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  1. 1 Round Mock Before Draft

    Well I completely disagree with Arians on this one. Jackson to me is another Vick, RG3 type. It’ll be fun to watch for awhile but inevitably teams will figure him out or he’ll get hurt and that’s the end of it
  2. 1 Round Mock Before Draft

    The Cardinals are not drafting Lamar Jackson. That’s crazy talk, look at who they picked in free agency. 2 not very mobile pocket passers, that’s the style of QB they like.
  3. Schedule thoughts

    The NFL didn’t do us any favors this year!!!
  4. Predict The Pick v.2 - 15 - Cardinals

    I’d have to go Oline of the choices presented. Mcglinchey, Wynn or Hernandez. I’ve cooled on josh Jackson after his combine performance and as all of you know I don’t see Lamar Jackson as fit.
  5. CSC Mock #2

    This is a panic draft pick. If the Cardinals loose their minds and make Rudolph a first round selection, I’ll loose all faith in their front office. They have more needs than just QB. It would be far wiser to go BPA and look for a QB in later rounds. I’d prefer OLine, WR, CB or DL if one of the actual top QBs is not there at 15. It would be better to trade back than reach for a QB.
  6. I love this draft for the Cardinals!!! If it goes like this I’ll be dancing in my living room!!!
  7. I literally get physically ill every time I see Lamar Jackson as a first round pick for Arizona...
  8. Sam Bradford????

    Don’t know that I agree with that. A lot of dropped passes by everyone who didn’t have an 11 on their jersey.
  9. Sam Bradford????

    Ok first I’m a Cardinals fan and have been for more than 30 years. I root for who is on the team. Bradford was not my first choice but now he is the quarterback of my team and I want him to succeed. I like the moves the team has made since signing Bradford especially Justin Pugh and Bryce Butler. Let hope the draft turns out great for us. Looking forward to a great season.
  10. Explanations and TRADES

    Although I see your point of view, based on what I’ve seen and read the Cardinals are hoping Bradford will be their new Kurt Warner/ Carson Palmer. So I don’t see them making the big move in this draft, especially for Mayfield. If Allen or Darnold were to fall to 8 that might change. I see Arizona going BPA adding talent to help Bradford succeed.
  11. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 15

    1 Josh Jackson 2 Roquan Smith 3 Courtland Sutton 4 DJ Chark 5 Josh Allen
  12. 2 Round END wave 1 FA, Mock Correction

    The Cardinals picks are awful... We have Bethea and Baker at safety, no thanks to an undersized WR.
  13. All 7 Rounds - 1 Trade

    I think if you look at Arizona’s history you’ll see Lamar Jackson doesn’t make sense. The Cardinals are a team that like big strong armed pocket passers. Other than that it’s solid draft.
  14. v1.0 first rounder with several trades

    I can’t see the Cardinals going D-line when their biggest issues are on offense. WR, O-line and QB. Thanks for not putting Lamar Jackson here.
  15. Sam Bradford????

    Ok the Buddy Ryan comment hurts!!! That team was a playoff team if they had kept Buggle for one more year. Now back to Bradford, history says he will play about 9 games before he’s out with injury. Then after that anything good Bradford may do will be wiped away with Glennon. By the end of the season we are playing a rookie and welcome back to the years after Warner. Or flash backs of Cliff Stout after Lomax got hurt. Sorry I think we could have done better...