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  1. Yeah, if I just completely ignore the round they came in and the players we could have had instead, I would be happy getting Runyon, Dillon, and Deguara. Can we just pretend they were all late round steals and move on?
  2. This is officially the worst Packers draft I've ever seen.
  3. Are you ok with spending our top 4 picks on a back-up QB, RB, and HB? More importantly, are you ok with LF re-making this team in the image of the Tenesee Titans?
  4. Who is the best kicker in this draft, because Gute is 'bout to take him in rd 3.
  5. Last night I was pissed. Today? Meh. I like this pick more than Gary. I think we blew a premium pick on Gary. (No, I won't entertain any discussion on that - this is about the Love pick.) But this was the 26th pick. Teams blow picks on QB's all the time. This could end up a bust. But you have to try. It is the most important position in football, and we have a 36 year old QB showing signs of decline. If he doesn't adjust his game and get the ball out of his hand on time, we could see a really sharp decline at that. We didn't have a viable option behind him. As for L
  6. That was my point. We're picking in that second tier at #30 where we haven't had great success in the last 10 years. I understand that AJE is falling because of his combine, but if he's at 30 he's one of the safer picks that plays at a position that you cant have enough of.
  7. Oh, the old "he hasn't done it in the NFL" argument. Ok. How many snaps per year does Preston Smith drop into coverage? Not something that Pettine does a lot of. And, to be honest I dont think AJE would struggle to replicate what Smith already does. I'm not assuming that Epenesa will be an immediate stud. But his college production, plus his style of play and motor simply translate to the NFL. But you dont have to take my word for it. https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2020/3/10/21168037/aj-epenesa-nfl-draft-2020-iowa-projection-pros-cons-film-highlights Thi
  8. One franchise cornerstone from that many first round picks? Sorry, the end of the first is a crapshoot and that list proves it. I'll take the 8 to 10 sack workhorse any day of the week at #30. I'm not saying AJE is one of the 20 to 25 best. But I'd take him over a projection. Not sure why we're labeling him a tweener either? Just because he potentially could add 10 lbs to play 5T doesn't mean he should. He's a 4-3 end. Is there stuff that Preston Smith can do that he can't? I could care less if we have 2 damn good starters at that position. Are we betting on both Smith's
  9. You know damn well that there are no more than 20 to 25 players graded out as first round players any given year. We're picking from a deep pool of 2nd round graded players. Yeah, he'll start out as a rotational player. He wont be there forever. We're one injury away. Draft for value, no? If you look at the lack of talent that we've drafted in the 2nd half of the first round lately, it is mind numbing. King, Randall, HHCD, Datone Jones, Sherrod... Kenny Clark is the only glaring star that we've gotten in a long time in that range.
  10. It's going to look a lot like last year. Wish we would have picked up Pennel or another one of the 10 UFA's that were better than anybody but Clark. I'd hope that Keke can step up a bit, but I think we're still going to see a lot of Lowry, Lancaster and Adam's next to Clark. I dont think this pushes Gary out by any means. I think AJE would take a lot of interior rushing snaps. But I sure as hell like him a lot better than Gary on the Edge whenever a Smith needs a breather. I personally think waiting for Gary to do anything special is going to be a lot like waiting for Mike Neal to re
  11. No, that isn't an early down front 4. That is a pass rushing front four. Still need something out of our run stoppers.
  12. I can't say I've been paying attention to much that is draft related outside of a few Twitter breakdowns. I'd prefer that we get some big needs taken care of in the first 3 rounds. WR, OT are the top of that list. DL would be an easy 3rd choice. With that being said, if the right OT isnt there at 30 (or in range to trade up to the mid 20's), I'd take AJE and hope for a WR to fall to the 2nd round. The value is there. You can move him around, but I dont know about asking him to add any weight. Last year the Smith duo played way too many snaps. They were on the ground writhing in
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