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  1. It's about to be 4 in 7 after BB10 if the trend continues.
  2. ... but why would you hurt me by posting this?
  3. Come come. I've got a Kool Aid Jammer with your name on it, sport.
  4. Someone like you would love hentai. I promise.
  5. The DRs every season suck when I'm not there to talk **** about everyone. This is why we needed a battle-back.
  6. As the most accomplished player to ever play Football's Future Big Brother, and who has only cast one (1) jury vote (I am usually in the finals obviously), I can assure you that my vote would go the best player regardless of who that was or anything that player may have done to me within the game (Unless you're JBurge at which point Zelbell gets my vote).
  7. Didn't @Dwight_Schrute and @JBURGEhave a joint diary years ago? Hardly a first.
  8. *****, I didn't do **** in the house either. I was in there for like one afternoon.
  9. Sure? I don't even know who the **** you are though.
  10. None of these interviews are even about BB... If this is your future.. yikes.
  11. Switch to your Julie avatar for this @Malfatron. Take your damn job seriously and stop cheapening the finale.
  12. From personal experience, I would just log out and watch some hentai instead.
  13. Ya'll shouldn't be so defensive about having some blood on your hands. It's more fun when you do.
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