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  1. Week 10 Games

    Well, it is Tessitore and Booger...
  2. Week 10 Games

    Let the 49ers slide begin!
  3. Jerome Boger's crew is just the best.
  4. Also, for those complaining about us not passing, Rodgers did miss an open Lazard and (supposedly) an open GMo during that sequence. Our short game has been solid to good. Just need to not get blown off the ball.
  5. ^ this The team has scored four of their 10 rushing TDs from the 1 or 2. Three more from the 3. Execution was just actual garbage.
  6. I can't wait for all of the PACKERS GET ALL THE CALLS takes while conveniently forgetting garbage calls like the OPI on Lazard.
  7. Same thing happened to Tannehill today. Fumble recovery possession is weird for something that should be "obvious" in some cases.
  8. Because all you're doing is lighting a timeout and challenge on fire.
  9. Kicking it out of the end zone is a great solution to the first problem. I don't have an answer for the second.
  10. The blown coverage is on our defense.
  11. He is on the Dolphins. Their ****ty management doesn't mean he couldn't have been productive for the Packers with some more time/development though.
  12. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    Yes. You pay Clark. You think it's rough right now? Imagine what a DL of Lowry, rookie/UDFA, Lancaster looks like. Then you take the Taylor and Graham cap savings, sign someone to complement Clark, and suddenly Clark and the new player will look like they're worth ALL the monies.
  13. Leslie Frazier, Gregg Williams (who is about to be an interim head coach for the second straight season), Steve Wilks, Romeo Crennel, Steve Spagnuolo, Gus Bradley, Rod Marinelli, Jim Schwartz, Chuck Pagano, Dennis Allen, Todd Bowles, Vance Joseph, and Wade Phillips are all leading defenses to varying degrees of success. I don't think there's really any evidence besides that feeling. An additional infusion of talent will help. I think Pettine is still a bit limited by our options on the DL. Though some self scouting certainly can't hurt over the bye...after CMC runs and catches for 450 yards this Sunday.