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  1. Tomlin doesn't need two RB's. His philosophy has always been get one guy and run his wheels off. They're using a premium pick on one, probably 1.24. I think the RB position needs at least two bodies added to it, so if they weren't going to keep Connor they should have looked at something a little bit better than Ballage. Though they're probably hoping that he'll improve their short yardage game. Tomlin also likes him some Benny Snell for whatever reason. My own preference would have been keeping Connor and drafting one.
  2. Swann played in a different era, but was considered one of the most talented receivers of his day. He was taken in the first round of the draft. Right or wrong, Edelman does not have the same sort of reputation. He's considered to be an overachiever type. They also played in drastically different eras.
  3. I find it inexplicable that anyone who has been subjected to hearing Rich Gannon call a game would describe his post-playing career an accomplishment of any kind whatsoever.
  4. Haskins was supposed to be different, too. And yes, I'm aware that Fields has more physical talent.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2021-nfl-draft-ohio-states-justin-fields-has-the-attention-of-mike-tomlin-and-the-steelers/
  6. If he were coming from a system or a set of coaches that hadn't produced draft busts in the past, my opinion would be different. Day has ties to Chip Kelly and Urban Meyer. I'm sure there's other influences, but neither of those instills faith in me. Like I said, I'm not a college guy. I don't even follow the NFL the way I used to. I certainly don't do the research into the draft prospects anymore. I expect teams to evaluate guys as individuals. As a fan, I'm looking at the history of the prospects these coaches and schools turn out and I'm not liking it. Then you have questions a
  7. I don't see any reason to even entertain the Justin Fields talk. He's not even sniffing 10. Even if he did, none of those Ohio State QB's have turned out to be anything of late. Lots of hype and gaudy numbers, physical talent, flame out in the pro's. If you look at the guys Urban Meyer coached, it's Alex Smith (who sucked until Harbaugh) and then Tim Tebow as the second most successful QB. I'm not a big college football guy, but that history says something to me. Yea, there's guys who buck trends and end up succeeding in the pro's (Aaron Rodgers, though we'll never know what he would have been
  8. Or it's just possible that a second year in a new system with a pretty strong supporting cast led to a better performance. But I would be pretty annoyed if it took using a first rounder on a potential replacement to light a fire under a player consuming that much of the salary cap.
  9. I'd really hope that if my team gave up all that to move up to #3 in the draft, they did so with a plan. They had their guy picked out and were damn sure about him. Because you are betting everything on this pick. The last thing I'd want to hear is they're 8 days away from having to make a decision and they still don't know what they're going to do.
  10. He was significantly more effective last year when on the field than any of the other RB's the Steelers had. He actually managed over 4 YPC. He's a good blocker and receiver. The issue is purely that he can't stay healthy. He's always dinged up...even during the off-season. You can't rely on him to be your bell cow and that's what the Steelers were doing. His touches need to be managed and he has to be paired with another quality RB. If I were the Steelers, I would have brought him back but Mike Tomlin doesn't do RB by committee. He wants a guy he can feed the ball to 20+ times a game for
  11. And my take. Mike Tomlin is a slightly above average head coach and nothing more. He's been a career underachiever in his time in PIttsburgh given the talent he's had to work with.
  12. Payton ripped off Bill Cowher with that, anyway. Cowher was the king of trick plays in his day.
  13. Bridgewater was a poor man's Andy Dalton even before the injury.
  14. Roethlisberger will get to shut his critics up with his play. And if he plays well, there's absolutely no reason it should be his final season if he decides to keep going.
  15. This. Vick was lazy with a massively inflated ego. I still remember him responding to criticism of his passing after some game against a very awful Lions team where he managed to throw for 3 TD's. He was acting like he just tore up the '85 Bears. Lamar Jackson has his faults as a passer, but the guy actually works at his craft and continues to grow as a result. Vick wouldn't.
  16. Aptitude tests have little correlation with being a good football player. Not saying anything particular about Fields, but being smart outside football just doesn't seem to actually correlate with on field performance. And being dumb off the field doesn't seem to prohibit a number of players, including QB's, from succeeding.
  17. A lot of teams passed on Rodgers so they obviously don't agree with you. We'll never know what he would have been if thrown to the wolves right away to start his career as he was a rare case of having years to sit and learn. But Rodgers wasn't all that impressive in the looks we did get at him early on. No one is offering a high first for Love at this stage. The Packers aren't going to recoup value on him and they invested in him intending to give him a few years to learn the position at the pro level. I find the argument that he's a bust or disappointment ridiculous as nothing about his
  18. Just wait until you people see what Dwayne Haskins can do in the Matt Canada offense. But it'll have to wait a few years as Roethlisberger isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  19. This regime will be 3 years in by the time they can give up on Darnold.
  20. I'm aware of that. Which is why I said they are all in for two seasons.
  21. Minshew has shown more at the pro level than Sam Darnold. And Darnold wasn't even that good in college.
  22. How about having to commit $18.8 million to him next season before ever seeing him take a snap? The 5th year option isn't being discussed much here, but you are basically banking on him panning out. If he doesn't, then odds are this entire regime in Carolina fails because they're all in for two seasons.
  23. And they had to exercise his 5th year option. The Steelers would have had to have committed $18.8 million to keep Darnold after a single season of sitting on the bench. He was never really an option, and the reports are that only Carolina actually had interest. They were bidding against themselves. I didn't even like Darnold coming out.
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