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  1. 2020 Opponents

    I thought just the opposite. Bears, Lions, Jags, Falcons and Panthers are all a mess. Vikes, Eagles, Colts, Texans and Titans will be competitive games, but very winnable. At the Saints anat the 49ers will be difficult to win. Given a decent off-season, I don't see 12 or 13 wins as unreasonable at all.
  2. FOX's Mock Draft only 3 rounds

    I think given the need and quality/depth of top tier wide receivers, you really should capitalize in the first or second round on another playmaker for the next 6 to 8 years. Find a guy who can make plays after the catch.
  3. Moretti's bored at work mock 12/22/19

    I agree with you, but I'd like to see him kick out to the 3T so he's freed up to make more plays in the backfield. I dont think Graham to Tonyan or Sternberger is going to be a measurable downgrade. Rodgers will be forced to throw to one of those guys, and 35 catches for 400 yards isn't something that I'm going to lose sleep over if we dont go out and get a vet. I think either of those two could replace that production, or even exceed it, given the opportunity.
  4. Moretti's bored at work mock 12/22/19

    Call it wishful thinking, but I do think Bulaga will come back on a reasonable deal that wouldn't require 16 in cap space for one year. He's a family guy, I think he genuinely likes where he's at, and he's on a team that knows how to keep him healthy with the extra vet rest that he gets throughout the season. At WR, I'd let Kumerow and Allison walk. I'm going ahead with Adams, Lazard, MVS, EQ, and a rookie. This class is loaded at WR - we could see a difference maker in the 2nd or 3rd round yet. With the amount of reps that LF gives to TE, FB, and 2 back sets, I wouldn't keep a 6th WR. I guess you could bring both guys back to camp just in case of injury - but I dont see either guy as a must have. I'm drafting a TE too, but for now I think a TE group of Lewis, Tonyan, and Sternberger is servicable enough. There are quite a few that think Sternberger has a very high ceiling as a pass catcher. Lazard, at 6'5" 230 plays a lot like a move TE, too. I thought that the reason (besides production) that he's playing more and MVS is playing less is LF's preference to run condensed formations - and Lazard is a hell of a blocker out of those sets. I see Sternberger growing into a really nice player if he's used in a similar way. After RT and ILB, I'd say DT and RB are fairly big needs for depth. Adams just hasn't made that year 3 leap. KeKe hasn't been given many chances to play, although I think he's a very high-upside guy. I'd like to see a 2-gap player to pair with Clark. At RB, I'm sold on 32. What a huge addition mid-season. I wonder if he can do some similar things as 33 if he has an offseason to learn the offense. Still, I'd love to see another back brought in as insurance.
  5. Moretti's bored at work mock 12/22/19

    So my 2 year, 12m just ain't gonna happen. Bulaga has stayed considerably healthier than I anticipated this year. After last off season's success, I do a lot less hand wringing about free agency. Gute will find a way to improve the team. I think he finds a way to get Bulaga, Martinez and Clark back in the fold.

    This offense could get hot if Rodgers gets the ball out on time and on his guy. I'd bet there was another 150 yards and a few TD's left out on the field due to missed throws and turnovers. He was just off last night. He is, however, starting to trust the offense instead of trying to make plays outside of the structure of the offense. It still happens 5 to 10 times a game, but I've seen it a lot less lately. It sure feels good watching a truly balanced team though. I love the split in carrys between Williams and Jones. The shot plays were appropriate. The FB vert to Vitale was there, but he got held up by the ILB. Graham has actually embraced blocking. Lewis has found new life. Lazard fits this offense to a T with his ability to block and his timely big plays. I like our defense. I think we're 2 players away from an elite D - an inside backer and another DT. But the collection of DB's just play well together and rarely make huge mistakes. Ki g has his moments, both good and bad. Jaire is a stud. Savage will only get better with time. At this point, we have just as good a shot to make a run as anyone out there. Playoff football comes down to turnovers and defense. We have been good in both areas and could be great in any 3 game stretch. Really, I think that is all anyone in the league can hope for.
  7. MM's version of using a RB in the pass game was sneaking through the A gap for a 4 yard curl. Aaron Jones would never have the opportunity to go for 160 and 2 TD's with MM. He'd still be on the bench.
  8. Rodgers looked like his old self. But he didn't have to do much, if at all, outside of the scheme. It was really fun watching him operate within an offense and absolutely crush it. Props to both he and Matt LF. That was masterclass.
  9. Green Bay Packers 2019 Offensive Line

    Jenkins is looking like a damn good pick at this point. Love that we have a guard that can get to the 2nd level and still be good in pass pro.
  10. 2019 WR Corps

    Kumerow and Shep underwhelmed in a big way. But when the game was on the line Lazard looked like an absolute stud. I'd say our depth was pretty good all along. I'd still take a WR in next year's draft, but Adam's, MVS, 2nd round pick, Lazard, and EQ group would be pretty darn good.
  11. That was a hell of a block from 83 on the edge. Hell of a run from 33. Nice.
  12. 3-0

    I'm fairly sure that Graham's guarantees still stay on our books if hes traded. Might as well cut him and not give up any picks.
  13. Packers IR Lane Taylor, bring back Pankey

    The reason Luck is retired is that he didn't have a line in front of him and the Colts just watched him take shot after shot, year after year. the Colts took the best player available who happens to line up against JJ Watt twice a year. I dont think they regret having the best guard in the game on their team.
  14. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Right? I was mostly being sarcastic, but both of those guys are going to be fun to watch in the league. I have a thing for route runners - and both of these guys are electric at it. I can't believe Judy doesn't hurt himself the way he starts and stops on a dime. If I tried that I'd blow out everything from my Achilles to me hammy all at the same time.
  15. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Cee Dee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy should def. be taken top 15 next year. Can't miss.
  16. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    I haven't paid nearly enough attention... are there guys on the 53 that have come from churning the bottom of the roster the last 2 years? Will Redmond comes to mind - any more? Was Raven Green another?
  17. Defense Appreciation Thread

    It sound like the ankle is still bothering him. I watched a few series of the first Detroit game, and he didn't look like Mike Daniels. For his sake, I hope he recovers quickly. He gave the Pack everything he had. That said - 2 weeks in - it's looking like the right move.
  18. Packers Trade Trevor Davis to Raiders

    See, I thought he should have been cut last year. He didn't fit in MM's offense. Then we got a taste how he fit in the new offense in the preseason and I thought he was a really nice complimentary piece between special teams, vertical routes, and end-arounds. I'm a bit surprised to be honest.
  19. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Fant, Hock, Amani Jones, and Josh Jackson have all left early in the last 2 years. After watching Des King fall to the 5th round I think the incentive to stay and risk seeing your stock fall is quite minimal. Wirfs is as good as gone, as is AJE. Jackson sprained his knee in the first game and could be out 2 more. His status really depends on how well he can come back from that injury. If anyone stays, it will be him.
  20. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Rhodes looked slow today, too.
  21. Packers & Vikings Postgame

    Jenkins needs to start. Glad he got time. Taylor has his moments, and then he gets put on skates. Lancaster got moved far too easily today for a guy whose sole responsibility is to stop the run. There has to be someone better out on the street or on a practice squad. Time for Keke at the very least. I'm done with the Graham experiment. Might as well put a WR on the field that can at least run. LF got way too cute on multiple play calls. 5 wide with trips TE to one side? When you're getting 5 or 6 on the ground you need to leave the RB in the backfield to at least make the front 4 think a out the run. This game really concerned me because the offense got favorable 1st down yardage and still stalled. That can't happen. It was fun to see vintage Rodgers for 1 quarter at least. AARON Jones being used perfectly is also a huge relief. Our secondary played as well as I can remember in the last 15 years. Jair is an absolute stud. King made a fantastic play to save the game, too. Cousins certainly helped us out, but the pressure forced some poor throws, too.
  22. Nah. Jones had a really good game. But Cook broke more tackles. His yac today was nuts.