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  1. Lol I forgot there were still games tomorrow. Figured the rest of the season was cancelled after we lost.
  2. Sooo the loss means we pick 28th, right? I’ve had an eye on Jameson Williams since he tore his ACL, could have a better shot now that we’re picking in front of KC.
  3. You somehow went from the most annoying poster on this forum to the most irrelevant. Kudos.
  4. Nah, LaFleur is a good coach. Just the culture he's brought to the team has been a huge improvement. I think Rodgers has benefited from playing with him too. We're obviously going to take a step back next year, but I don't doubt he's one of the best coaches in the league.
  5. Not to mention tonight was the Divisional Round, not the NFC Championship. Tonight sucked, but the Seattle loss immunized me against ever feeling that much pain from sports again.
  6. Given that he was iffy to begin with and we’ve played all year (and beat SF) without him, Bakhtiari for Ambry Thomas seems pretty even tbh
  7. I know we're in a bind but going into 2022 with Lazard, Amari, Winfree as our only veteran WRs seems... less than ideal.
  8. Has Jacobs even been a hit? He's a good back, but feel like you can get that type of production later. Last year's 1st rounder, Leatherwood, has been a disaster too.
  9. Meh, it just looked to me like the Raiders were going to run it regardless, and by far the bigger Chargers blunder was giving up a 10-yard run to Jacobs on an obvious running down. If they had called timeout and stopped him, and the Raiders had decided not to kick the FG (which is no guarantee) this would be a much different conversation, IMO. Edit: This is exactly what I'm talking about. Lol I feel like I'm going crazy with everyone pouncing on the guy for calling a TO with 4 seconds on the play clock on the biggest play of the year
  10. Maybe he waited that long to increase the chances that LV would run the clock down if they did indeed convert the 3rd down? When he called the timeout, the Raiders were in shotgun and it looked like they might run a play, so logic tells me Staley called the timeout to get his defensive alignment right (which obvs didn't work out, but I can understand the approach). I really don't understand what else people are trying to say about his decision other than "what an idiot, he cost his team the game!" without really explaining why he would do that.
  11. Can someone explain why the timeout was so bad? There were 4 seconds on the play clock when Staley called timeout. Do people think the Raiders weren't going to just run it down and attempt a FG to beat their division rivals regardless? IMO the bigger error was letting Jacobs get the 1st down, not calling the timeout. But for some reason everyone is freaking out about a timeout with 4 seconds left on the play clock as if it changed the whole dimension of the game... And yes, I saw Carr's comments, but he also said "We were always playing for the W."
  12. Moss is one of the best and most dominant receivers of all-time. It's silly to put any second-year player in his category. That said, JJ has had a historically great start to his career. If he keeps it up for a few more years, then maybe we can revisit this and it won't seem so silly. On the other hand, he could turn into Odell Beckham.
  13. Top 5 who haven't been named in this thread yet: 1. Na'il Diggs 2. Mike McKenzie 3. Dorsey Levens 4. Bernardo Harris 5. Donald Lee
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