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  1. The thing that bothers me the most is that the offense was productive o first down nearly the entire game and didn't do Jack **** after the first quarter. If we get 6 to 8 on first down, it should start rolling. The next thing that pisses me off is seeing Bulaga down block and Graham singled up against the defenses best pass rusher 2 weeks in a row. That **** needs to end.
  2. Personnel holes starting to really show up. TE, interior DL, ILB, and a good backup RB should be a priority next offseason. Lancaster was very poor today. Our new ILB was pretty awful, too. Graham is just toast.
  3. What the **** is LF doing? Trips TE with an empty backfield on 2nd down and singling Jimmy G on the Vikes best pass rusher on third down. That **** is over thinking it!
  4. Offense moves the ball when they get the play in and snap the damn ball. 12 needs to get the ball out quickly and LF needs to speed it the hell up. Too many stupid mistakes to win against a top 10 team.
  5. I think we need at least 2 more TD's.
  6. Pressure needs to get to Cousins. No secondary can cover the Vikings 2 receivers for 5 seconds.
  7. The initial spot looked like a first down. I tthink 12 was trying to snap it quickly so the spot wouldn't be challenged, not realizing that it was 4th and short.
  8. They need to sit Lane Taylor's *** on the bench. He's just not good enough.
  9. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Right. Ths worst they should get is a late 1 straight up.
  10. Packers & Bears Postgame

    This shouldn't be a free site. Gold. Edit - wouldn't a backside bootleg with the QB and a TE running to the flats sell this to the point where Mack would be completely out of the play and Jones would have one man to beat? It seems like the backside TE trying to make that block is a key for the safety to read and fill. And, I just dont think any of our TE's are going to execute a 1 on 1 block with Mack - like ever.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I honestly think Bolton could be a really good player. Yeah, I'd love to have a duo like the Bears have at ILB, but a Martinez-Bolton combo could cover a lot of ground and make a lot of plays. Maybe interior DL will be another option? What's interesting is that there just aren't positions with gaping holes right now.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Yeah, the more I thought about it the less certain I became. We do have a lot of talent in the secondary. The other problem becomes, if you draft another DB in the first or second you might run into a situation where we let Hyde and Hayward go in FA and then bust on our draft picks...
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Curious what Wisconsin folks think of Jonathan Taylor? How high of a pick would you take him at? Late first? Mid second? Or is he a good RB with a great OL?
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Someone mentioned it earlier, and I'd tend to agree. I think the priority next offseason should be OT and CB. CB, as was stated earlier, just can't find enough. Pettine will use 'em. Another 2nd round CB could help ease some worries about King's durability, Jackson's development, and Tramon's age. OT, I think we need a dominating run game to run LF's offense. I'd love nothing more than to see Gute trade up for the RT of the future in TRISTAN Wirfs. He's solid in pass pro and will move mountains in the run game - mostly because he is one. 2nd tier should be RB, ILB, and TE. I really hope that Bolton can recover quickly and get a shot in training camp next year at ILB. We have some young guys that could step up at all 3 of these positions. At the moment, however, they seem more unsettled.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I wasnt betting against anyone. I bet on Hock because I trusted his film and his testing numbers verified what I saw.
  16. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    See, the thing is, I honestly agree with the premise of @Outpost31's stance on positional value. But I argued all draft season that there are outliers. TJ is one of them.
  17. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I thought rookie tight ends never produced....
  18. Week 1 Games

    It kinda doesn't matter which Ciwboys receiver they throw to. They are all wide open.
  19. Bruh Golf was an idiot for saying he would leave a 4th round wide receiver off the practice squad... I'm saying with a straight face that if Bulaga is presented with a 2 year deal that is close to fully guaranteed from the Packers, yeah he'll have to consider it. Of course he could get more elsewhere, but he could also tear an ACL, blow out a hip, or throw out his back in week 2 this year. Bulaga is fantastic when he's healthy. But he's not healthy very often. If a team is willing to pay hit top 5 money at the position for multiple years, would you match it?
  20. - Iowa Hawkeyes Thread -

    Yeah, and it's not close, either. Stanley has looked absolutely fantastic. If he plays like this the rest of the year, he could be a top 5 QB taken next spring.
  21. - Iowa Hawkeyes Thread -

    Never thought I would see the day we have this much talent at the skill positions. Need to win next week and get some guys healthy over the bye.
  22. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    See, I'd agree here - especially since we now have insurance in case of injury with Billy Turner. A 2 year/12m deal (fully guaranteed?) for Bulaga might be able to keep him around.
  23. NFL News & Notes

    I think he's out of football for a year, and then begs a team to take him once those paychecks stop rolling in. I'm sure he wont ever play for pennies - but he won't ever get guaranteed money, either. The only thing is, if he can't make it in Oakland, who's gonna take him?
  24. Dream scenario - he turns into a more athletic Zadarius Smith with an outside speed rush.
  25. Packers & Bears Postgame

    When I was younger I was blinded by Favre's great moments so much so that I had a hard time even thinking about his faults. I vividly remember Sal P's critical piece on Favre and his poor playoff performances in the 2nd half of his career. I was pissed. 5 years later I realized Sal was absolutely right. Rodgers simply has to change the way that he plays the game or the game is going to pass him up. So far, he's refused to improve his footwork. He's refused to keep the tempo high from snap to snap. He's refused to take what the offense design has given him and has consistently tried to hit big plays outside of the design of the offense. The result was 10 points. Yes, the line must play better. Yes, we're going to face a much different front 7 the rest of the year, but an ugly win should never gloss over the turf that was laid last night.