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  1. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Ray Lewis killed a guy. Randy Moss stole from Oakland. Michael Irvine stabbed a teammate in the neck, among many other things. But Owens and Owens alone is attacked based on a supposed lack of professionalism...
  2. New KO rules=Quadree making roster??

    I don't know how this rule will play out beyond that it's going to create controversy. There's way too much for officials to manage and we're going to micromanaging the hell out of it with replay. What I do know for certain is that the Steelers braintrust is going to screw up however they handle it. Special teams have been pretty damn special for as long as I can remember. Even worse in the Tomlin era than under Cowher.
  3. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Sounds more like an agent who is trying to talk him into signing in Cleveland, but a player who doesn't want to go.
  4. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Shaun King has no source, no NFL player he's speaking to for inside info. What he is doing is attempting to draw attention to himself and he's dumb enough to think that maybe some dumb player will even take the idea up. If players were going to refuse services to draw attention to Kaep/Reid, they'd be doing it now. When it's visible, but there aren't financial repercussions.
  5. Kickoffs to be "modified"

    We're going to end up with multiple flags a game on these things and multiple controversies. I don't trust the refs to be able to enforce this convoluted nonsense let alone the players in real time being able to follow it.
  6. A lot of people are attacking this guy based on what they thought of him coming out. But can anyone say with a straight face that he got a fair shake in NY? It seemed like an instant disconnect between the coaching staff and FO. They didn't even make much effort to get him on the field during the pre-season. 91 passes in two years. A lot of the same people trashing him will talk up some other prospect, but only if he's given time to mature and get coached up.
  7. I don't even want to be witty or sarcastic here. Alex Smith is captain check down. Captain I'll throw it away over taking a risk and converting this third down. Captain I'll live to fight another day. Sometimes, that works. But when you criticize Kirk Cousins for that, you shouldn't be turning around to praise Smith.
  8. I'm surprised Snyder hasn't hired you for his propaganda arm yet.
  9. Roethlisberger was pretty openly hostile in this interview. Which makes me think something more happened in between his public comments. Like perhaps speaking with one or both of the Tombert duo. He's also kind of...scornful to the Bryant trade.
  10. I think people are underestimating the contract thing right now. The QB market just ballooned thanks to the Redskins mismanagement of the Cousins situation. Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan. Even Tom Brady has been connected to talk about a pay bump/extension. Roethlisberger is only going to get an extension if he creates the impression he intends to stay longer. So, last year Roethlisberger popped off at the mouth. Probably, in my view, out of frustration. This year? Well, Haley was canned and he sees dollar signs. He knows that if he keeps playing he's about to become ridiculously underpaid compared to other franchise QB's. Not just 3 years from now, but starting this year. We're talking like $10 million dollars a year here. I don't think Ben cares that much about the Rudolph pick. I do think he's negotiating a bit in the media.
  11. I should say further that financials are an issue for both sides. My own take. Roethlisberger wants more money. The QB market has been reset and Ben wants to get paid. The team won't invest and for good reason. Plus, there is the likely aspect of a power play over Haley. But I really doubt Rudolph is the answer. I think the contract is the biggest issue between the two sides right now.
  12. Roethlsiberger spoke on the subject of Rudolph today. Said that he can succeed him, but he better patient because he plans for it to take a while. There is definite attitude behind the statement on his part. I wonder how much the Roethlisberger contract extension talk factored into any of this.
  13. When I look at what they're doing with the safeties, I can't help but wonder if they aren't falling into the same sort of trap they used to on the OL. They like these swiss army knife guys who do a little of everything, but who aren't particularly great at any one thing. I highly doubt the Steelers had a 1st round grade on Edmunds. They didn't even try to claim that they did. And they usually love to crow about how they stood pat and one of their top guys fell to them. They routinely talk about it. So I hear how Edmunds played all over. He was versatile (a bit like the 5th round FB/RB/whatever the hell he is) and used all over. OK, swell. Was he really great at any of the things he was asked to do? Mediocre tackler (you're hoping its his shoulder), and a mediocre deep safety who frequently gave up big plays and who just looks uncomfortable with his back to the ball. The Steelers still guys who can play deep, last I checked. I'm not even sure they have one guy who really fits the bill. Sean Davis dropped almost as many coverages as Golden when he played. Now they're putting more on his shoulders at FS where he''s going to have to make the calls and get other people lined up. I mean, for a team that got beat deep left and right in the tailend of the year... It's like the braintrust here thinks Earl Thomas would be a liability because he only plays deep safety. They could be in a jungle and I think Tomlin would be trying to carve the bush up with his swiss army knife rather than use a damn machete. He's fascinated with flexibility and it's not exactly producing sterling results. The defense was a lot better when it was just guys like James Harrison doing what they do best. The best players on defense aren't all that versatile. Cameron Heyward is just a good 5 tech. Haden is just a pretty good CB. And for all this talk about subpackage football, they were bounced from the playoffs in large part because the Jaguars went the opposite direction as most offenses and just pounded them into submission. They really need a lot from Bostic. And the Patriots? I mean, there's still no cure for Gronk here. Edmunds aint covering him. The guy is athletic and young. But they don't have a great track record of coaching these secondary guys up and they used a first on him. It took Munchack to fix the OL. Give it a clear plan and develop the talent. Do they have that in the secondary or anywhere on defense right now? This draft was definitely light on talent in my view and it's going to show.
  14. This has to be my least favorite Steelers draft. Did they just prefer the offensive talent in this one? EDIT: I get that they've invested heavily on defense over the last few seasons. I also get that they have a new offensive coordinator. This draft seems to be more about the latter thing. I don't see this as a BPA draft, and it's definitely not hitting on their biggest immediate needs, either. I can typically talk myself into their plan by day 3 of the draft, but it aint happening here. They completely wasted the third round in my view.
  15. How often do the Steelers draft anyone to move them to another position? Let alone in R1? They aren't moving Edmunds. They really just buy into their notion of sub-package football. But they're chasing their own tails here. And Edmunds is still a lousy tackler.