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  1. I think you can get a look at the young guys while still improving the roster, particularly at CB. I think it would be very prudent to take a serious look at a guy like Bobby McCain.
  2. We haven't really seen any of these supposed offensive gurus move on from their QB's until this off-season with St. Louis and the 49ers. And even in both cases, they invested heavily into the position with one team going for an upper level veteran option and the other using a top 3 pick on it. So, it's hard to say just how much is coaching and how much is the player. But when Shanahan lost Garappolo they didn't just march on without him. The Bills weren't anything resembling an offensive power house until this year when Allen clearly upped his game (looked like a completely different play
  3. No, Aaron Rodgers does not bring in 90% of the Packers' revenue. In fact, even if the Packers picked #1 in the draft for 10 years straight they wouldn't see a 90% reduction in revenue. I think the whole franchise QB's are top assets thing is a grossly overrated talking point. They bring in some amount of extra cash, but even the worst NFL teams are making money hand over fist. I once heard I think Art Rooney II admit that they actually lose money by going farther in the playoffs if they aren't hosting the games.
  4. I'm not going to weigh in on the topic at hand as it doesn't interest me at all, but cultural significance has little to do with how I weight greatness of athletes. I don't care that Michael Jordan was the best shoe salesman of all time. Which one dominated their sport the most?
  5. Teams invest way too much money into the QB position to allow that. They'll write the contracts to protect themselves. It was already bad enough when Watson was trying to force his way out a year after signing his deal.
  6. Can anyone tell me what exactly the Bears are spending all their money on besides Mack?
  7. Every year I want the Steelers to fill out their roster with some quality vets. Every year I'm disappointed so I don't even bother. Last time they really did it was with Flozell Adams and it worked out pretty well for them. Charles Leno was just cut. He would fit in quite well with the focus on improving the run game. Respectable pass blocker.
  8. I don't have particulars about Brown, but this happens every year. So it's not all that odd.
  9. Don't get this view at all. The top three picks are likely to start this year. Yes, I think they put Green in a position to win that role right away unlike Dotson last year. They clearly realized Ebron was limiting their offense with his blocking so the TE is going to be playing heavy snaps even if they insist on naming Ebron the #1 (I doubt they do). It's not even out of the realm of possibility that Moore competes for a starting tackle spot right away. So the top 4 picks went to the 4 positions on the team where there was a legitimate starting spot open. Those were the most unsettl
  10. I'd figure they just think they can get him for a lot cheaper on a long term deal. Safety market is pretty weak outside a handful of guys.
  11. Keeping Ben did not force the Steelers to cut Nelson. Ben has a cap charge of $26 million this year. Cutting him would have led to a dead cap hit of $23 million and downgraded at the most important position on the field. If they added another veteran, then cutting Ben likely results in a net cap loss from what actually happened. Even if you think Ben is done, the cap is a terrible argument as to why they should have gotten rid of him. Most likely scenario if he had left would have been the team brings in another veteran option as competition and the QB spot actually costs more money.
  12. I don't get this logic at all. They were drafting 28th. Reaching for a player of need is usually a mistake in my view, but doing it at the QB position is just a waste of resources. Such few QB's pan out that if I'm spending a pick on a guy, it's someone I want faith in. Very few guys work out after the first round. The 2nd and 3rd round QB fliers almost never work. Should they have taken Kellen Mond if they viewed him as a bum? Who were they supposed to take? Short of throwing massive resources at a move-up, they did the smart thing and tried to find talent for the rest of the roster. And
  13. I'd still like them to look to sign a vet as a nickel back. There are still some reliable players out there and they need someone who knows what their doing in that nickel spot. I'm no expert, but it seems like one of the more complicated positions on the defense the way the Steelers operate.
  14. I don't mind if from fans. I'm more offended by the stupidity of the guys who get paid to do it. Mel Kiper has done nothing to earn the moniker of draft expert besides being around a very long time.
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