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  1. Im almost certain swag is the janitor if we can weed him out we can get results
  2. Wasnt even paying attention to racks before today. So if he claimed something I missed it.
  3. Idk how I missed this before. Dome basically tells us thiers a janitor. I bet its swag. Been too bold imo to be kingscum.
  4. SwAg I'm down to find out if Dome truly has unlimited pardons or Can pardon himself. No chance in hell he can do both.
  5. Yea. I switched you last night because I thought you'd be a mafia target because you redlettered swag hence switch with known mafia to see. Boom Dead Mafia. I was right.
  6. Thats why I think you were a mafia target. It makes tons of sense to kill the judge as mafia. If results are unkown it may become easier for mafia to manipulate the game to get lynches they want especially if the ratio is unknown or there are mutiple factions like this game.
  7. If you died would lynch results still xome up unknown?
  8. @MWil23 N1s hard to gauge since I only kind of understand the lie detector role and I don't trust anything swag says.
  9. Someone tried to hit. you last night. Flipped you with Llama. Now he dead. Night 2 I flipped dome and gopher. Gopher died. Someone tried to hit dome. N1 I flipped you and swag to see how the response would be (Was still figuring out the role then) Any better?
  10. The results are flipped. If someone tries to put a hit on you and say someone protects slappy. If I use my power to flip. You get the protection and Slappy dies.
  11. I was nervous to. I felt like I had a really role if used right and wasnt looking for heat. Especially after getting popped so early last game.
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