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  1. boswell

    If it's all the talent, then what value is Tomlin bringing to the table? Why do you resist firing him so much? Does it make you hot or something to see him stand there in his aviators like a potted plant? I don't know what this guy does, but damn doesn't he look cool doing it! Beyond that, Mike Tomlin has a strong voice in personnel decisions and the acquisition of said talent that you're blaming. So it's kind of a moot point to me. Coty Sensabaugh is still on the roster and now seeing significant snaps because Tomlin signed off on it (after failing to develop a CB that he was on board with drafting and ended up sucking). In the world of Warfelg, if the Steelers had the right talent on the field, Tomlin would never have to make an important decision during the game. We'd never be in a position to laugh at his stupidity as he refuses to call TO's that clearly increase his chances of winning a game or decides to sit his franchise QB for a quarter and a half in a must-win game because he feels good about a 4 point lead despite his defense blowing larger leads each of the past two weeks. It's not fair to ask one of the highest paid coaches in the league to get basic decisions right or to have his guys prepared for plays that his opponents ran more than 4 weeks ago. At this point, I don't even care. I kind of just want Roethlisberger to retire so this sham gets exposed for what he actually is.
  2. boswell

    Regardless of what anyone wants to say about the Steelers talent level, entirely comparable teams and coaches have put up far tougher fights over the years. But there's other examples. This team has been mediocre at best in the playoffs. Even most of the wins were lucky or slop filled nailbiters. Facing a Cinci team led by AJ McCarron, they blew a 4th quarter lead and needed a miracle to win it before they coughed up the game the next week against Denver (and while everyone remembers the fumble, they forget Tomlin's own poor decision making that kept that game so close. They needed 6 FG's to beat a KC team led by Alex Smith and nearly lost that one in the end. KC was at least a semi-respectable team with a semi-respectable head coach. Then there's Jacksonville. The most impressive Tomlin post-season win Tomlin has to his resume since the loss to the Packers in 2010 is against a fluky Miami team in the wild card round. Does anyone really believe that there aren't other coaches in the league who couldn't have taken the Steelers roster and won some of those games they lost or gotten more even in the games they won? They never even should have made it to Denver in 2015.
  3. boswell

    You want to have some subjective argument on "talent." But let's actually recall the specifics of what happens when Tomlin goes up against Belichick in a big game. From Mike Mitchell saying that a flea flicker the Pats had used in December not being in their film study (also used on Pittsburgh on at least two occasions in the past) to Bud Dupree saying that the Steelers were inexplicably caught off guard by the Patriots no-huddle. Yes, that Mike Tomlin, leader of men, knows how to prepare and get the most out of his guys... Let's also remind everyone that it was just last year that Mike Tomlin sat on national TV and said that his team wouldn't be out-talented by anyone while also saying that they'd have a rematch against NE in January before the game was even played. So, Mike Tomlin, leader of men, disagrees with your own assessment of his teams talent. At least last year.
  4. boswell

    Whether they have or haven't played to their talent level, you'd be here to tell us how none of it is Tomlin's fault.
  5. boswell

    Reality - people actually would just be happy if the Steelers were at least competitive against NE and not routinely embarrassed. Or if there weren't several games a year where really dumb decisions by the head coach didn't cost the Steelers playoff seeding (or keep the team out of the playoffs). You know, simple things for a guy who some want us to believe is actually some great head coach.
  6. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    The guy made it to 6 AFCCG's over 15 years and had a higher winning percentage in the playoffs. So, yea...yea he did consistently make it deeper than Tomlin and win at a higher rate with less.
  7. boswell

    I think the rest of the team is sucking to cover for Boswell's sucking.
  8. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    I'm not buying anything being put out today after they've had days to get sell the most believable story they could to take the heat off. Nothing they said today couldn't have been shared on Sunday if that's all there was to it.
  9. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    I'd be perfectly fine with Ben telling Tomlin off, personally. But I find it rather odd that people who defend Tomlin and then attack Ben when he questions coaches publicly are placing ultimate blame on him for not openly defying his coach mid game. Just like Jacksonville last year - Ben was supposed to ignore his offensive coordinator (likely acting on a mandate from his owner) and head coach and call a QB sneak on his own. A play the team probably doesn't even practice. In a playoff game, on fourth down. I'd be fine with this myself. So let's be clear - your argument is that Tomlin's judgement is so bad that Roethlisberger needs to just ignore him. He needs to Varsity Blues and tie Tomlin up in the lockerroom at half time and make himself the player-coach or something. Repeatedly. In must win games. But the guy is just too valuable to fire. And Roethlisberger doing this will have no negative repercussions for Tomlin and his staff. No siree.
  10. War's 2019 Offseason plan

    Only, Tomlin by all accounts essentially did this last year, and ACCORDING TO WARFELG, THE GUY I'M RESPONDING TO, this happened again this year. That is his argument. Not mine. And as recently as three weeks ago he was praising Tomlin, not Butler, for the defense. So, if you are going to jump into that argument, know what Warfelg has and continues to argue. My own opinion, based around quotes from players like Joe Haden, reports from last year and stories from the local beat writers, Tomlin's fingers have always been all over this defense for better or worse and at various times he gets even more involved (like in the middle of last season). That includes taking part in positional meetings, taking a hands on approach to coaching individual players, having input on the overall design and approach, gameplans, talent (where he almost certainly has more of a say than Butler), and even calls on Sundays.
  11. War's 2019 Offseason plan

    We don't even know what plays Butler calls or doesn't. Warfelg as recently as the Jacksonville game was crowing that Mike Tomlin turned the defense around by assuming control this year. Last year, there were numerous reports that he went as far as calling plays on Sundays. His fingerprints are all over this defense. Mike Tomlin usurps Butler's authority in 2017. Mike Tomlin keeps Butler on his staff this offseason. Mike Tomlin apparently gave Butler back control of the defense. Mike Tomlin apparently once again usurped Butler in 2018 in some unspecified manner. But when Warfelg trashes the defense, it's all Butler. He has a post just from today that Tomlin gets too much blame for the defense. Tomlin is the headcoach. If his handpicked defensive coordinator isn't getting the job done for two straight seasons and has personally taken over the reigns at times, newsflash - Tomlin shoulders blame, as well. Do I need to go and pull the exact posts from Warfelg to further highlight how he's contradicted himself? And more ridiculously to me, some of you just want to promote a guy already on staff to take the place of the last guy who was promoted because he was on the staff. Which is probably what the Steelers end up doing with the same sort of results. The secondary is making fewer plays this year. They have all but given up on their first round CB. Their second round CB is a minor role player stuck behind a journeyman in Sensabaugh.
  12. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    Only mind boggling when you forget that the medically cleared franchise QB was held out for 1.5 quarters of the game..
  13. War's 2019 Offseason plan

    Can you let me know what part of the defense's problems I'm allowed to blame on Tomlin and which I can't? But let's reiterate - Mike Tomlin, per reports I can actual cite, heavily involved himself with every part of the defense last year. The defense that then got lit up by Blake Bortles. Regardless, it was Mike Tomlin who then kept this defensive coordinator around, apparently (per you) put power back into his hands, and then had to usurp some unspecified portion of it back. And for this Mike Tomlin deserves nothing but credit. Not one ounce of blame even though IT WOULD BE THE EXACT SAME THING THAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR. HE WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG IN TRUSTING BUTLER TO GET IT RIGHT. If Butler fails, Mike Tomlin failed, too. Because that's his job as the head coach. Put the right people in position. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.
  14. 5up 5down Raiders

    Actually, I'm responding to a weak excuse blaming a poor field for a guy paid like a top 5 kicker once again screwed the pooch. Some other kicker slipped and fell in that area earlier this year? Well, I certainly don't expect Mike Tomlin, Danny Smith, or Chris Boswell to be aware of that. Or to plan for it. Even when they had guys falling down all game long. It's OK, though. Boswell, despite being 10-16 this year, is still the most accurate kicker in Steelers history.
  15. 5up 5down Raiders

    The Raiders field is trash and everyone with half a brain knew that coming in. Mike Tomlin apparently did not. Draw your own conclusions.