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  1. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    We'll have to a agree to disagree. I'd rather have a good lead back then have to have 3 guys who's combined production is that of a lead back. As a runner, Monty started the season of terrible having well below 4 YPC in all 3 of his games prior to the injury and less than 3 YPC in two of them. He's pretty clear a WR in the backfield that isn't all that quality or consistent of a runner. Monty injured his ribs and Williams replaced him. Williams wasn't anything special with his less than 3 YPC clip and seemed to continue the struggles he was having earlier in the year and in the preseason when he was less than a 2.5 yard per carry back. Jones came in and looked better than both Monty and Williams. He had a couple really good games and a couple very mediocre ones. Outside of Jones 2 impressive games, I'm not sure what is so exciting about Monty and Williams. Williams got a ton of carries yet had just one game on the year where he managed to exceed 4 yards per clip. He's a plodder who's going to need a massive amount of touches to provide any sort of positive production. A lot like Lacy but not nearly as talented IMO.
  2. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    Looking at Williams and how horrid he started the year I gotta imagine that receiving numbers heavily inflate those PFF numbers. If you can't judge a running back on rushing yards, what exactly should he be judged on? As a runner, Howard has been is an elite back. When comparing him to the league's current backs his first 2 years compare favorably. There isn't a runner in the league currently who had more rushing yards in the first 2 seasons of their careers. Matter of fact, there isn't a back who was within 200 yards of Howard's first 2 years. Can't agree that that sort of elite production should be ignored because he's not more of a receiver than a runner. We don't' have 3 quality backs though. We've got 3 relative unknowns who have proven little to nothing thus far in the league at their position. We have 3 guys who have had bright moments but haven't had any sort of consistency. I'd much rather have a consistent bell cow then have a different starting back each week because you don't have a player capable of being consistent. Having a bunch of nobodies at RB works for New England, I don't think it will work for us.
  3. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    He might be but he very well could turn out not to be. He had only a couple games last year where he looked like a legit starting RB. He had just as many games where he had 13 carries with less than 50 yards rushing. He showed very little effectiveness in those games. Jones is BY FAR my favorite but he's a far cry from a sure thing IMO. I that we see a substantial amount of improvement and progression because he's got legit vision IMO.
  4. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    Can't say I'd agree with this. We don't have a RB on the roster who's shown that they are capable of being a CONSISTENT starter. Each have had good moments but each has had equal terrible moments. Not one of them have shown any sort of consistency. I'd rather have our group over Detroit's, but that's likely it in the NFCN. Assuming Cook comes back healthy, both Chicago and Minnesota has that dynamic lead back that IMO we are lacking. Since Howard has been in the league only Le'Veon Bell has been the better rusher and he's got more than 60 more rushing attempts. He's got twelve 100 yard rushing games since joining the league and he didn't become the Bears starter until week 4 of his rookie year. While he may not look to be anything special, his production thus far has been special when considering he's the only offensive weapon Chicago has and he's barely in the top 10 in the league in carries per game over the last 2 years.
  5. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    I agree. While 27th is probably 2 or 3 spots lower than I'd expected our RBs are far from a sure thing. We don't have a back on the roster who's consistently shown that he's anything better than a lower tier starter. All 3 have had moments but all 3 have been terribly inconsistent. Personally, I like Jones the best of the 3 but I wouldn't be at all surprise if we were looking for more of a sure thing, starter next offseason. Hard to take this list all that serious with Chicago and Tennessee in their top 5.
  6. While we weren't great on the edge last year either at least there was excitement around Perry and Fackrell. Move forward a year and Perry was very mediocre while Fackrell had very few moments where he looked like anything more than a ST player. This is exactly the same group as last year which is a discomforting thought given how horrid they were at getting pressure. Hopefully our defensive line picks up the slack for our edge because I don't want to live and die with all out type blitzes.
  7. To the Packers. I don't care about what fans wanted in year 2, it means very little in regards to Adams playing time as rookie. Adams was the opening drive starter in 11 games as a rookie. I went back and looked at his snap counts. He actually wasn't a day 1 starter like I thought. He started getting more snaps than Boykin in week 2 and actually became the "starter" in week 4 of his rookie year. He played in over 70% of the offensive snaps which was almost 50% more than Jarrett Boykin.
  8. Can't agree with that top sentence. Jordy was coming off a 90+ catch, 1250 yard, 16 TD season in which he looked like one of the NFL's elite WRs. Davante had just had a career year and had his bad 2015 long past in his rear view mirror. Fans are down on that 2017 group in hindsight but there was more excitement about that offensive group going into the season than any offense in a long time. I don't think the addition of a couple day 3 rookies trumps the loss of Jordy Nelson. Heck, last year we added a couple similar prospects and they didn't even make the roster.
  9. That was never implied. You wanted to compare Moore to Adams who was a day 1 starter in the league. I think Moore is going to have a major learning curve in the league unless he's an extraordinarily quick learner. Adams was a much more polished and productive WR coming out of Fresno State IMO. Of our rookie WRs, IMO Moore is probably the second most NFL ready. ESB, while he has his deficiencies, IMO is a more versatile WR given his abilities to play in the slot.
  10. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Yes Greatly exaggerated. IMO because he's a former Cowboy with bad blood towards Green Bay. Why is it 100% of Jimmy Graham's struggles last year are laid at the feet of his QB yet Bryant's lack of production is because he's broken down? He's substantially younger and has had far less serious injuries than Graham who was a 9 yard per catch TE last year. PFF wrote an article late last year. They have have a percentage of catchable targets stats. Less than 60% of Bryant's targets over the last 3 years are what they would consider catchable. When compared to the rest of the league, his 59% puts him at 50 of 51 WRs in the league with at least 200 targets. While Dak is a good QB he's no where near an elite thrower. He's not a strong down the field passer and doesn't like to make 50/50 throws. I don't think Dak is a great QB for Dez's skill set.
  11. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I agree. Dez's demise is greatly exaggerated IMO. The idea that he's a WR who's slow and incapable of getting open is false rhetoric IMO. That Dallas playoff game in early 2017 wasn't that long ago. Dez put the Dallas offense on his back and single handily put his team back into the game. It didn't matter who we put on him or how many we put on him he was not coverable.
  12. Similar to a lot of late round rookies, probably. Going from Missouri's offense to Green Bay's is like going from pre-algebra to calculus. Its going to an extreme change IMO which could lead to a struggle. Moore was basically a 2 route WR who spent his entire college career on one side of the field. On top of that he really didn't go over the middle much. He's going to have to be a very, very fast learner IMO.
  13. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    I don't think their automatically seeing redshirt seasons if Dez is brought in. Allison seen over 30% of our offensive snaps last year. This situation if they added Dez wouldn't be anymore crowded of a WR room than it was when we added both Cobb (Driver, Jennings, Jones and Nelson) and Nelson (Jennings, Driver, Jones). The idea that only WRs that play right away have success isn't true. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb worked out. Antonio Brown , Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryius Thomas, Adam Thielen, Marvin Jones, Doug Baldwin, ect all took seasons to develop and didn't need a substantial amount of early snaps.
  14. Maybe, though I doubt it. Rarely does an offense get better when talent is subtracted. AR12 wasn't targeting Jordy Nelson simply because they are friends. Jordy Nelson has been our most talented WR by a large margin. I'd also argue that Matt Stafford isn't any better of a passer without Calvin. He might be a little more efficient but he isn't nearly as productive. Even then, Detroit replaced Johnson with a high priced, 1100 yard 9 TD WR not a guy a bottom of the roster WR who would struggle to make most NFL rosters.
  15. Quit, no? Stopped trying so hard because the team was horrid and because he couldn't get on the same page with an inept QB, yes. You are mistaken. He had a 32 yard TD in the opener against Seattle, which was AR12 longest completion of the day. Matter of fact, Jordy was responsible for the longest completion in 2 of the 4 games he played in. He was our best WR before AR12 went down, the production shows it IMO. Jordy was being Jordy though! He was a 90 catch, 1250 yard, 16 TD player in 2016. Through his first 4 full games in 2016 he had 2 more catches, 21 fewer yards and 1 fewer TD that he had last year prior to the AR12 injury. While he's not the guy he was 5 years ago but he was exactly the same player he was the year prior when he put up elite receiving numbers and helped carry our offense into the playoffs. I don't agree with the idea that Jordy suddenly lost all his ability when Hundley became QB.