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  1. Pick a Qb to be your franchise Qb

    Or we can go with.. C. Mind-blowing realization that losses generally correlate to poorer statistics, especially when those losses are circumstantial in how poor the entire team was playing as a whole or missing core pieces of your team. Like how Zeke was missing for 6 games, Lee was missing for 6 games and Smith being banged up half of the year. The OL as a unit gave up the 4th most pressures all year long and was incredibly underwhelming. Now I know every team deals with issues, but let's not pretend just to build a foundation under your argument, that I couldn't say the same thing about Wentz in his Rookie year that you're saying about Dak in his Sophmore. How the Eagles had no targets for him to throw to, and players were dropping balls, and the offensive line was banged up and missing players. 2016 was literally excuse-fest for Wentz, and they were all justified. 2017 becomes a season were he gets some weapons, and the defense becomes one of the best in the NFL, and wouldn't you know it... he's the MVP leading candidate. Outside of Dak being the "leading" MVP candidate, I'd say it's pretty clear how close their career paths have been so far; their first couple of years basically flip-flopping. So, like I said earlier in this thread in a different post. We'll have a much better udnerstand of who these guys are in the next 2 or 3 seasons.
  2. Barkley should go #1.

    I mean that's pretty subjective. There isn't anything here about these QBs that screams 'Franchise QB'... but again I understand that doesn't mean they all don't turn out to be Hall of Famers either. We're speculating at this point.
  3. Pick a Qb to be your franchise Qb

    I mean for the sake of argument, your bias can clearly be seen seen. Dak has also shown to be a proven winner and a leader in thr NFL. Also, if we’re being fair, Wentz, Goff and Dak have all been inconsistent from year one to year two. The least inconsistent probably being Dak and yes I'm aware that might come off as homerism. I assure you I'm being objective. And no, having an elite defense is not irrelevant. It changes play calling dramatically and puts the QBs in more favorable situations to be successful when you’re not playing from behind, for example, or your defense isn't consistently blowing leads.
  4. Oh yep, you're correct. I completely forgot about that. Brb, drinking bleach.
  5. Manchester United Thread - Fred's a Red

    That Manchester Derby though.
  6. Barkley should go #1.

    I totally get that, and I appreciate the unemotional and non-aggressive response rather than what I've gotten from others. Much easier to have conversation and debate that way.
  7. Barkley should go #1.

    I didn't say Barkley and Allen would be better than Barkley and Darnold. Why does everybody in this thread who disagrees with my position seem to do this? If not taken at #1 then I know for sure Darnold will be gone at #4, and I think Barkley will be also. I like Barkley on my team if I'm CLE, and if I have chose between: 1. Darnold without Barkley or 2. Barkley without Darnold ...then I'm choosing option 2. Because I don't see much of a difference in terms of what the win column will bring between drafting Darnold, Rosen, Allen or Mayfield. Does that make more sense? I'm not asking you to agree with me, I'm just wondering if my stance on the subject in more clear since apparently I can't get my point s acrossed to anyone in this thread correctly. My entire argument is that I don't think Barkley will still be on the baord at #4, and some do; but I don't wanna risk losing out on him because I can still draft one of the BIG 4 QBs in this draft. Of course if I'm CLE and I only have 1.1 pick without the 1.4 pick, Im taking a QB because I can't get both. I'm saying because CLE does have the 1.1 and 1.4 picks, they would be doing themselves a diservice is they didn't take Barkley, and then the highest QB left on their board at 4.
  8. Eagles: Zach Ertz Giants: OBJ Redskins: Nobody
  9. Barkley should go #1.

    Lol re-read what you just typed. You said I insulted you, and I didn't. Show me where please. In fact you've been the one who's been kind of aggressive, over... a debate? You also claim that I view my opinion as fact, and discredit the opinion of others. Again I didn't, and I'd like you to show me where. If I recall, I've just been essentially saying.. we can agree to disagree. I only brought up the fact that there have been countless drafted NFL QB's that haven't panned out, not that there is any gaurantee that Barkley will still be a world beater in the NFL. Simply that RB is night-and-day easier to transition to than QB. I'm not sure what your deal is, man. Lol I'm also curious as to where you are getting your information from when you claim that every scout and GM view Darnold as a show-in for an Elite NFL QB. The last time I'll say this is again, it's all speculation and opinion. Do I believe ALL (as you're claiming) or even most GM's and scouts think Darnold is the next big thing? No. Do I believe they believe he's the most NFL ready and has the highest ceiling of the QBs in this class? Yes, but that doesn't mean any player - not just the QBs and including Barkley - won't bust. Now while I'm not a paid scout or GM, I'm gonna say it's safe to assume that you aren't either. I have however played D1 college football, and would like to say I'm not ignorant when it comes to knowing about football. I think Barkley is the safer pick at #1, and take someone like Allen at #4 - and you don't. You agree with the select scouts and GMs (again, not sure where you're getting your inside information from) and media that tell you Darnold is a can't-miss prospect - and I don't. It's as simple as that. It's okay for us to not agree without you blowing up your post full of bolded words and exclamation marks.
  10. Barkley should go #1.

    Again, your hyperbole was already broken down part by part earlier by others, so I don't need to do it myself. However, your entire arguement was based on claiming facts as you so eloquently bolded (), so please, enlighten me on where any of the QBs in this draft are going to be - for a FACT - franchise QBs in the NFL? Don't worry, I'll wait... In the likely event you won't be able to produce any of those facts, then again, my point stands that this is a game of speculation, and scouting. Where we measure the stats against the metrics, against the eye-test. There are no guarantees that any of these players will be as good or as bad as advertised, based on their draft position. You think there are 4 QBs in this draft that will be elite in the NFL, and I don't. So again, we're back to opinions and speculation. Using the phrase "facts" while you're speculating literally makes zero sense.
  11. Barkley should go #1.

    You logic here was actually already broken down and handily discredited before, and I can't remember seeing it in this thread or another, but I'll just say that you're dnacing on the knife's edge with hyperbole. QB's don't usually last 20 years, that's rare. Also, using alot of hypotheticals to support your argument seems really flimsy to me. "Just because you say so, doesn't make it true.".. okay, and just because you say so doesn't make it true either. Justbecause you and other people like Sam Darnold doesn't mean he's going to be worth a damn, either. You know what is true however? That QB is the hardest position to play in all of professional sports, and enormously difficult to transition from the collegiate level to the NFL. You know what position is not hard to transition from? Runingback, and it's much easier to miss on a QB than it is a RB, especially when the QB's in this class aren't even THAT special. Barkley, an overall better talent, will have far less difficulty being productive in the NFL than any of these Top 5 QB's in this draft. Also, alot of people liked Leaf more than Manning I agree. But alot of people also liked Peyton Manning. You kow alot of people liked Jamarcus Russell also. Alot of people didn't like Tom Brady, and the Bucs gave up on Steve Young. Oh yeah, and the last Sam that went #1 overall was named Braford. He was also a highly touted QB. So let's not pretend QB's drafted very high don't also flare out. This is why we have a draft and scouting process, so we can measure the stats against the metrics, against the eye-test. The stats, the metrics and the eye-test all tell me Squan Barkley is the best overall talent in this year's draft and it's not even close. Opinion are opinions. Take your emotion out of this debate please or I'll cease to continune having it.
  12. Barkley should go #1.

    If I take Barkley and (insert Top 5 QB, pref. Josh Allen), I'm happy. If I take Darnold and miss out on Barkley, I'm upset. That's the best way I can put it, but yes, it's certainly a possibilty that Barkley is sitting there at #4.
  13. Barkley should go #1.

    Hey man it's all good, we can disagree. We can even disagree to the point of you not thinking I have a clue about what I'm talking about... but I just don't see it with these guys.
  14. Barkley should go #1.

    I mean, if we're talking about job security, then I can't argue that. Take the guy that keeps your job for you, regardless if (in my opinion) it's the wrong choice. I'm not cutting his paycheck.
  15. Barkley should go #1.

    I agree, again, a good QB is far more important than a good RB. If you truely believe that one of these QBs are the transitional, turn-your-franchise-around, type of QBs... then by all means, take the one you like at #1. I don't see it out of any of them. I see 4-5 complimentary pieces that alone will be much of what we're used to seeing at QB for CLE but, paired with a monster of a RB, will be more than servicable.