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  1. Aaron Rodgers' Knee Thread

    The Aaron Rodgers interview. He said that he'd love to have his knee better than last week but it wasn't and that's out of his control.
  2. Aaron Rodgers' Knee Thread

    With AR12's knee getting worse, I wonder if its smart to sit him down next week? While Kizer is a horrid back up QB, he might be good enough to beat Buffalo if we limit him to 15-20 pass attempts. We'd have AR12 as the back up just in case Kizer keeps up the insane turnover rate that he's had since coming to the NFL (its a turnover per possession this year).
  3. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    I agree, Barr isn't getting traded for a 3rd. Minnesota has not extended him yet though, he's playing on his 5th year tender. They'll get a 3rd if/ when he leaves in UFA.
  4. Bell contract 2018

    Looks more like a defensive tackle than a RB. Must be on Eddy Lacy's offseason workout routine. Looks really, really heavy. These pictures have me understanding why he's avoiding the football field.
  5. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Wasting your time. Any opinion that doesn't conclude with HHCD being an all pro is an incorrect opinion for some. It's easier to make chicken **** excuses for his terrible 2016 than hold him accountable. Its Dom Capers fault that HHCD quit on his team.
  6. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Have at it. I understand being objective is harder for some. Its easier to think every Packer is the best in the league at their position regardless of their position. HHCD is a fan favorite so his play is easily ignored. If you think that's quality coverage above or that he played well last year more power to you.
  7. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    2016 was a LONG LONG time ago. HHCD was an abomination last year and hasn't played much better this year. I personally didn't thinK King's coverage was all that great but HHCD might as well have watched this play from the bench. It's exactly the sort of play that we seen on a weekly basis from him last season when he was every bit as bad as our worst CB.
  8. The CM3 call was bad but it wasn't nearly as bad as the defense down the stretch. Was nothing short of disgusting. Pettine made no adjustments and got his *** handed to him this week.
  9. I now know how the Bears feel last week. A disgusting melt down on both sides of the ball down the stretch. Offense, defense and sidelines.
  10. Mike McCarthy deserves this loss.
  11. We've wasted Timeouts all day why not continue the trend in OT.
  12. Absolutely disgusting. Play calling and clock management has been as bad as there was to offer today in the NFL.
  13. Hopefully this ultra conservative, play not to lose offense doesn't bite using the rear.
  14. Kevin King has never made a mistake in some peoples eyes. If that's quality coverage to you, more power to you. He made it look easy for guy who'd never gotten into the end zone.
  15. That was on Kevin King. Lazy, terrible coverage.