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  1. 2019 Murphy / Gute Off-Season moves

    Mike Tomlin (career .657 winning percentage) is only a game or two above .500 without Roethlisberger. Sean Payton has only had one meaningful game without Brees (they lost) but you can be sure he'd be below .500.
  2. Fun Bye Week Game

    Not a high pick or any sort of pick for that matter, but for me it's Marwin Evans. Watching him those first two preseasons, I thought he was going to be a great starter and playmaker for us. He seemed athletic enough, always around the ball. Just never learned to defend the pass I guess.
  3. Josh Jones & Montravius Adams?

    I was begging for either Edmunds or James when they became available at our pick. In hindsight, give me Jaire and the extra 1st all day long.
  4. Bye Week Assessment Thread

    I think you're technically correct, but unless the Bears tie a game that tiebreaker won't ever come into effect.
  5. #26 got absolutely abused down the stretch. Poor guy.
  6. I think we put up a fight in this one. 2015 notwithstanding, MM's Packers have been good out of the bye and usually look their best against top teams. The team is going to be healthy and motivated, going on the road, with a coaching staff that has arguably even more to prove. Furthermore, I think the Rams are a little overrated at this point and due for a loss. My prediction: Packers 34, Rams, 27
  7. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 3-6

    Kevin, Jaire, Josh... think we can spend those picks elsewhere.
  8. Agree with all of this. It's wild to think that MVS is the one who has separated himself, given what we all thought of the three rookies when they were drafted.
  9. Mason Crosby Appreciation Thread

    Pat McAfee is a goddamn treasure.
  10. Getting Jaire back for this game will be huge.
  11. Extend Mike McCarthy

    I've always been pro-McCarthy but I'll admit, by the start of the fourth quarter, I was ready to move on. Glad we got the W. Still feel like the league has passed him by.
  12. Am I missing something with the Perry jokes? Dude batted three passes, that's the equivalent of three big stops with the potential for more given the nature of batted balls. At least one of those was on a quick pass. Seem like good plays to me.
  13. Damn, I was really banking on Garcon and Breida being out. Hopefully they're slowed somewhat. Dante Pettis is also out—he's a guy who could have hurt us.
  14. It would be really fun if one or more of the rookies has a big game on the big stage tonight. Give us some momentum heading into the bye.