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  1. I agree. Tough catch but you've got to make it when you are paid like a super start to specifically catch those sort of balls. That's the 2nd or 3rd ball like that that he couldn't track and bring in in the endzone this year. It was the sort of grab that Jordy Nelson made in his sleep. I'm tired of watching Graham drop catch-able balls because he's jumping when he doesn't have to. That first one was a terrible drop on what was the perfect pass. No excuse for that sort of half-assed effort. He looked like he was running in slow motion on that 3rd down. Gotta wonder if we'd have had a better shot at getting that first down had it been Lewis with the catch and run.
  2. I'm ready for this monstrosity of an experiment to end. Graham is a completely useless piece to this offense if he's not able to catch TD passes that bounce off or go through his hands. Is that 3 or 4 dropped TD passes (catchable) in the last 3 weeks?
  3. 2019 WR Corps

    Can't agree that just being roster-able is good enough. If that's the case then why are we talking about adding a WR given the plethora of roster-able talent that we've got available. Think this offense would be a lot more efficient if we didn't have garbage at TE.
  4. 2019 WR Corps

    I'm not the biggest ESB guy. He had moments last year but there is no good reason for him to look as pedestrian as he did this last off season. WRs up and down the roster we're standing out while he looked more like JAG then he did starting WR. Super athletic but I'm not sure his motor is consistent enough in the NFL. It's a lot of the same reason why he was terrible his last year at ND and why he fell in the draft. Given his size and athleticism he should be standing out a lot more than he does IMO.
  5. 2019 WR Corps

    Would be a deal for the long term health of the position so I'm not worried about the control. Obviously if the investment was a 1 then there would be long term plans for the guy. We've got no idea what we have at TE right now. Lewis has looked like our best player so far this year. Jace had a miserable first off season and Tonyan hasn't shown much so far this year. We could be in for a rude awakening next year if that's the plan for the position.
  6. 2019 WR Corps

    You are correct. While they did trade a first round pick for Cooks and reportedly offered Pitt a 1st for Antonio Brown, it's not the norm. Their one of the most active teams in the trade market but their generally moving middling picks. (Dwayne Allen, Randy Moss, Trent Brown, Martellus Bennett, Josh Gordon, Danny Shelton, Micheal Bennett)
  7. 2019 WR Corps

    OJ Howard seems like the type of player that New England would move heaven and earth for if he ever became available. I'd imagine the price tag is going to be high. I wouldn't be upset giving up as high as first for him but I could see people losing their **** over that sort of deal. I see him as an almost perfect fit for this offense. He's one of the most athletic TEs ever to enter the league and he's a very good blocker. Don't watch enough Bucs football to know what his deal is this year but he was historically efficient last year prior to his injury.
  8. He's such an idiot. Aaron Jones gets tossed ground while running a route... "there is nothing there". A defensive lineman takes a questionable penalty and the world is ending.
  9. 2019 WR Corps

    Yet Aaron Rodgers supposedly hates young WRs. He would rather lose then get them involved. If Rodgers doesn't push to get 13 on the field, we lose that football game.
  10. 2019 WR Corps

    While not huge losses their still losses in what is pretty clearly this team's weakest group. After Adams, we're pretty awful when it comes to pass catchers. Thankfully we've got a really, really good defense because this isn't a passing offense that is going to scare anyone in a shoot out.
  11. 2019 WR Corps

    While probably not a "bust" there is absolutely no guarantee we're any better next year. We play in the best conference in football and could very easily be .500 right now if not for a couple fortunate bounces. Rodgers isn't getting any younger We've got an expensive decision at RT with very little depth behind him An expensive decision on the defensive line with Clark An Expensive decision at LB where we have very little talent Questions at pass catcher. Graham shouldn't be back next year and Allison is an UFA
  12. Right. Back to the "It's our terrible QB, he's intentionally trying to lose by not throwing it to wide open WRs running free" argument. Crawl back out from under your rock when everything stops being the fault of the QB. God forbid anyone but #12 get held accountable. Excuses are easier then accountability.
  13. Given what we've seen this year, I don't know why any coach would ever throw a challenge flag for a PI review. They may be reviewable but they certainly aren't being objectively reviewed. The NFL has really made a mess of their officiating. The state of officiating is every bit as bad as it was with the replacement refs (maybe worse). Officials look scared. I don't have an answer for how to fix it. The game is faster then it's their jobs insanely difficult (those hands to the faces looked like the right call live). I'm pretty sure the NFL axed their full time official programs but I think that might be the answer. Make your entire group officials full time so they can practice and improve their craft in the same manner NFL players do.
  14. It certainly might be a bad take later in the year. At this point though I'm not sure how it is. MVS has been our #1 WR over the previous 2 weeks and he had less than 70 yards to show for it in 2 games where Rodgers struggled to find open WRs. I don't know how we can possibly look at MVS's massive snap share and say that he's been anything but a disappointment. Thankfully we've got a really good defense because this isn't a passing attack that isn't going to win many shootouts.
  15. How's it silly? MVS was our #1 WR for the majority of the game and he was almost useless. He's a guy who's gotten almost 60% of his season production from 3 catches. He's leading this team in snaps yet his production this year has been nothing short of terrible. He's pretty clearly not a WR who's all that capable of moving the chains on a drive. He'll get you a 40 yard gainer once every 2 games but he's not much more than a decoy for the majority of the game. We badly needed a WR to step up tonight and MVS had 2 catches. How is that doing your job? MVS isn't much more than a decoy. His massive usage rate is a large reason our passing attack is just mediocre.