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  1. Conference Championship Games

    I wish I'd have bet the under in these games.
  2. Conference Championship Games

    Both QBs combine for 250 yards and zero TDs. Scores come via one rushing TD each and FGs.
  3. Divisional Playoff Round

    Former Packer great Josh Hawkins getting smoked.
  4. Divisional Playoff Round

    He's been brutal. Needs to settle down.
  5. Divisional Playoff Round

    It's obviously harder than before, but if you're screwed if they gain 10 no matter where you are on the field, you should take that extra opportunity.
  6. Divisional Playoff Round

    Kicking it deep is so dumb. If they get a first, it's basically over anyway. Even if the odds are low, you want that extra chance.
  7. Divisional Playoff Round

    That's such a weak penalty.
  8. Divisional Playoff Round

    They'll be just having QBs chuck it as a fourth down "punt" before you know it.
  9. Divisional Playoff Round

    Can't keep TY down forever. Could this be a classic Andy Reid/Chiefs collapse in the making?
  10. NFL News & Notes

    I would expect some level of drop off. Even going from great to very good makes a world of difference, especially if their offense doesn't get better/injuries pile up.
  11. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    Eventually you will just faceroll the keyboard to generate the title: ikierj;goirjthi;oy8nb3 wed2ev21jh4
  12. Wildcard Playoff Round

    I mean, they did that throughout that Bears/Vikings GD thread. Methinks we shan't be seeing any Bears fans in here for a while.
  13. Wildcard Playoff Round

    I will not troll them, but I also do not feel bad for anyone but Parkey. Can't say I feel bad for their fans at all considering how much they relish in the Packers misfortunes.
  14. Wildcard Playoff Round

    HA HA HA HA. Suck it, Bears.