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  1. Big day for 2018 draft prospects previously discussed at length on Packers message boards, apparently.
  2. A guy I'm interested in is Vernon Scott. Has good size and speed, and I thought he looked decent out there last year. One of those late-round guys who when we picked him there was very little information available, but seems like a solid developmental guy with room to grow.
  3. If Love becomes a game manager who sprinkles in wow throws and special plays here and there, that sounds pretty elite IMO.
  4. Kuhn, unprompted, brings up what others have suggested about Rodgers wanting security and more years guaranteed, so I wonder if it's same to assume that's what this standoff is all about.
  5. Why does extending Rodgers necessitate a Love trade? As another poster said, unless you're getting a 1st or 2nd rounder for him, why not keep developing him, showcase him in preseason, and try to maximize your return on investment? Maybe he busts, but I don't get the sense in dealing him for a mid-rounder.
  6. Between Amari, Deguara, and the continued evolution of the Jones/Dillon 2RB sets, we could see some new wrinkles next year. ... and that's to say nothing of what happens if Love starts. 😐
  7. This forum needs a "ignore Michael Rodney tweets" feature.
  8. Soooo... Bakh / Jenkins / Myers / Runyan / Turner or Bakh / Runyan / Myers / Turner / Jenkins ????
  9. You gotta like what the Browns have done these past few years. Lot of talent on that roster.
  10. Terrace Marshall is another guy I saw mocked as high as 20-25. Trevon Moehrig as well.
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