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  1. Post your top 5-10 albums of the 2010s

    In no order. Taylor Swift, Speak Now, 2010 Taylor Swift, Red, 2012 Taylor Swift, 1989, 2014 Taylor Swift, Reputation, 2017 Taylor Swift, Lover, 2019
  2. As penance - he who voted for me can get me to 2,000 likes before the New Year and all will be forgiven. You don't have to make yourself known. Just like everything I post and I will consider it a debt paid.
  3. Mental Mafia - Town and Josh Win!!!

    Typical LVP Counselor.
  4. Christmas is HELLA DOPE, YA'LL!

    Yeah, but I slap when it's Taylor.
  5. Unpopular culinary opinions

    I mean, I get that you boomers think "diet" soda is like a cure-all. But us younger folk know better.
  6. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Diet drinks are garbage. I quite enjoy Vanilla Coke and most Mountain Dews. But in a stand-alone test - I think Pepsi is better than Coke.
  7. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Coca Cola isn’t even the best cola.
  8. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Someone's never had a Reese's Fast Break