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  1. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    Mike, is that you? I honestly think Finney is the better player already, and that Foster isn't competing for his spot because he's been a team guy/hasn't fallen off a cliff. So Foster missing time isn't a big deal.
  2. The Gurley contract - not all of that money being called guaranteed is actually full guaranteed, either. The Bell deal was broken down. Gurley's hasn't been. He's getting more fully guaranteed than Bell, but he also doesn't have Bells issues (knee injuries and drug suspensions). Yea...that was my post. I was responding to a post suggesting that was the long term plan.
  3. Julio Jones to skip start of Training Camp

    NFL players take significantly more risks with their bodies.
  4. Goff has two years under his belt. They still own his rights for 3 more plus 2 years of a tag. I mean, I think they've done some dumb things this off-season. Planning to let your young highly touted QB walk 3-5 years before you even have to make the decision would be beyond the pale.
  5. Bell contract 2018

    Bell is taking the Mike Wallace route. And a lot of fans will say they understand. It's about the guaranteed money! It's something they just repeat because guys in the media say it along with some agents. But it's nonsense. The Steelers have a very good track record of keeping guys they sign for longer than teams that pay out more money. Mike Wallace learned that the hard way when he went to a situation that didn't suit his skill set. He would have made more money in the long haul if he had stayed in Pittsburgh despite all that supposedly guaranteed money he was offered by Miami. People forget that Mike Wallace was doing historical things early in his career. Like, we see Brown's numbers posted next to Rice's. Brown is obviously far better than Wallace, and the numbers show that. But Mike Wallace was on pace with the all time greats, too, over his first few years. Then everything fell apart. Bell is already declining physically and is going to have a few hundred more hits on him after this season. This isn't a rah rah Steelers position. I don't begrudge any player trying to maximize their earnings. It's just a shortsighted approach in the long run. You give up building your resume up with one team (which has its own earning potential down the road, too), a team with a good record of paying and taking care of its players...you go to a team that is probably a bottom feeder with a lot of cap space to toss around but which will ultimately cut you in a few years. You don't end up making what you thought or could have.
  6. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    This is the same HOF that wouldn't let Junior Seau's daughter give a speech to celebrate him. Now these sanctimonious idiots won't even acknowledge a guy they are inducting (years late - tell me Owens wasn't a first ballot talent and I'll laugh at you). This is about fans as much as it is a moment of the players. It's a bad business decision. It's less entertaining. And it's all about the egos of people who run a third rate museum about football/the blowhard sports writers who make it about themselves just as much as TO ever did.
  7. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    I was saying this in 2007. I'm glad everyone is finally catching on over a decade later. The NFL is an absurd organization. It baffles me that people who get paid millions of dollars to make these decisions are *this* dumb for *this* long without being held accountable by the billionaires that employ them.
  8. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Ray Lewis killed a guy. Randy Moss stole from Oakland. Michael Irvine stabbed a teammate in the neck, among many other things. But Owens and Owens alone is attacked based on a supposed lack of professionalism...
  9. New KO rules=Quadree making roster??

    I don't know how this rule will play out beyond that it's going to create controversy. There's way too much for officials to manage and we're going to micromanaging the hell out of it with replay. What I do know for certain is that the Steelers braintrust is going to screw up however they handle it. Special teams have been pretty damn special for as long as I can remember. Even worse in the Tomlin era than under Cowher.
  10. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Sounds more like an agent who is trying to talk him into signing in Cleveland, but a player who doesn't want to go.
  11. Star Players To Sit Out?

    Shaun King has no source, no NFL player he's speaking to for inside info. What he is doing is attempting to draw attention to himself and he's dumb enough to think that maybe some dumb player will even take the idea up. If players were going to refuse services to draw attention to Kaep/Reid, they'd be doing it now. When it's visible, but there aren't financial repercussions.
  12. Kickoffs to be "modified"

    We're going to end up with multiple flags a game on these things and multiple controversies. I don't trust the refs to be able to enforce this convoluted nonsense let alone the players in real time being able to follow it.
  13. A lot of people are attacking this guy based on what they thought of him coming out. But can anyone say with a straight face that he got a fair shake in NY? It seemed like an instant disconnect between the coaching staff and FO. They didn't even make much effort to get him on the field during the pre-season. 91 passes in two years. A lot of the same people trashing him will talk up some other prospect, but only if he's given time to mature and get coached up.
  14. I don't even want to be witty or sarcastic here. Alex Smith is captain check down. Captain I'll throw it away over taking a risk and converting this third down. Captain I'll live to fight another day. Sometimes, that works. But when you criticize Kirk Cousins for that, you shouldn't be turning around to praise Smith.
  15. I'm surprised Snyder hasn't hired you for his propaganda arm yet.