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  1. Yes and no. If Za'Darius is playing at limited capacity/not right, he isn't really helping anyway. Time to see what Gary's got.
  2. The issue will be Swift, not Williams. He's got the skillset that will absolutely burn our defense if they don't remember how to tackle.
  3. This would be a sound strategy if the Chiefs were happy to play "pound the rock" even when up. Also, Williams still sees touches/targets even when down. Six of his nine targets came in the second half. AND he got his goal line attempt in the fourth.
  4. Assuming this week is the outlier, they should be able to go into week 7 at 4-2. Toughest game will be Pittsburgh. They do get "Road Ben" who has been quite a different player than "Home Ben". 49ers are scary in some ways, but they almost completely imploded against the Lions today.
  5. Should have said "Will" instead of can. And it sure looks like it right now for the Bears..
  6. It's a little too early in the season to do that. If they do this vs. DET/PIT/SF, then I would be super concerned.
  7. Burn the tape and start over next week by smoking the Lions.
  8. Can the NFC North start 0-4?
  9. Well, at least both championship losing teams lost in (differently) embarrassing ways.
  10. As a counterpoint they looked good last year and also in 2011. So two of the best offenses in team history did not play preseason games. Honestly, it probably has to do with overall offseason/camp habits vs. preseason games.
  11. The 2005, 2006, and 2014 openers were pretty awful. So was the 2005 game vs the Ravens and 2006 vs. the Patriots. Oh, and the absolute pasting by the Broncos in '15.
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