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  1. Arguing about Sean Spence is a waste of time. Bush is obviously better than anything Spence put on tape in his brief career, but it aint really a fair comparison when Spence suffered that brutal knee injury in the preseason of his rookie year.
  2. It's the Hall of Fame. Not the Hall of Statistical Output. You can't tell the story of the NFL in the 70's without talking about Terry Bradshaw. This also isn't baseball. I find it funny how much people try and pretend that wins doesn't matter for QB's when pretty much all of the top QB's of all time, no matter who is making the list, closely resembles the winningest QB's of all time. I'm not saying anything new in this thread, I know. Just throwing my two cents in. The correlation isn't perfect. That's the best you could argue. But to claim that QB play isn't one of the most significant
  3. I mean, Rodgers just caved and showed up. Howard is already at camp and under contract for four more years or whatever. He has no leverage. Half-assing things is only going to lower his value. He's not good enough to go the Ramsey route of faking injuries.
  4. Eric Ebron is probably my most hated Steeler. From his stupid tweet last year about covid and making Super Bowl reservations to his complete unwillingness to block anyone and his unreliability even as a pass catcher, I just can't stand him. This year he says he has a new attitude about blocking. Yea, dude - you suddenly decided to change your stripes. Sure thing. I hope the rookie TE takes your job and you end up a cap casualty. I'd rather have Zach Gentry on the field than you.
  5. Have you ever had The Roethlisberger? I don't think you know what you're missing.
  6. I know a couple of people who gave up on teams who signed Mike Vick. I'd imagine that the blowback would probably be similar, at the end of the day. The media has not gone as hard on Watson as they have others with accusations made against them, for whatever reason. And most people base their outrage on what they're told to be outraged about rather than anything resembling objective reality.
  7. On behalf of the Steelers, I'd like to offer up a six pack of Iron City, one Roethlisberger sandwich from Peppi's, and Dwayne Haskins. It's a win-win for everybody.
  8. It was the friends, not the girl in the bathroom, who pressed the issue. I also suspect they Googled him and probably saw something about the Nevada civil case (which is a whole other story). When she wanted to go home and denied anything happened at first, they pushed her to report him. No prosecutor was taking that case to court because the accuser would have been torn apart.
  9. 1. Art Rooney II wasn't on Roethlisberger's side so no, I don't wonder about that. Art II coordinated the punishment with the league and said flat out he was going to be punished. 2. The media portrayed Roethlisberger as such as a scumbag, and indeed reveled in it because they mostly hated the guy for how he treated them, that it would have been a losing battle. With his owner already coming out and throwing him under the bus for the negative publicity, it would have been a moronic decision that would have likely saw him shipped out of Pittsburgh. 3. While there was no appeal, the su
  10. The bathroom encounter lasted all of two minutes. The drunk girl in question initially told the police she wasn't raped, wasn't even sure if any sex occurred and the police admit that she could give them no clear account of what actually happened in the bathroom. The only DNA found was so minute that it could not be matched to anyone. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2010/04/16/Roethlisberger-documents-give-details/stories/201004160149 https://www.ajc.com/news/local/new-details-emerge-roethlisberger-case/NBaw8QO3a7O9uTgx4d9fcP/
  11. The actual physical evidence indicated that no sexual intercourse of any kind took place. So, no, you aren't doing much thinking if you think there was enough evidence to send Roethlisberger to jail. The grand standing DA who gave his little speech didn't even have enough evidence to charge him with anything.
  12. Rodgers and Adams posted a picture of Jordan and Scottie Pippen on their social media accounts. Florio at PFT thinks this is a reference to the documentary of their final season together titled The Last Dance. I'm just left wondering where they get the audacity to compare themselves to a duo that won 6 titles together. The two of them haven't even made it to a Super Bowl. Rodgers has some ego on him and seems determined to cause drama.
  13. Dwayne Haskins was involved in a domestic dispute in Vegas earlier this month with his wife. She was the one charged for punching him in the face and knocking out a tooth/cutting him to the point that he needed stitches on his lip. Of course, he announced he was engaged to her (or apparently he was renewing her vows because he's already married) days later. Guy has a chance to cash NFL pay checks for a few more years, at a minimum, if he can keep his **** together.
  14. Philip Rivers was playing on a torn ACL in that game. Tomlinson stood there on the sidelines with his helmet and visor on. He deserved more criticism than he got.
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