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  1. GDT - Week 6

    Guy was built in a factory.
  2. Week 7 Game Day Thread

    Who do you put at #4, 5, 6 after this week with Georgia laying a golden egg. My Top 5 is #1. Alabama #2. Ohio State #3. LSU. #4. Notre Dame #5. Wisconsin (Could just as easily put OU at 4 or 5 with how tight it is outside the Top 3 for me)
  3. Broncos extend FB Andy Janovich (3 years, $5.7M)

    Ingold caught on somewhere? Nice. One of my favorite recent Badgers
  4. 2019 NFL Pick 'em

    Giants at Patriots (14) Panthers at Buccaneers (2) Bengals at Ravens (10) Seahawks at Browns (9) Saints at Jaguars (12) Texans at Chiefs (5) Redskins at Dolphins (3) Eagles at Vikings (6) Falcons at Cardinals (7) 49ers at Rams (8) Titans at Broncos (1) Cowboys at Jets (13) Steelers at Chargers (11) Lions at Packers (4)
  5. Does Nick Foles Get His Job Back?

    I think the Jaguars lucked into a franchise QB. I just dont see Nick getting his job back. Gardners playing too well
  6. Titans release K Cairo Santos; to sign K Cody Parkey

    Cut for Cody Parkey? Thats like trading aids for herpes.
  7. The whole storyline is truthfully.
  8. I know they werent a likely threat but we did just knock the Giants down a peg for you.
  9. I'm surprised you guys are so confident. If it were in Philly id completely get it. But the Vikings defense is a different animal at US Bank stadium. Its hard to sustain drives vs them without a deep threat as D-Jax is still gimped i think. The Eagles offemse will need to be a lot better then tbey were vs the Jets. Good Luck sunday and no injuries.
  10. Jay Gruden fired; Bill Calahan to be named interim HC

    I bet if he has a decent run as an OC I bet he could get a 2nd shot.
  11. They get moved around a good bit. Thielen especially.
  12. Been saying it for an eternity. Hes about due for a turn. Hes been a face ( a traah one) for what 3 years now
  13. How are your LBs been in coverage? I expect Dalvin to be used in the passing game early to counter the Eagles Run D and it'll get Kirk into the game too if they can