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  1. We'd be hoping for a player to regain their form with either player. It's been a long long time since JJ Watt was a difference maker for a defense. Smith's career is goofy. He's never put up back to back good years but he's also never put up back to back bad years. He seems to have a career year every other year. IMO stopping putting him back in coverage so much will go a long way to help him regain the form we seen in 2019. I'd love to have Watt but I'm not sure I'm cutting the younger more versatile player to get him. I think Preston has the higher upside of the 2 players gi
  2. I know it sucks to cut him but can he be retained at his current price? We don't have the luxury too pay a mediocre player like he's a star simply because he plays on the edge. Preston Smith was not a very good football player this last year and he's schedule to be paid like a difference maker. Our cap situation is going to force us to make cuts.
  3. Would be a sketchy move. Bakh is coming off an injury and Jenkins has very little experience at tackle. There wouldn't be another tackle on the roster outside of the two mentioned starters.
  4. I agree with most of this. I'm not sure I'm interested in him for 3 years given his maddening inconsistencies but I'd be ok with him as a stop gap. Even with his disgusting play in the NFCC game I'm not sure his contract is going to be that small though. He's still really young and he played really well in 19-20.
  5. The terrible Dean Lowry contract is a good example.
  6. Maybe though I specifically remember one of the clowns referring to him as our worst starter after the NFCC game in San Fran. There are some around this board who believe he is the only issue with this offense regardless of his MVP season. He's got to play like a god or he's getting 100% of the blame when it comes to the offense.
  7. Maybe though there were only a couple games where we really dominated with the running game and that's with defense's having to prepare for the Packers MVP QB/ passing attack. I'm not sure that's a rushing attack that's good enough to carry a team to 8 wins if Boyle or Love were tossing the rock.
  8. Completely agree. If he's not playing completely mistake free football he gets roasted by his haters for "locking in on Adams" or "not throwing it to RBs" or "ignoring his secondary WRs". They're fine with his play when what he does is working and then flip the switch and act like he's a terrible QB when it isn't. Aaron Rodgers played a very good football game in the NFCC game despite a couple costly drops, nothing from our run game and crap protection from our line. He however did make some mistakes and those mistakes are the ONLY thing that some care about. These same people spent their
  9. If you exclude the game that Williams left early with injury and the games where he started (he got 85%+ snap share in those 2 starts), Green Bay actually used William's at a higher rate than Payton used Murray.
  10. Think you are mistaking my comment for our old DC and it wasn't. I think we're able to hold both him (and his players) and our offense accountable. Regardless of how we got the turnovers, we got them. The offense was afforded 3 extra opportunities and they pissed it away with two 3 and outs in the games most important quarter of football.
  11. Latavius Murray signed a 4 year 14.4 million deal with 7.2 guaranteed. He was a little older when he signed that deal but one could argue that he was a superior talent. I'd personally like to see him around the Mike Davis area or less. That's around 3M per year.
  12. Tae isn't going ANYWHERE regardless of what 12 does or doesn't want. IMO if 12 restructures/ extends it's going to be so he can get some security. It's pretty evident by his comments over the last 8 months that he's not at all secure with position in Green Bay's future.
  13. Aside from 3 INTs? That's a pretty big deal. They were afforded 3 extra opportunities late in the game and the offense pissed it away with a disgusting offensive showing in the 4th quarter. The defense was terrible but the 2nd half defense was the only reason that game wasn't a humiliating defeat. They gave the offense ample opportunity to win that game and they pissed it down their leg with two 4th quarter 3 and outs after INTs.
  14. Who's making a fuss? Would fans want an investment into the tackle position, edge rusher or CB position if we didn't have one on the roster under contract past the 21-22 season? Who gives a **** about last year's offensive ranking? That offense had a very good pass catching RB in Jones and a QB who played like a damn god for the majority of the year. Not sure we're going to get either of those things next year. We're likely replacing Jones with a guy who's resume as a pass catcher in the big boy levels of football is as bad as any in the league at his position. That offense is also
  15. Unless Lazard or MVS's production falls off the face of the earth next year I think it's very unlikely that both are extended given our current cap situation. We already know that Adams is in line for a huge raise. The future of our WR room currently looks extremely bleak.
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