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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Not a chance. I just think they will pick a receiver in the first 3 rounds. I'm not sure I would pick one in the first two if I were pulling the trigger.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    More likely in my mind is that they see WR as an early must get. Gute doesn't want to look bad in dumping Jordy. He needs to plan for being without Cobb as well next year. I believe the Packers are going into the draft thinking they have to get a #3 WR this year who will be good enough to start next year.
  3. Screw BPA this is a mock for need!!!

    Seems a waste of draft capitol. We really don't get any solid bets to solve the main roster issues of CB and edge rushing. I like some of the later picks, but the early picks are trouble. 15th pick in the draft to get an ILB? - We drafted Martinez in the 4th round. While Vander Esch is a good prospect, I don't see the projections to edge rushing based on what I have seen from his play. 45th Pick - St. Brown - A receiver with upside, but also with red flags regarding his play. There are a number of better bets at WR in this area of the draft. Our two biggest needs by far are addressed with Nick Nelson - about the 10th - 15th rated CB, and Ejiofor - Also about the 8-10th rated edge rusher. Both these players would be nice to have as the second player from the draft to try and address positions of need.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    He has average size, average speed, and seems to struggle playing against physical CB's. He played n the Mountain West which typically features relatively weak defenses. I would also add that suggesting someone is a 3rd round player is really pretty high praise. In a similar vein is Anthony Miller. A guy who has been even more productive than Gallup. A hair smaller, but looks to me to be quicker footed. He reminds me a lot of Greg Jennings. I like him a little more than Gallup.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Gallup shouldn't be considered until the 3rd. Average everything. He'll be just a guy imo.
  6. Lieker's Mock Draft 2.0

    I do think Vander Esch is different than Clay. Vander Esch is an inside LB who shows his best in pass defense. He moves well, and is a good prospect. I don't see him as more explosive than a young CMIII at all. I also would want a player who has done it for more than 1 year when investing the 14th pick in the draft. We have enough injuries that spending high on a player that only was healthy 1 of the 3 seasons seems like a bad idea. If we have to do that I would be more comfortable on a player who has played the position we are drafting for, not a projection. Gallup is a decent prospect, but I wouldn't spend a 2nd round choice on him. We have too many needs on defense, and the 2nd pick needs to go to a higher level prospect IMO. I see Gallup as a 3rd WR and just a guy. I don't see difference maker, but will grant that I struggle most when evaluating WR's. Yiadom is a decent prospect, but needs to be the second best DB prospect we bring in. I also think the 3rd may be a little rich for him as well.
  7. Lieker's Mock Draft 2.0

    This would be depressing. Walk out of our first draft in a long time with a high pick and have no solution for edge or cornerback. An average prospect with no special traits at WR either. We need to walk out of this draft with either a special player, or likely solution at CB and edge. Vander Esch is most likely an ILB. The best pick nets a guard prospect. A relatively low impact position.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Just hoping we stay away from Josh Jackson. Don't understand the love for him at all. He clocked slow at the combine and looks slow on tape. 5 of his 8 int's were against Barrett and Hornibrook who possess far from NFL arm strength. Both were susceptible to int's, and NFL QB's wont give them so easily. I think he may be a zone only player who most likely will need to move to FS to make a splash.