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  1. Houston can have Saleh. I'm convinced he's going to be the Lion's coach. But I want Brian Daboll. I want an offensive guy.
  2. Crazy how undervalued Justin Fields is here. For me, he's right there with Lawrence. Any other year and Fields is the clear #1 pick. No one is going to be upset drafting Fields. I have questions about every other QB. But not Lawrence or Fields.
  3. No one gives a damn about the Packers. Death. Taxes. And the Lions being terrible. 'MERICA!
  4. Yeah, someone ran into it when parked. Whoever did it totaled their car as well. So they left it in the middle of the road and ran off.
  5. I just got woken up at 1am to officers alerting me to my car being totaled.
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