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  1. That's exactly what the lineup should have been. The argument for what we did is poor. I agree Stenovich did a great job overall this year. If he had this input, I think it was the one mistake they made. They are guilty of overthinking it. As I've said - if this was a thought it should have beentried earlier in the season. As to the rest-yes it was ridiculous. But these are the arguments you've been making. Can't criticize ST because they don't get paid. Can't criticize MLF because AR has to be completely at fault. Let's ignore everything else because we have to focus all o
  2. The correct answer. After all we scored 30 points in week 3 against SF with Nijman who has "no anchor". We finally hit on the proper strategy.
  3. We scored 30 points in the game with Nijman at LT. 10 points with the OL as configured on Saturday. Obviously neither of us can know for sure what the results would have been. How you can support the decision to change around the OL going into a playoff game when you didn't do it with multiple opportunities during the regular season makes little sense to me. I've also been on this forum long enough to know you wouldn't come off one of your points no matter what is pointed out. i guess we can agree to disagree as well. It is all on Rodgers. Every bit of it. He failed
  4. Kelly was embarrassed on Saturday as well. Bosa had 2 sacks on Saturday. Nijman played SF earlier in the season, and Bosa did not have a sack. Nijman did have a facemask penalty. I guess only a young QB gets better with playing time. Nijman improved significantly from his early season starts to how he was playing late. It is a stretch to claim that Kelly played better than Nijman, then, or could have now. Like I said earlier, if this was the lineup they wanted it should have been used in the regular season. Kelly isn't good enough to be out there in that game.
  5. We'll have to agree to disagree. They ran right around Kelly most of the day. Yosh is a better athlete. I think he stood a much better chance of holding up than Kelly did. If they were going this route it should have been done earlier in the season, not the playoffs.
  6. Why didn't Turner play left tackle and Kelly play right tackle after Jenkins went out with injury? If your thought makes sense, then the time to play that configuration was in the regular season, not in the playoffs.
  7. Why would you put the LT in a position he hasn't played all year, and failed at in last years playoff loss? Why would you do the above to get Kelly on the field who doesn't have the movement skills required to deal with that OL. Nighman should have been at left tackle where he played all year. Turner should have been at RT where he started every game when healthy. MLF is the head coach, and came with an offensive background. We all know you are going to blame every shortcoming on Rodgers, but the head coach should have some control of the situation. If he has no input into
  8. This type communication forum leads to these all or nothing understandings of others arguments. I don't think you could find anyone who thinks Rodgers played anywhere close to the standard expected. He simply was a problem on Saturday with the blinders he had on. I also don't think many people would state the special teams play was anything but completely unacceptable. The one who seems to have received somewhat of a pass in this failure is MLF. He was every bit the failure Saturday night that any of the other problems mentioned. They switched around the offensive line in
  9. How hard is it to teach a player to block for a FG? How hard is it to put a plan together to block for a punt attempt? The entire offense played poorly. rodgers stunk up the joint. MLF outcoached himself with the OL moves- the lineup we went with was not smart. Lost in all of this is that the Packers should have won that football game if they simply execute a couple of the easiest things to do in the sport. The entire organizations approach to ST needs to change dramatically. The coaching staff needs to get changed out. They need to pay up for someone with proven resu
  10. How many times do I need to say the story is incomplete? We are still in the first chapter. We will all wait and see. Did I advocate trading Love? NO. In another thread I noted that it wouldn't make any sense. I just wish the first chapter showed more promise.
  11. Do I need to put together a post of poor decisions, inaccurate passes etc? We all know they were there, and prove pretty much nothing. All young QB's have bad plays. The good ones tend to have plays that make you see the potential. Tell me when they took place for Love.m Tell me game and time, I will find them myself. Not plays that every QB on an NFL roster can make. Early in Favre's time he showed extreme arm strength multiple times every game. Some want so much for Love to be great that they are ignoring what our eyes have and have not seen.
  12. What has Love done that would give you any confidence? His biggest thing to date was getting drafted by the Packers. He hasnt shown a strong arm. He hasnt shown an accurate arm. He hasn't thrown with anticipation that would make up for the first 2 problems. Make fun, I know it is what you like to do, Is there some evidence of skill? Refer me to plays he has made that show a high level of talent. It was obvious from the beginning that Favre had incredible arm strength. rodgers showed arm strength, and touch at times. As others have noted he looked bad at times, but ign
  13. As I said, the final chapters aren't written, so no I haven't "written him off". Anyone showing real confidence based on what he has accomplished to date are basing it far more on hope than anything else. He got better? Maybe a little bit, but there sure was a ton of room for improvement. It would have been hard for him to get worse based on how things started.
  14. The final answer is far from being in. I'm just waiting for something that looks a little special. So far, I haven't seen any. Like I said earlier, it would be great if I were wrong. At this point if AR leaves, I think we need to try and invest in another who has the chance to be the next QB. Have to get a backup anyway.
  15. He showed more in limited play with regard to arm strength, and accuracy. He had his issues, but showed flashed that let you know what was possible. Love hasn't shown the flashes. I'd like to be wrong, but am not real high on him at this point. Nowhere near as hopeful as I was with Favre or Rodgers early in their careers. Both showed real arm talent right away.
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