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  1. Packerraymond's Final Mock Draft

    Like it a lot. Love the trade down and the possibility of grabbing the guy we had targeted at 12 still. I'd prefer a better TE prospect but I could live with the Moreau/ Wilson combo. I don't understand the infatuiation some have with adding a tackle who will be surely buried on the depth chart if we stay healthy. We've got an elite set of tackles and a back up who is a better player than probably any tackle in this draft. Some will not be happy unless they see 100% of this draft dedicated to the offense and defensive lines which IMO happens to be our best and deepest groups right now.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I don't buy that. It was his decision to not participate at the combine and I think the last second, never before discussed toe injury that kept him from his pro day was really convenient. I think the drills would have likely done more damage than good to his draft status given that he's a rather mediocre athlete when compared to this year's edge rushers.
  3. Packers First Round Trades

    I hate the idea of moving up but would welcome the move back if the right edge rusher isn't there. IMO, the differance in this draft between 12 and the early 20's is very minimal.
  4. Fatt Lipp Lazy Mock

    Wouldn't mind this at all even though we're not going to have Simmons next year. Love that trade and the infusion of some high end talent into the offense.
  5. Where do we have depth?

    Right now, I'd say that we have depth at tackle, RB, on the defensive line and at CB assuming we're healthy. We've got bodies at WR but I don't think I'd call that quility depth given that there is only one proven producer.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Did he run? Last I seen he was avoiding most of the athletic measureables like they were the plague. I'd be ok with him at 44, maybe 30, but I don't want anything to do with a guy who's scared of being graded athletically with his peers.
  7. Time to hold Mark Murphy accountable?

    I agree. Favre may be the last QB that has the right to rip another QB for not winning more. He's got just one Super Bowl and costed his team a couple of chances playing for others because of his inability to play under pressure late in games. I love Favre but his decision making late in playoff games was brutal. He was a terrible playoff QB for the second half of his career. After 1999, he had just one more playoff TD than INT.
  8. Time to hold Mark Murphy accountable?

    I think it's premature to start talking about holding Murphy accountable for anything. While Thompson wasn't hired by Murphy, I don't think Thompson was the caliber of GM that you just fire willy-nilly after a couple bad drafts and a couple bad seasons. Not sure how his health effected the bad drafts or if Murphy was supposed to know that's the reason. IMO those terrible drafts fall at the feet of every single person in that personnel department, Gute included. I don't think it's just Thompson's fault that his last couple drafts were terrible. We'll have to see how Gute and the LAF work out before we start talking about Murphy's hair being close to the fire. If we continue this drastic decline, then it's probably time to start talking about holding Murphy accountable.
  9. rcon14 Mock 5.0

    A better question is what games did you watch? Hock was clearly the better player last year. He was more impressive in the games and in the combine position workouts. Funny that you are all about Fant now after completely trashing him a month ago. Makes me wonder if like him more for his combine workout than his play on the field. There is absolutely no debating that Hock is the crisper route runner with better hands.
  10. rcon14 Mock 5.0

    Not sure why this is surprising given the depth charts of the 2 positions. We're much better off at safety inregards to both depth and youth. How's the strengths of the draft not being taken advantage of? TE is one of this draft's strongest position groups.
  11. rcon14 Mock 5.0

    Really, really like this draft. I'd kill for those first 5 picks.
  12. Packers Pre-Draft Visits Thread

    I don't agree that a franchise QB should be the first option for every team in every situation. Management would look inept if we decided that drafting Aaron Rodgers replacement was our #1 priority this offseason given the contract they just forked over 8 months prior. Drafting his replacement when the ink on that contract isn't even dry would make management look terrible. Who said anything about Rodger's feelings? I care more about the fact that this team will continue it's streak of not making the playoffs if we've got a QB who feels he's got no future in Green Bay. He'd likely have to question if Mark Murphy was indead talking trash about him behind his back as suggested in the bleacher report article. I don't see the simularity in the situations. Rodgers talks about wanting to play into his 40's. Favre on the other hand had one foot out the door prior to the drafting of AR12. Heck, he needed until march that year before he'd commit to playing. Rodgers isn't drafted if they knew Favre's future and if they'd just backed the brinks truck up to Favre's door 8 months prior.
  13. Packers Pre-Draft Visits Thread

    I wasn't talking about 12....... drafting a QB at 12 when you just paid Aaron Rodgers would be one of the dumbest draft decisisons in NFL history. Drafting a QB at 30 would be a dumb decisison unless they view their futrure with Aaron Rodgers to be extreamly brief. Would alienate the QB and put some ammo into the gun that Green Bay is a terribly ran franchise as suggested in that recent article.
  14. Packers Pre-Draft Visits Thread

    Can't imagine QB being a pick anywhere in the first 4 rounds this year..... I know that AR12 is the same age that Brett was when we drafted him but I don't see the situations being simular. Seems like Favre talked about nothing but retirement since 2004. Green Bay needed to hedge their bets and was able to land what they viewed as the best QB in the draft, late in the draft.
  15. Your Packer Draft Board

    I can't speak for everyone but I don't put tother a big board. I don't have the time to spend hours watching and researching players who I know for a fact will not be available at 12.