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  1. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Like who? Bryant had 5 fewer catches and 50 fewer yards than Davante Adams had last year. How can people be down on Bryant while being excited for Adams next year? Adams wasn't all that much better at getting open last year than Bryant.
  2. Packers Sign DE Mo Wilkerson

    Albert Haynesworth, who Wilkerson reminds me of a lot, never cared again. The second Wilkerson got paid he stopped caring. He threw his training staff, coaching staff and teammates under the bus trying to make excuses for his disgusting effort. He was a locker room cancer that did far more damage than good. Even If he can flip a switch, change his stripes and show that he's not completely worthless, I doubt he ever gets a big pay day. He's shown to be a low character play that has the ability to stop giving effort. I don't think teams will ignore that if by chance earn a raise.
  3. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Without hesitation. Ha Ha showed us last year that he's an extremely overrated football player. A long term contract with him scares the crap out of me given that he's shown the ability to just hit a switch and stop giving effort. That's the sort of player that hits that same switch the second he secures that long term contract. Our secondary had a lot of issues last year and HHCD was one of those issues. If we're giving big money to a FS, I'd much rather have Thomas. While a little older he's a substantially more talented football player who's better at every single aspect of playing FS.
  4. Thoughts on the Offseason

    If Adams gets hurt it could be looking at an offense alot like the one we seen in 2015. That year we needed Randall Cobb to be a #1. We needed James Jones to be a #2. Because of that our offense struggled terribly. That year we were swept at home by our division foe. We lost 4 of 5 in the meat of our schedule and backed our way into the playoffs.
  5. Wide Receiver Outlook

    3 career kick returns between the 3 of them. They've also got 7 career tackles between the 3 of them. If any of them came on ST, I'd bet it was only 3 of them as I've got my doubts that Moore would be playing on ST as a Junior and Senior as Missouri's leading receiver. If they had any ST experience it's very limited. There is speculation that one of the reasons ESB fell was because of his refusal to play on ST.
  6. Wide Receiver Outlook

    I think Moore is going to have to be an exceptionally smart and a fast learner if we're expecting him to start on the outside early this year. While Allison isn't a great athlete he's a much better overall route runner than already knows the offense. Moore was a 2 to 3 route WR in college who struggled at going over the middle. He spent his entire college career on the boundary of one side of the field showing very little versatility. Whether that was because of his short comings as a WR or because of the very basic Missouri passing game is yet to be known. I wouldn't at all be surprised if ESB was possibly their long term plan for the slot given that this is hopefully Cobb's last year in Green Bay. ESB played some slot at ND and we all know how much AR12 likes to have size in the slot. Our offense was at its best down the stretch in 2016 when Jordy was seeing more and more time from the position.
  7. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Why does the Jerel Worthy pick get you? He was a dominate force in one of the major college football conferences over multiple seasons. Injuries were his biggest issue IMO. He tore his ACL in the final game of his rookie season (which wasn't a terrible season) which slowed him his sophomore season. In the off-season of his sophomore season he jacked up his back which required surgery. IMO he wasn't a bad pick rather just bad luck. As a prospect, he had substantially more upside than either Thorton or Fackrell both of whom were WTH? type of picks (IMO). Two of the oldest prospects in their class that offered little to no upside.
  8. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Because there is upside with CM3. There are games where he shows to be an overall dominate player in both run support and as a pass rusher. Fackrell on the other hand has shown very little upside. He generally is getting outclass and dominated by NFL tackles. On top of that he offers nothing in run support due to a pretty clear lack of strength. I don't think looking at only sacks and snap count tells the whole picture.
  9. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    Nice Peter King interview with AR12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/15/aaron-rodgers-contract-sharks-peter-king-fmia/ He disagrees with my take that he’s got to get rid of the ball quicker, take fewer hits. “I try to already,” he said. He said he’d “like to” play his career entirely for Green Bay.
  10. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Unless Adams goes down prior to the start of the season with a serious injury I think we're done making moves. I agree though adding Dez and Barwin would fill 2 needs given the lack of depth we have at 2 of our most important positions, boundary WR and OLB. More than any year in recent memory, this teams needs to stay healthy if we're going to be competitive.
  11. Wide Receiver Outlook

    I'd seen that as well. I think Bill Barnwell is a fantastic sports mind but I think that ranking is a little low. It's the lowest ranking of NFCN teams. He obviously doesn't share a ton of optimism about Graham, our WR depth or our RBs. For me it's going to come down to Adams improvement and Jimmy Graham. We're going to need to see Adams develop into a top 10 caliber WR and hope that Jimmy Graham isn't the broken down player he looked to be last year. If both players play to the elite expectation that many here have, the offense will be every bit as good as its been the last couple years (With AR12 and a healthy Nelson). If Adams can't turn into a high volume target and or if Jimmy Graham struggles we could see the same sort of sputtering offense we seen in 2015 without Nelson. I've got little confidence in Cobb being anything more than JAG. I also don't have any faith in either Allison, the experienced depth behind him or any of the late round rookies.
  12. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    This. I wonder if people had issues with his last throw in the Dallas playoff game in 2016 to Jarod Cook . Or his last throw in the season finale against Chicago in 2013 to Randall Cobb. Extending plays is one of the reasons Aaron Rodgers is one of the most special talents ever to play in the NFL. You've got to take the good with the bad and there is far more good.
  13. Mike Pettine Defense

    King has suffered from chronic shoulder separation since his freshman year at Washington. He just had his second surgery on the same shoulder. In my eyes that is a significant injury risk. Its not like this shoulder was a one time injury as its been a major problem for the entirety of both his college and NFL careers. You wouldn't have had to have Witherspoon over King pre-draft as he went 30 spots behind him. I was pretty high on him coming out of CO. He was probably a little rawer than King due to not being as experienced but he was every bit the player and athlete his last year in college. At this moment I'd rather have Witherspoon as he was a much better player last year. Even when King wasn't bothered by his chronic shoulder, he was extremely inconsistent looking like borderline NFL starter. I don't see King having anymore potential than Witherspoon but hopefully he finally makes a full recovery and comes back much improved from the guy we seen last year.
  14. Mike Pettine Defense

    Yup. Had we used the first 2 picks on Watt and Ahkello Witherspoon we'd be substantially better at both OLB and CB. Not only was Witherspoon a substantially better player than King as a rookie but he's every bit the athlete with the same sort of upside. Witherspoon also isn't the significant injury risk that Kevin King is. I'd much rather have Watt and Witherspoon over King, Jones and Beigel all of whom looked like significant projects last year.
  15. Mike Pettine Defense

    I agree. I don't like the idea of having Beigel in coverage against RBs much less WRs.