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  1. TIL a long snapper named Cheeseman got drafted in the sixth round Pardon me I’m not a huge draft guy but how did we miss on this kid???
  2. He has literally the highest winning percentage of any coach in NFL history lol
  3. I know a lot of people don't want to hear from Rodgers right now, but he did say after the game that he thought the line played well. He said he needed to watch the tape, but he specifically said he thought Myers and Newman were fine. As @minnypackerfan just suggested, the bigger problem IMO was our defense getting steamrolled to start the game and our offensive game plan going to ****. We've seen a lot of teams that rely on the run fall apart when they get behind. In our case it's more shocking because those teams haven't historically had Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.
  4. For everyone looking for a positive to the game, it seemed like we dodged any major injuries aside from Deguara's concussion. That's all I got.
  5. Ahh, the ol' "Bench your MVP in the first quarter of a Week 2 game against a division rival" strategy. Yes, I can definitely see the coaches going for that.
  6. Good lord, how is this remotely a controversy? You would 1000% cut a fringe guy if his medicals showed he was at higher risk of missing games throughout the year. Now imagine a guy who is not only at risk of missing games himself, but who also could force other players on the team to miss time as well. I'm sure every coach and GM in the league is thinking about this the same way as Meyer, he's just the only one (so far) saying it out loud.
  7. I found a live webcam feed for you
  8. Dexter Williams gone, no surprise there.
  9. I occasionally wonder if this is a GB narrative based on our experience/luck as Packers fans. I know Mahomes sat for a year and probably benefited from it, but if you look around the league, most of the top guys — Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott, Justin Herbert, Matthew Stafford — played extensively early in their careers.
  10. I really liked what I saw from Love this preseason, but this is about where I'm at too. I can't wait to watch Rodgers this season, and every time I listen to one of his pressers recently, I like him even more. I don't even agree with everything he says — for instance, there are definitely some bones to pick in his evaluations of Gute's moves over the years — but as a Packers fan I'm going to try to enjoy this while it lasts.
  11. I want Gary to become great just so his #PutCheeseOnEverything hashtag stops making me cringe every time I see it. Edit: Since this is the 2021 Defensive Thread, I guess I'll pose a question: What is it that makes people so high on Gary all of a sudden? Like everyone else, I have high hopes too given the flashes he's shown and the athleticism we know he has. But is there something in his NFL tape that suggests he could suddenly morph into a stud pass rusher as many have suggested? In 15 games last year, he was 74th in QB pressures. I get that he's young and expected to keep improving, but
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