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  1. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Something happened, but the majority of the reports are along the lines of Brown botched a play, Ben said let's run it again, and Brown flipped out. Then went awol.
  2. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    The only one who reported this is James Jones who is not a reporter.
  3. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    What do people think Brown is doing when he throws tantrums on national TV when his QB misses him or his offensive coordinator is, in his view, not calling plays for him enough?
  4. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Brown losing it and attacking Art II in a fit of rage at a dinner at his place would be a fitting ending for all of this.
  5. Trade Brown for what?

    I'd actually like to trace the source of who leaked this. It doesn't help Antonio, though. The league seems pretty eager to jump in and announce an investigation, too. Art II is pretty close with Goodell, and between the WR and the RB the team has some interesting stuff going on. Stuff that actually could be up for negotiation when the new CBA negotiations start. Brown was trying to force his way out. Anyone with a shred of a clue could have picked up on that from the reports we had in the first few days. But teams aren't fond of that. Especially when it comes to players that have been rewarded repeatedly for their service.
  6. ESPN 2019 Power Rankings

    I like how ESPN can basically just post the NFL draft order in reverse and it generates pages and pages of discussion.
  7. It was always Bill. People who aren't teenagers might remember him using a duct tape secondary and shutting down the best offenses in the league on his way to winning rings. Starting guys off the street.
  8. Trade Brown for what?

    The most interesting tidbit from the ESPN story was that Brown is chronically late and sometimes doesn't even show up. The guy obviously works hard, but he also likes to do things his way. Only, his way might also include a guy like Eli Rogers buddying up with him and the two of them showing up late for a meeting. Who remembers when Eli was in his second year, people raved about him throughout camp, and then he was suddenly deactivated while healthy and the team lacking Martavis Bryant due to suspension? He ended up in Tomlin's doghouse for a while after. And he's never really been trusted since. Ben's biggest issues are that he doesn't take on as large a role or put in as many hours as some people think a star QB should. Like, he's not Peyton Manning in that regard. But for all the talk about all of this star treatment he gets, the only thing anyone could pull out of anyone is that Tomlin doesn't criticize him in front of the rest of the team. And oh yea he gets vet days off once in a while - something that isn't actually unique to him. Trade Brown for the best defensive player you can get and whatever draft picks may come with it. This team will be far better off on Sundays despite Brown's talent.
  9. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    No one can complain about Tomlin because the Browns are a disaster. Got it. I mean, Tomlin isn't as big of a joke as the guy who went 1-32 over his first two seasons in Cleveland. Also, unless that was in another story, Hue Jackson did not reportedly say that. The ESPN story quotes him as asking Dorsey why he was being fired, and Dorsey said because the team quit on him. He followed that up by telling Dorsey to get out of his office. That's a rather different scenario. And the ESPN story points out that four of their games had gone into OT right after that. Implying that Hue thought that particular argument was a joke. And he may have a point - for his many faults, his players didn't quit in those games.
  10. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Why would I want Eric Weddle when they could make a run at Earl Thomas? Tomlin would probably go for Weddle, though, because he's dumb. A smart, ball hawking FS like Thomas can't tackle like Weddle.
  11. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    There are very few QB's, young or old, you could place on this roster with this coaching staff who would produce the way Roethlisberger does or put up the stats he does. He has a defensive coach who likes to shorten games and keep things close. He's never had some brilliant offensive mind calling things, at least not one that wasn't impeded. I don't know what to make of Arians. If Arians was here with Ben and this OL, I think we'd see the monster MVP season that has eluded Ben. But when he was here he had mediocre WR group paired with a godawful OL and a poor stable of RB's most years. The offense was typically a mess, and the resources devoted to it completely different from where they're at now. The Steelers literally had the mindset on offense with the OL of we don't need top talent because we have #7 and that defense. When things go bad, #7 can make something out of nothing. Then they started to get scared with all the hits he was taking, and they finally put top resources into fixing it. And meanwhile, Todd Haley gets credit for his hits dropping. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. There's Aaron Rodgers who is probably a bit cleaner, less likely to do things to lose you a game. One of the few guys with more physical talent than Ben, though only slightly. Russell Wilson is still criminally underrated in my book and has kind of gotten the Ben treatment despite not having the off the field sort of issues. That's really it. That's my list. Drew Brees? That makes me laugh, though I know I'm way in the minority there. There's not a single other QB outside those three I'd even entertain over Ben if I had to win a game tomorrow.
  12. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    I think Brady is more like a battered spouse, personally.
  13. Should the Chiefs have thrown a pass with 11 seconds left?

    I thought so without question. Mahomes can make throws few guys can.
  14. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    It's funny that in a year where they'll have the money to make a splash, they won't have anyone to really spend it on. The defensive FA's either suck or just aren't at positions of need. There's some DL talent - though most of them are head cases or 4-3 guys (or not that good - Dee Ford is Dupree Jr. who benefited from playing with leads all year). The top CB is Darby followed by Kareem Jackson. There's little to nothing if you are looking for a sure fire impact guy at that ILB spot. CJ Mosley isn't hitting FA. There's a few guys who could be upgrades, but have risks in terms of health and schematic fit. The only guy I look at who I'm like that's a sure upgrade is Earl Thomas. But then you have Sean Davis, and what do you do with him? Slide him back to SS where he kind of sucked? Bench him? Doesn't seem like a Steelers move. There's no real WR talent. Which could be a blessing if/when they move Brown. A team looking for a difference maker at the spot is either going to have to go the draft or trade. So, unless they manage to get premier picks, they're in the same boat they are every year.
  15. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    For some reason, using a TO for a clearly out of sorts defense is unacceptable. But teams will burn them routinely to save 5 yards for their offenses.