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  1. I don't see how the Raiders get better by dumping Carr. The best bet the team has is building a roster around the QB. Short of phenomenal luck, you are going to have the third best QB in the division going forward. Focus resources and assets on building the superior team.
  2. I must be out of the loop. What exactly did Nagy do to his player(s) that was so despicable?
  3. I'm all for playing rookie QB's. I don't buy into the narrative about sitting them. I think a guy has or it he doesn't. That said, it's laughable when coaches say they are going to sit a rookie behind some vet and cave within the first few weeks of the season. Fields didn't even look good in his playing time. If you have a plan, have the balls to stick with it.
  4. The one fourth down throw to Juju, I'd like to know who he was supposed to throw to, exactly, especially with one of the 7% of pressures Green Bay had in the game was on that particularly play and one of Ben's OL was getting walked right back into his lap. If Ben is making these decisions, he does need to be benched because he is legit seeing ghosts and it's not going to get better behind this OL. If he is playing the way he is coached, the coaching is terrible. Taking away Ben's ability to audible was a terrible idea. Taking away his no-huddle package was a terrible idea. The one st
  5. With Lawrence entering year two, there will still be interested parties. Meyer's greatest mistake was apologizing and making this a bigger deal publicly than it had to be. Should have just said it's private business and left it at that. I don't think he needed to address anything with his players, but the way he did it sounds especially embarrassing.
  6. Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season. The Steelers will trade Mike for Bill if Bostonians don't want him anymore. We might need a first round pick to go with him, though.
  7. I could see Tombert being up for this one. Rodgers has shown no sign of decline yet physically and Tom Brady is still going strong at his age. They have the defense that they feel is Super Bowl caliber and for once, they'll have the resources to make a big splash. If you could get 4 years out of Rodgers, which isn't out of the question, that trade is worth taking a shot at a high pick rookie who probably won't give you a chance at a ring for a minimum of 2-3 years. It isn't how they've traditionally done business, but they've shown in the last half decade or so that when they actually hav
  8. I think Ben's arm is fine. Have said so since last year. He can still make every throw. Where Ben has broken down physically is below the waste (no euphemism intended) and now, I'd say mentally. His knees are an issue. He's probably legit arthritic. He just can't move like he used to and that's his biggest problem. There's inconsistency in his accuracy and he just cannot get the timing down right on his deep throws. It doesn't help matters much that the Steelers only take shots down the field in the form of go-routes. Mentally, he's taking a beating right now. He doesn't trust himsel
  9. The Steelers would actually have the cap space and, from the looks of things, the draft capital. They look like they'll be drafting top 10 right now. If not top 10. And the Packers probably won't be looking to get a QB so a team without a premium top 3 or top 5 pick has a chance if they're offering more picks in total. I still think the Packers fight to keep him and there's always a chance this is the year the Packers cash in. If Rodgers gets Tomlin fired like McCarthy, he'll go down in my Steelers pantheon. It would be an interesting relationship as Rodgers reportedly felt McCarthy was b
  10. He barely saw the field in weeks 1 or 3, but got burned a few times against the Raiders when he was out there. He sucks.
  11. Speaking of always being right, I remember getting plenty of flack for suggesting that the team should keep Javon Hargrave, who was pretty darn dependable, over the oft-injured Tuitt. Now here we are again with a significant chunk of cap space sitting on its fat *** after missing all organized team activities throughout the off-season. Hargrave last night was just about the only Eagle who showed up and gave the Cowboys fits. Sure could use that next to Heyward right about now. Even if Tuitt returns, we'll be lucky if he plays himself into shape by week 15. Because $15 mil a year doesn'
  12. Ben is playing like garbage, but if after a decade and a half people don't think Tomlin has heavy input on the offense, they are very much in the potted plant school of thought. And it's been great watching you slowly over the years stop just short of adopting my opinion of Tomlin without admitting that maybe that guy had a point. Really, it's been swell. We only had to waste over half a decade, but you've gotten here.
  13. Bill Cowher had a problem as a coach where he kept too tight of a leash on his coordinators. He even admitted as much during the 2005 Super Bowl run. Said that he finally just said screw it and let both off the leash and it produced results. Cowher was coach for a decade and a half, and he had control/final say over what both sides of the ball did. That's my point. Even the people in this thread who are criticizing Tomlin believe that he just lets his offensive coordinator go out there and call a game the way he wants. It's been known for years that he basically took over the defense from
  14. Here's Chase Claypool stopping just short of saying the offense is predictable, because defenses seem to always know what's coming. I can't wait to see what Mike Tomlin can do when he has his own QB instead of fat Ben holding him back.
  15. Haven't you been reading? It's all fat Ben calling the shots and dictating to Canada what his offense is going to look like.
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