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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. You'll be excluded if Dome's looking for the best of the best anyway.
  2. I know I am not on @SwAg's list of unique inferiors - but if Swag is in I am in as this is where I can finally use my thesaurus against him. I'll even step my game down a bit to let everyone else have a little bit of fun. Also @Malfatron has to be here because I am among his favorite mafia players!
  3. The only way you'd get mod is if it were your make-a-wish.
  4. I'll post wherever and whenever I like. Who's gonna stop me?
  5. Look at all of you guys still talking about taking out "Team Death" over and over as if it wasn't confirmed Dead vs. North vs. South. Apparently @Malfatron really did a number on all of you.
  6. Also I was Drogon. I had 2 day hits. I used the 1st one on Utley day one trying to get something going / away from the no lynch. I used the 2nd one on day two on Swole to confirm him as Bran / his claim Malf was the NK. I was then murdered in the night and everyone became even more stupid.
  7. It shouldn't have made sense for anyone not Team Death though - yet my point of every faction being both mafia / town (everyone is an equal enemy to everyone else) picked up no steam whatsoever despite me hammering it multiple times. Good game I guess?
  8. I have never hated a game or the people playing the game more than this one. I was team death and had no idea the entire time, lol. Whicker's no lynch strategy was ******* stupid. It was clearly three factions, so the dead vs alive idea was hogwash from the beginning. I feel like I was slaughtered because I didn't buy into the stupid ideas you were all trying to pitch. **** you all.
  9. I can't believe in a game where everyone was revived / immune to death - that I pulled the short end of the stick and am among the only people truly dead in this game.
  10. It's a bit away yet. But I'm glad there is some interest.