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  1. This is short sighted. They'd obviously drop him into coverage on the opponent's fastest WR.
  2. But he wasn't a player from another team. And you should know that the only signings that matter are ones that show he is TRYING HARD BY SPENDING ALL TEH MONEY ON FREE AGENCY. /s
  3. If I remember the time at the end there, I think they would have given themselves more time had they snapped it faster coming out of the Tonyan pass on 2nd down. I also think it's odd that they didn't give themselves some more time in the event they false started. They still had about 7 seconds left on fourth down when all was said and done.
  4. The clock management at the end of both halves was baffling to me. I'm shocked they didn't have plays called coming out of the spike post-MVS bomb.
  5. 3rd and 1 - 4 yard scramble by Rodgers 3rd and 1 - 1 yard run by Williams 3rd and 1 - 2 yard run by Williams 3rd and 1 - MVS DPI 3rd and 1 - incomplete short to Adams 4th and 1 - Incomplete to Williams So not really all that bad. And we have seen the Packers also fail spectacularly at 4th and 1 by running it.
  6. Honestly, I'm leaning that way too. Skip the bye, stay indoors or at least not in a home field/elements that you've been playing like garbage in. And it's not even winter yet.
  7. We need help from the Chiefs and the...ugh...Vikings.
  8. Clock management at the end of both halves was atrocious.
  9. Tim Boyle coming to steal that MVP belt from AA-ron and DangeRuss.
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