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  1. Dumbest team in the NFL!!!
  2. Completely agree with your assessment if the Arizona goes with Murray first overall.
  3. I swear to God if they take Kyler Murray #1 I’m done with this team!!! Would be complete waste of the pick. If they’re not sold on Rosen that’s fine but picking a 5’10” quarterback is just ludicrous!!!
  4. Philbin would be a terrible choice. Boring predictable offense. We had that last year. I’d prefer DeFilippo because of the success he had in Philadelphia. We know Kingsbury will be calling plays so I think he would be a great fit
  5. I fail to see how trading David Johnson makes the Cardinals better. It’s an unnecessary trade with little return value. The rest of your picks are fine but Paris Cambell is just another 6 foot receiver to add to the long line of flat 6 footer we have. I do fully support your trading us out of the number 1 pick.
  6. Ok I just want to make sure I understand this as a Cardinals fan, we are going to trade our most dynamic offensive playmaker for a tackle?
  7. Although I agree that Bosa and Jones would be dynamic in pass rush, it does nothing to help stop the run or improve our league worst offense. Moving down to grab Oline, WR or strength the middle of the defense makes more sense and would improve the team much more than a pass rusher.
  8. This will be an incredibly important draft for the Cardinals. They need to maximize having the number 1 overall pick and upgrade talent in several areas. Now that I’ve stated the obvious, I think it is in the best interest of the team to trade out of the pick and net the best deal possible. Nick Bosa is going to follow right behind his brother and be a beast edge rusher. Unfortunately that is luxury pick that is not going to help fix the major issues on this team. We need a dominant defensive tackle or corner to strengthen the defense and a lot of help on offense. I’d like a Scenario where we
  9. I don’t completely disagree with you but remember college stars don’t always translate to the pro game. Cousins was a fourth rounder and Wilson was a third. Prescott went in the fourth as well and Romo was undrafted. Brady was a sixth rounder who in college couldn’t beat out Brian Griese. Forgive me if I don’t buy the hype just yet. I’m very hopeful that Rosen will be great and he will be our quarterback for the next 15 years. But if he’s not...
  10. I was not in favor of moving up for a quarterback in this draft as none of them separated themselves from the others. This team has other needs to fill and the second group of quarterbacks could be very good, White, Lauletta and Falk. Rosen needs to surpass Glennon in training camp for me to be happy with this pick. As for Kirk, I was hoping for a bigger body receiver like Fitzgerald. We need physical wideouts to compete in our division. Kirk is a terrific talent and I hope he can become an Antonio Brown type player. I like Cambell as a physical cover cornerback and Wilks history
  11. Yeah not happy with the second pick. Kirk is a good receiver but we need a replacement for Fitzgerald. Not another smaller wide out... would have preferred Chark!!!
  12. Not that Rosen was my first choice but I’m thrilled it’s not Jackson or Mayfield!!!
  13. I’m going to need a big box of tissues!!! Lamar Jackson makes no sense for the Cardinals. You would have to change the whole offensive scheme to accommodate his still set. He’s a square peg in a round hole.
  14. He is the latest greatest version of Michael Vick. He will be exciting for awhile then he will get hurt or teams will figure out how to keep him in the pocket and he won’t be able to win from the pocket
  15. And it would be stupid of the Cardinals to take Jackson anyway. He is another akli smith
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