at this time I become a fifteen year old kid again, thinking the Jets have a real shot at the playoffs, and every year I am proven wrong. My only question this year will Darnold take the next big step forward ?
  11. Herndon Suspended 1st 4 games

    This is a serious blow to the offensive, if this suspension stands at four games, which is a 1/4 of the season, this will really hurt the offensive.We are not even in training camp yet and this crap has started already.
  12. Futures Thread

    Like NJ PAINT, said this knocking the Jets and calling them dysfunctional has been going on for years. ESPN is full of a bunch of JIVE Turkeys who like to hear themselves talk.
  13. Team Needs

    The big need without question is the Offensive line, that is the position that scares me the most going into the 2019 season. Now that we lost our starting TE for four weeks what do we do now?
  14. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Joe Douglas, has been watching tapes of all the Jet players from last year, and the one player he has real been very impressed with is Rob Anderson. He loves is ability to get open, especially on deep pass patterns. It sure looks like we finally got the GM we want after all these years.

    Great point, I agree with you.