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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    But you have countless times. You are overly critical of Rodgers while damn near ignoring the faults of every single player that doesn't have #12 on his chest. For instance, you haven't uttered 1 negative opinion of MVS all year, instead you are putting 100% of his struggles on the shoulder of the QB and the coach. I said "Among the worst". It's only laughable given the inflated opinion you pawned off as fact about the WR core all summer. You were after all a J'mon Moore truther. How can you possibly pawn Allison, Kumerow and Lazard off as serviceable WRs when you spent all off season trashing them?
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    Right. You debunked it. Just like you spent all off season talking about how great Jmon Moore was? Or how unbelievable MVS was based on him out producing Cobb, Nelson and Adam's rookie years? I understand why you can't make a post without calling Rodgers garbage. You hate the person and despise the fact that he's not playing this game for free for the better of the Packers. He's also making a group of WRs that you view as elite out to be less then stellar. How many other high end offenses in the NFL are featuring an undrafted sophomore WR as their #2? I like Lazard but not long ago he wasn't talented enough to be drafted and was waived by multiple NFL teams.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    It's not that absurd. You've spent weeks putting 100% of the blame for this offense on the shoulders of the QB because he's risk-averse and not willing to force the ball into the first guy in Green he sees. You want Jamis Winston's decision making without the INTs that come with those decisions. Our WR core is among the worst in the NFL. If you wouldn't have spent the off season talking about how amazing it was I've gotta wonder if you'd still be trying to make Aaron Rodgers out to be the NFL's worst starting QB with every post. Rodgers certainly isn't playing like an all pro but this is easily the worst group of pass catchers that he's ever had to deal with. Until that gets fixed this isn't going to be a Super Bowl caliber offense.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    Jamis Winston will likely be available this off season. That's the sort of risky player everyone wants Rodgers to be. Maybe we move 12 and add the gun gunslinger everyone is bitching about Rodgers not being. Wonder how the opinion would change with an extra 10-15 INTs that came along with forcing balls into terrible football players like MVS or Gmo.
  5. NFL News & Notes

    I'm not. Football careers are short and no other QB in the NFL has a wife who's worth 400 million dollars and a career that's not going anywhere.
  6. That description reminds me of Jarrett Boykin. 48 catches for 680 yards and 3 TDs (7 games with 5+ catches or 80+ yards receiving) in 2013. 3 catches for 27 yards over the rest of his NFL career.
  7. NFL News & Notes

    It's the draft though, it's always gonna be closer to 50/50. Pretty sure we had a front office that was infatuated with DeShone Kizer. It doesn't matter how many studs you draft on offense and defense if you miss at QB. We'd have set this franchise back 5 years if we'd moved Rodgers in 2017 for a package of picks that included him as the plan for the future at QB. Given how mediocre our recent draft history has been it's too risky of a move to trade Rodgers and just assume that QB is the easiest position in all of sports to fill. We can point at Nick Foles winning a Super Bowl but in doing so we're ignoring how stupid Jacksonville looks for sinking starting QB money into the guy right now at this moment.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    His plan sounds EXACTLY like the one that has got the Browns being the NFL's worst franchise over the previous 20 years. Gather a bunch of first round picks and use a top 100 pick on a QB every year until it works. Between 2012 and 2018, they've had more drafts with multiple first round picks (5 out of 7 drafts) then they had with 1 or fewer. The 2019 draft was the first one since 2016 where they hadn't used a top 100 pick on a QB. Between 08 and 2016 they'd used as top 100 pick on a QB every other year.
  9. Using past Green Bay WRs as comps. Celing-- James Jones-esk. Low end #2, High end #3. Floor- GMO. Closer to being a serviceable back up than a guy who you can trust to be an every week starter.
  10. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Failing to see what this proves. That list includes 3 players who were drafted to be clear difference makers at ILB/ MLB (Kuechly, Wagner & Smith). Outside of those 3, they weren't any bigger of investments into MLB/ ILB that Green Bay hasn't already made over the last 5 or so years. Joe Schobert was a 4th round pick. The same sort of investment Green Bay made into multiple ILBs that you trashed. Littleton was an undrafted LB who started his NFL career at OLB. Sounds a lot like Brad Jones career path. Hicks was a 3rd rounder who's on his second contract despite never being any sort of difference maker in the league. KJ Wright, was another 4th round pick. Bubba Baker is a safety.... Green Bay tried that as well without success.
  11. 2019 WR Corps

    It's no surprise to hear Richard Sherman say that San Fran changed up their defensive scheme because they didn't have to respect Green Bay's WR core or passing game.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    A very different situation but yes, around the same age. Sherman was just fired and we'd just gotten humiliated at home in the playoffs by the Vikings in a game that Favre was awful in.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Turning 36 that year and he'd been talking about retirement for 2 years prior to the drafting of AR12.
  14. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Projected as JAGs? This is an argument that's built purely on hindsight. Was Joe Schobert a projected JAG? Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez weren't all that much smaller of an investment into the ILB/ MLB than what San Fran spent on Warner. While Warner went a round earlier, he was not a sure fire ILB prospect. Warner is obviously a better player but he has the luxury of playing behind a defensive front that has 5 recent first round picks in it. Brian Urlacher won the was a Jim Thorpe award winner in college and he's about as good of a MLB that has played the game in my lifetime. Thomas Davis, Shaq Thompson and Mark Barron are or were all very good LBs who played some safety in college. I don't agree with the idea that all it takes is a high pick at ILB to have a great defense.
  15. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    I agree. I'd wager that Martinez isn't being made out to be the NFL's worst starting LBs if our defensive line wasn't garbage.