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  1. Packers Cuts Thread

    Speaking of athletes...
  2. Packers Cuts Thread

    I thought he had a 50-50 shot. Would be really nice to keep him on the PS. I'd also like to see who Ckeveland cuts from their DL. If Brian Price is cut, or Carl Davis, I'd snag one of them over Lancaster.
  3. Packers Cuts Thread

    I think Patrick is a lock as the backup center. I honestly haven't watched Pankey closely this year because I wanted to see Madison and Jenkins. I really liked Pankey 2 years ago as a swing backup.
  4. Packers Cuts Thread

    I'm with you. Love to have him on the practice squad.
  5. Packers Cuts Thread

  6. Packers Cuts Thread

    Yeah. Also looks good for Madison as well.
  7. Packers Cuts Thread

    First semi hard cut. I wish every player worked as hard as McCray. He should find a team.
  8. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Right. And they are made in Iowa City.
  9. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    This is laughable. I think it is quite telling that our 2nd/3rd string QB's wont even look his way. 2 targets and he played the whole game, no? ****, 88 showed more tonight, and he's like our tenth WR.
  10. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    I was thinking the exact same thing, so if you're misguided I'm right with you.
  11. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    Kizer not interested in looking 82's way at all tonight, huh?
  12. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    I've not seen Brown do much tonight. I'd take Looney.
  13. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    De Beer is turrible
  14. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    Here I was thinking he's the only guy we have that drives his feet through the tackle. If he can play like this at CB and fill in on ST/S, he's a helluva player to have. We were pissed that we lost Breeland, but Redmond could be just as good.
  15. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    Keke is going to be a stud.
  16. Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"

    I'd take him over HHCD any day.
  17. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Re: Taylor is the starting G. Honestly, I think its posturing by Gute to get a trade offer.
  18. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    I think this bodes well for Crawford to stick at ILB.
  19. - Iowa Hawkeyes Thread -

    I'm cautiously optimistic that our wide receiver core can do some damage this year. I think we'll have to see more 3 wide sets. Ferentz really needs to get the ball in the hands of Martin, ISM, Ragiani and Tracy early in order to open the offense up. It seems like all if those guys offer explosive play ability.
  20. What are your thoughts on Boyle? It looks like he's had success when he's reading one half of the field vs. vanilla preseason defenses. I love his arm talent. Both he and Kizer can make all of the throws, but he's not a guy who can get anything on the ground, so he has to stay in the pocket and deliver the ball. I think he's more willing to put the ball up for our big receivers to make a play as well. I got pretty excited last week when he came off of his first read, re-set, and delivered some perfect balls to the other side of the field. The two or three times I saw him do that he completely changed his arm slot in order to fit it through defenders as well. I certainly wouldn't throw a fit if we kept 3 QB's. After last week I think I'd hand Boule the ball over Kizer if 12 couldn't play.
  21. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    If I asked you if we got an average at best DT (he hasn't done anything yet) and a top 10 back - when healthy - out of next year's draft, you would be OK with that? When you look at the talent around some of our picks, things get a lot worse.
  22. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    That 2017 draft is starting to look a lot like the rest of Ted's "2nd half" drafts. Woof. Aaron Jones and hopefully Adams take the sting out of the "what if..." If King doesn't find a way to stay healthy I'd be OK with labeling this one a bust.
  23. Underrated part of tonight: no kickoffs. I like it.
  24. 3 different offenses in 3 years? I don't know, but the kid is throwing dimes tonight and making it look easy.
  25. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    QB: Rodgers-Boyle-Kizer RB: Jones-J Williams-- D William's-Vitale WR: Adam's - MVS - Allison - Kumerow - Davis - EQ? TE: Graham-Lewis-Tonyan-Sternberger OL: Bahk-Jenkins-Linsley-Turner-Bulaga-Taylor-Light-Patrick DL: Clark-Lowry-Adams-Keke-Lancaster-Looney EDGE: Smith-Smith-Gary-Fackrell-Gilbert ILB: Martinez-Bolton-Summers CB: Alexander-King-Jackson-Williams-Brown-Hollman S: Amos-Savage-Greene-Redmond K:Crosby P:Scott LS: Bradley IR: EQ?, Spriggs, Burks