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  1. I didnt expect you to listen to me i mean why not flacco whose confirmed civ. My point is in a game this up in the air limiting options isn't logical.
  2. This feels fishy . Why take just 1 persons advice. Why not wait for all of town to weigh in?
  3. Really SwAg screaming from the mountain top about mwil at 1 point and then not lynching him when he could doesn't bother you?
  4. I completely see where your coming from but mwil should be first.
  5. I literally just addressed this. Are we playing the same game?
  6. Right here you claimed I claimed to be female I acknowledged i incorrectly remembered who visited while showing your claim I supposedly made is full of ****. What lie did I make?
  7. Mwil my mistake it was Raves who visited me and said I wasnt interested in talking. Either way like I just said I didnt claim anything on my charecter Raves did. So whose the liar again? mwil
  8. I coulda sworn it was Mwil. Im scrolling back trying to find the post right now to confirm. I do know I haven't claimed anything about my charecter like mwil claims the post said "I tried visiting KOTN but she wasnt interested in talking" I wanna say D3 it was posted but im not positive. Whoever visited claimed my charecter was female not me.
  9. I didnt claim anything. You visited me and said I wasnt interested in talking. Your straight up lying. Mwil
  10. I thought you tried to visit me at some point?
  11. Official 2019 Vikings Schedule

    Im not enraged at a week 12 bye though eother better 12 then 4 or 5. I'd say 9-11 is the sweet spot
  12. Especially mwil. Practically screaming from the mountain tops at one point.