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  1. Mike Pettine Defense

    Don't think there is angst more so caution. Our defense this year has been every bit as responsible for our record as the offense. Take the Cardinals game for instance. Our offense got all the blame for not scoring at the end but we needed to score because of the melt down by our defense (10 points in 2 of our last 3 drives). AR12 is getting 100% of the blame for that game when in reality we needed his late game heroics because of a horrid defensive performance against one of the NFL's worst offenses.
  2. If winning out means we're stuck with Nice Guy Joe, the mouse, I want nothing to do with it. As we seen in Miami, he doesn't have the demeanor to be a head coach. Whether its was his weekly motivational speeches that he had to write on cue cards or his inability to control his locker room which lead to player on player violence. The second something goes wrong he'll get eaten alive. IMO it would be a scared hire by the front office showing their inexperience (not wanting to move on from the Mike McCarthy culture/ era). If Joe Philbin is their answer they might as well have kept McCarthy because nothing is going to change if they believe the same exact voices in the locker room is the answer.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    I agree with this. Why Bouye isn't Ramsey, the drop off isn't that large. He's already signed long term and the cap hit after this year isn't all that huge if it doesn't work out. He's also not the head case that Ramsey is.
  4. Can't stand that guy. So glad he's no longer on ESPN, which my radio rarely leaves.
  5. Hate is a strong term. I was ready to move on from mediocrity, I didn't hate Mike McCarthy. Was a really good coach earlier in his career and has ALWAYS been a great person.
  6. What AG20. How many Belichick assistant coaches are going to have to fail before we stop anointing every single one of them as a great hire? The group of coaches has a 41% NFL winning percentage. They've got 6 winning seasons in 19 seasons (7 different stints as HC) with one of those coaches having 4 of them (Obrien has three 9 win seasons and this year). That is an abysmal coaching tree and it doesn't even include Charlie Weis who was the first genius assistant that ended up going to the college ranks where he was an epic failure.
  7. Without question the Colts got the right coach, they were lucky to get McDaniels-ed. DeFilippo was never in the running. I don't see Reich's success in Indy having anything to do with DeFilippo's potential as a HC. It's an avenue to find something wrong with a coach that people are reaching to find issues with. I don't care who was "more" responsible for the success in Philly. I think that's an unrealistic conversation as there is no way to prove it one way or the other. In Green Bay was Egnar Bennett more responsible for Aaron Rodgers success last year than AVP? Hard to ignore the success of both Carson Wentz and Nick Foles last year. Both had their play fall off a cliff after the departure of both DeFilippo and Reich. Who's more responsible for that success, only the QBs know. If he interviews well it would be ignorant t pass on a coach because of that question. I've got one request. If he is hired, can we petition for him to change his last name? I've already got major issues spelling your basic words, it's a PIA to keep referencing his last name because I can't spell or say it.
  8. Would feel like a Ray Rhodes type of mistake.
  9. Went to Detroit and was canned midway through his second year. His offense's were terrible and improved immediately upon his departure (QB Coach Jim Bob Cooter replaced him).
  10. Love the last name, concerned about his time in Detroit. His offense's were terrible in the only chance he's ever been given to run one.
  11. Where "Nice Guy Joe" couldn't keep control of his locker room because no one respected him. He was a field mouse instead of the Lion that was needed. Motivational speeches written on cue cards aren't very motivating. They need a new voice not a guy with no voice.
  12. Why are we comparing Indy and Minnesota? What's Reich's success have to do with DeFilippo's? I understand people are reaching for reasons to hate the guy but Frank Reich has nothing to do with DeFilippo. It's possible for the Eagles to miss BOTH. DeFilippo is the only QB coach Carson Wentz has ever and it's pretty damn clear that he's regressed substantially since his departure. I mean we can compare team but it starts and stops at the QB position. One of those teams has a generational talent in Andrew Luck. The other one has Kurt Cousins who's a mediocre NFL QB.
  13. An offensive coordinator is an offensive coordinator. A "huge" difference? While he doesn't call the plays he's still heavily involved in the struggling offense. The idea that Philbin is on pay roll as the main offensive assistant and has nothing to do with the offense is crazy. This is a guy who once got a HC job for doing EXACTLY the same job.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    He may not have technically missed a game but his play for a large part of his rookie season was garbage because of a shoulder injury (ie the Saints and Steelers games). The same shoulder injury that required a second surgery on this last off season. I don't see the extreme optimism surrounding Kevin King. He reminds me a lot of Nick Perry. A great athlete that was never able to stay healthy in either college or the NFL.
  15. It's more laughable to assume a coach wouldn't progress his head coaching career because of a fandom he had as a child. Green Bay is not a rival of Northwestern. That would be like a player refusing to play for the Packers because he was a Bears fan growing up. It would be a pretty obvious progression from a place that Fitzgerald has reached his ceiling at. If the B1G makes the change to the title game that they are currently talking about (putting the best 2 teams in the game) now is the time to go because the chances of him ever playing for another B1G title while at NW is slim to none.