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  1. They also just had Pouncey retire. If there was any team a player would want to go to in order to win now, Pittsburgh would be the bottom of the list.
  2. "Today, David learned an important lesson about vague Tweeting".
  3. They could probably fish one out in free agency as well. The Rams defense got some major overperformance out of Reeder and Young. I think this was partially because of the dominance of Donald and having good EDGE. The Packers definitely could use more from Gary/Z/Preston in the run game.
  4. -MLF likes the Fangio system because of the complexities up front that makes it hard to read. -Staying in this 3-4 look means the Packers won't have to mess with their front 7. -The missing component to really make the Fangio system work is a big play ILB. -MLF says it's tough to game plan against. -Safeties will play further back and will have chances to make plays on the ball. -Probably will play a lot more base and only shift to nickel/dime on 3rd downs.
  5. Only one of the 3 teams had a defense that faced a re-shuffled line in the Packers and a completely patchwork OL in the Chiefs. The Packers DL needs work for sure, but let's not act like some injury luck factored into the pressure the Bucs were able to apply.
  6. "Go get everybody with no cap room". Silver with some mighty revisionist history too as to how Tampa was built. It's going to be a looooooooooooong offseason of these clown takes from the Silvers of the world.
  7. What sets him apart as the GOAT over his contemporaries? Must be the way he inspires his defenses to allow 12 total points in two Super Bowls over two #2 (by DVOA) offenses. Hello, throw in them stifling the greatest show on turf and that's 32 points over three Super Bowls. He also probably invoked the fear that caused an all-time collapse by the Falcons. Or inexplicably calling a pass on the goal line with Marshawn Lynch at RB. Or forcing 4 turnovers to win by 3 points. He's one of the greatest, but he's also proof how "wins as a QB stat" is an incredibly simplistic barometer
  8. Considering preliminary schedules, I'm shocked to see the Packers above the Bucs.
  9. ...most of this team was built before Brady or cheaply one he arrived. They were #6 in DVOA last year. They lost 6 games by one score in a season where Winston threw 30 picks.
  10. Aikman, Bradshaw, and Elway have more wins and rings than multiple QBs but I'm still not taking them over a lot of those one ring QBs. A lot of the stats are longevity based and a result of our current era of the NFL. It's also why I think the GOAT discussion is a bit silly considering the differences across generations of players.
  11. Yes, this is fair. But, in this hypothetical, you still don't take Brady. There's no throws he's making or intangibles he brings that aren't done better by many of his contemporaries.
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