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  1. Matt Dickerson of the Titans might disagree with the lack of power comment. Not often you see a DL getting trucked by a running back
  2. Help like that isn't needed. Your assessment is very poor and inaccurate. Pretending Rodgers had "books to write" is patently ridiculous. He was pressured I believe 22 times, and sacked 5 times. He was under a ton of pressure throughout the game. TB won the SB because they had a much better defense. It really is that simple. We had the MVP of the league playing really good football against enormous pressure, and it still wasnt enough. The problem wasnt the best QB playing in the game. It seems many people forget football really is a team game.
  3. What other highly paid QB has the same expectations laid on them that you are placing on Rodgers? To help you - The correct answer is none. Rodgers was easily the better QB on the field against TB, yet lost? Why? I get it- he needs to play pass defense, and be the RB so he can ensure that a fumble doesn't occur. To add, he also needs to cover for the fact that his OL was getting dominated while his receivers are getting held. He just needs to make the plays. No excuse for missing someone who flashes open while he is on the run.
  4. So KC and Mahomes get a pass while the Packers and Rodgers do not? Just so we understand where you are coming from.
  5. What does that have to do with my point. You are placing blame on Rodgers play, Mahomes looked the same under the pressure.
  6. Yes. Like Mahome's in the SB? Rodgers was getting pressure in his face way to quick and frequent to think he was the issue. As shown yesterday and 2 weeks ago, no QB can overcome that type of consistent pressure. Not even the two best QB's in the game. KC needs to think poorly and blame Mahomes for yesterday like some of you are pinning the lack of success on Rodgers? Only 1 of the 3 teams had a defense that could pressure extensively. That team won the SB. People giving the MVP and credit to Brady just baffle me. That game was dominated and won by the TB defense.
  7. Reminds me of the time the Packers hired a Coordinator off the worst offense to be their head coach. Everyone criticized and had similar reactions to this thread. McCarthy turned out pretty good, and got a SB win.
  8. Because at the arbitrary "old"age of 46 a person loses their ability to think and adapt? Experience is a negative thing? How about we go get the best coach without regard to age? Ability to use analytics, teach, convey a consistent message are far more important than age. Find me a coach with a solid plan, gets his team playing aggressive, and effecting the opposing QB. I want to see a team that is physical and rallies to the ball. I dont care if that means the coach is 20 or 70 years old.
  9. Wondering why we haven't heard news about this yet. Concerning.
  10. It's a team game. Our team isn't good enough. Our special teams are terrible. Our defense is soft and gives up a long TD with no time on the clock. Our QB has people in his face and is on the run all day. Couldn't run the ball with any type of consistency. Our defense can't get off the field on 3rd down. Our coach inexplicably kicks a FG with 2 minutes to go down 8 pts. Maybe the problem is in some other places?
  11. Apply your first statement to yourself. Jaire was good. MVS was good. Clark was very good. I'll give you those, but QB play was the best part of our game. As a whole the DL got little pressure. As a whole our DB's gave up far too many big plays. Our OL was killed today and still we managed 346 passing yards. He got the ball out and made plays under extreme pressure. He missed a couple guys, but under that type of pressure to expect perfection is not reasonable. Our QB wasn't average. He was very good. Still lost because our defense couldn't get pressure of get off
  12. He is a victim. A victim of playing on a team that doesn't seem to understand defense. He has played on a team that consistently puts some of the worst special teams in the league out there year after year. We make investment after investment on defense and yet when compared to the other good teams, look slow and soft. Tampa was by far the better defense on the field today. Rodgers was consistently under pressure and sacked 5 times. TB defense caused two fumbles with great hits. While Rodgers was far from perfect today, he was easily the best part of what we put on the f
  13. Exactly right. TB was better everywhere but QB. They deserved the win.
  14. Nope. Our tackles were dominated. The interior OL was OK, but the tackles were crushed all game. Switch QB's and Tampa wins easily.
  15. the ol was dominated. Painting Rodgers as the problem is ridiculous. Our tackles were crushed. The WR werent the problem either.
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