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  1. Didn't read the thread, but I could totally see the playoff seeding going to 16 teams and the #1 seeded Steelers drawing New England in round 1. And Cam Newton at home and all, I'd still be terrified of the match-up.
  2. Because you lose that challenge like 98% of the time?
  3. Baltimore has been giving Jackson easy throws all night, but they can't buy an open receiver?
  4. It's not Harghbaughs best game.
  5. I don't think that was the point of his post, but you decided to ignore the non-bolded part. Which was more of a shot at the Rams.
  6. Ok. I'll bet you right now the Rams aren't making it. Or even winning a playoff game.
  7. Beating good teams doesn't count if they are in your division now?
  8. Titans, Browns, and Ravens. They have a better resume than anyone.
  9. I'm surprised the Bengals didn't go for the cheap FG at the end there.
  10. And Cardinals stole the game against Buffalo. Maybe Belichick can do the Steelers a solid tonight.
  11. I'll just take some inside runs like that one. The 16 yarder earlier was the same.
  12. They deserve to lose this game if they keep calling it conservatively. 250 passing yards in a half and you start things off this way.
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