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  1. Night 1: MWil stayed home Night 2: Counselor stayed home Night 3: was blocked from seeing Squire Night 4: Forge was not at home Night 5: James stayed home Night 6: MWil was not at home
  2. I also disagree with this, 100%. I feel like I got one of the ****tier powers in the entire game.
  3. Yes, he most definitely has been more pro-town than me.
  4. Let's also reserve judgment until we see what Counselor says. The guy has shared far less about himself than I have.
  5. It isn't like my power being nightly is OP or anything. I literally get as little information as one could possibly get.
  6. My power is Motion Detector. I have a nightly ability to check and see if someone stays home or not. I don't get any other information other than being told that they were home / not at home.
  7. Anyone I claimed probably would seem fake if you're already suspicious of me.
  8. I see your point, but I think we are kinda trying to go for the same thing here. You wanted to have leverage over a potential bluff, and I wanted to outright see if it was a bluff.
  9. My mindset was the complete opposite. By revealing the information, I can confirm that MWil did something.That he found out something.
  10. What would the point of withholding that information been?
  11. I looked to see if MWil went anywhere or if it was a ploy - and he was indeed not at home.
  12. Like I said, I'll try to be on via my phone.
  13. Mission Reminder, I have a softball game soon. I'll try and get on my phone here and there but no promises.