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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    He didn't look any better than Cobb tonight, but small sample size.
  2. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    The Packers also had like 10 interviews. So, no, there was not a lot of competition for him. But there was a lot of competition for the Packers job, and he was clearly the #1 guy.
  3. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    A bit of a tangent, but not intended to be... where would Marcus Davenport rank in this year's edge class? Bosa, Allen, Ferrell I think would be clearly ahead. Polite, Burns, Sweat, and Zach Allen would probably be the 2nd wave of pass rushers. You could make an argument for some of those guys, if not all to be ahead of Davenport depending on scheme. One or two of those edge rushers are going to fall to the bottom of the first. In this year's draft, I just wouldn't do it. That 2nd first round pick could be a 2nd above average starter at a position of need, and it could finally solidify our front 7.
  4. Mock Offseason.... A little Different on DL

    @OnWisconsin-JRS Did you mean Matt Nelson in the 7th? He's the DT from Iowa. Anthony is a RS Jr. He hasn't declared yet, but he'll go before the end of the third, if not higher.
  5. Draft Crush and One Free Agent

    I don't mind this argument but I'll disagree for a few reasons. 1 - Jair Alexander and Kenny Clark. 2 - most of those first round picks you listed were at the end of the first where most talent evaluators typically cut off players rated with clear cut first round grades at the 15th and sometimes 18th selection. The rest of the guys selected at the end of the first are typically all graded very similarly to guys taken late in the 2nd. With the 12th pick and likely 2 or even 3 QB's to be taken before us, the chances of landing a player with a true first round grade are very high. 3 - The current roster has too many holes. Should we actually hit on the first 3 to 4 picks, and the get one or two more role players in the 2nd half of the draft as we did with MVS and EQ, the Packers super bowl window will be open for another 4 to 5 years.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I'd like one of each, please.
  7. It was stated that WR shouldn't be taken before 24 and IOL shouldn't sniff the first round at all. That's hogwash.
  8. Yup. Missing the point completely though. Too many players are over-drafted due to position. Was Josh Allen worth the 12th pick? Hell no. Was Quinten Nelson worth the 6th? F yes he was.
  9. Trade for Antoino Brown?

    The thought of Antonio Brown running routes for 12 makes me drool. But then there's stuff like this. I'm all for getting the right free agents - but I'm finding myself gravitate toward Ted a bit more. Not all the way, but man, it has to be the right fit. Culture matters.
  10. I understand your philosophy and so does every single NFL fan. It isn't new or innovative. Sorry to burst that bubble. I probably wouldn't draft a running back in the first round because they clearly can be found in the 5th. That **** is common knowledge. I also wouldn't spend a high pick on a back because their shelf life is 5 to 6 years. This is also the reason why GM's get fired. They over-draft a guy due to him playing a premium position and end up getting lesser talented players. Go back and do your same analysis for ****ty teams. You're going to find first round busts at those same premium positions. Ahmad Carroll was drafted because he could fly and played a premium position. Justin Harrell was drafted because (who tf knows...?) Sherrod, Perry, Jones - all were over-drafted because they played at premium positions and all ended up being the wrong pick. We all try to find patterns to make more sense of the world. If you want to find what all good to great teams have in common, look at their drafts from 2 and 3 years ago. Seattle was good because they hit on two drafts. Denver around the same time. Now the Saints, Bears and Rams are good because they have all had good drafts over the last few years. Young talent playing on rookie deals plus a big UFA or two makes a team competitive awfully quickly.
  11. Right... but what bothers me is that those picks have absolutely made the offense what it is today - moreso than Ramwhatever at OT. Thomas is putting up Jerry Rice type numbers and absolutely should have gone first round. The new Raiders GM had us taking Kamara late first. The fact that those guys slid, and they both ended up being picked by the same team, and they both ended up being top 5 players at their respective positions shouldn't be used as evidence to promote the idea that the Saints are winning because they took certain positions in the first round. They are winning because they hit a grand slam in the 2017 draft.
  12. Where do MICHAEL Thomas and Kamara fit into the Saints success story? Because the offense isn't Jack without those two.
  13. Hah... I think i saw Krieger Coble floating around a practice squad yet last year. I was hoping for more out of him. I loved Kittle, but I wouldn't have spent a 2nd round pick on him at the time either. His production is clearly unexpected. But after watching both Kittle and Hock at Iowa, it's hard to not make comparisons. TJ needs some time in the weight room for sure, but his playing style, top end speed, and desire to plant linebackers on their *** 20 yards down the field is so eerily similar to Kittle. He still has to make a decision, but it sure seems like the time is right for him. I'd be surprised to see him in the first round due to his position, but early 2nd I think he's gone.
  14. I'd be surprised to see a 4.5, but he's nowhere near a 4.9 player either. A long strider, but he doesn't get caught from behind.