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  1. I've played enough Among Us recently to know when people are lying. Your attempt to call me out for a "scum move" is like knowing someone busted you on a kill so you self-report.
  2. Trust. As the dildo guy I know *******. And I wouldn't be a ***** here and lie about my role in this moment.
  3. Dude. If I flip as a killer I will go into all previous BB threads and openly admit that I deserved to lose and wasn't screwed in the vote. I am simply the guy that dildos. No kills. Nothing. I only do the dildoing.
  4. Bro. No. I am legit the Dildoer. I claimed this like a week ago.
  5. Hence the maybe, you clown. I don't know if anyone's dildo'd me or not.
  6. Let's kill BBB so I can maybe win something for once on this Godforsaken website.
  7. I've only lied once this entire game. That was yesterday when I said I was crew (via the gif) to hopefully get the vote off of me. Besides that - I've been very open. I even claimed 6 days ago.
  8. My win con is to Dildoze someone. I don't know if it's been met or not. I am not a killer though. Never have been.
  9. You believed in me and voted Orca, so I'll believe in you and vote Buff.
  10. ... I am definitely not faking being the dildozer. That isn't even my sense of humor.
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