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  1. Ranking needs

    Quantity isnt the issue. Ability is. McCray should be starting at RG next year. He survived at RT due to that same game plan that limited his time in space vs. edge rushers. Bulaga will be out for at least half the season and this is his third major injury. Spriggs and Murphy have done nothing to instill the slightest bit of confidence.
  2. Ranking needs

    Or filling RT with a capable player should be a priority. It doesn't make sense to me to get skill position players if you can't consistently protect your QB on a 5 step drop.
  3. Ranking needs

    Again, you have to factor in the game plan... Whenever Hundley was asked to drop back and read the field he routinely got pressured and the right side of our line really struggled. They ran the ball, threw WR screens, and got the ball out quickly for the vast majority of the last 6 games. That isn't the offense when 12 is under center.
  4. Ranking needs

    Spriggs still struggled when he filled in. His struggles were masked by Hundley's inability to progress through his reads. MM had him get the ball out of his hand rather quickly which took a lot of pressure off of Spriggs. I see a guy who lacks the core strength needed to play with his hands outside. He doesn't have an anchor and his feet are still a mess. He's trying to learn a new technique and I don't think he has the makeup to do it. 12 needs a pocket to extend his career.
  5. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    This. I'd add, you don't get as many interviews as he's had/would have had in this league if people around the NFL don't recognize him as an ascending talent evaluator. The one thing that we need to keep an eye on now is how his staff rounds out. People are giving scott Mcwhatever credit for Schneider's drafts - could we say the same thing about Ted's first 5 drafts? Better believe the (now 4 GM's) that he had on staff at the time hand a positive hand in the success we saw for so many years. Hopefully Gute has as good an eye for scouting talent as he does for players.
  6. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    He could have given Ball permission to negotiate and ultimately say no if the cost was not to his liking?
  7. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    I've seen quite a few reports over the years that the people behind Ted have been absolutely frustrated with his lack of activity in free agency. If I had a guess, Gute will act much more like Wolf, Dorsey, Schneider and McKinsey in free agency than Ted. I doubt very much that this will be a "more of the same" type of hire. Ball? Yes. Sounded like he was a Ted clone. Gute, not so much.
  8. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    Fangio and this front office/coaching rebuild is a home run.
  9. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    Many reports that we'd lose MM, Guet, and Wolf if Ball was the hire
  10. Brian Gutekunst to become Packers GM

    This was my preference. Hopefully we don't lose Wolf, but it sounds like Guet was very impressive in recent interviews around the league.
  11. Ted has a HOF resume. He built some reeeeeally impressive rosters and found talent worth cheering for. Sometimes the players screwed up what should have been Super Bowl seasons. (Giants loss - 4 turnovers. Seahawks loss - last 5 minutes...) Sometimes coaches game plans were just trash (San Fran debacle...) Other years injuries were just too much to overcome. Other times Ted left his team devoid of talent at important positions such as safety, linebacker, and backup QB. What is fairly obvious, though, is that the level of collective talent has been diminishing over the last few years. Great players have aged, gotten injured, or left via free agency. In some cases good players have replaced great ones and replacement level players have replaced good ones. Not unlike the last few years of Ron Wolf... A similar talent drain has been going on in the front office for the last 10 years. Change is coming because it needed to happen. All we can do as fans is hope that the next GM will be able to assemble a staff and rosters as well as the guy who did it before him.
  12. I wouldn't dismiss his aggressiveness in free agency, either. He hit home runs in 2 drafts and then a few more solo shots in free agency. Seattle won as a result of those moves. I agree that Ted's conservative nature has left the D high and dry a few times - but he's put at least 3 if not 4 rosters together that were more than capable of winning championships. Either way, my preference was Dorsey before he took the Browns job. He's seemingly found a nice balance between the draft and free agency.
  13. Look at Seattle's last 5 drafts and get back to us. U G L Y
  14. Bennett out as OC, Van Pelt out as QB Coach

    I would take Philbin back in a heartbeat. I think he has a much broader experience than McAdoo. McAdoo tried to carbon copy what 12 does in Green Bay and that fell flat on its face. The offense under Philbin was much more diverse. Yes, it also had more talent - but the in-game game adjustments made under Philbin were always spot-on.
  15. Bennett out as OC, Van Pelt out as QB Coach

    I'm not a big knee jerk "fire him now" kind of guy, but the recent culture around this team coupled with the most recent results (I thought MM was the QB guru...) and the stagnant offensive scheme (I swear if I see 82 run one 3 yard out route/ 4 iso routes that are 3 yards short of the sticks on third down...) has me ready for new blood.
  16. Bennett out as OC, Van Pelt out as QB Coach

    If take Philbin in a heartbeat. His in-game adjustments have been sorely missed.
  17. Bennett out as OC, Van Pelt out as QB Coach

    I know Tom Clements was a guy he's given a ton of credit to...
  18. Lol... auto correct gets me all the time.
  19. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I'm not sure there is a healthy right tackle on the roster that can protect Rodgers on a 5 step drop. TE and WR would be nice, but I think RT is a need at this point. The offense can be top 10 with who we have at the skill positions if 12 is given time.
  20. 2018 Packer DEFENSE Discussion

    Pipkins was kept over Gunter, and I'm starting to see why. A little more short area burst but he looks just as strong as Gunter. Maybe he can play in the slot with Randall?
  21. 2018 Packer DEFENSE Discussion

    Not many people appreciated Hyde until he was gone as well. After Daniels and Clark, Burnett is probably the most consistently good player we have on defense. The guy spent training camp at ILB and then the 2nd half of the season as a nickel CB. Not many people have the ability to do both at an even competent level.
  22. 2018 Packer DEFENSE Discussion

    I think this is pretty close. I know everyone has likely given up on the undrafted OLB story since the last 10 have fizzled out, but keep an eye on Reggie Giblert. He can bend, he has really good hands, and his size/speed/power combination is good enough for him to be a nice rotational player. Throw in the potential of Pipkins (high energy kid who could give you some good snaps as a #4 or #5 CB), Biegel (again, could provide something as a rotational rusher) and the athleticism of Brice/Whitehead and that defense isn't far from being significantly improved.