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  1. Have anything to add? Didn't think so. Maybe next time try to. i was told I didnt understand things when I predicted the problems after the 2020 draft. Maybe I just see things you arent able to see.
  2. Why are people suggesting that the Packers should just let Rodgers sit? That isn't going to happen. Worst case- He will come back in time to accrue a year of service. If that happens the Packers are screwed. The all in plan for this year fails, and they still have the same problem going forward. The compensation for trading Rodgers only declines. I also don't understand the people who are putting all of the blame on Rodgers for what is taking place. The Packers front office mismanaged the back end of Rodgers time in Green Bay, and drafted the replacement too early. Unlik
  3. Smartest post I've read on the topic here, Murphy has handled all of this incredibly poorly. lHis ast published comments were moronic. Especially coming off his statement that the less both sides say-the better. How anyone believes a thing he says escapes me.
  4. What a ridiculous take. In your world football isn't a team game. Doesn't matter how the OL plays? Doesn't matter what the defense does? Its the QB's fault when the RB fumbles deep in opponent territory? Brady has typically had far superior defenses than what Rodgers has been supported with. He certainly did this past year. The pressure that Rodgers was under in the NFC Championship game was the main issue. You saw Mahomes fail similarly when the pressure was extreme. Those blaming Rodgers either understand nothing about football, or have an agenda. Or both.
  5. The problem in the NFC Championship game wasn't Rodgers. The OL got crushed. Rodgers was better than Brady in the game even while being under a lot more defensive pressure. This narrative that the Packers problem in that game was Rodgers is silly.
  6. Now that is really putting your best assets to work. Why would people even suggest this?
  7. We should have known that it would alienate our best player. They handled that situation terribly, and some of us predicted that it would lead to the issue we currently have with Rodgers. I took a lot of garbage last year when I said that the 2020 draft wouldn't play well in the locker room. While it is true that we have no idea what kind of players the guys drafted in 2020 will turn out to be, a better GM could have managed the situation to avoid the current problems. We have had Rodgers in town for 15 years, so they should know him. We should have had the foresight to ma
  8. Top 3, yet haven't won the SB in over a decade? Is being above .500 the goal, or is winning a SB the goal? Your definition of success is different than mine. We play for being over .500 instead of being really good. The 2020 draft was a direct result of that philosophy, and just might be what has the opposite effect.
  9. Yeah - Whatever. People like you who think the problem's with the Packers from 2011 through now relate to Aaron Rodgers are only fooling themselves over the shortcomings of the Packers organization. Keeping Dom Capers years too long? Ted Thompson years too long? Mike McCarthy years too long? Now we want to get rid of a top 5 player in the game years too early. What is the real problem?
  10. The situations are nothing alike. Favre had been playing the retirement game for years already. Rodgers made it clear he wanted to play for at least 5 more years. Rodgers was a highly rated player contemplated for the the top pick. Love was never that highly rated. Gute is nowhere near the GM that TT was.
  11. Its hilarious how people act like Rodgers wouldn't or couldn't play at an MVP level given another year in the new system and escaping MM tired and worn out offense. Giving Love credit for improving Rodgers is crazy. He wasnt going to win the QB job based on talent ever over Rodgers. Gute messed up and played the entire situation wrong. He continues to play it wrong. Is it out of ego? Whatever it is, he is throwing away an opportunity to bring the Lombardi back where it belongs.
  12. Or we, after 15 years could have understood how that would go, and not been stupid with last years pick. It was too soon to make that move, and now we continue to play it like fools. The Packers are the laughing stock of the last two draft days, and kind of deserve it.
  13. Leatherwood is a little different. He will look great for a while, and then have too many plays where he inexplicably looks bad. I dont know if his brain cramps, he falls asleep, or what it is. It just happens too often to feel he can be trusted. He looks like the best tackle in the draft for a few plays and then throws a play in that makes him look like a late round flier. Cosmi's problems look more like Spriggs. He just doesnt consistently have the ballast to hold up.
  14. I think the jump in competition is tremendous for him. Tried watching some games and he is playing against a guy 6'1 and 220 lbs. He obviously moved him easily in the run game, but had some trouble in the pass game. I'd be happy on him in the 2nd or later, but people suggesting a 1st round pick is too rich for my blood. Cosmi and Leatherwood both remind me of Spriggs. Look like athletic wonders, but the film doesnt match the athletic profile. It's been a while since I met anyone by the slides.
  15. Rashod Bateman- Looks average. Not worth 1st round pick. OK in 2nd Dont want Cosmi, Leatherwood or Raddunz Dont want a safety, IOL, TE or god forbid a QB in round 1 Want to invest in players that have a chance to help us next year in the early rounds. Dont want a draft aimed at replacing good players two years down the line rather than getting better in 2021.
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