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  1. Responding late to this, work has been stupid busy this year. You are understanding it right. I don't play in any NFL.com leagues but CBS & ESPN have IR spots available which don't have any effect on the active rosters. I would not mess with the active roster size because all that is going to do is deplete your waiver wire. In my experience owners will take a mile if they're given an inch. The 14 year Keeper league that I commish is @ CBS as well as the dynasty league I compete in. CBS has both IR slots for injured players and Practice squad spots for keeper/ dynasty leagues that like to simulate the NFL's practice squad (young players that don't count against the active roster). My dynasty league is expanding the practice squad (usually 3 players) to make room for keepers who have opted out and creating 2 extra IR spots for players that get COVID (going from 2 to 4). IMO 4 spots might normally be drastic but we've got an unusually small active bench and starting lineup that has 15 starters. In my keeper league we're adding one extra IR spot for now (going from 1 to 2). Knock on wood, no keeper caliber players in that league have opted out so there hasn't been a need to expand the practice squad. Depending on how the season goes there might be an extra IR spot added. It's a year where leagues are going to have to be a little more fluid. The NFL is putting players on the IR with COVID so the different platforms should be able to enforce the roster restrictions as they would any other year (Ie.... force an owner to remove a player from the league's IR once their off the NFL's IR (or they're in a favorable status above doubtful @ ESPN ) thus forcing the owner to drop a player to make his roster legal).
  2. AlexGreen said that there were 24 QBs that were better in the league. He must have said he was "the worst player on the field" in 3 or 4 different games. There wasn't an issue that wasn't 100% Rodgers fault. Didn't mind the MLF pick and I never said Adams was a wasted draft pick. I did doubt him and wanted a WR drafted after his second year though. Funny that that was the last serious draft investment we've made to help the QB. Will be the first to admit I didn't like the Clark pick but I never made that foolish "out of the league in 2 years" statement. When was the last time Green Bay has cut a healthy 1st round pick on their rookie deal? I preferred Jaylon Smith in the first and Andrew Billings in the second though. I'm not one that has to be right about everything and have no issues saying when Im wrong (ie I didn't like the money Zadarius got). It's funny that you act like you've known me since then though, I've only been on the board since Jan of 2018. Wouldn't throw stones in a glass house though. Your opinion of the WR core last year couldn't have been anymore wrong and it was a big swing and miss on Graham for yeah.
  3. How were my beliefs invalidated exactly? Did the front office come out and say that Aaron Rodgers was one of the 7 worst QBs in the NFL and the only reason we lost football games last year? That seems to be the dribble that you've spewed out the last 18 months. Magnify the small mistakes while acting like anything good or great didn't happen.
  4. Maybe. A couple posters here would love that trade. I'd imagine that they think Jimmy G is better than the 25th best QB in the NFL. I mean, if we are now a power running team that doesn't care about the passing game, Jimmy G has shown that he is a perfect fit. Cheaper, younger and a legit excuse for the ans that want to blame every issue on the QB and only the QB.
  5. Wasn’t a fan of the draft but that might be because I’m not a fan of this possible new direction. The extension for Rodgers was a giant waste of money if the vision for this team was a power, run first football team. If that is truly the vision, I have troubles seeing this current leadership ever getting that 5th SB. I wanted a more aggressive draft that aimed at immediately improving our 13 win team and I think we got the opposite of that. For the second season in a row we spent our first round pick on a player who we knew wasn't going to do much as a rookie. I know some on this board think Rodgers is one of the NFL's worst starting QBs (25th?) but I wanted us to go all out trying to get to another championship before it’s too late. The window for this team is closing extremely fast. I know the offseason isn’t over yet but I don’t see one single starting position where this team has made a clear improvement while we’ve taken clear and significant steps backwards in multiple positions (ILB & RT). We've also made no effort to fix the issues in the run defense.
  6. To be fair, when you're being called a liar for mentioning that some people were high on him, it's worth the time. All I did was point out that the some hd the same sort of excitement going into last year about the position group and we couldn't have been anymore wrong. We replaced Allison with Funchess, 2 players in their primes who couldn't get anything more than small 1 year deals (GMO the vet min/ Funchess 1 million guaranteed).
  7. Because I'm being called a liar for claiming there were some that were high on Jmon Moore last year. Some resort to calling names and labeling posters a liar when they aren't capable of admitting they were wrong about someone. Simply pointing out that we had an abundance amount of optimism about this exact WR core last year and it ended up being our weakest position group on offense. We swapped GMO for a GMO-esk type of player.
  8. Is there really a difference from "being high on" or "being excited about"? What ever, spin away. The idea that no one was high on Moore last year is absolutely a fabrication. It's a lie made up by some who are too cowardly to admit their expert opinion of the player this time last year was wrong. It's easier to make out Rodgers out to be one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL (he's been quoted as being the 25th) than to admit they were wrong about a player or 6. There were a ton of optimism around Moore this time last year.
  9. Right..... when you are wrong, be a child and fling names. Easier for you to try to make Rodgers out to be one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL than two admit you were completely wrong in your evaluation of the WRs last year. "25th best starting QB in the NFL"
  10. Here is one among others. Moore was a popular pick in the "Who's your 2019 Breakout player". The idea that noone liked him this time last year is ridiculous. Being called a liar because people can't own up to their opinion last year is down right cowardly (not saying you are calling me a liar).
  11. I could careless about pictures. I didn't say that Dillon was going to eat himself out of the league. I said he's a north south runner that offers nothing when it comes to lateral abilities. When it comes to catching the ball, I guess that's an assumption on my part. He was the BC offense that got damn near 300 touches a year over his BC career. Despite not leaving the field he's got 21 career catches.
  12. Who's lying? Gotta love the childish name calling because you can't stand the idea of someone questioning your self proclaimed expert opinion. You couldn't have been anymore wrong about the WR core this time last and suddenly everything that has ever been wrong with this offense is Aaron Rodger's fault, a player who you called one of the 7 worst QBs in the NFL last week. If you don't like my opinion, put me on ignore but stop acting like a child by calling people names.
  13. Is Williams not a North South runner? I'm not sure Dillion is any sort of upgrade considering that he's not nearly the pass catcher.
  14. I'm not misremembering anything. You among others were extremely high on Moore. It's funny how a year later people aren't willing to stand behind their opinions own evaluations of players.
  15. That is absolutely a lie. This board was obsessed with Jmon Moore this time last year. The thought of him not making the roster was laughed at and trashed this time last year. Heck, the term "elite prospect" was thrown around by multiple posters.
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