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  1. Your official Round 1 prediction

    Landry is getting hyped pretty well and seems to be moving up draft boards. Love it if he's there at 20, but I don't think so. I like moving back in the 1st rnd, maybe to 31 w/ the Pats, get a mid rnd pick this year and a 2019 pick. I could see Winn or Hernandez there. Staying at #20 Payne or Bryan. I think you can still strike gold in the 3rd rnd for a RB. Kareem Hunt went in the 3rd last year.
  2. Pre draft workouts

    Thanks GetDownandDirty for the link. Looks like they're doing they're due diligence.
  3. Pre draft workouts

    Anyone hear who the Lions have brought for pre draft workouts and interviews?
  4. All in Mock

    Like Landry in the 1st. I wouldn't trade 4 picks and Abdullah to get another 1st rounder and a 7th just to get a RB. Though Guice is a good player, I believe all the RBs except Barkley have similar skills. Should be able to pick up a RB in the 2nd or 3rd, maybe 4th. The key to the running game will be Oline blocking and redesigning the scheme. Not sure I trust Dahl or Wiggins to shore up the LG sufficiently to build a decent running game.
  5. Double dip.

    The O line and D line are my choices for multiple picks. You have to build the trenches to help keep Stafford upright and get after the opposing team's QB.
  6. "No Longer the Ansah" Mock

    Sounds a bit complicated but if it could be pulled off, I'd be all for it. Rather have Hubbard than Hurst at this point. Medical issues aside Hubbard plays DE. Should have less of a learning curve since he's probably going to start or be a big part of the rotation.

    Very solid draft imo. Maybe move back again in the 2nd rd, add another late pick this year or next, then either go OG or RB depending on value. Then take RB or OG in the 3rd. If it goes down like you wrote it, I wouldn't be mad.
  8. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    It seems that we're not going to make a big splash in FAgency like we did in previous years. I think Quinn is being prudent, especially seeing the kind of money being thrown around this year by teams with gobs of cap space. A lot of the players I thought we'd pursue are signing for way more money than I thought they would get. ( Fells : 3 yrs/12 mil, Butler : 5 yrs/61 mil, Poe : 3 yrs/27+ mil) That would really eat up the cap, especially after franchising Ansah. I'm not sure what happened with Ngata. Maybe he wants to try to get another championship ring before he retires. It's pretty clear Quinn is going to use the draft to plug the holes we still have on this team. He trusts Patricia to coach these guys and get the most out of them. fa
  9. Who's left

    It seems to me that the lions are gonna use the draft to get their interior O-line and D-line players. I think Mewhort from the colts is still available. Not too bad when he's not hurt. 1 yr. deal.
  10. Lions Hybrid Defense

    Patricia said that he wants to build the team from the middle out. Jones is an upgrade over Whitehead, especially in coverage. Re-signing Wilson and having him team up with G. Quin is a pretty good move. Provides some flexibility for Diggs to play S or move into the slot. With all of the teams in the NFC north adding receivers and/or QBs, that secondary will be tested. Hopefully, they get a good run stuffer (Poe comes to mind) in FAagency and DT in the draft to help take care of the up the middle stuff.
  11. Quick Mock

    Philips may be your 1stR pick with Michel in the 2nd. Possibly trade back in the 1st to get Philips. ( scenario based on the Ebron for Ingram rumor: send Ebron to NO get Ingram in return, flip flop 1st rnd our 20th for their 27th and a 5th rnd pick.) then do the draft and FA the way you have it
  12. Lions Pick at 20

    First choice : Trade down and draft Harrison Philips or Tim Settle Second choice : Will Hernandez
  13. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    It'd be nice, if it's true. Anyone reporting this?
  14. If Miami cuts Suh

    It'd be nice to see Suh back, but he couldn't wait to leave. He's probably going somewhere he can be the " Big Dog" and be the face of the franchise. Won't be here. That's Stafford's role. If he did, what kind of money will you have to pay him? I'd rather re-sign Ngata and maybe take a run at Norwell at OG.
  15. A Trade-Back Mock Draft

    Your FA And draft didn't address the O-line which at least needs tweaking. Even if you got Tevin Coleman, he's not going to do much if the line doesn't block. Rather look for draft pick. Less wear and tear. RBs have a short shelf life and are only as good as the O-Line. Plus we got enough WR s. Can always pick up one off the waiver wire