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  1. In a perfect world, the Packers do what the Patriots just did. Eat a year of mediocrity in a bad cap year and then restock in '23. Also draft well. That would help too.
  2. Trading Watt would be such an instantly fireable offense for whoever succeeds Colbert after the draft.
  3. Trading Watt would be such an instantly fireable offense for Colbert.
  4. Well, I think it would be impossible because the Eagles have $11M in cap room but it's a nice thought.
  5. I think Gute can survive Love not working out. It would be stubbornly sticking with Love for several seasons if he flops that would be the issue.
  6. Not moving on from Rodgers now AND from Love if he flops will be what kills Gute here. Honestly, the best case scenarios for the Packers (assuming Rodgers goes) are Love shows "good to very good" ability or just looks like utter trash and they get a shot at one of the top guys in '23. You don't want to be stuck in limbo.
  7. Yet they still said they wanted him back despite knowing he's done that song and dance every year for-e-ver. Hell, per MM at the time, they were ready to fly down to welcome Brett back for the '08 season. And here MLF is saying they want Rodgers back...which just makes sense because you aren't going to tell your starting QB and the face of the franchise for 15 years to piss off. They didn't do that until push came to shove with Brett. It makes sense that they want to placate Rodgers with a bunch of words of affirmation. It makes a trade easier AND it makes life with him easier if he
  8. They never had a realistic option. Rodgers contract was a killer in both '20 and '21. 53M dead cap in '20 and $31M dead cap in '21. There was no chance in hell he was leaving before 2022, even before the adjustment.
  9. So they coaches/Thompson didn't know then that Rodgers would be the guy, even though they were confident enough to tell Brett to essentially pound sand after 3 seasons of Rodgers on the bench, some shake regular season game action under Sherman and MM in '05 and '06, and then one good appearance in '07? But now they ARE that confident that Love can't play after only 2 seasons, one of which included the absolutely ****ed up 2020 off-season, one bad game vs. KC, and one shaky game vs Detroit?
  10. None, but at the same time few teams have had to replace a future Hall of Famer OR have had the time to let their first round QB sit and watch. The Patriots traded their Brady backup option, ate a bad year, and seem to have found something in Mac Jones in the first. The Saints had no plan, and it's biting them in the ***. The Broncos were all in on Manning, and now their best option may be doing the same thing again by trying to land Hackett and lure Rodgers to them. Of the young QBs right now, I think Mahomes is the only one who sat and watched. All of the others were sta
  11. They drafted a QB in the 2nd and 7th in 2008. GMs will make moves to hedge for the future while remaining fluid.
  12. Plus that's just the kicker, who can be great, whereas the rest of the unit can be bad/average. Case in point - Robbie Gould is a very good kicker on a bad special teams. Just don't be historically bad.
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