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  1. I'll be the first to admit that I might have been wrong on MVS but I think he needs a vast amount of improvement to a lot of his game to get to the point where we can depend on him as a #1. Since his rookie year he's had plethora of chances as this team's #1 without Adams and he was a train wreck in most of them. I don't see him ever being the caliber of route runner where he'll demand WR1 targets. Hopefully I'm wrong though because it would be great to get our #1 WR on the sort of second contract we got Jordy on.
  2. The difference is playing time. It's MASSIVE. Jordy Nelson had 6 NFL starts in his first 3 seasons. MVS has 32 NFL starts and has probably seen more than twice as many snaps as Jordy did in his first 3 seasons.
  3. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. That’s a lot of money for a guy who hasn’t been overly productive for the better part of the last 7 years. Not sure how much RC has left but we didn’t have a player like him him in the roster before this year’s draft. Will be interesting to see what Lafleur can do with a player that has RC’s skill set.
  4. Not even close dude, and such a trash human being thing to say. Such blatant disrespect is pretty sickening.
  5. That would be an impossible pill to swallow if I were Adams as that's 10's of millions dollars in future revenue. There's also the argument that Green Bay absolutely didn't ignore Larry Tunsil's contract for Bak's extension as it was every bit the outlier among LT contracts. Not only did they beat it, they crushed it.
  6. I was initially worried about his dedication prior to the contract restructure. I don't have that worry anymore. His long term value is at his highest when he plays like he did last year. If Trey Wingo's report is right and he wants RC back, that's an "All In" perspective for 12 (IMO). I wouldn't at all surprised to see him have a better season than last year to maximize his value whether that is with GB or the trade candidate of his picking (which would be really hard given his ABSURD 9.1 TD %).
  7. I'm extremely pessimistic (and not proud of it) so this take doesn't surprise me.
  8. You are king of the pivot. STFU and don't tell me what I am allowed to say. I don't have a care in the world what you do or don't think. I never called Thompson garbage. Take your childish garbage elsewhere bruh. Stop making takes for me because your panties are in a bunch over Rodgers return.
  9. Correction.... GMs. Gute inherited 6 of the 8 All Pro/ pro bowlers this team has had over the last couple years. The vast majority of the difference makers on this roster were acquired under Ted Thompson.
  10. That's where I'm at. Trade him so the cry babies that hate him can aim their hatred at Adams or he's back for 3 more years carrying the offense. That will allow those cry babies to again throw 100% of the blame for the losses at his feet. Without Rodgers here, who would they put 100% of the blame on the losses on? Surely not the front office as they've got a 100% success rate in some poster's eyes.
  11. If he's tagged for 2 years which would cost him upwards of 30-40 million dollars (or more) in future revenue he will hate the front office.
  12. Not sure I agree. Tom Brady wasn't much more than a game manager for those first 3 super Bowls. 21st, 6th and 9th in passing yards. 14th, 9th and 6th in TDs. He was also middle of the pack in INTs each season so it's not like he was ultra efficient. It's a different sport so it's hard to compare but Michael Jordan lead the league in scoring in each of his 6 championship seasons and was league MVP in 4 of them. On top of being the best offensive player in the NBA he was also one of the best defenders in the NBA.
  13. I can understand why Adams would be upset. He just watched Green Bay pay Bak a record setting deal in a very similar LT market and he was undeniably the better of the 2 players. Larry Tunsil's contract was every bit the outlier contract that Hopkins has in Arizona and Bak's contract crushed it. Now they're requiring Adams to play for a significant home team discount if he wants to stay in Green Bay. Adams is in a lose lose situation. He either gets screwed over by a low ball contract or he gets screwed over by Green Bay tagging him for the next couple years essentially playing the
  14. How does Aaron Rodgers retirement improve the Green Bay Packers more than a couple 1st round picks and a serviceable starter?
  15. I agree. I think there is going to be some sort of contract adjustment committing to him for the future followed by a Russel Wilson-esk statement about how he loves Green Bay and how he never wanted anything but to retire a Packer. And if Green Bay doesn't win the Super Bowl again this year it will go back to being all Aaron Rodgers' fault. I mean the guy carried the offense with 350 yards and 3 TDs in the NFCC game against the leagues best defense and you've still got haters talking about how terrible he played in the game. If 350 yards and 3 TDs isn't good enough behind a ter
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