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  1. Badgers0821 1st 2018 Mock (1 Round)

    I’m not particularly interested in getting Cousins but it is ludicrous to think that any team that wants him can’t figure out a way to come up with 30 million to get him. I personally hope the Broncos throw all their money at him. I don’t believe he is worth that kind of money. Oh and don’t believe everything you read, the Broncos were reportedly not interested in Peyton Manning at one point.
  2. Badgers0821 1st 2018 Mock (1 Round)

    Seriously? The Cardinals paid Palmer 24 million last year. You don’t think we can create 6 million for Cousins if we really want him?
  3. Badgers0821 1st 2018 Mock (1 Round)

    Well even though it’s unlikely I would be thrilled if the Cardinals sign Cousins!!!
  4. Sashi Brown's Ghost Mock !

    I like McCarron and White or Falk. Not as big on Rudolph. Interested in Chase Litton and Kyle Allen. But I think McCarron with David Johnson, Fitzgerald and Sutton could make our offense pretty good!!!
  5. Sashi Brown's Ghost Mock !

    Very nice start for the Cardinals. Curious what you think we do at QB?
  6. 1st stab at a 2018 Mock -2-15

    So Arizona signs a Fragile stationary pocket passer who is very accurate to mentor an inaccurate extremely mobile project QB that they trade up for even though he probably would be there in the second round? Doesn’t pass the smell test!!!
  7. AJ McCarron?

    Thoughts on AJ McCarron now that he won his grievances with the NFL and will be an unrestricted FA?
  8. *Free Agency + Mock Draft* (V-Day Mock)

    Ok so Arizona signs the most fragile free agent in Sam Bradford. Then mortgages the franchise to move up to draft a guy that will need at very least a year to develop in Josh Allen. We don’t sign any other free agents to help strengthen the roster. Knowing that Fitzgerald may retire this year. I see that as a bad plan!!! I would prefer we do something like this. Send our second round pick to Cincinnati for AJ McCarron QB sign Malcolm Butler CB 1-15 Conner Williams OT 3-79 DJ Chark WR 4-comp Mike White QB.
  9. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    You see something in Jackson I do not. Either way him and Tebow will have something in common, very short nfl careers as quarterbacks.
  10. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    Mike McCoy got an 8-8 season out of Tim Tebow and a playoff win. Tebow’s last game in Denver. The Broncos were wise enough to know that was not a long term recipe for success. Jackson is simply a faster version and may not be as good a passer. If you like him that much draft him to your team. I hope the Cardinals brass is smart enough not to go that direction.
  11. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    No No No No No!!!! For the Cardinals. Giving up 2 picks for Lamar Jackson and signing Tyrod Taylor!!! Jackson would be better served switching to wide receiver. He is an amazing athlete but his accuracy issues and inability to read through his progressions make me doubt he will ever be an nfl caliber QB
  12. I’m waiting to see what happens with McCarron and his grievance. If he wins I’d prefer the Cardinals go after him and hold on to their picks. I would also go playmakers in the first couple of rounds. WR/CB. It’s a deep draft for Oline and can be addressed in later rounds.
  13. Oh and I’m not advocating for Foles or believe he is the answer to our QB need. Just pointing out that a solid QB and some upgrades on offense and the Cardinals could be right back in the mix
  14. Russell Wilson is an extremely accurate passer and plays more like Fran Tarkington or Aaron Rogers than Vick. Go ahead and name the run first QBs like Jackson who have had sustained success in the nfl?
  15. The Cardinals went 13/3 two year ago and were in the nfc championship. Nobody knows what type of coaching the Cardinals have right now as it’s a brand new staff. Just like nobody knew how McVay was going to do last year.