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  1. If Roethlisberger had played with a great offensive mind in his career, he'd be thought of much differently. The best he got was Bruce Arians as a coordinator, and in an era when they had one of the worst OL's in the league.
  2. I'd take Minshew over Darnold and I don't care for Minshew, either. I don't see the point of getting these stop gap QB's and hoping to stay marginally competitive for a few years. Eventually, if you want to do anything you have to make your move for your franchise QB or you're going nowhere. Darnold aint that guy. He was outplayed by the corpse of Joe Flacco last year when given the chance. I think the best move on the QB front is to make the move next year when the team is going to have far more draft capital (the team is likely going to end up with 2 extra 3rds, a 4th and a 5th in
  3. No. It just means that Wilson sees those as top 4 positions to land based on some combination of coaching and personnel. It means he took a look at what he'd have in Pittsburgh and said to himself, "Nah." He apparently isn't envious of the situation Fat Ben was in last year. I think you're stretching to find patterns, regardless of what you think of my admittedly unnecessary dig at Tomlin.
  4. It's interesting that Russell Wilson isn't jumping to play in Pittsburgh with Mike Tomlin. Doesn't he know Mike has never had a losing season?
  5. Ok. Give some examples. He threw 10 interceptions all season long. 10. It was the third lowest interception percentage of his career. And he was the entire offense. There isn't a single FA the team is going to lose by keeping Ben. The team is in the situation they are cap wise because of restructures in the past and, as many teams are experiencing, covid.
  6. It's comical because it's already been explained to you in excruciating detail, in terms you can't refute, that keeping Ben in no serious way impacts keeping any FA. He could be cut and you save little to nothing. Ben was the entire offense, and we already saw what an even stronger defensive performance got the team in 2019. They didn't even get to the playoffs. There was a 4 game difference, in fact. I don't know what the ceiling is for next year, but I do know that the team is better with #7 than without. There isn't a single viable alternative that would produce more wins nex
  7. The complete lack of respect for him is mind boggling to me. This was not a 12 win team this year with Mason Rudolph playing. They'd have been lucky to get 6 wins. The defensive performance was not as strong as 2019's, not as many turnovers or big plays by the defense. But people want to pretend that the team is barely better with Ben next year. And as if they have a crystal ball and call tell you what the supposed ceiling of the team is. Tom Brady looked more washed up than Ben did a year ago in NE. The only question I have is whether Ben is going to accept schematic changes, but he
  8. If I were the Titans I'd hold onto his contract just out of spite, unless I desperately needed the cap space.
  9. We're 33 pages into this thread where people have gone over his contract ad nauseam, and people still think he's making $41 million this year. He's making $19 million. His cap hit is 41 because of previous restructures requested by the team to clear cap space. $19 million is nothing for a starting QB in the NFL. Ben has made his money. I highly doubt his decision to play is influenced by some desire to make low-end starting QB money for one more year. And then you want the team to cough up some $16 million for Juju. What did Juju do in 2019 with Mason Rudolph throwing him the ball? N
  10. They are seemingly oblivious to the deteriorating quality of their own product and think people will just keep shoveling the gruel into their mouths into perpetuity.
  11. The NFL is trying to get their TV partners to double what they paid last go around, but at least Disney aint biting. With declining viewership the NFL may need to rethink their negotiating position.
  12. I mean, why? He's a small, 34 year old receiver whose defining trait was always his speed and he can't stay healthy. I'd have to think the roster spot could better be used on someone younger.
  13. It's funny because: 1. Nothing you said is actually true from the Bill O'Brien claim that you can keep repeating to the fact that I always hated Tomlin because the reality is I was just fine with him in his first couple seasons. But it became clear after about 2012/13 that he wasn't growing as a coach, and it's become more apparent since which is kind of proven by the reality that... 2. Over the years, you've basically been forced to admit just about everything I said about the guy was true. So, we took the tail end of the Roethlisberger era and wasted it because some people couldn't
  14. I'd rank him above the guy who fired him nearly a decade ago now.
  15. I'll disagree about Roethlisberger, but Bouchette makes zero sense. Fitchner was canned because he sucked for two out of three seasons.
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