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  1. Colts OG Matt Slauson declares retirement

    He didnt say hes retiring. He declared it!
  2. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Jeff George and Tim Tebow immefiately come mind for me.
  3. Mafia Mafia - Town Wins

    Hey guys I wanted to apologize for disappearing during swags game. Life got crazy for a bit. Its on me for not seeing if i could get a replacement or something similar I'll join in the next one. Things are about back to normal. Look forward to playing again.
  4. All Things Wrestling Thread

    And....That was awful. Just awful.
  5. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Thats the only way Nia coming out made sense. If anything it felt like maybe a setup for Ambrose-HHH at Mania.
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Did anyone else think Dean was about to go CM punk and drop a Pipebomb at the end of raw last night i got that vibe from him. Especially now with the rumors hes leaving WWE after Mania. Wouldn't shock me with how badly his heel run has been booked
  7. Xmad. Knew the no lynch yesterday vote felt off Malf turning up mafia makes it worse. Its a good vote to me.
  8. Do we know a ratio or are we at SwAgs mercy?
  9. Dont like the no lynch why not just sit and watch if your unsure. Still swole but uneasy about squire too.
  10. Gross. Swole. How is a no lynch helpful?
  11. Browns hire Mike Priefer as STC