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  1. Michigan Positives: 1. Scenery; Great Lakes, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Pictured Rocks, etc. 2. Bronner's Christmas Wonderland / 4 seasons (stealing this one from Malf and *barf* Wisconsin) 3. Faygo / Vernor's / essentially local "flavors" Negatives: 1. Roads are a nightmare (poor conditions) 2. The Detroit Lions are perpetual losers 3. We're attached to Ohio
  2. Name Changers

    I recently changed my name from SovereignNazgul to just Nazgul. There has been some confusion. But most people are understanding of the change.
  3. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Ya'll gonna get John Harbaugh. Flacco's elite under him. Imagine what he could do with Rodgers!
  4. Funny enough - I think you called me out for not contributing or something and I immediately went to defend myself. After like two posts I outwardly said (oh, ****) to myself because I had ruined my stupid idea, lol.
  5. My ability was to dig up someone who was dead - and if I wanted to, I could take their role. I dug up PR after night 1 and he ended up mafia so I couldn't take his role. So I decided I would dig up the next lynch - you. Obviously the detective role. I asked if I could go back to your role if I waited once more for the next night's role (Whicker) but it ended up being the same. So I took his role and requested to use it on Touch - who I didn't have a good feeling about. But Squire took me out before it mattered. I waited a day longer than I should have.
  6. I had a thought that on D4 (or whatever the day was after SwAg became vowel'd) I would start speaking in vowels only just to **** with people. It would have blown right up in my face I think - but it would have been pretty funny. I should have done it.
  7. I also apologize for not being as much help as I would like to be. I think I'm just still pretty new to mafia and I've been deferring to everyone else's expertise. I'll try to get better with that too. This isn't like Big Brother where I instantly shine / I'm better than everyone. This has a learning curve.
  8. I only know one thing to be certain; I'm not deciphering anything else anymore.
  9. I definitely didn't trust Touch. I thought he had a very weak claim, and it wasn't even a claim he made himself. The only hesitation I had on using the dug-up detective role earlier was my statement that I didn't have a night move. I was afraid that would have been used against me, painting me as a liar, etc. Good game Dome and Touch.
  10. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    I think Kerryon Johnson is currently around 11th in rushing and he barely got work the fist few weeks of the season.
  11. I am putting my vote on Whicker at this time. Only because D1 squire (civ) cleared Orca. And Dingo (civ) had a clear on Touch. I don't recall a clear on either Whicker or KSJ from a turned civ.
  12. Whicker was one of the mutes you donkey.