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  1. Everyone made a mistake getting rid of me night one. I was acting my heart out and then you went and voted out the Orca for no reason whatsoever.
  2. I'm a goddamn treasure on this site, Malf. I can't hide that.
  3. Ouch. They recently added in the Unicorn marshmallow. So close.
  4. I actually try and avoid TK3 as much as possible. I get horrible PTSD when I see his username. I wish he could change it already. Though he would probably change it to TK7-0, prompting Logan Paul to find me in a forest sometime later.
  5. I already escaped (via Orca) before you took over. So we did, but not really.
  6. Ya'll taking the high road. You bet your *** I'm voting for myself.
  7. Nah. No one thought we were mafia. I was clearly a civ.
  8. I think everyone keeps a running order somewhere in the back of their mind. You're not really playing if you don't. You just hope that everyone else's order doesn't have you listed first.