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  1. Rick & Morty Mafia - Game Over

    I played great. Everyone else was terrible. You should all be ashamed.
  2. It's easy to forget about the running game when the team hasn't even averaged 4.0 yards per attempt (over a season) since 2013. We averaged 2.6 yards per rush Monday night. It can certainly be a one dimensional offense but it isn't like the Lions are getting any help from the position to change that. We haven't even had a runner hit 600 yards in a season in over 3 seasons, when Joique Bell rumbled for 860 in 2014. The Lions run the ball as well as I do in Madden.
  3. My bad. Added Ed. Thanks for looking out.
  4. Not that it means much since we haven't won any of the games, but Stafford's brought Detroit to the playoffs 3 times (11, 14, 16) He has a career 217:122 TD/INT ratio, but is only 60-66 as a starter. Maybe I am biasED, and last night non-withstanding - I still think Stafford is an above-average QB who doesn't belong on this list.
  5. That may have been the most impressive I've ever seen Rodgers play. May he have mercy on my Detroit Lions.
  6. Andy Dalton with the early INT! Alright!
  7. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    You can hear all of the callouts at the line and stuff. Can actually hear the stadium PA announcer after every play too.
  8. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    I love when things are fully throated though.
  9. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    Tried this already. I am just settling for game-sound only. Maybe I'll commentate the plays myself.
  10. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    The NBC apps are straight garbage. NBC Sports constantly stutters / buffers and forces restarts. While the regular NBC app is more consistent - but it's game sound only (no commentary).
  11. Rick & Morty Mafia - Game Over

    If people are sending a chatty (as I thought I saw earlier) to people who've been axed - I wouldn't mind an invite. I think I know a few things where I could have been better, but I'd like to get better so teach me.
  12. I'm just being a stupid troll. Trying to upset my bud @JBURGE. As long as Rodgers stays healthy and your DBs step up - I think Green Bay pushes Minny for the division. Good luck this season!
  13. Bears win by 13. Mack has 4 sacks. Rodgers throws 2 ints. Crosby misses a FG.