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  1. Pre combine mock offseason.

    Sorry, didn't look at injured reserve. Marvin is still with us
  2. Pre combine mock offseason.

    Sounds a bit whimsical to me and more like a total rebuild. An awful lot of moves, although I don't know if Marvin Jones is still with the team. He's not currently listed on the roster or depth chart on the Detroitlions.com website. Maybe he is being released or traded. If we could get Leonard Fournette for a 6th this year and a 5th next year, I'm all in. I'm gonna say no to Antonio Brown. Too much drama, too big a cap hit, and too old. I don't know that cutting the whole right side of the OL is a good idea. Wagner isn't horrible. Tyrell Crosby just needs a bit more time to develop and there's your RT. Sign Matt Paradis to play C, move Ragnow to RG, and Glasgow to LG. Decent OL that should help move the ball. Tre Flowers is going to get paid. Maybe not as much as Lawrence or Clowney ,but probably more than the 5 yrs/ $47 million. I like re-signing our own FA's, although I would re-sign Toilolo instead of Willson. I don' like the draft except for Williams. He's my pick if he's there at #8. If you have Fournette, Johnson, and Zenner, you don't need a RB. Particularly in the 3rd. I'd be getting a TE or LB there
  3. Isaiah Crowell To Be Released--Should We Take Look At Him?

    Just read that too. I think we at least kick the tires. At almost 5 yds/carry, he would complement Kerryon and give us the inside presence that Blount didn't give us last year. That same post said that the 49ers were releasing Garry Gilliam. He's a guard that use to start for Seattle during Bevell's days there. Think we might have any interest?
  4. Insane Mock With Trades That May Not Be So Crazy

    After listening to 97.1 the Ticket's Karsh & Anderson broadcast this morning, trading back doesn't sound so crazy. Apparently, some Lions insider ( I don't remember his name) put together some interesting scenarios, depending on how the early selections fall. He apparently contacted the insiders from the other teams and got what they believe their team's likely 1stRnd picks would be. From that he formulated some trade scenarios that are intriguing. Karsh & Anderson did mention that the rumor is the Lions are willing to trade back from #8, so you may have something there They also believed that would get their edge rusher in FAgency. Still don't like getting rid of A'Shawn and Marvin Jones. trading back in the 1st rnd seems a possibility.
  5. Insane Mock With Trades That May Not Be So Crazy

    I don't think it's a matter of over valuing talent. You seem to want to get rid of productive players to get a couple more draft picks. I understand that we don't want to be the same old Lions, but trading away good, young, productive players for lower round draft picks doesn't seem as if we're valuing them enough. Why would you give up a young, productive player like A'Shawn for a 3rd rnd pick. Can't say that makes much sense. Besides you can move Da'Shawn Hand inside to give you more push inside. You don't have to move back to get the inside pass rush you're looking for, and by adding a stud DE at #8, should give you the kind of pass rush that you need. You've got playmakers on this team and adding a few more in this draft will get you closer to the type of team we all want.
  6. Insane Mock With Trades That May Not Be So Crazy

    You make my point. These OL won't rise that much up the draft board that the Browns will feel they need to jump 9 spots to get one of them. In A'Shawn's case, I still don't understand giving up a solid 2nd rnd pick who's productive ( Everyone needed to adjust to Patricia's defense) for a 3rd rnd pick and sign a guy who's got to come in and learn the same scheme that A'Shawn has already learned and performed pretty well at the end. Makes no sense to start over like that. I'm not totally sold on Dexter Lawrence. He got schooled a couple times in the SB. His stats are great against lesser competition. I'm not sure on him.
  7. Insane Mock With Trades That May Not Be So Crazy

    Not sure the Browns bite on that deal. I don't think they have any interest unless Greedy Williams is there at #8. But in that case I keep my pick. Marvin Jones has been productive. Maybe with Bevell, he and Stafford can get on the same page. He has the speed. Why trade A'Shawn to sign a lesser FA? He's still under his rookie contract and I think he and Snacks make a formidable team. I like Steven Nelson at CB, everyone not so much. Not sure your draft is reasonable. Many of these player may not be there when you have us slotted to pick. I'd rather pick at #8 and get a player that will make a big impact.
  8. Lions’ Trevor Bates arrested

    He Gone!!!!!
  9. Kareem Hunt--Do We Take A Look If He Is Cleared

    I wonder if Martha might object. It is her team. I think he'd have to rectify his image in some way( which his agent is probably working on). The Lions might be a good place for him. Low visibility from an NFL standpoint. He played at Toledo, so he sort of knows the area. I'd give it a shot.
  10. new OC

    I don't necessarily hate the move, but I'm not jumping up and down over it either. It's a safe, vanilla move which seems to be Patricia's MO. My guess is that if Davidson was in on the interviews, he'll remain as run game coordinator with bevel handling the aerial attack and calling the plays
  11. new OC

    Just read on Profootballtalk.com that the cowboys might fire Linehan. Not sure we'd have interest. I'm hoping they're waiting for Waldron. My fear is that we take too long and end up promoting Davidson or Godsey; or heaven forbid Charlie Weiss. I would've liked Hackett, I hear he's headed to GB.
  12. Post CFP Bowl 5-round Mock

    Not sure that you get Richardson. He'll want a multiyear deal that will be fairly expensive. I'd load up on CB's. Add one within the first 3 rnds. You'll probably be able to find depth at RB in the later rounds, particularly if you're re-signing Zenner and not cutting Riddick. Good start.

    Unfortunate forJBC. My hope is that Patricia and hire a "fresh" mind to run the offense. They need some who's going to reinvigorate Stafford and bring back a tiny bit of the gunslinger mentality that he used to have. They need someone who's creative and can incorporate the running and passing games into a dynamic attack, an offense that dictates to defenses rather than reacts to what another team's defense is doing to us. I'd also fire Godsey as QB coach. From what I read, he's not that good a coach. Hopefully , Patricia won't regurgitate Charlie Weis. I'll be very upset.

    I like the addition of Waldron as OC. Hopefully he can give us a more dynamic offense. I wouldn't rule out Jackson, but I think he's angling for a new and bigger contract. In that case I'd pass. Flowers is a decent pickup, but has injury problems too. The draft is deep in D- lineman, so I wouldn't spend a lot of money there. I'd be looking for an OG and maybe a S and LB depth. I like Greedy William (he'll have to add some bulk). I'd add an O- lineman early 2nd or 3rd (lower if they sign a FA to start in place of Lang). Load up on LB's and secondary. Maybe even a late round QB.
  15. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Trading Stafford is fairly silly at this stage. Even if you could get the so-called Cutler deal (which I think is a bit too rich for a 30yr old QB), who's your QB for 2019. There's not the Darnolds, Mayfields, or Allens in this draft. Are we going to go after a recycled FA QB like Teddy Bridgewater or some team's backup QB. I say focus on building up the "D". Add a CB to go opposite Slay, an edge rusher strong enough to also play the run, some more LB's, a WR for the slot, and some OL. Build a really tough D, which should help keep us in games and hope Stafford re dedicates himself in the off season.