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  1. Boyle has an easy release. He can throw out of multiple arm slots. He can put touch on the ball. He can make every throw. He trusts his reads and stands tall in the pocket. I'm riding through the inconsistent play with this guy. He will be on an NFL roster this year.
  2. Davis, EQ, Kumerow are 4, 5 and 6 - not in any particular order. Davis can just do stuff that Shepherd can't.
  3. That is a throw that I haven't seen Kizer make. Perfect ball to EQ.
  4. I've been hard on Davis for the last 2 years. This offense is made for him. He's going to make some plays this year.
  5. I'd take Boyle over any backup we've had since Flynn. He can make every throw. He could be inconsistent, but I really think he could be a reliable backup.
  6. I'm not so sure Crawford has a spot locked up. Dude is good on special teams, but rather hopeless as an inside backer.
  7. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    How is everyone going to react when Lazard makes the 53 over Kumerow and Moore??
  8. A few predictions about the MLF Offense

    I think the LF could easily have his TE release instead of block and hit him in the flat for a decent gain if the safety and OLB fall asleep. Almost all of the moving parts are going to force defenders to read and react instead of pinning their ears back. That is what will make the play action so much more effective. If the running game is just average, Rodgers should have a clean pocket the majority of his throws.
  9. 2019 WR Corps

  10. 2019 WR Corps

    Sample size, folks.
  11. 2019 WR Corps

    As Moore exits stage left, enter Allen Lazard into the discussion.
  12. A few predictions about the MLF Offense

    I completely disagree that play action works because it always does. MlF's offense is designed to make many plays look the same. This is graduate level stuff compared to MM's fake draw b.s.
  13. 2019 WR Corps

  14. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    I actually feel really good about Alex Light. More so than any other backup T on the last... well, whenever Bulaga was a rookie. If you look at his drops, he looks like a Bulaga clone. He gets to the right spot and he's done a really nice job of dropping his *** and getting his hands outside. He gave up a pressure at RT, but based off of how he played the rest of the game I blame that on switching sides rather than a lack of ability. I was actually surprised to see someone get around him. I think if anything it will be bull rushes that could cause some problems until he completely fills in.
  15. I though Boyle looked really good in the third quarter. Nice footwork, ge got the ball out and gave his receivers a chance. Honestly starting to think he has more arm talent than Kizer. He threw a few balls out of a more sidearm slot as receivers were going from left to right that were just perfect. He came off of his first and even second read to find Shephard for a great TD pass. He looked really comfortable and competent for 2 drives. Then they brought in a new OL, TE's, and receivers and his play took a nosedive. Not blaming it all on his supporting cast - he certainly had a few terrible passes and took a bad sack. I didn't see Kizer play, and I think both QB's are going to be on the 53 regardless because they are so close, but I'd put Boyle at #2 right now.
  16. Not one bit impressed with Gary. I still think we have 4 or 5 DBs that will get ut that will find new homes. Might not all be on active rosters, but PS worthy for sure. I like Alex Light - a lot more than Spriggs. Bolton looks good too. Not ready to give UKp on Summers - the thing is, he does such a good job of getting to the right spot. He'll do better in the tackling department. I think Lazard is closer to the 53 than Moore. It would be awesome to get Shephard on the PS. I'd watch who Cleveland cuts on their DL. I'd be happy to take Brian Price over Lancaster. Madison is a PS guy for me right now. I still like Boyle over Kizer. The running game has been poor, but it isn't hard to see open receivers off of play action.
  17. Missed all but the last 8 minutes of the 2nd quarter. What did I miss?
  18. 2019 WR Corps

    I think this applies to multiple conversations going on now. Last year 12 was hesitant to pull the trigger because he wasn't sure where his rookie receivers were going to be. The rookie receivers had to think way too much about what was in front of them to actually play to their potential. So, if my theory is correct, by midseason 12 will be back to himself and get the ball out of his hand. 1st read, 2nd read, dump off to Aaron Jones. And our receiving core is going to look like the Rams because they have the athletic ability and wont have to overthink their routes. They will play fast and to their potential. And Jake Kumerow will catch 6 TD's.
  19. 2019 WR Corps

    To be fair to the guys on the roster, I dont think we know what we have yet, at least outside of Adams. The new offense utilizes more pre-snap motion that is already giving a guy like Trevor Davis new life. The jet sweeps, crossers, and play action game could help a lot of the young guys produce at a level not possible in the old "just beat the man in front of you" offense. Now, we both know that MM started to use some stacked sets, motion, and route combinations to help free up his guys last year, but I'm just a lot more optimistic that the size/speed combo that we currently have at WR could take off in the Shannahan offense.
  20. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Tonyan is starting to look serviceable. The thing is, I'm not confident that Lewis can be the force he once was in the running game. He was really inconsistent last year. And if he doesn't run block at a very high level, then I dont see the value in keeping him around. I also think we will see a lot of 2 back sets with Vitale, which will take more opportunities from the #3 TE, which I think Lewis will be. If we do go with 4 TE's I'm just wondering out loud if we couldn't get a 2 or 3 year vet (at cut-down) who can block and offer a bit more as a receiver or on special teams.
  21. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    So here's a question - why are we all assuming that Lewis is a lock or that we have to keep 4 TE's? Yes, the offense utilizes blocking TE's more than before. But if we're arguing about potential vs production in Kumerow vs Moore, then why aren't we talking about Lewis? He played poorly last year. System issues, sure, but when given the chance he didn't block all that well either. I wouldn't argue that we have to keep 7 wide receivers, but I dont foresee 4 TE's and a FB being active on game day either. I wouldn't mind seeing an extra lineman or DB kept before Lewis. Or even a waiver claim on a guy who we could develop for a year while Graham and Tonyan take most of the snaps.
  22. 2019 WR Corps

  23. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    Yeah Summers looked really limited on a few plays in space, but when you consider he was on his 60th snap in the first ps game, I'll give him a pass. There are folks whose opinion I've grown to trust because they are either at practice or watch the all 22 that are even higher on Bolton than Summers. Considering how Summers performed and the fact that Bilton is still taking snaps with the 1's, I'm much more inclined to watch thing play out.
  24. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    I'd have been with you most of the last 8 years (or whenever we lost Des Bishop) on this one. But this year I think Gute should take the wait and see approach. To me the thing that separates Summers and Bolton from the very long list of other inside backer fails is instincts. Both of these guys have played the position and haven't been moved inside from OLB (Brad Jones, Jamari Lattimore, Carl Bradford, Nate Palmer, and even Jake Ryan to an extent)... They aren't trying to learn a new D and a new position at the same time. Morrison was serviceable last year but really lacked the ability to get from sideline to sideline. I think anyone we would get in return would have the "yeah, but he can't do this..." If the right fit is there, I do agree that other teams would likely trade for a guy like Patrick or McCray - but I just dont think most teams have 5 or 6 inside backers without a major flaw.
  25. 2019 WR Corps

    Totally get it. He has a great combination of size, athleticism and fluidity. The thing is, he was immediately passed up by two guys in his same class that were drafted after him. MVS busted his *** to get better. Maybe his college offense wasn't sophisticated enough, and maybe my first impression was less than stellar, but the kid absolutely took his game to another level. EQ seemingly took a few more months to come around, but the flashes turned into production. Now we have a UDFA out of a FBS school making noise in the slot and a UDFA in Lazard who is making plays as well. At some point, and hopefully soon, Moore needs to take that potential and produce a no-doubter game where he shuts everyone up.