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  1. To my credit; after begging for it all day - I did the one thing I promised to do. I removed Orca from the equation. If anyone deserves a repeat wearing of the suit - it's me. Vote Naz.
  2. Never heard of it. If you really knew me though' you'd have picked a Taylor Swift song. I am a big fan.
  3. Seems like Squire is a bit jealous that Malf is more popular. Should hang out more with the cool kids, nerd.
  4. I think I've voted myself every time. Though I truly believe I am superior and deserve it more.
  5. How'd I get stuck with the ****tiest song?
  6. If I get the suit again, I'd have had it the most. So your call.
  7. Can confirm. You're told you have the suit and that you're protected from bio-hazards.