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  1. Only a fool would make that deal
  2. With 3 1'2 months till the draft some sports media and tvs guy are saying the Jets should give up three first round picks to get Watson, have these people lost their ******* minds. Are we going to get this kind of crap till the end of April.
  4. You are right, I think we all feel the same way. We all hate giving up that second pick in the draft to get another QB. I have no idea what Douglas, is going to do.
  5. You hit the nail on the head, you are so correct. He just doesn't have any spark. He has the tools, strong arm, has size, moves around very well, but something is missing.
  6. The problem is Darnold has not shown any improvement in the three years since we drafted him. We gave him a pass for his first two years, but this year he has not shown us he is our QB of the future. He makes the same horrible mistakes he made when he played at SO Cal. None of us want to waste the second overall pick in the draft on a QB, but Darnold has given us no choice. Out of the four top QB;s in the 2018 draft, Jackson, Allen, Mayfield, and Darnold, all have taken their teams to the playoffs, and all one their first round games except Darnold. This years Jets offensive line was much impr
  7. Darnold can't even move the team at garbage time. He hasn't improved one bit in three years. Most Jet fans say it time to move on and draft a new QB. But that is up to Douglas, not us. We were sold a bill on goods how good he was and that Josh Allen, was not a good passer, how wrong were those so called draft experts. Josh Allen has been terrific and Darnold stinks.
  8. This coach we brought in for a interview for secondary Arron Glenn, is this the same guy we drafted in the first round in the early 90;s? He was a good player for us.
  9. Miami is at three and 18 in the first round, and they are set to grab a WR & OT or RB with those picks, they are in dire help at all those positions, all they have to do is pick who they want, and we are not sure what we are going to do when we pick at two.
  10. That really is the bottom line, Douglas is still in the process of cleaning the mess Macc left. I am sure at this point Joe is still not sure who he wants at QB next year. He has the picks and the money to turn the Jets around. We can do all the mock drafts we want, but we will be going up against 31 other teams in the draft. There is no question our O line is much improved, but not outstanding yet. Like usual this upcoming draft will be very exciting. If we hit on our first two picks in the first round, all the other picks will be pure gravy. But the key is the first two picks. I have been wr
  11. Tell me when you want to yell uncle and I will stop here we go all first round picks Travis Kelce, Evan Engram, David Njoke, Hayden Hurst, Hunter Henry, Eric Ebron, Tyler Eifert, Jermaine Gresham, Dustin Keller, Greg Olson Vern Davis, Dallas Cark . You don't have to match Kelce record this year to be a productive player and a great pick, and this only from 2006 Just as a side note Mike Ditka was the first great TE, and he was a real tough guy I got a new keyboard for the computer and it has a hair trigger and it is driving me crazy went I get done typing it looks like i am typ
  12. How can you say that look how the TE"s have change the passing game today. A top pass catching TE is a match up nightmare for the smaller DB. Look what Travis Kelce is doing with KC. nobody can stop him from catching the ball.
  13. Sorry Rockice, but thru out the history of the NFL top running backs have been a nightmare for defensives. Do you really want the QB to throw 68 passes like Big Ben did Sunday. Players like Jim Brown, Gayle Sayers, John Riggens, Jerome Bettis, Barry Sanders, Derrick Henry even OJ, were all game changers.
  14. I AGREE, but what is sad was the big mistake we made getting Darnold three years ago and giving up three second round picks, and having to use our second overall pick in the 2021 to get another QB. When we make a mistake it goes on for years. I though at the time the Darnold, pick was going to give us our QB of the future how wrong I was. I also think Najee Harris, would be a terrific pick at 23
  15. I know i was going to get killed for my post. even you guys in the UK hate my mock drafts LOL
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