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  1. I'd be more concerned about what Newton is doing in terms of studying, personally. You are a Patriots fan. You should be able to appreciate the fact that athleticism does not make the QB.
  2. This is a terrible deal for Mahomes.
  3. This seems more like one guy's opinion rather than any inside info.
  4. I mean, do we even know if Butler was calling plays last year? They brought in a lot of different defensive coaches. Tomlin had already taken over play calling at times in previous seasons. Given the limited resources, I'm not sure Ebron is the investment I would have made. So now they have two mediocre and unreliable TE's instead of 1.
  5. He suffered a season ending injury in 2017, as well. And blamed his mediocre play in 2018 on nagging injuries.
  6. Another fun fact - in 2018, Hargrave had 6.5 sacks to Tuitt's 5.5 despite playing about 250 fewer snaps. And the main point remains that Tuitt hasn't been able to put together that level of play for an extended period of time, but he's paid like he has.
  7. This would be in an alternate universe where Tuitt stays healthy, right? Because by his own admission he had a down year in 2018, and then missed over half of last season. Tore his pectoral in 2017. So far Tuitt has been paid mostly for potential (he is not a top 10 interior DL). Hargrave was misused by this team. Not because they play a 3-4, but because the coaching staff refused to use him as an interior pass rusher in their packages to the extent that they should have - particularly in his firsts two seasons. If not for Tuitt's injuries, they probably never would have given him significant snaps in that role.
  8. Hargrave has more value than Tuitt who the team is stuck with because they restructured his contract.
  9. Only reason he hasn't been arrested like his trainer seems to be that the cops haven't located him yet. Looking at felony burglary and battery. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/21/report-antonio-brown-is-a-suspect-in-the-battery-of-the-driver-of-a-moving-truck/
  10. Because I know I associate Earl Thomas with great run support.
  11. Ravens player blatantly shoved a Titan well after the play.
  12. Good thing the Titans scored because they should have had another free first and goal after their first down run with Henry with half the distance.
  13. Dorsey came off as a fake blowhard on Hard Knocks. He was as big of a joke as Hue.
  14. Tomlin has already declared Mason Rudolph the teams #2 QB for 2020.
  15. This offense is not built for Greg Roman. We do not have a run-first QB. Greg Roman's offense worked with Kaepernick, RG3 and Lamar Jackson. Roman has worked with pocket passers as well as mobile QB's. He's shown actual flexibility in his approach. I'm not making excuses for Tomlin. I'm not remotely saying he should take no responsibility but he was not our biggest issue. You call me fairweather, but I've been remarkably consistent on this over a period of years. My argument isn't fire Tomlin because of 2019. It's fire Tomlin because he's Mike Tomlin and everything that entails. You're the one letting an 8-8 season that could have been worse influence your argument.
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