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  1. I, for one, want the season to be canceled, the Packers luck into the #1 pick, and then draft Trevor Lawrence. And then your QB room is Rodgers, Lawrence, Love. CONTROVERSY!
  2. It just helps to have context to what is expected or realistic for #2 WRs. Last season the following teams only had 1 WR over 600 yards: -Patriots -Packers -Dolphins -Colts -Ravens -Bengals -Broncos -Eagles (they did have two TEs over 600) -Redskins -Saints (Cook did exceed 700 yards) -Vikings -49ers (Kittle had 1k and Deebo had 800) This also doesn't take into account situations where maybe a team had no 1000 yards WRs but a bunch of players under such as: -Steelers -Raiders (Waller was over 1k but no WRs exceeded 700) -Giants -Also the Packers (Adams only playing 12 games is the difference between him having probably 1300 yards and 997 ) The Packers also outgained some of the teams not on this list, but I didn't take into account offensive situations where they didn't do the crazy rotations the Packers did at WR or maybe had a 600 yard WR by 1 yard. Also the #2 WR position is kind of overrated in general in terms of the caliber of player you're getting/looking for. Especially in the Shanahan system.
  3. If we're looking at just yardage, most #2s could hit that mark based on volume alone. Lazard didn't see looks the first 4 games of the season, and even after that they kept smashing GMo and the others into the rotation.
  4. 2016 and 2017 (while healthy) Rodgers was still trending in the right direction. Made sense to do that. But obviously since then there has been noticeable slippage. Also, their backup plan was completely non-existent then.
  5. Bunch of Al Davis 40 time only draftniks up in here.
  6. Well, it won't be a problem when they only have 1 WR on the field at any given moment.
  7. The Packers are going to run 50+ times per game next season.
  8. Next level drafting strategy in New England.
  9. It's the simple things. Like the predictable sky is falling reactions from Packer fans going back since the advent of social media.
  10. I want them to draft another edge player just to watch the world burn more. The Packer social media anarchy right now is just the best. ...but seriously, a WR would be cool.
  11. What? The 49ers are roughly the same they were last year (one could argue worse in the short term but having a better $ position) and the Saints are gambling with the "let's hope these 32+ year old signings help us" game while praying 41 year old Drew Brees doesn't fall apart physically.
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